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Topic: Picturing Growth In Another Person

Group: Arcadia TeaM


Teacher: JarEl

TR: Douglas




JarEl: Greetings my children! I am JarEl. I am your teacher who loves you, and is so pleased to be in your presence this day. I am happy at your growth, and listening to your discussion I see that this Mission is progressing well. You are like budding flowers opening your petals to the sky and sun, drinking in the energies. Your lives are unfolding. Each of you are taking the guidance, the energy of truth. This energy is making you to grow.

This is so wonderful to view. Your countenance shines. There is joy in your beings. And this is pleasing not only to us your Teachers, but to you as individuals. You should feel a new buoyancy in your hearts as a result of this great love and enlightenment. It is good that you share these experiences. When you listen to the sharings of another, try to picture that persons growth. Think back and reflect upon where they began, and you should be able to see great strides and accomplishment in that one.

How are you progressing in your impressions? I could answer this question for you. However, the object lesson would not be achieved. So please indulge me by your individual responses. You may proceed.



Lucille: JarEl, this is Lucille. I still find that I have a difficult time quieting down my mind. It seems to be going full tilt. But this last week several times it was just a sudden quietness as if everything stopped. Then I felt a warmth and glow. Is this what we are trying to achieve?

JarEl: You have achieved the Stillness if nothing was reflecting in your thoughts. Then you have achieved that state that we refer to as Stillness where there is nothing.

Lucille: But I didn't seem to receive any messages or any insight or direction.

JarEl: This is fine. The fact that you achieved this state is progress. The next occasion or the next occasion there will be more. Each time that you practice you become more attuned at achieving this state. So go into your practice in anticipation of more each time. This is well.

Lucille: Thank you.

Violet: JarEl, I feel sort of like Lucille. She stated it perfect for me. I don't hear or feel anything, but I do afterwards have a real distinct sense of peace. Like coming in on the freeway I felt more happiness or joy. Is that at least a first step?

JarEl: Yes, this is. It is similar to traveling at great speed in your vehicles, and then suddenly stopping. No longer do you hear the rush of the wind, and clanking of the motor. Only silence in that moment. So you do well, also.

(There was several minuets of silence)

Come now. We have passed that stage of shyness and unfamiliarity with one another.

Dora: JarEl, this is Dora.

JarEl: Greetings.


Dora: Greetings. This week,I am progressing better in Stillness. My impressions for the week were on languages. I still get impressions on languages.

JarEl: Languages. This is adventurous that you should perceive languages. I know not if this refers to the languages of the universe or the languages that are spoken as you progress higher in your ascension. But it is adventurous. Perhaps at those times that you experience this you may write with pen and paper any conceptual words, and then share them with us?

Dora: I get impressions like the universal languages that we will have to learn. I, also, I received impressions on learning the Aramaic language of Jesus. I researched that in the Urantia book, because I could not remember whether he spoke Aramaic. The Urantia book said that he spoke Aramaic, Greek, and Hebrew.

JarEl: Aramaic is the language of the Master. He spoke Greek, Hebrew, and Aramaic which is a dialect of Arabic.

Dora: Thank you.

Adjustment, Vision

Donna: JarEl, after hearing the discussion this morning of setting aside a time each day to have the intention of stillness time I think that is something that I could easily integrate into my life. And I do believe that sometimes I have that Stillness time spontaneously.

Nevertheless, a question occurred to me recently. I was reading in the transcripts of the information given through the Teacher, Welmek, just recently about some adjustments. Possible adjustments to our optic nerves that may be happening.

Donna: (continued) When I read that, it caused me to remember in the early part of April of this year, my right eye had this strange--I don't know what it was that happened to it. But it was almost as if I was becoming blind in my right eye for about one or two weeks. I could not see through it. There was no light coming through. I went to an opthamologist. I had it all checked out. He could find nothing wrong. I was also going to a homeopathic doctor for other reasons, but I went back to him and told him about it. And he gave me some things which he thought might help.

Anyway, it went away, and my right eye is perfectly fine right now. It just occurred to me--I just wondering if there was any correlation, because this was such a strange thing that happened. Can you tell me anything about that? Is there any correlation between what happened to my eye in April, and this adjustments to our optic nerves?

JarEl: Was it not in April that you came to the Teachings?

Donna: It was in March when I went to the Pasadena Convention Center that I came upon the book. And I think I probably was reading the book. I probably had it in my house from the library at that time. Because I was thinking about that, also. I think I had just recently become acquainted with the Urantia Book. And I think I was reading some of it in my home.

JarEl: Know then that all are prepared. Your coming to this Mission is part of Divine will. Those angelic, celestial beings who are charged and responsible for your preparation do those things that are necessary to facilitate your spiritual development and growth and preparation of your arrival here. Many here have experienced the twitchings, uncomfortable feelings, itching in the areas of the eye. They have thought something physically wrong and upon examination like you have found no distress in the vision. We can surmise that these are machinations of those charged with your preparation. After a while you do not have these twitches. After a time it becomes necessary to adjust again. When you become agitated and full with anger, you throw yourselves from spiritual attunement. It is necessary that you become realigned. You may continue.

Donna: Thank you, JarEl. In the case of my eye it wasn't just twitching. It was like I couldn't see through it. It was very strange. It was like the vision in my right eye was kind of grayish cloud. Like someone pulled a window shade down and the window shade was painted kind of grayish brown. Not totally black, but kind of a grayish brown. You could see nothing through it. If I closed my left eye, I could see just a grayish brown curtain. However, since my left eye was still okay I could more or less continue my life. So it was just very strange, very peculiar. But anyhow, thank you for your answer.

JarEl: Your most welcome.

Love, Energy

Violet:JarEl, I know that the love I have for friends and families, extended family is real, but I think I am having trouble with love as an energy. Developing love as an energy and using it and passing it on to others. And I would like to know if--to be able to use love as an energy more than just an emotion. Would it be right to just visualize it first? Or imagine it at first to be able to do this better?

JarEl: Whatever helps you to share is appropriate. Love is in itself it's own energy. You do not have to couple it with energy. The love that we have for you, and you have for one another has an energy of it's own. And your desire, your will to share this love with another gives it motion; allows it to traverse space and time. Is this clear to you?

Angelic Contact, Teacher Contact

Violet: Yes, thank you. Another question that I have, too. Is there someway that I could help the guardian angels help me better?

JarEl: Be open. Be receptive. In seeking the Stillness, seek first the Father. I must repeat this to this group. This time that you set aside to be in His presence is important. It is important for you, and it is important to your group that all practice the Stillness. The Father is due honor, respect, love, and it is fitting that we place Him first. So, it is imperative that we set aside these few moments to honor Him, to seek His guidance, to be in His presence. If we do this regularly, then He makes Himself known to us. His presence is felt by us. His guidance is received by us. You give little and receive much.

You may speak with us, Melissa. (Pause) No others desire to speak?

Hal: Yes, JarEl. My apologies for being busy about the material things of the world that are so unimportant. I did want to bring...Stella asked that I extend to you her apologies for not being here. She hoped that she was still about the Father's business.

JarEl: Yes, this one is always about the Father's business. Her absence is noted.

Hal: I have a question about in our quiet times which we strive to do many times during the day among our other activities is this a time to ask for contact with you? I have no concept of your time availability. I hope that you could contact each of us.

JarEl: Yes, this is a good time. We attempt in our busy schedules to be with you during your quiet times to observe and to input. This is not always possible. But when you call upon us after seeking first the Father and His presence in the Stillness, if we are able we do attempt to be with you. This is a time that we try to impress lessons and those areas of thought that we perceive are needed in your growth and development. So continue to call upon us to be with you.

Hal: I was asking regards to I have many, many quiet times during the day, and I was wondering if it was feasible for Rayson, Lanzia to be available at these many quiet times throughout the day.

JarEl: Have you requested their presence?

Hal: Yes.

JarEl: And you have not perceived their presence there?

Hal: Well, I am not sure of it.

JarEl: Well, continue in this regard. Try and be more receptive. If there are areas of difficulty with Rayson, we will attempt to find out of surety and relay this to you. Does this meet with your approval?

Hal: Yes, thank you. I was just wondering if it was asking too much of these many, many times during the day? But thank you, I will wait for it and work for it.

JarEl: In his stead I would venture to say you may not ask too much of us. You may never ask too much of the Father. It is His pleasure to give to His children those things that are necessary for your development. It is our pleasure to be in His service to you. So, do not hesitate to express your desires and needs to us.

Hal: I know that the Father's time is omnipotent, and all is available at all times. I gather the Teaching Commission there is a time limitation to some degree.

JarEl: We are all busy. We are all about the Father's business. We are going here and there, and doing much. But this is our request; we volunteered.

Hal: Thank you. We certainly appreciate it.

JarEl: What is this word? Somber. Somberness?

Betty: JarEl, this is Betty. Twice this week I did my journal writing and after my quiet time and seeking the Father's wisdom I asked you to join me. And wrote down my impression. And I was very pleased, very pleased with your participation. I wanted to thank you for being there with me, and I will continue on with this, because it is so satisfying. Thank you. I, also, want you to know that I found a place to live. And I am going to moving so I am going to be quite busy. But thank you for joining me.

JarEl: You are most welcome. We have viewed your plans for your abode. We are pleased that it meets your needs. We ask that you invite us when you are settled. Also, we ask that you share with these ones your impressions, and encourage them to do likewise. As this one stated at the beginning all are capable; all have potentiality; all should try; stop doubting. Need I say more?

Violet:JarEl, even if we don't get a change to write down. We're still getting impressions even when we aren't in position write down anything. Are we not getting impressions that we will be able to use in our lives?

JarEl: Yes, the writing of these impressions are for the group so that they are fresh in your thought when you share them in this setting. If you have a capacity to remember and repeat. then this will be well also. The impressions that you receive from us are basically on your own spiritual path. Occasionally this relates to the group and further to your world. So, we desire that you be as accurate as you can. The practice is the thing. As you practice you become proficient. Proficiency brings about ease. Do you understand this?

Violet: Yes, so it would become a habit.

JarEl: I believe that we have not heard from Melissa?

Marlies: Marlies.

JarEl: Forgive me. Marlies!

Marlies: Hello, JarEl. I really don't have any questions this week. But I am sitting here feeling your energy and kind of basking in it.

JarEl: Thank you. And I ask your pardon for my mispronunciation of your lovely name. Earlier I said Melissa as this was this one's impression. So, we seek your pardon.

Marlies: That's quite all right, JarEl. Thank you.

Dora: JarEl, this is Dora. When you spoke of the languages as an adventure, I do see it as that. Because I have never given much consideration to learning languages. So, that is why I was so surprised to receive those impressions. I had dismissed that idea in my mind to learn languages. And it is indeed an adventure.

JarEl: This is true. Also, to learn agreement, association, fellowship within this setting is an adventure. I would say it is high adventure. As we have mentioned, each of you bring to this setting much from your personal backgrounds. Here is the blending of unique personalities. We view this as beauty. There is little, if any, conflict here. You progress well. You have by stepped many issues that have proven to be stumbling blocks to others. The new ones that have come have come in as an oiled gear fitting right into their place; moving in unity along with those who were already present. Can you not see this?

Group: Yes.


JarEl: This is the beauty of your love. This is the reward of your fellowship; progress in this group; growth in spiritual development. I thank you for your efforts. I thank you for your participation. I thank you for your dedication to this cause. I will leave you at this time. I ask that you remain in the Stillness for a moment that you concentrate on love that you continue to share this love and healing with your brother. Greetings, peace, beauty, truth, and love to all. Farewell.

Group: Farewell.

Hal: Bye, JarEl. Thank you, again.