1993-11-14-Introduction to Curtis & Cereon

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Topic: Introduction of Curtis & Cereon

Group: Unknown


Teacher: Iruka

TR: Unknown



Iruka: The love of God surrounds you, the joy of God enfolds you, the power of God protects you. Wherever you are, He is. Good afternoon, I am Iruka, I am your friend and teacher. What a beautiful, warm fall day it is. I can also enjoy the warmth in my own way, as you can in your way. I thoroughly enjoyed last week's session, and from your conversation, I can tell that you did also.


I would also like to comment on your conversation before we started today. It is good that you are discussing these important things about how your group relates to other groups, how you wish to be perceived, and how you wish to give love and be non-judgmental. This will come through. In time, these other groups will recognize the love and perceive that you are not judging them, and it may bring them in. It may make them curious and wish to find out about this group, however, if they don't, that is also fine, but I think it is important to make the first move, when everyone feels comfortable with that move. Do discuss it further and come to a consensus.



Now, I heard S1's request to T/R his own teacher, and that would be fine. I think it would be good practice. I was going to offer that the T/R do G2's teacher, however, if G2 would like to T/R his own teacher, that would be even better, however it is up to G2. We will let him think about that for a while and right now let S1 T/R Curtis. Are you ready S1? [yes, I think so] Fine.

S1 T/R's a short message from Curtis

Iruka: Yes, S1 you T/R'd very well. The words were very accurate. Could you hear them OK?

S1: It is hard to tell whether or not I am coming up with that myself or whether it is someone talking to me. They are not real loud, I have to concentrate. I guess that is something I will have to work on.

Iruka: Yes, this is the way it is. At first, most humans do think they are making up the words themselves. It takes experience and over time you begin to recognize the words that are not yours. Also, by keeping your mind clear or fairly clear, this makes it easier also. When the words come, they are more recognizable, but it does take time and experience. But I think it is well worth the effort and each day it gets easier.

S1: Thank you very much.

Iruka: You are very welcome. G2 have you decided whether to T/R your teacher or let the regular T/R do it. [I think I will do it myself] Very good, because with experience you get better.

G2 T/R's a short message from Cereon

Iruka: That also was very accurate. You are also doing very well, and I am hearing good things about all of you. Do not become discouraged, do not give yourself goals that might frustrate you. Everyone is different, everyone learns at different rates, so do not compare yourself with others. You are all unique individuals, your teachers are all unique individuals, so together you will progress at a speed, at a rate that is unique to the combination that you and your teacher make. I know sometimes in your excitement you wish you were further along, but that will happen. You will reach your goal to get to that level where you are very comfortable and feel very safe and have the confidence that you heard what the words were. So practice a little every day and you will get there. I can also answer questions, questions about teachers or other questions you may have from your week or in your life.

S2: Hi, I have been talking with Srenta so much that I don't have any questions.

Iruka: That is wonderful.

Groups, Teacher Contact

S2: It is becoming very personal, it is so much fun, I look forward to it every morning. Sometimes it....Friday morning I was in a bad mood and Srenta cheered me up. It is amazing, an amazing process. What I am feeling is...if this process occurred in every member of the group we wouldn't need each other any more, and I am worried.

Iruka: You would still need each other. You would relate to each other in a deeper way, because of your maturity, the group as a whole's maturity, then your level would be higher. Your commitment would be deeper, your understanding and love would be greater. The group, as a whole, would get stronger. It is already stronger, it is already more committed. There is much room to grow, do not be afraid that you would have no more to talk about, because it would be at a deeper personal level. Do you see?

S2: I am not sure I even expected an answer. I am just having fun...I don't see, but I am not sure I can right now.

Iruka: Enjoy your new growth, it causes us joy to see the joy that we see in all of you.

S2: When T/Ring, when a teacher switches from personal teaching to group teaching, does the teacher's focus change in a perceptible way? Would Srenta want to talk about with the group the same things that he is going over with me? It seems like the stuff that Srenta talks about with me...he is just kicking me along a little bit faster that is all...it is just stuff that I would normally stumble across anyway, but it might take 20 years instead of a couple of days. It seems like it is accelerating the process. In terms of a group, in the group's needs as a separate entity or as a separate mission, separate...I don't know what the right language is. I am afraid that it would be a little bit shocking to me if Srenta started talking to the group and acted differently.

Iruka: I hear a couple of different questions here, and yes he is helping you personally grow. And yes, he does point out things that it might take you longer to recognize, to become conscious of. I had this very experience myself with the T/R. In Idaho, she was a member of a group, I worked with her personally and then when she moved, became a group teacher. There is a formal process; I was asked on my side if I was willing to do that, and after I agreed, then she was asked, and she agreed. So my role did change, but it was with my permission and with her permission. So remember that, the human will and the wills on my side are not crossed. This has to be in line with everyone agreeing and saying yes. So while I continue to help the T/R personally, I started making visits to this group throughout the week, taking notes, seeing what themes were going on in your lives as a whole, and talking about those during the lessons. It was surprising how many times that the themes were similar or exactly the same. Even though you are in different cities or towns, in different working conditions, in different neighborhoods. Some of the same things were going on in the lives of everyone. I was able, and I am able, to give lessons that speak to almost everyone in the group. Does this answer?

S2: Yeah it does. I'm not certain though that Srenta's lessons that I am being given, that are personal, would...I have no clue as to how applicable they are to everybody else. I am not even sure why I am even asking that question. I am just flirting with the idea of being a T/R for a group and what a difference that would make in terms of my relationship with Srenta. I mean I am a little bit...I don't want to change anything right now.

Iruka: And for now, do not be concerned. If that were to happen, it would be sometime in the future. Do not worry about that, right now enjoy your relationship, your friendship, and let your relationship grow. If that happens, it will be with your consent and your teacher's consent, and after you have confidence in yourself. So right now enjoy what you have in your learning and growing, but it is nice to hear that you may, in the future, be willing to do this. [thanks]

G2: Hello Iruka, I heard last week that S1 asked his teacher what he did when he was on his planet, and I was wondering if you could ask Cereon what he did in his previous life.

Iruka: He tells me he was an artist, interested in art, which is not exactly what you perceive to be an artist on your world. But he enjoyed colors and created works of art.

G2: How would somebody that is doing something like that be compatible with me. I don't know of any artistic talents that I have.

Iruka: Teachers are chosen for their counterparts, to have certain characteristics that are the same and certain characteristics that are completely different. In this way, you learn from each other. Your teacher learns from you. This may not be easily understood at this time on your plane, but we also grow from this relationship. This is indeed an area where your teacher expects to grow from you, because your interests are different. [thank you] You are welcome. I will let you find out where your similarities are. OK?


G2: OK. I have another question then. I am trying to decide how to phrase it. A lot of subjects I know you can't talk about, and I don't feel ashamed to bring them up, but I just feel it deflects away from the group, but I still have these questions in the back of my mind. My teacher answers them to the extent that they are not particular and I understand and accept his answer. I'll just ask it...I have been getting a lot of reading material from some friends and it involves a lot of UFO type subjects. How do you feel about me reading this information.

Iruka: Certainly that is your choice. All of us as children of our Creator has been given curiosity. To find out, to search, to learn is normal, is what you should be doing, absolutely. Don't stifle this feeling of curiosity. While I can't answer the questions specifically, know that you may have these questions your entire life. They may never be answered while you are here. In the meantime, read, search out answers, spend time with the Father, He may give you understanding, He may give you a depth, a perception that is new. So continue...does this answer?


G2: Yes it does. I know you told us not to look at our dreams, but I made a statement to the rest of the group, I think it might have been close to over nine months ago...I would have sworn I was awake and I thought I saw two "things" in my room and I just felt like I could not move at all while they were in my room. And they moved to one side of the room, and I said a prayer, and they just stopped. It looked like a figure of the Holy Mary came into the room and they both looked at the figure and then they just left. Is there anyway you can look in me, was I dreaming, or what was going on during that time frame.

Iruka: I cannot say for sure what was happening, however, you did exactly the right thing. You turned to the First Source and Center and you were immediately reassured and protected. I have mentioned before that all of you are very well watched over and protected, and certainly this is an example. You are protected, you are very much loved. [thank you] You are welcome.

Thought Adjusters

S2: Iruka, I start off in the morning saying some prayers to the Father, the thought adjuster, the Father fragment. It seems in the last three or four days, they are answered immediately. And it is like this big package is dumped on me and it flows through my head so fast I can't keep track of it. And then it doesn't repeat, I ask again and it is like 'that is it, you touched upon a present for you and you have used it up' Whereas Srenta will go over and over and over and be patient with me. Does the Father behave that way? Does the thought adjuster, I know it says in the Urantia Book that the thought adjuster is pre- personal, does that mean they are more like a...computer?

Iruka: What you have noticed is the way that it seems to be happening most of the time here with all humans. The Father will answer, will respond in very short messages. If one word will answer, that is what is used. Where the teachers, and me included, like to talk. Certainly given the chance, will explain, will draw parallels, will cite metaphors, will say anything that we think might allow you to relate, to understand, to associate. So yes, we are more talkative and Father seems to be less talkative. So your observations are indeed correct.

Angelic Contact

S2: Are there other spiritual entities trying to influence us? It seems in the Urantia Book there are tons of them, and that somehow they are all coordinated so that all these influences are organized, so that they are not confusing us and they appear to be our own thoughts. I am wondering if....well Srenta keeps saying 'don't bother with these kinds of questions' all the time. So I don't know why I am asking you, but I am just wondering if that could be the source of these.....

Iruka: I can say this, that you are aware that you have guardian angels, you have read about midwayers, and you know you have a teacher. Together we try to help you grow. We all have different ways of doing this, but indeed we try to coordinate our activities. We certainly don't wish to confuse, although that may happen, but we are trying to help you on your pathway towards God. This is really all I can say, and I hope it helps.

[thanks] You are welcome.

S1: Iruka, a quick question on what Curtis said. He said that he could not hear conversations as well as you could. Is that because of the clearness of the channel that I provide him, or some other reason?

Iruka: It has nothing to do with you. It is simply a matter of experience, of practice. The same thing that all of you are working on, on your side. I think sometimes you think that we are more powerful, and I think you think that we know more than we actually do. We are also learning, we are also on our pathway to God, so do not give us credit for so many things. We also are learning. Does this help?

S1: Yes, that is fine. Then there is no way like if someone were coming in here and speaking in Spanish, you would know what they were saying?

Iruka: Only if I had studied that language, or perhaps I would understand the tone, the theme of what they were saying, but not specific words. I had to learn this language, so you are correct that I would not understand word by word what someone would be saying in Spanish.

S1: Fine, thank you. I was just thinking back...what Curtis had said and what someone said when they tried to confirm whether or not the teaching mission was valid at some conference somewhere and what they did was they had someone come in and speak in Spanish, and apparently the teacher involved was unable to understand what was being said and I guess people assume that any spiritual entity would have to have the capability of understanding any language, or the thoughts of any person. Obviously that is not true. Thank you.

G2: S1's question brought up a question that I have. When I was speaking out loud (T/Ring), there seemed to be a little confusion and the going back to listening to what Cereon was saying. I call it more like reacquiring what he was saying, phase locked is that a better term. I am trying to think of a good term to express the sensation of trying to switch over from speaking to listening. Are there any exercises or things besides practice that you and the T/R did that could help us along our way?

Iruka: No, not really, practicing is what seems to work best. That is what the T/R did, and sometimes still there are many pauses and sometimes she can just open her mouth and not think about the words before. But when she wants to make sure that the message is correct, she slows down and tries to confirm the words, the phrases, or the ideas. But practice is really the best way to learn, like swimming, you must get into the water and do it. [thank you] You are welcome.


I have quite enjoyed today and I feel that much progress has been made. Continue to grow, continue to search, continue to be curious and you will be answered. Maybe not in your time, but you will learn all you wish to learn someday. Have a good week and I will see you soon. Goodbye.

Group: Good bye.