2014-08-03-The Soul Building Process

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Topic: The Soul Building Process

Group: 11:11 Progress Group


Teacher: Teacher Ophelius

TR: Chris


Part 1

Teacher Ophelius: “The message for today is about the soul building process and the three main processors – the mind, the heart, and the Thought Adjuster (in this order) – and how these three components work together to feed the growing morontia soul. By knowing the process, and how these processors work together, you may become more effective in growing a weightier soul by making conscious decisions where you determine the quality of your experiences – ‘what goes in.’

“We must first understand what the soul actually is. This, my friends, is a lengthy subject all of its own, but I will define it here in brief: The soul can be thought of as a growing embryo – like a fetus – an unborn child that is growing within you. You are the mother of this growing child and therefore it is important that you care for your own health (both mental and physical) because of the consequence it may have on the growing child within. You would not smoke, drink alcohol, take harmful drugs, or partake in dangerous activities, for this may have a detrimental outcome on the child’s health when it is born and could lead to developmental disabilities. Moreover, you would love this child while in the womb, speak to her, read, sing perhaps, and nurture this child even before you could hold her because this child is a part of you.

“You would put the very best of who you are into the care of this unborn child knowing she will be wholly dependent on you for all her needs when she is born. In anticipation for her arrival, you prepare the child’s room, find a comfortable crib, gather little outfits, and fill the room with stimulating objects, toys, and artwork – perhaps even start a college fund for her education. You are planning for the future of this child’s life and wanting the very best for her life experiences.

The soul, my friends, is wholly dependent on you for its development and therefore it is beneficial for you to take great care in the decisions you make in life, both great and small. The soul is the very best part of who you are and what you are becoming. Therefore, this unborn child is really you! It is the ‘you’ who will pick-up and live life in the next phase of your ascendant career on the mansion worlds of your local system. Wouldn’t you want to build the very best ‘you’ there could be while you are living in this world? You have ‘everything’ to do with the pro- or atrophic development of your soul.

“Many of you have never thought about the soul this way, yet this is so important for your future development both here and hereafter! The womb is your current life – your interest, your relationships, your activities, your adventures, your thought life – all those things that ‘feed’ your experiences, which become the ‘palate’ for the appetite of the soul. Not all of the foods on your plate will become integrated into the body of the soul, only those worthy experiences, values, and moral decisions that embody Truth, Beauty, and Goodness, and deemed to be ‘of survival value’ by your Thought Adjuster (the third processor) to become a part of your growing soul.

“How do we know what experiences and values the Thought Adjuster will harvest and which will be discarded with the flesh? How do we optimize the process and maximize our time? This we will explore in Part Two of this message. Until then, please think about the pediatric care of your soul – the unborn ‘you’ and what you are feeding this child and how you are nurturing her.

“Peace to you,

“The Circle of Seven.”

Part 2

Teacher Ophelius: “In continuance of our discussion on the soul building process, we will now look at the roles of the three soul processors – the mind, the heart, and the Thought Adjuster (TA). Each of them play an important part in determining what experiences, meanings, and values are harvested for soul building and eternal survival. The order in which these three processors are listed here is sequential to the order in which all experiences are processed – from the physical aspect of human awareness (the brain and the five senses), to the emotional center (the heart), to the spiritual operator (the TA). All three are necessary and all three work together in accordance with the free will prerogatives established by the Universal Father which assures relative untethered and diverse experience harvesting.

“The mind, the heart, and the TA can be thought of like the three branches of democratic government – the legislative branch (mind), the executive branch (heart) and the judicial branch (the TA). To build a healthy and weighty soul, all three must function together, and communicate laterally sending feedback for wisdom gathering, yet for many, the executive branch can often bypass the judicial branch by executive order and make decisions that are not necessarily of survival value. The ability of a government to serve the highest good for its constituency is determined by the quality of the members of the legislative and executive branches – the judicial branch only contains one member (the TA) and He retains sovereign authority in what passes through to the soul.

“There is a two party system at work in the first two branches – those members (human thoughts) that are more aligned with fear and those that are more aligned with human love (conditional love) – the TA operates exclusively on Divine Love (unconditional love). There is constant debate among these partisan members which does not always serve the greater good of the soul, yet the debate is essential to the functioning of free will. The judicial branch (TA) has no authority over what the other two branches do or what experiences they will entertain, yet the TA will express its opinion in certain matters, which the executive and legislative branches can take under consideration or ignore completely.

“The legislative branch (mind) searches out and brings life experiences through the senses and presents them to the executive branch (the heart) for a decision on whether it will pursue the current course of action or will choose another based on the wisdom of past events. If the majority of its members belong to the Fear Party, then it is more likely the decisions of the executive branch (heart) will be subservient to the ego and the experiences will be discordant and not likely to pass through the judiciary. If it is more dominated by the Love Party, the decisions of the heart are more likely to fall in favor of love, mercy, and compassion and the experiences are more likely to pass through the judicial branch and on into the soul. The judiciary (TA) holds the experiences up to the light and compares them to the precedence set by the Universal Father by the criteria of Truth, Beauty, and Goodness (the constitution).

“The operations of the three soul processors are more complicated than this parity suggests, yet it is meant to stimulate your own thoughts about how experiences are processed. In Part Three (3) of this series, we will look at the experiences themselves and what practical value they serve for the surviving soul.

“Peace to you,

“The Circle of Seven.”

Part 3

  • August 9, 2014

Teacher Ophelius: “In this brief on the soul building process we will look at what constitutes a survival value experience and what practical value those experiences have in forming the surviving morontia soul. In the short duration of time spent in earth life, it is wise to give thought to the value of your experiences and to maximize your time in building the best ‘you’ there can be.

“As with any well prepared traveler, it is beneficial to plan ahead for a long journey and pack things that you would most likely need when visiting a new land. Your ‘backpack’ is the embryonic soul – it is the container for all those worthwhile experiences that will help you to navigate and explore this new land you will surely visit. Because you are traveling light, you would not pack unnecessary items that would weigh you down and knowing that you are not always adept at deciding what to take and what to leave, your ‘Smart Assistant’ and ‘GPS’ – the Thought Adjuster (TA), knows the way and proficiently filters your check list of items deemed necessary for the journey.

“So, what should you bring? Imagine what it will be like to visit this new land. What are the people like there? What are the customs? What’s the weather like? What is the economy like? Are there any dangers? Imagine this heaven-like place and think about what you would need to actually ‘live’ there.

“Since there is no money economy, you will not need currency, silver, gold, or any of the experiences in your current life that pertain to the procurement of money – Wow, that’s a huge chunk of human life experience is it not? What about all those experiences you are not proud of that include anger, resentment, cruelty, abusiveness, judgment, selfishness, un-forgiveness, and other experiences that did not serve you well in your current life? They will not be needed there, because there is no practical or future use for such valueless meanings.

“If you think about only the very best experiences you had in life – the joys of life that you retain fond memory of – those are the things that will serve you in your next life on the mansion worlds. Loving relationships are the first and most important experiences the TA will likely retain for you. Those experiences that involve the discovery of truth, the joy of creating or beholding beauty, and the experiences of ‘being’ in a state of goodness – those times and situations where you enjoyed living life are the most valuable experiences for the Supreme Being to experience with you. All the hurtful, shameful, contemptible experiences (non-survival values) will fall away like scaffolding when you make the transition.

“Think about this: If 90% of your life experience was lived in the pursuit of non-survival values, what would be in your backpack? Only crumbs, my friends, and there would not be much of ‘you’ left to begin this new life. You would be unprepared for your new life and would have a difficult time making the transition.

“When life experience encompasses Love in any way, shape, or form, it is sure to make the check list and be included in your backpack. Pack wisely my friends and choose to experience life in a way that will progressively serve you in your present life and in your future career.

Peace to you,

“The Circle of Seven.”

Part 4

  • August 17, 2014

Teacher Ophelius: “Today, we would like to speak more about the composition of the soul, and how those valuable experiences you have in earth life help you to become progressive morontia citizens in your journey through the mansion worlds. Some of the activities and practices you now entertain, and which bring value to your life, shall become a great asset to you in the afterlife, and so being consciously prepared for your next adventure, having the blessed assurance that life is eternal, is one of the greatest joys of living that shall sustain you and keep you ‘forward moving’ toward god-like perfection.

“On the mansion worlds, having greater mind capacity and circuitry connected to the cosmic mind, your ability to focus and reflect on the earth treasures you bring with you will help you to get acclimated to morontia life and the perfection process of ascension. There you no longer have to spend time and energy carving out a ‘living’ to sustain your most basic physical needs or to provide shelter – pay rent, and so you will have ‘infinitely’ more time to build a better you.

“Think about how much time you spend each day on self-improvement or nurturing a loving relationship compared to all the time spent on terrestrial needs? This ratio is nearly reversed on Mansonia and much of your early activities and time will be spent acclimating to your new morontia bodies and discovering and using your new expanded abilities. You no longer have a physical brain that operates on electrochemical impulses driven by emotion, and therefore you have greater control of your thoughts and the ability to analyze past experiences without self-loathing and extract the higher meanings and values as they relate to your ascendant career.

“The weightier your soul is rich with survival value experiences, mastery, and character in this life, the greater will be your ability to grasp the new meanings and values you encounter in this new and amazing life on the mansion worlds, for each progressive realm of existence builds upon the experiences of the former and the wisdom gleaned from those experiences is what perfects the mind and raises the vibratory signature of the surviving soul, elevating it closer and closer to the Source of all creation.

“Do you practice stillness, and do you communicate your questions – ask for guidance, share your thoughts and desires with the Father? This same process of ‘reaching out’ to Spirit for nurturing and guidance will continue on the mansion worlds, yet the energetic connection to these divine sources will be more real to you there because of your conscious connection to your Indwelling Father fragment, the Thought Adjuster. Do you enjoy socializing – gathering with like-minded personalities and sharing and exchanging information and experiences? On the mansion worlds, you won’t have to search far to find kindred spirits, for you shall be mostly grouped together with those of similar vibration where you can all learn and acquire new knowledge, discover and create new ideas, and progress together in a safe and astonishing environment where you can focus on those things that interest you most.

“There is a familiar pattern to life after you strip away all the interference from ‘terrestrial challenges’ that you can begin recognize that will carry over with you into the hereafter. There you can more clearly see how important is your earth life – your decisions and actions, your loves and relationships, and how they shape who you are and what you are becoming. Become aware, my friends, of this process as you go about your daily lives and think about how your current life shall work into your new life on the mansion worlds and how you can build a better you.

“Peace to you,

“The Circle of Seven.”