1993-05-02-What Do You Understand

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Topic: What Do You Understand

Group: Pocatello TeaM


Teacher: Daniel

TR: Rutha



Daniel: "Good afternoon my friends. I am Daniel, your teacher, your guide, your friend. I come to you today in the hope that the lesson which I will present may be taken to heart and that you can grow from its content. The Teaching Mission is indeed flourishing, is growing in many directions. There are many celestials who are in service and aiding with contributions that will, in the course of time, bring about definite change, definite progress in the spiritual understanding of Urantians and in the material realm as well. It is our hope that as more of the circuits have been opened that the help that is available will be accepted and become available to all. It is, of course, not our hindering of it being available for all, but rather it is the individual and their willingness to be open.


We come as guides, teachers, helpers, counselors, that the individuals will begin to realize that the world in which they live is a world that has the outer realm and also the inner realm. And it is through the inner realm that the hope of humankind is upon you. If you can begin to explore the inner depths of your being, it is in this that you will come into the understanding and knowledge necessary to bring about a change in the world at large, in the material world where you live.


Today's lesson, my friends, is on the concept of understanding. In this there are many ways we can present this concept. I ask you to ask in your own being, what does understanding mean? It is that which brings you into a greater viewpoint. Understanding, because you are finite, because you are material in nature, must therefor come from sensory input, and through the sensory input there comes the integration within the body, the patterning that helps you to bring about all aspects of an idea; and to bring it into some core of being which then permeates your being, your whole system, your neural system and your intellectual system; and with this then, there comes understanding. Understanding is a key to bringing about your potential.

It is the key that helps you to broaden your faith. It is the key that helps you to become more tolerant. It is the key that helps you to forgive fully. It is the key that helps you to love more deeply. Through your coming to terms about a certain aspect, you are able to see it from an area that is circular, all sided, not a narrow framework from which you view, but rather as from a mountain peak surveying the whole. And so in this I ask you this week to look at where you are in your understanding, where you are in your understanding of yourself, who you are; where you are in your understanding of the First Source and Center; where you are in your understanding of your relationships with one another; where you are in your understanding of the relationships you have with family, workers, co-workers and those whom you meet on a day to day basis.

Where is your understanding of that which involves your life, your life in general, life that you live in going about your business of living. Do you understand your actions, your reactions, your words, your behavior? When you come into a better understanding of that then you are able to lay down those things which no longer serve you and pick up those new aspects that will bring you to greater heights. When you are not in harmony, when you are not in balance, when you are in conflict, this is a time when you need to question your understanding and what you know about any situation. When new information is brought in, when you allow yourself the time to explore the different areas you are having trouble with, then you are given greater resources which can help you in getting back into a better understanding, thereby opening yourself up to receiving and working through the will of the Father.

Misunderstanding is the culprit which has brought many to a dismal end in mind, body, and spirit. Understanding is enlightening, frees the spirit and the soul so that all of the fruits of the Spirit can work in and through you. If you, my dear friends, can always hold yourselves open, that you are willing to understand, willing to accept and grow, then as you take the time daily to sit in the silence, that understanding will be made known to you. You see, as a being who comes from the First Source and Center you are able to access that which the Father presents, Who gives to all.

Identity, Integration

The only hindrance to accessing the Father is yourselves. And so when you realize that you are spirit first and material second you will be able to come into the channels of communication with the First Source and Center. Because my last statement will bring up many questions, I wish to elaborate. You are spirit first in that you are a direct descendent from the First Source and Center. You are His children. Because He is Spirit and all encompassing therefor you in your deepest levels are that which He is.

You, however, have been created on a material/physical plane and so you must live the material existence knowing that within you is also the spiritual. You must not divorce yourself from your material nature, rather utilize the knowledge and understanding of both natures as a workable and a very unique aspect of building upon and reaching your potential. This is a great opportunity for you at this time and in your coming into the understanding of your nature. You will be much more able to broaden your perspective of the material life and the spiritual life and how they can work in unison to do the Father's will. When you sit with the Father ask that you be given clarity and understanding of that which you need to follow His will. This will be given unto you.

Know that this is not within the realm of your physical nature to understand fully, but by your opening to the promptings of the Holy Spirit, the promptings of the Indwelling Spirit, then you will begin that communication into understanding with the First Source and Center. The language of God may not be in words for you, rather they may be in feelings, in understanding in a way that is so difficult to comprehend, that can only be understood when you are faithful, when you have that faith. When the First Source and Center speaks with you there is created within your being certain differences, very minute. Yet when you live your life those areas that at one time appeared or seemed to be areas of difficulty may suddenly appear as a thing of the past.

Attunement, Inner Life

Your understanding that the reason these things now seem less difficult is because you have been in that alignment, that communication with the First Source and Center. When you are in silence you are giving yourself the greatest opportunity available in coming into the understanding you need on all levels of your life: body, mind, and spirit. In the time you spend with the First Source and Center you are laying down the foundation necessary for you to see with clearer vision.

Take the time this week to contemplate and assess what your understanding is in the many myriad areas of your life, for in opening up yourself you allow the love, the mercy, and goodness of God to reach all of those darkened areas that may become enriched, enlightened, and understanding will prevail. It, my dear friends, is the life of the inner that is the creative aspect of your being. When you allow the inner world to create for you then that which you do in the outer world will seem like a breeze, will seem easy, joyful and you will have a sense of peace and harmony. Understanding will lay down a foundation for you so that you can bridge all gaps in your thinking processes, in your feelings, in your sensory input.

And I must say that the concept of understanding is one that, as you are now beginning your life in this very small area on planet Urantia, when you open yourself up to the Father and as you ascend each day, each year, each of the ascending plateaus that you reach, there will come into your being greater and greater understanding. My words to you are not to cut this understanding off, but to remain open to it, for in doing so you become so enriched. I will now accept questions."


Respect, Understanding

K2: "Daniel, thank you for that lesson. It helps me a lot. This week, just one question. Sometimes in my relationships with other people not understanding paralyzes me physically and I just wanted to know if you could speak to that for me personally. Thanks."

Daniel: "Indeed, this is a difficult thing for most. You see, your relationships with one another do hinge on your concept of who you think they are, your understanding of them, and any time one is in a relationship one must remember that even though there may..the outward appearances of people may be difficult, may be hard to deal with, that within each person there is that Father Fragment. And you, therefor, need to remember to respect that person for that aspect of their being; and then to pray to the First Source and Center that you may gain understanding that will help you in dealing with one another. There will always be areas of contention, areas of disagreement, areas of not understanding, areas where judgment is being passed. When you find yourself in a situation which you are judging, take time to ask that you see with more clarity. Daily ask the First Source and Center to give you an understanding heart, an understanding mind and an understanding spirit. For when you ask for this, suddenly and over time you will find those little things that seem to be at one time big annoyances as ones that hold little consequence, little value. You begin to see beyond the tiny minute to minute details to a bigger picture. This is the understanding heart, mind, and spirit coming out in you. And when you are not in that mode, again, it is time to come back into the peace and quietness that you can be again in the understanding that God will give you what you need to live and to go about with your work with other people. The bottom line is, respect all for they are children of the Father. Respect yourself also for, you see, often, often you do not respect yourself and you often beat up upon yourself. Ask that through the insight of the First Source and Center you, too, can gain clarity in thought, clarity in action, clarity in your behavior that you can follow His will and have that understanding heart. Does this help?"

K2: "Yes, thank you Daniel."


J2: "Teacher Daniel, this is J2. I am very pleased to hear a wonderful lesson from you again. I have a question with your lesson of faith, excuse me, with your lesson on understanding and comparing it with faith. I have been told by various teachers that on some subjects I don't really have to understand, just have faith in it. So my question is, as you have more and more understanding are you requiring less and less faith on a given subject matter? Can you comment on that subject please?"

Daniel: "I welcome you J2. It is good to have you and N3 with us again. Faith and understanding are like two faces of a coin; they often go hand in hand. Throughout all of your ascension you will be ever coming into greater understanding. And through understanding, of course, your faith increases. However, the opposite is also true. When you hold in your self great faith, then because of your faith and your openness and willingness, then thereby are you given more understanding. You will always have these two to be with you, for they are different, but they are also needing each other. They are like your animals on this plane that have a symbiotic relationship, that they are distinct yet they are in most harmony when they work together. Does this help?"

J2: "Yes it does very much, teacher. Thank you."

B4: "Hi Daniel. This is probably way off base with what is going on, but it has to do with my understanding regarding my teacher and what's been going on. And I was just wondering if I could get some confirmation as to what is happening there. I don't know if I can go on any further without.."

Daniel: "I would suggest, B4, that you and I have a private meeting at some point to give you more personal information in this regard. It would behoove you greatly. Speak with D3 in this regard."


B4: "Thank you." N1: "Hello Daniel. I very much appreciated your lesson. And I think you have probably answered this question. But often times in relationships I feel that I am not understood, and I want very badly to be understood. Is this a problem in my understanding and should I just take the steps that you have suggested in your lesson and in your response to K2?"

Daniel: "Here again we have a paradoxical situation in that it is important for you to be one who understands a situation in order for you to be able to be objective and be able to nourish and be able to keep a situation intact. Yet it is also very difficult for relationships to be kept intact when they are one sided and when you are not being understood as well. What often transpires, however, in relationships is that if you can continue to ask for understanding about that relationship, often you come into a greater understanding of your own position; and because of that your attitude thereby changes the other situation. And when you can remain open, willing, and can begin to let go of your own feelings about not being understood, then you are allowing more openings to take place between you and the person you are in the relationship with. They, too, are then not feeling like they are being confronted or that they need to protect themselves. They feel, then, the security of the relationship; that you accept and understand them for who and what they are. And by this occurring they, then, are able to release much and be able to become open. And often times, then, these people are able to begin to see and understand in a broader picture. It is not always possible for this to happen, but the most important thing is that you are able to go past the aspect of needing to be understood. Part of the prayer you say weekly is that you wish to understand rather than to be understood. And by understanding you fellow human beings, you are bridging that gap that will in time break down the barriers; and there can be more total understanding on both parts in the relationship. It takes much fortitude, much courage on your part to allow the feelings that you have in this regard to go to the wayside. This is not asking you to become a doormat, but rather to avail yourself of the possibilities that this relationship has. If you are so 'into' your own aspect of 'but they don't understand me!' then there are roadblocks, blockages. When you lay down that, then there is more likelihood of there being a gap bridged by yourself and the other person. There is more security felt within that relationship. Again, not in all situations will there be harmony. Not all situation will in this lifetime be made perfect. This understanding alone will help you to realize that in times when there seems to be no headway, that you remain open, that you can love and serve the Father regardless of your being able to bridge all relationships. For in loving individuals for who they are, you are providing nurturing far greater than you understand! When you are able to lay aside your feelings, then you are allowing the input of the First Source and Center to be your guide. You are laying aside your feelings and allowing the will of the Father to be more dominant. And you will feel within your being a deepening of the resources of the First Source and Center that you have not felt before. You see, understanding who you are and understanding of others can take you to the highest mountain or to the lowest depth. It is in your being able to put aside your own feelings that you can allow this relationship to grow and to broaden, to seek higher heights, deeper depths. The First Source and Center is ever ready to support you in this regard. It is up to you whether or not you choose to allow Him to help. This, I hope, has helped in some way."


N1: "Yes, Daniel. That helped a lot. Thank you." J2: "Teacher Daniel, this is J2 again. If no one else wants to ask a question, I will. When we meet people, for example if we are ministering to them in a religious sense, it really helps to understand what their religion is, or their backround, or what their religious beliefs are. I know when the Master was here He could discern what would be the best things to help these people along. So my question is, do we have that ability to be able to discern exactly what they really need and if so how can we develop that?"

Daniel: "First in the line of developing any skill, it takes practice, it takes understanding. And the understanding comes from the time you sit with the Father. In this you develop an awareness. You see, the awareness that I speak of is that ability to be in a person's presence and if you have been working to follow the Father's will when you meet these people you are directed through the inward language I spoke about of the First Source and Center. You develop an intuitive type of sense to know what questions you need to ask. You develop a sense of knowing when and where you must support these people in their quest for the answers they need to come into the truth and the reality of the First Source and Center. Indeed, the Master had help, had prerogatives far greater than any of the ascending mortals on this plane, but you recall that He said, 'An even greater work than this you shall do'. If you will but believe and trust that you are working in that divine realm, that you are, indeed, following the path that the First Source and Center asks you to follow you will be provided at any given time with what you need, whether it be for help in working with your brothers and sisters or whether it will be in the earthly matters of your physical. You shall be provided for and you shall be able to follow His will when you keep your mind on the thought of 'Your will, not mine be done'. And you, too, shall be able to begin to discern as the Master."

J2: "Thank you for a very beautiful answer."


Daniel: "A quiet group tonight. My friends, I will take my leave asking that you take time this week. Utilize that time in contemplating the areas of understanding in your life, realizing that as a babe you are on the first level of that great quest for knowledge and understanding. But how fortunate each and every one of you are in the fact that you are thirsty for that knowledge. You reach out and ask that you be quenched! It is those who do not realize that the wellspring of the First Source and Center is available to all that do not come into the understanding of the greatness of life, the purpose of life and the joy that life can bring. It is through your coming into greater understanding of this purpose that you begin to see with greater vision. You see beyond the moment to the broader. And so take the time this week that you can come into greater understanding of your life. I will be available next week if you choose to assemble. My love to our visiting friends; my love to all of you. Go now this week and begin your search in understanding. Through understanding comes wisdom. Through wisdom there comes a broadening of your ability to comprehend the vastness and the wonder of the First Source and Center. Good evening."