1993-11-07-Not All Wish For Teachers

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Topic: Not All Wish For Teachers

Group: Unknown


Teacher: Iruka

TR: Unknown



Iruka: . ..the peace of God enfolds you, wherever you are He is. Good afternoon, I am Iruka, I am your friend and teacher. What a delightful day to be here, I always enjoy our meetings. Today I am especially excited and I am looking forward to this lesson.


Teacher Contact

Last week we started out talking about teachers and how they could help you grow toward Father, how they could point the way, how they could encourage, and how they could be friends. I reminded you that we also grow; we are only a little above you on our path to the Father, and by helping you, we also help ourselves and grow and learn. This may seem strange to you, but it is indeed true. So today, we will continue on with the topic of teachers and guides and friends. Teachers have been made available to anyone on this planet who desires one, but of course, most must know first that they can, indeed, have one, and the word will be getting out more and more and more. Do not be judgmental of those who do not wish teachers. This is a tool for you to use. There are many who fear this tool. That is OK. They are still on their path to the Father. They will still get there, just as you will. They have just refused one tool, so do not judge them, or fear them. Know that everyone can make their own choices and have their own path. At this time, I am going to turn over this meeting, this lesson, to some of your teachers, and give them an opportunity to say a few words.

Curtis: Hello, I am Curtis. I am S's friend and teacher. I am delighted to participate in today's meeting. This is a wonderful opportunity to communicate. I have seen such growth in all of you. I may be, and am, S's teacher but when we get together I see all of you, and consider all of you my friends. Is there anything you wish to ask of me right now, S?


Sharing, Culture

S1: Yes. Good to hear from you in this way. I am facing a hard choice in my life because I have so many Christian friends who are very hung up over the Christian Theology. I don't like to lie, I like to be straight forward with people, but I am realizing that it is difficult to walk two paths, just like Jesus did two thousand years ago. It is hard to be one thing and another. I am not sure...I have come to the conclusion that I may have to lie, or at least not tell the truth in such a way that's going to cause them to treat me as a heretic. Any advice on this?

Curtis: This will happen over and over, throughout your life. You are perceiving Christ Michael and the First Source and Center in a different way. Your whole perception has changed and of course you must not lie. You have to stay true to your beliefs, your new understandings, your different perceptions. Do not make an argument, understand their position, their perception. You are of course free to give your perceptions, but in the final analysis it is up to them. What they are comfortable believing has to do with them and their thought adjuster. So show love and gently ask questions or state your beliefs, but don't let it become divisive. Agree to disagree, and this love that they feel from you may cause them to reconsider. They may change their perception because of the total, non-judgmental, and loving way that you treat them. So see you stay loyal to your feelings and your beliefs without condemning theirs. Do you see?

S1: Yes I do, I'll try my best to implement these ideas. One other question. First of all thanks for sticking with me in these times. I don't know if you realize what type of difficulties I had when you were assigned to me or volunteered to help me out, but there were many difficulties that I had to struggle with. A lot of things that I had left undone. What did you do prior to...on your home planet, as a vocation.

Curtis: I was....I did work similar to what you call engineering. I cannot relate the work to something on this planet but engineering skills is what I used.

S1: You have all my sympathy.

Curtis: It was of course challenging and satisfying, both.

S1: Thank you Curtis for taking this time to talk with me through the T/R. The T/R is such a more clear channel than I am. Thanks for sticking with me and I hope we have a long career together.

Curtis: You are certainly welcome, and I look forward to the future with you, and now I will go.

Avery: Hello, I am Avery. I too am happy to have this opportunity to talk with you. I also feel that you are all my friends, because I also attend these meetings. Now, I can answer W's questions if there are any.

W1: Good afternoon Avery, (lost in background noise)

Avery: I would be happy to answer them if I can.

W1: Could you tell us a little bit about what you did before you came to this planet, on your home planet?

Avery: I was in the field of medicine. There were only a few years, a short time, and I died. So I did not live very long, but long enough, but not to be old as you think of old. I died quite young on my planet.


W1: Is there anything you could say with reference to the animalistic drives of most of the men on this planet which takes them out of control. I deal with that myself too.

Avery: You are at the mercy of the electro-chemical make-up. The best advice I can give is advice you have heard over and over again. That is spending time with the Father. This is what you have been told for months. I think you, and not you only W, but everyone, does not realize the total impact that spending time with the Father has on your whole being. Certain individuals notice it in certain ways, like sleeping better, or eating better. While this is true, the picture is much bigger. It gets your whole system into a balance, because that is what you are dealing with, out of balance, not being whole. Spending time with the Father improves every area of your life. You may only notice one area but it touches everything. The First Source and Center is an incredible being Who is a power source that feeds every aspect of your nature. When you spend time with Him, with God, everything improves, everything. And that is why you have read and Iruka has said this over and over again. It does vast improvement, it touches every part of you. That is the best guidance I can give you.

W1: Thank you. As far as my stillness practices, if there is a time line that you can refer to, am I getting closer to making contact with you.

Avery: Every attempt, every session, you get closer. It may not seem that way, but you are indeed making progress. I understand the frustration, but don't be so hard on yourself. We will get there. It will happen and you will look back and forget the frustration and all the disappointment that you have now. So keep trying, we will get there.

W1: Thank you Avery.

E1: Hello, should I call you Doctor Avery?

Avery: That won't be necessary.

E1: Just kidding anyway. I would like to ask you about sound and the healing process and balancing one's being. Being that you are a doctor are you familiar with this process where you come from?

Avery: Yes, however, remember the physical bodies were different, but I think I can provide some guidelines.

E1: That is excellent. I don't know if you are familiar with what is going on here, on the planet about sound and frequencies and correcting ailments here. Are you?

Avery: A little, yes.

E1: So it does have some merit?

Avery: There is always merit. If you believe whole heartedly, there is some improvement because you believe. But back to the first idea is that spending time with the Father is better. It creates adjustment or re-alignment if you will, faster. It is more effective. You understand the placebo effect? [yes] Much has to do with that, the person or individual believes it will happen and it does, because the mind is very strong, is very powerful, and this accounts for the improvements. Do you understand?

E1: Well, explain this. The lady that is familiar with this sound and frequencies...there was an incident where her son broke his patella and I don't know if with him having time with the Father would have done this, and I am not doubting that it wouldn't, but his patella, a knee cap, grew back while he was exposed to this frequency. Having time with the Father means you have to start from a point where you may not see results very fast and with this particular incident, the mother performed whatever sound that was missing or whatever, and eventually over a period of time the knee cap grew back, which is not heard of in the medical industry. So with something like that, I am thinking that spending time with the Father, you have to get to a certain level in order to experience this balance, is that right?

Avery: Any time, any amount of time that you can spend with the Father causes improvement, is good, accomplishes increased balance. What you are referring to is getting me dangerously close to a topic that I cannot talk about.

E1: OK, but it can happen then, I mean there is something valuable in this frequency and sound therapy.

Avery: I am very close to a subject that I cannot talk about, I am sorry.

E1: No problem, that in itself is like an answer, thank you.

W1: Avery, I am just curious. Have you been to all these, I call them quack type classes that I have been through with different healers. Were you there with me for most of them?

Avery: Since I have been assigned to you, yes.

W1: In time will you be able to give a little more information about some of these things?

Avery: Not as far as I know, but as we learn and grow, I think your perception will grow and change and you will be able to make better judgements about them.

W1: I sure would hope you will tap me on the shoulder if I am going the wrong way. Thanks for your time again, today.

Avery: You are very welcome and again do not give up. We are getting there.

S1: Could I ask a question of whomever's teacher wants to answer this? Including you Avery?

Avery: I will certainly try.

Urantia Book, Study

S1: Speaking of the stillness and getting to know God and all these wonderful things about spiritual growth. Some years ago, when I first got involved in Christianity I experienced such wonderful peace and understanding and growth...I think primarily because the church that I was attending at that time had a very strong class type introductory program where they had like fifty scriptures, fifty verses out of the Bible, some of them fairly long, that we were asked to memorize.

Sure enough, as I meditated on these different scriptures, whether or not I understood them, I slowly began to have them all memorized. My spirituality, my peace, my understanding of these concepts grew dramatically. I was wondering if it was possible...I would like to do this again, I would like to start a memorization program, but I find the Urantia book is so deep and just a simple quote, or a simple verse, or a concept, can take up three index cards. It is not something you can memorize easily unless...and sometimes I tend to get lost on some of these things, like my comments here. But basically is there...could the teachers, could the Melchizedeks, could someone put together a list of topics or quotes that we could memorize as a basic thing, as a basic list of things to memorize about different concepts so that we wouldn't have to spin our wheels tremendously, just trying to figure out what is the best thing and how to whittle it down to something a human being can remember without devoting his life to it. Can the teachers, would they be willing to do that, would the Melchizedeks be willing to do that?

Avery: You wish a number of phrases to memorize? [out of the Urantia Book] Is this correct?

S1: Yes, I was hoping for a broad range of verses, of things out of the Urantia Book that would be strengthening to one's walk with the Father, and important enough to require memorization.

Avery: Of course there are the Psalms, which are beautiful. You are right, the Urantia Book was not written to memorize. It was written to expand your knowledge and deepen your understanding of the First Source and Center, and of life and the worlds on this side, and not to memorize. But for memorization, the Psalms would be good. [OK, thank you very much]

I was rather nervous about speaking in a group, but this has been a very enjoyable experience and I thank you very much. Goodbye.

Teacher Contact

Ceranta: Hello I am Ceranta, I am S2's teacher and friend. I am very happy to say that we have been making progress and contact. And also, it wasn't easy, it has certainly been worth the work and the trying, the striving. And we are now at the beginning of our communication, this has made me very happy. Do you have any questions for me S2?

S2: Of course. Do we have conversations during the day, or am I conversing with myself. Do we just have conversations when I am typing on the computer with my eyes closed or am I also having conversations with you during the day.

Ceranta: I will try to identify myself before we start talking. That way it should not be so confusing. Yes, we have communicated and it was...and you had doubts. So I will identify myself so that this will be clearer and you will not have doubts. Will this be easier?

S2: I think I have to wait a bit to let you announce yourself, I think that is part of the problem. My next question, I am having, I'm sure you know this, these enormous, maybe not so enormous . .. these lessons that are occurring and they are actually helping me in my job, they are helping me deal with people. They are more content oriented, they are more specific instructions. Then that is the time when I am trying to get real close to the Father, and I am wondering if that is coming from you or that is coming from my super consciousness, or whether it is coming from you...lets leave it at that for the moment.

Ceranta: What was the last phrase?

S2: Are these streams of content coming from you, are the teachings from you, or are they teachings from my super- conscience, or teachings from my thought adjuster? Is it my own work, is it my thought adjuster, or is it you.

Ceranta: It can be from any of these and at this point do not worry about it. If it helps, if it causes growth, learn it or understand it. All three can give you information. It would be a waste of your time to figure out where it is coming from. That will happen over time. You will learn to discern the sources, so do not be concerned about this.

S2: It seems like there are multiple people though in my head giving me very valuable information and all of a sudden the whole stream of thinking changes and it is as if there is two different topics going on at the same time that are very valuable...not going on at the same time, but going on sequentially. I have never done that myself, I have never had that happen to me before. I am sort of searching for some kind of differentness to celebrate a bit. I don't know...are you limited to the vocabulary in my mind or can you use words I was supposed to study in high school.

Ceranta: I can of course use any word that I choose to, but if I am trying to get across an idea or tell you something, it would be counter productive on my part to use words you don't understand. So I try to use words that you can understand and get the meaning from. Yes, I will, and I have, thrown in a word here and there, not to confuse the issue but to be precise, to pin-point what I am trying to say. Does this answer?

S2: I am just playing with you, yes it does, thanks.

Ceranta: You are welcome. Thank you very much, I will go for now. Good bye.

?: Hello I am J's teacher. I will not give my name until he asks for it. Do you have any questions J1?

J1: Sure, based on our one week together?

?: It has been a short time, but I anticipate many years in the future for us. [I hope you like to travel] I enjoy traveling very much.

J1: Good, I don't, but good. In your previous existence, your mortal existence, just a question about that...your background and experience were what type, what nature?

?: I was an architect on my planet.

J1: Similar. Since we have just been starting to try and make communication, there really isn't a whole lot of questions to ask on that side of it other than the feeling of warmth and pressure on the side of my face during the quiet time. Is that an appropriate response or is that more mental than anything?

?: It is an appropriate response. It is one way that I can let you know I am there, that I am present, that you are aware and know to listen and attempt contact. That is a valid feeling.

J1: Good, then we will just keep doing what we are doing for a while and then I will check back through the T/R to see if we are making any progress.

?: That is fine and we are making progress although I can see it much better than you can.

J1: Did I get any of those letters right in your name?

?: Yes, a few of them, keep trying.


J1: I will, thank you. A question on the transcript from Portland, while I have you. The individual Andronason I think it is, a Melchizedek, talks about being able to better communicate without having to use a Midwayer. On planets that are further advanced, easily than ours, but others that are closer to light and life, Is mindal communication much more the norm than the verbal. If you were to give a lesson on some other planet, you would not need a T/R, you would be able to communicate directly with the individuals non-verbally?

?: That depends of course on the planet and their advancement. This planet has the capability but has not been aware, has not worked on learning it. So as this planet learns that more is possible than what they imagine, these traits and skills will be developed and learned and expanded. Even in the very short time of this teaching mission, there has been new awareness and new growth. Before, this was not readily accepted. A few could do it, but were not encouraged by their peers. If anything, these individuals were made to feel different, were made to feel odd, and even ridiculed. So if somebody felt they had this talent, or this trait, they ignored it. They did not pursue it because the climate of their culture did not accept it. Does this answer?

J1: Yes it does, thank you. Then what we all are learning essentially, is to develop that particular capability.

?: Yes, expand the awareness and then move towards it, develop the skills, that is what is happening. Almost anyone can do this, any being on Urantia, any human being.

J1: Thank you. One last question and then I will hush. You made it through the Morontia progression and are how far along beyond the Morontia progression are you.

?: I am only a little beyond. I have had a little experience but not really very much. I am very excited and thrilled to be able to be a part of this mission. And I know that I will grow and learn much from this assignment.

J1: I look forward to it as well, thanks.

?: You are welcome. Goodbye.

Iruka: Hello, I am Iruka, I am back, and I know there are other questions.

E1 introduces visitors from a Urantia reading group based in Delaware

V1: Yes, I would like to know how long we will have to wait before we get a teacher in our group? If that is possible.

Iruka: I am very happy that you are here. I am aware of your interest and of your desires. There are two other teachers here that have been assigned to you. Why don't you ask some questions and I will try to help and later we will see if your teachers will want to talk. So go ahead.

V1: I would appreciate any help I could get in gaining some insight into better concentration in the stillness. I have quite a bit of trouble there, very seldom feel that I have any success.

Iruka: It is difficult at first. This is a new experience. In your culture you are not taught to seek the stillness, to seek the Father. You have, and when I say you I don't mean just you, but all here and most in this culture, pray to God and do all the talking, then end and go about your day. It is not stressed to sit in silence. It is not taught to clear your mind, so this is brand new and new skills are difficult. They are creating new habits, so don't become frustrated. Know that it will take time, but you will get better and better and better. When you wish to make contact with your teacher, do that either after you have been with the Father, or at a different part of your day. While you are meditating with the Father, your teacher will not communicate with you, that is your time. That is what we are trying to teach, we would certainly not interfere with that. So at another time, or when you are finished, redirect your attention to a teacher and then concentrate on communication, on feeling, on sensations, on words. They will not be audible words, they will come to you as thoughts. At first you may not recognize that they are not your own. You will not start out with a heavy lesson, your teacher will usually identify themselves as I have, as we all have today, and it can be very casual, very relaxed, chit-chat to get to know each other, to begin the communication. Then later when you are more comfortable, your teacher may make an observation or point something out that maybe you weren't aware of or hadn't thought about. Your lessons will be about you personally. The lessons I give in this group concern everyone and everyone must apply the lesson to themselves however they can, however that feels comfortable, however it applies to them. But your teacher will get to know you and point out ways to make your life easier, to help you get closer to the Father. Does this answer in some way, your question?

V1: Yes this helps a lot, I am looking forward with great excitement, and not a little bit of impatience.

Iruka: Do be patient, this takes time but it is well worth the effort and your rewards will be great. [Thank you very much]

V2: Hello Iruka, how are you doing today?

Iruka: Things are very good over here. [I'm envious] There is much joy on this side and we wish you joy also.

V2: I think just learned a good lesson by what you explained about the stillness. I have found myself basically praying instead of listening. Maybe I mis-interpreted like as far as getting some kind of concentration or focus on the Father. I just found myself going right into prayer instead and more than likely not even stilling like I should.

Iruka: Some prayer is appropriate, thanksgiving and praise is appropriate. Save your requests and your petitions for another time, use this time with the Father, thank Him, praise Him, and then stop praying. If you can, think of nothing or focus on His being, how you imagine Him to be. And then practice not thinking.

V2: Most people think I should not have a problem with that, but I understand what you are saying, I really do.

Iruka: It is difficult to clear the mind. It is a technique that has to be learned. So don't be impatient with yourself, it is new, a new skill, a new habit.

V2: I will try. I think you said earlier that if we desire, we could possibly speak to our teachers today?

Iruka: Yes, your teacher is here. You requested one a while back and one was assigned.

V2: Is this a personal teacher or could he possibly be a group teacher.

Iruka: For now it will be a personal teacher. It may take time to become comfortable speaking before a group and the teacher prepares lessons for everyone, for a general lesson that can be applied to each member in the group. But this takes time, right now you are learning to walk, you are taking your first steps. Later you can start running, but right now focus on the steps. Do not put pressure on yourself to learn this rapidly, give yourself time to adjust and to grow into it. And now I will let your teacher say a few words.

Teacher 2: Good afternoon, I am your teacher. I am also new to this and we will learn together. We will grow together. I am looking forward to this very much. Do not become frustrated, give yourself time, we can do this. Do you have any questions for me?

V2: Yes, this is very exciting, we are both new. [It is indeed] Are you basically from a similar background as myself? I was a musician for the longest time.

Teacher 2: I also have a music background and they do try to match up certain traits and skills. Then there are other areas where we are different. But this way I learn from you and you learn from me.

V2: That is a belief that I have had through most of my life. I am looking forward to this an awful lot.

Teacher 2: And I am also.

V2: The other teachers basically said that eventually they will make themselves known, so that there is no confusion in the mind. As you said 'do not be frustrated' and I am going to do my best to keep a clear mind, but will I know when you are speaking?

Teacher 2: You will have certain sensations, a feeling of otherness, of difference. Does this answer?

V2: I think it does, I think I have experienced something similar to that not long ago. It is hard to describe but I think I know what you mean.

Teacher 2: It will take practice, like an instrument. It takes time.

V2: Would it be possible to know your name?

Teacher 2: The T/R has trouble with names but she and Iruka can work on this name and have it for you at another time. Names can be difficult and if that will help, certainly you and I do not have to work on it. We can get help. [thank you very much] You are very welcome, and I am very excited. Good bye.

Iruka: Hello, I am back, I am Iruka, your friend and group teacher. This has been a very enjoyable and exciting afternoon. We can do more of this from time to time, if this is what you would like. Our purpose here is to strengthen you, to help things be more clear, and if this helps you with your teacher communication, then indeed we should practice this more. I know that you are aware of what other groups do and how they communicate. The pattern that we have set up is a short lesson and then questions afterward. We do this, we started doing this because this was the pattern we were used to. This can be changed, we can meet the needs of this group, we can create our own pattern. We can try different individuals acting as T/R's with different teachers at the same setting. This is only limited by your imagination. So think about this, talk about it, and see if you come up with a different arrangement. This could give individuals practice T/R-ing on an informal basis to get more comfortable with the communication and to have immediate confirmation. This is something to think about and see what you might come up with for a new idea. If there are no more questions......there are more questions.


E1: There are....Iruka, in about four, maybe five months we are going to have the third annual "One People's Day". I was wondering if we should have a T/R session. Do you think that would be a good idea?

Iruka: You are referring to doing this with individuals who are not familiar with the teaching mission?

E1: Well my plan is to indicate maybe subtly that we will have a special guest. I realize that some people may not accept it but that is like anything new. When the car came along people thought that the horse and buggy should stay, now you can't get anybody in a horse and buggy, for anything. So what do you think?

Iruka: This would certainly be a possibility. There are a few things to consider. The people should be informed that this will happen. There are individuals that are very uncomfortable with this mission and I don't wish to impose, to force them to address this, to listen to a teaching if they have not thought it through. One of the things that we teachers are constantly reminded is to not cross the individual's will. We need to think about how this might be imposing something on them that they would not choose. So this needs to be very carefully considered.

E1: Think about it, discuss it over with the other teachers. If you can contact Christ Michael, ask Him, but I was just thinking maybe we can do it towards the end of the session. Make an introduction...we would like to introduce you to what T/R-ing is like, and for those who are curious we would prefer you all to stay and listen. It would be something more maybe along those lines, or whatever the teachers and Christ Michael decide. I think that this is a very important vehicle of relaying information that is pertinent to our spirituality. Otherwise we will forever be in the dark if we don't....you have to push people sometimes to eat...

Iruka: Point well taken and as a group, you also discuss the pro's and con's. But certainly I could give a short lesson, that is a possibility, yes. But this needs to be very well thought out and considered.

E1: You may also want to think of a theme subject. I was thinking of correcting time. This is the correcting time as a theme, or something like that.

Iruka: It may be something to just explain what this tool is, yes.

S1: Iruka, a quick question. It seems as if...I visited one group a while back and Michael of Nebadon was making visits to that group, I mean He was there the whole time. Is there any chance that any of these folks, high ranking folks, are ever going to visit our group, and put in a few words or is it just not the time?

Iruka: Many of them have been here at various times throughout this last year. Part of this has been the T/R. Today was very good experience for her to T/R different beings besides me. There was fear on her part, a very natural human emotion and she came on line so fast, we only had a few months together before she was put into a T/R-ing situation. She did not have some of the time and experience that some other T/R's have had. So today has been a giant leap in experience for her. I think there will be future guests from time to time.


S1: Thank you very much, I look forward to that too. I am glad the T/R is able to make the leap, the transition to do all this stuff. One other question, any chance of getting the phone number of this personalized Melchizedek? (1)

Iruka: Not a chance! Certainly not at this time. He will make himself known when the time is right.

S1: Then he does have a phone number?

Iruka: No comment.

J1: Since S1 asked the first half of my question, the second half has to do with this same Melchizedek. If he won't phone or write, would it be possible to have a short visit from him sometime in the future?

Iruka: That is entirely possible, absolutely. He is getting oriented to life on this planet. Try to imagine all the things that you would have to get used to if you were not familiar with this planet. Some things are known and are understood before hand, but then actually getting a physical body and addressing the issues that you address every day has to be gotten used to and perfected. When the time is right, things will start happening. Does this answer? [yes, thank you]

E1: Iruka, I have one more question. Last Sunday we were reading (from the Urantia book) and there was somewhere, where it was saying that Melchizedek or whomever would personalize from above us, would not go through any pomp and...I can't remember exactly what it was but...let me ask you this, while everybody was in Naperville expecting you (the Melchizedek) to come, were you materializing somewhere else? How long has the Melchizedek been here? Did he materialize at the time that everybody was going to Naperville?

Iruka: That situation did not have anything to do with the other situation. He did not appear anywhere else, that has been since then. A different time and place. Does this answer? [yes, thank you]

W1: Iruka, I just wanted to let you know the value of today's session. I think it...I don't know who came up with the idea to have all the teachers come, but it sure did encourage me to work harder. Being able to talk with Avery, having known that he has been around me for a long time, and not knowing when I would get to talk to him...So this is something that I think ought to happen quite often, especially for the ones that are growing towards contact, it is definitely a boost for me.

Iruka: Thank you W1, and yes, this has been turned out to be a very good experience for all of us and that is why I am suggesting that we may want to do more of this more often, on a casual basis, and experience this. Because it is for all of our growth, everyone on your side and on my side also, and thank you.

V2: Iruka, I was blessed to talk with my teacher and I was wondering what his name was and you said I should speak with you and the T/R and I could find out. Is that possible?

Iruka: Of course, the T/R and I will work on it this week. We usually take two or three days to check and make sure we have all of the letters correct, and confirm, and make sure we have it right.

V2: Thank you very much, I will be anxiously awaiting his or her name.

V1: An additional request for his teacher's name, lost in the background noise.


Iruka: Of course we will work on your teacher's name also. It has been a wonderful afternoon. I hope that you have enjoyed it and have grown as much as we have on this side. I look forward to next week. Good afternoon.

Group: Good afternoon.