1996-12-17-Extended Stillness

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Topic: Extended Stillness

Group: Butler TeaM


Teacher: Tomas, Ham, Nardias, Judith, Jasmine, Abraham, Michael, John the Baptist, Trieste, Emmanuel, Muriel

TR: Gerdean, Leah, Loreenia, Hunnah



TOMAS (Gerdean): Do not speak to me, but let me speak to you. Since the circuitries-- You have all made contact with the circuitry. You have been connected. Now, feel for the prompt. Learn to recognize, now, the prompt; and when you feel the prompt . .. proceed with your transmission. Take your time. There are many, many loving beings here gently awaiting the appropriate moment, waiting for you to open yourself to their personality presence, waiting for you to open your language center that they may access your words, that they may speak through you and bid you courage and give you joy.

HAM (Gerdean): I am Ham, by way of the circuitry, in method of greeting you newcomers to this art of communication. You are no stranger to us in the Teaching Mission. We nudge one another in appreciation of your growth and say, "Look there!" and so we are looking there today as we have long past, long since, delighted with your efforts, bolstered by your faith steps, grateful for your motivation.

I understand your hesitancy, but this too shall pass. Inasmuch as there are many here, many personal teachers and many others, in a heightened sense of expectation, I will step aside for now. Dear persons, be joyous, be glad, and be at peace with us. Until we speak again, I am your friend and overseer of the Mission, Ham.

Leah: . .. then I thought I heard my name and I thought I heard the word Nardias.

NARDIAS (Leah): This is Nardias. I would like to . .. to assure you … you have the possibility of doing this (indistinguishable).

NARDIAS (Gerdean): Nardias now through this facilitator. You are correct. You have interpreted my impression well. You have seen me prompt you; you have seen yourself called upon to serve in this capacity; you have heard my impressions in your deep mind and voiced that which you were impressed with. Remove your intellect now from your understanding of the process and allow me to speak directly to the group without your acting as a custodian of my words so that you have the sense of our working together. If you are willing, Leah, I will then return to you and anticipate your responsiveness once again. (Long pause)

JUDITH (Loreenia): Tick, tock. Tick, tock. The time has come. Judith, (indistinguishable) Strong feelings of body. Feelings of pleasure and pain. (Indistinguishable) That is all.

TRIESTE (Gerdean): Good evening. I am Trieste, the personal teacher of Gerdean. I am one of her personal teachers; do not let me overlook my affiliate, Adrian, who takes a back seat to me this moment as I bring myself forth to greet you this evening, to humor myself somewhat with this mortal picturization of individuals sitting in the dark talking to spirits. One would wonder about us, wouldn't they? But it is so healthy to engage in an attempt to communicate with spirit reality. [Several moments "off the record" during the arrival and departure of Abram.]

I was observing the humorousness of you ladies sitting around in the dark making contact with the spirit world, and how in "the good old days" you would have been flogged or burned at the stake for such folderol, but in today's more modern milieu, you are quite fashionable. It is not our purpose, however, to bring fashion to your lives but Reality, and truth, beauty, and goodness. I only came in to say hello. I have no pronouncements and nothing profound.


Hunnah: May I ask a question?

TRIESTE: Yes, daughter. Of course!

Spirit of Truth, Teacher Contact

Hunnah: What's the difference between having a conversation with somebody and hearing yourself, say, participate in the conversation that continues in the creation of your mind and being able to . .. because I have that feeling that "when two or three are gathered, I am there." We are connected. And the conversation is on a higher level for the soul description. What is the difference between transmitting information (indistinguishable)? Was that clear?

TRIESTE: No, your question was fairly convoluted (Group laughter) but I am learning to read between the lines.

Hunnah: Sometimes I hear myself speak when I'm talking to some . .. and I catch a satisfaction in the words because there might be something I wanted to know, and I hear myself saying the answer.

TRIESTE: As you speak with your own wisdom, you then are speaking words with the Spirit of Truth operating to manifest your words to others, and you hear this. You hear this reflection of the Spirit of Truth in your own understanding of truth, as if truth has connected with another mortal. And this, of course, is one of the purposes of your understanding of your own innate potential divinity. You speak your truths and as they resonate, the Spirit of Truth then picks that up in the other individual and you feel the spiritual repercussions.

Hunnah: Then . ...

TRIESTE: This is a mortal teacher, if you will.

Hunnah: The Spirit of Truth is a mortal teacher?

TRIESTE: No, this is when YOU are functioning as a mortal teacher.

Hunnah: All right. So then what's the difference between allowing the . .. finding out that the Spirit of Truth will use you, versus bringing in one of the teachers from the order of spirit?

TRIESTE: There are a number of differences, and I will preface my remarks by saying, as I have said many times, that none of these processes are necessary or required, but they are helpful to you as yet another frame of reference. Let me also add to that that the sensitivity to spiritual circuitry and the personalities of entities that would address you, or a group through you, is a valuable sensitivity to develop. Also, as was said recently, to hear your words reflected back to you, that you may then hear them with the Spirit of Truth, reaffirms and reconfirms your own understandings. As you become bored with your reality, then you can hear your mind striving for higher reality. Did my convoluted response strike any chords with you?

Hunnah: I think I'll let them rest in me. But what I got that you said was to go ahead and do it, that it would help my development.

TRIESTE: I am glad you heard it that way. Life can be delightfully simple if we know what we want.

Hunnah: I'm not convinced that I want this, but for the sake of cooperation I want to participate.

TRIESTE: Perhaps this is part of your difficulty. If you are doing it as a duty or something that you feel is required or necessary or socially called for, you will not feel the doors open. It is a conscious decision that you must make. You must say that you are willing to be a vehicle for this process. It is a verbal, overt commitment to avail yourself.

Hunnah: I would be disrupting if I got into my humanness, but if I did do it, I would do it to be co-operative . .. as a co-operative action for my friend, Jasmine.

TRIESTE: This is very gracious and kind of you, and it is also friendly. It depicts tremendous self-pride and self-defense as well, and these are matters that you and Jasmine can work on together.

Hunnah: (Indistinguishable)

TRIESTE: I am glad I did not offend you.

Hunnah: Not at all.

TRIESTE: Let me withdraw my presence here, as there are a number of other beings in attendance and they would like to strike a harmonious chord in your presence, if possible. I reluctantly leave you. Farewell. (long pause)

TOMAS: I am Tomas, back for another pep talk, for I feel you all flounder in self-consciousness and disarray of the spirit. You are self-conscious to a fault. It serves not to balk, but rather, allow yourself to make mistakes and learn the process. Leah and Loreenia have both stepped out from their shell and have something now to reflect on in terms of transmitting, as well as what they may learn from what was said in the transmission.

Loreenia: Tomas, who was it who (indistinguishable)?

TOMAS: I have to tell you that if they are accessing your mind, I did not hear them. I know that there are many who are, as they say, hovering about and awaiting an opening and many of them, I daresay, have felt an opening and the willingness in the mind, but you have not carried your willingness so far as to speak forth their words. Part of the problem is that you are such finite thinkers.

Hunnah: I thought you said there was a cue.

TOMAS: There are cues. It may be comforting and convenient for you to develop a communication cue between you and your teacher, but when you have visitors from the opposite side of the universe to address you, they may not know such intimate nuances, and we would have you contact and be open to whatever entity would like to use your language center. The more open you are to these energies and messages, the greater your capacity of service.

Loreenia: (Indistinguishable)

TOMAS: I have admired your attempts and I would urge you to work with your stalwart teacher Judith who has already indicated this evening, through you, some of her joy and some of her difficulties. Review these words when you hear your transmission and learn from the impressions she was given the opportunity to put forth.

Loreenia: We were being children together. Teenagers.

TOMAS: It is a good place to start. You certainly do want to be a child together. If your more difficult growing took place in your teen years, it is not unusual for a teacher/charge to go directly to the sore spot, but do not overlook your growth crisis as a wee child and as a grown-up, for twists of thinking can occur at any juncture and they are embedded in you, and your teacher is waiting patiently for you to bring them to her in order that that twist can be corrected. She waits, she tends, she honors you in love, patience and the joy of a girlfriend, yes.

Good work. Keep up the good work. Take your time and learn the process. Learn how to be developed by your student teacher guides. This process is also good for them.

Loreenia: When we're so together, are we, in effect, actually one?


Loreenia: No?


Loreenia: It seems like it is.

TOMAS: That is because you are working in harmony.

Loreenia: Oh. As one.

TOMAS: Yes. Intimately. Intimately through the Eternal Parents. And so barriers can be dissolved for awhile as you embrace in the spirit.

Loreenia: This happens several times a day! (Indistinguishable) Was that Judith I saw? As if through veils, she came to me because I (indistinguishable)

TOMAS (Gerdean): I would suggest that you allow for your own interpretation of these visitations rather than ask for my confirmation, for I do not necessarily know these things. I have my work to do and they are not involved in particular with interpreting your perceptions of what you see and what you perceive, what entity has made contact with you or manifested to you. These are part of your packaging; therefore, I would applaud your companionship and embrace her in good cheer.

I am bowing out. There are others who would enjoy an opportunity. Jasmine is one; Wanda is another; Jay-Orjh is here, as is Judith. These may be a more congenial being for you to make contact with. Also, I am at large if any of you would like to transmit me. I am available and will await your availability also.

JASMINE (Hunnah): (Indistinguishable)

JASMINE (Leah): This is Jasmine (indistinguishable)

JASMINE (Hunnah): (Indistinguishable)

TOMAS (Gerdean): Voice those preparations.

JASMINE (Hunnah): (Indistinguishable)

TRIESTE (Gerdean): Teacher, we would ask for your encouragement, as we encourage you.

JASMINE (Hunnah): We have expectations here.

TRIESTE (Gerdean): We are happy to hear your voice through your charge and have sympathy and compassion for the mortal Hunnah who fears the process and yet is like a child, eager to know and experience this wondrous new adventure. It is so wonderful to hear your voice, Jasmine. You are a radiant sister, patient and kind. I encourage you to bear with your mortal for she only needs encouragement, as do we, in order to begin to stand unafraid in the light.

Hunnah: (Indistinguishable)

EMMANUEL (Loreenia): Greetings. I am the brother. I come with blessings (indistinguishable) to all here. We are in the process of conveying truth in (indistinguishable). Glory to God in the highest. Sing praises to the King, the Most High, for he is with you. I -- (indistinguishable).

MURIEL (Gerdean): Muriel is my name, for these purposes. I am a teacher in the Teaching Corps, in the Teaching Mission of Christ Michael on Urantia. My friends, I have been in attendance this evening observing the struggle and I am in full appreciation and understanding of your dilemmas for I am fairly new to this process as well and I have been assigned a Teacher Base, a potential teaching post in Hamilton, Canada — Ontario. And I have yet to practice my skill/craft/art/technique/mind access capabilities with many mortals.

I have made some contact and I am beginning to become familiar with this technique, but I am always eager for practice, and so I appreciate Gerdean availing herself for me this evening, and for you who hear my words for an opportunity then to see and sense how it is that what I am conveying impacts upon your soul, your mind and your heart. It is an intricate interaction.

Yes, we are close neighbors and I know you well, as I know all my neighbors. I am becoming familiar with your midwayers in this area and your personal teachers, for we like to keep in touch. But I now am eagerly looking forward to the time when I can develop my relationship with a fellow in truth in this prospective new teacher base.

It is a thrill for the teachers to be a part of this Mission and we are ever grateful to those of you who enable the Teachers to come forth and teach, that you too will learn the art of teaching. My affection is with you and my spirit arms embrace you. I will speak with you again often and soon. I am Muriel. Good evening.

Leah: (Indistinguishable request for Tomas to facilitate Jasmine)


TOMAS: Hello, Hunnah, my friend.

Hunnah: My tolerant friend.

TOMAS: I am not going to transmit your teacher just yet. I want to chat with you regarding your development and regarding your fears in this process, for I have heard you effectively allow for Jasmine's essence and message. It was wonderful, gracious, spring-like to witness her elation at the experience herself, and I overheard you say that you felt there were some expectations placed upon you and I want to commiserate with you that Gerdean often feels the same way, and so it is understood that until this process is well practiced, it is a sensitive engagement, one which is fear-inducing, and I say that in respect for your not wishing to be foolish or be in error.

I will say to you that as you sit poised, encircuited, in contact with the teacher and physically fit and ready to go, you are at the jumping-off point of making the leap of faith. I see you reach that point on the precipice and rather than make the jump, the leap of faith which allows your teacher complete reign, you rather grab a vine and jump from one landmark over the chasm to the next landmark without allowing her her own freedom to function. This is part of the trepidation of the process, and so figure that what you are going through is normal. As I have said many times, one does not normally just pick up the baton and relay messages from the spirit realm without some practice, without some understanding of what goes on and how you participate in it.

Hunnah: May I comment?


Hunnah: I don't feel fear. I simply don't know how to let it come through. And I don't . .. She's so lovely, it would be wrong to deny her of being shown to the group. It's more an awareness of the tape running, I think, that I probably intercede because it seems like a long time.

[Whereupon TOMAS stopped the tape.]

JASMINE: (Untaped -- unfortunately! A great lesson on the value of a genuine grin)

[Tape turned back on]

ABRAHAM (Gerdean): I am Abraham and I am marching in to say, "What are we sitting around smiling for? Let us forge ahead!" but I also am grinning. I am delighted with your session here today and with your work at hand and with the opportunity to witness the radiant Jasmine in her public debut. How enchanting, is it not? I thought I would stop by while you were all so content and remind you of our radiant duty, which is truly much as Jasmine has indicated, and that is to let your lips do the job and go out there and smile and radiate the joy which is your divine inheritance, also to speak those truths which will lead hungry souls into fruition. Good work, troops. Shalom.

MICHAEL (Loreenia): Blessed daughters of the universe. I am amongst thee. (Indistinguishable -- unfortunately!)

Group: Thank you, Michael.

JOHN THE BAPTIST (Loreenia): John here. The Baptist. What have you to say about that? Gerdean: I am glad to see you have your head on straight, John. (Group laughter)

Ruth: It's better than on a platter, isn't it? (More laughter)

JOHN THE BAPTIST (Loreenia): It's been touched by the ax. (Noises of stretching) Feels good. What have you to say for yourselves, my chickens? Well, speak up!

Gerdean: I'm rather astounded, actually! I've never seen a teacher make themselves quite so comfortable (group laughter) in the mortal form!

JOHN THE BAPTIST: Oh, I enjoy the body.

Gerdean: I see! Well!

Ruth: It may come from losing one's head! (Group laughter)

JOHN THE BAPTIST: Oh, this is such fun.

Gerdean: Well, it's great to have you here with us.


Gerdean: How's the rest of the Council doing?

JOHN THE BAPTIST: H-m-m-m-m. I haven't touched base there lately.

Gerdean: I see. You've been down here watching the Mission? Or meandering around the universe? Or what? Or is it none of my business?

JOHN THE BAPTIST: I just popped in.

Gerdean: I'm glad you did.

JOHN THE BAPTIST: I wish you could have seen me in some of the other transmitters.

Gerdean: How so?

JOHN THE BAPTIST: Oh, I'm a wild man! (Group laughter)

Gerdean: I know! I know! You have that reputation. We are somewhat timid souls. It's a little overwhelming at times.

JOHN THE BAPTIST: Oh, let loose.

Gerdean: Yeah, let loose and bust it. (Group relapses into the giggles)

JOHN THE BAPTIST: I enjoy your laughter.

Gerdean: So do we! (Group hysterics) I think Jasmine started something here. (More giggles)

JOHN THE BAPTIST: But we have such fun together. I'm going to step out for a bit, but I'll come back and see you.

Gerdean: Bye, John. Ruth: Bye, John.

Hunnah: We'll be having Santa Clause next. (Group laughter)

Gerdean: I thought he was here earlier! (Total mayhem)

Loreenia: He moves fast! He's got my shirt all stretched out. (Group laughter, again!)


TOMAS: Well, my little chuckle-berries, perhaps it is time for us to call it a day and bring the curtain down while the audience is in such good humor. (More giggling)

Hunnah: How about the observers? (More laughter)

TOMAS: We have all the equivalents thereof and this has been quite the show. (Laughter) I am overall very pleased, however, for hear your very own mirth! And this in itself was worth all the effort. But there is more to the process, and you will reflect as time goes by on your potential and the potential of what you can convey for those who wish to serve. And so take, indeed, your smiles into your arena and spread good cheer. Over and out.]