2002-11-23-Rest In Green Pastures

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Topic: Rest in Green Pastures

Group: Costa Rica TeaM


Teacher: Michael

TR: Richard Wetmore



Oliver: My Creator-Brother, meet these two brothers before you with their hearts wide open and their minds alert to enter into dialog with you, or with one of your huge crew of teachers. They tirelessly, patiently and acceptingly work with us, if we so request. We want to better know the truth of what our Father's will is for us in this life. Please converse with us.


MICHAEL: I am Michael. I am the truth. Know me, I am the way and the light of life. Know me, and you know the truth. I am the light of love. All that you see, all that you know that is good, you know through me, my little brothers. Know me and you serve me well. Liken unto me, as were my disciples, my dear servants; liken unto me and you shall know the eternal truth.

Yes, my beloved ones. The journey is long. The joy that you will bring to others in bringing the light of truth to them, your brothers and sisters, you also shall share in this joy as I share in the joy of knowing your hearts. Know me and you do my Father's will, for in knowing me you shall surely know my Father. Pause, my dear ones, in calm reflection. See my light, feel my warmth. Become. [pause]

Yes, I saw you today in green pastures. Your presence was deeply felt. You know my creation. You know its value. [Note: A local farmer had shown Richard and Oliver his beautifully located land with pastures and brooks, and gifted them with plant cuttings, wild orchids and yucca.] Share the light of my light and of my love with all whom you might meet and love. Walk in green pastures, lay down besides still waters, enjoy the light of the day, the stars of the night. My creation with my Father is a gift. Take time to pause and to look with your hearts upon the beauty of your wonderful planet. See the good within my creation. Miss not one moment, for in seeing my creation you know me. In sharing the beauty of my creation, you begin to understand my truth, the truth of the essence of my Father Be ever willing to converse with each other, and with me.


Oliver: When I walked through your green pastures today, I felt your presence very strongly. I thank you for your heart-opening invitations to all of us to communicate with you. As you know, your many suggestions to make ourselves accessible to you, have allowed me to accept you more fully into my life. Time and again I am astonished how easy it is to call you into my heart. I thank you for waiting for me for so long. Your patience with me allows me to be better patient with others who are also waiting to know you.

Today I would like to ask for your guiding inspiration on how we can better serve others at this stage of our journey. Teacher Abraham communicated with Richard the other night, and he seemed to encourage us to work together. He seemed to suggest to open Richard's new house for Urantia and Teaching Mission-related service. Would you please talk with us about how you view these possibilities, or what you know we should understand at this point? Thank you, Michael.

MICHAEL: My heart is open to your warm message. You must remember that any and all service you now offer to your brothers and sisters, to those who are distraught, alone, those who live in poverty, who do not see the light, is right for serving my Father's will. Your plan is wonderful. Discuss with your celestial teachers and your helpers how you, and your brothers and sisters, can serve each other lovingly. If you choose to set up a tent in the desert, do so, and I shall be there. If you choose to build a temple to my Father, then do so, and I shall be there with you. If you choose to walk in green pastures and sit in the shade beneath a tree, to peacefully search in simple surroundings for my presence, I shall be there with you.

Do not be too anxious to fulfill a large plan. Work with each other. Ask always for guidance. There is no requirement to commit yourself to a large plan. Be, as I have asked my disciples, simple like children in your thinking. Let your hearts, along with your spirits and minds, direct you to my love. Take risks, if you like, be courageous, plan carefully, I and my helpers will be there to assist you. For there are many groups and individuals you may reach out to with a loving and open hand.

Think also of healing. You, my brothers, have strong potential to heal. Heal thyselves first, then heal others.

Remember to welcome at all times into your hearts, into your homes, the oppressed, the poor, the destitute. These are your brothers and sisters who need you. You do my will by caring, by reaching out to those less fortunate than yourselves. Take care in you planning, direct my love through your work to those who need you most. Remember the gift of joy is in serving those who need you most. Dear brothers, have you anything else to ask me? If so, I am listening.

Oliver: Master, in the daily outworking of our lives we come across many whom we can minister to and help in many ways. The question comes up time and again: Should this service be done only individually, or is it better to link up with others to create some kind of organizational ministry or even church? What I am trying to discern is this, how can we be most effective in doing your will?

MICHAEL: I have read your thoughts and know your heart, my son, even before you speak. I know your will. I know your strength. Each person, who serves, each being has a talent, for God has given unto each one a talent or talents. These talents may or may not need organization. But your greatest talent is the talent of the Spirit, to share with your love. If your computers, your technology, your books, your writings, if these lend strength to the grace of your talents, then, by all means, serve me in this way. Use your technology wisely, along with your talents. For those of you, and all your brothers and sisters, who do not have your talents, they will give and work and share with their talents.

Remember your dear sister, Mother Theresa, her talent was one of the most lustrous and most divine of many of my servants on your planet. She is with me now. She speaks to your hearts and she says to follow the dictates of compassion for those who are less fortunate. No religion is necessary. No organization is necessary, unless your heart, your mind, your soul tell you that this is the route by which you will best serve me. The dictates of your heart, in conjunction with my love and service to my Father, will guide you. Let your celestial hosts assist you. There are a multitude of ways, as many as there are stars, to serve me. Be open, talk amongst yourselves, yes, make hopeful plans, be joyful and trust that your way of service will conform with my Father's will. Be ever in communication with me, with our Melchizedeks, with any member of the Ancient of Days. Our celestial hosts and teachers are there for you to consult regularly. They are great masters in the making. And in learning with your teachers, you will find perfect and abiding guidance. I am there to watch, not to dictate.

Of free will, serve me as you choose, and the guidance will enable you to find our Source and Center. This is so long a journey, a journey of love. It is not the result, dear brothers, the joy is in the journey. The reward is in the very journey itself. So, in choosing and working together in agreement and accord with the vibrations of your heart and the directions of your teachers, you shall find where to tread and where not to tread. The path is surely guided by your obedience to my Father's will. If you have further questions, I await.

Oliver: Your replies are marvelous to me. There is so much to absorb, and I wish to thank you with all my heart. There is one more aspect of service that I want to inquire about. Are we guided by the celestial hosts and guides to those that need us most, or are we to organize-not necessarily as an organization or church, but as a group, perhaps-to better use our energies and talents towards service to others and to find some of the "lost sheep"?

MICHAEL: My dear friend, as you evolve you will learn that it is most effective to begin with the simplest technique. Could you heal today? Could you raise the dead, my son, tomorrow? Think of the journey you must make to breath life into the sick, to breath wellness into the dying. Take your time, begin with the simplest technique. The outreaching will always be there. Do not burden yourself. Live the righteous life. Let others see by your example.

What you are speaking of, dear friend, is known as a calling or vocation. Yes, you shall be called to my service, and that calling will be clear. There will be no doubt in the loving execution of your vocation. You will know, and your brothers and sisters will know when you are called upon. Remember, you are changing, my children. Let this change continue where it is helping and rewarding. You shall be called upon. Call upon me and you shall find guidance towards the truth of knowing the right moment. Remember, how I have spoken many times, "My hour has come." Each one of you shall have their hour to serve my Father. Be patient. Live me in the imitation of my life.

Oliver: Thank you, beloved Michael. I bring before you one more question about our current Teaching Mission group here in Northern Costa Rica. Can you give us some direction or guidance if it is, for example, desirable to meet at regular fixed intervals as we have for a few years, or how some have suggested, to meet as moved by the Spirit but with announcements to those who have been interested in the past. Or do you see that a new phase has started and that there is no need to come together as a regularly-meeting group. I know for myself that my level to receive your love is many times enhanced in a group that comes together for the purpose of learning meanings and values, and to help in bringing more divine love down to this planet. Should we work to bring groups together? Is that your will?

MICHAEL: My dear son, this is my will. Remember my disciples-they were a group, and I was well pleased when they were working together in harmony. My disciples were frustrated at times, some were lost. They could not as fully understand my teachings as you can today, but I gathered them. Yes, the people in your group need encouragement. I caution you, my dear sons, speak with each one that would partake of the group's service. Their willingness to participate will grow. There must be some regularity, there must be some diversion, sound them out, listen to their hearts. They will want to be in a group that bids to do my will. Be patient. Bring them together in right leadership, let each one share in the evolvement of taking responsibility. In communion-or as you call it transmission-with me and my Father and the teachers, you serve me well. How can they learn to serve me in your unique fashion unless you invite them? So, I say unto you, my beloved brethren, bring your groups together.

There will be acts of factionalism, teach love and you will tie the ones in your group. Make all welcome who will come. Love those who will not come. Welcome all, the poor and the rich; the fed and the hungry; the sick and the well; the joyous and the downtrodden. Bring them to your houses and your tables as you see fit to do my Father's will so you, by which you will be strengthened and encouraged.

Oliver: Michael you are most beautiful and I love you. It is so beneficial to receive your help. You have alleviated much of my anxiety about group work. You allow me to choose. You give me such wonderful freedom of choice. You give everyone else freedom to choose. I just love to commune with you.

MICHAEL: You are joy in my heart, my son. With communion with all my children from all the evolving planets, my heart is warmed. The light of my life is within you. We share this beloved creation of mine. The warmth and light of my heart is with you. You bring joy into this communion. Commune as often and with whomever you desire. All shall be welcome at my table. Let he who communes with me thirst not, nor let he be hungry, for on my table is the living water that all shall share with me. It is the water of truth and eternal life. Welcome all with strength and courage, that would come with their trials and tribulations and burdens. These are your lessons that teach how to share. Share with all that come into your groups, and with all that come not into your groups be equally loving and compassionate. Do this for me and you are my allies for eternity for serving my Father's will. I bit you peace. Bring you questions to me, whenever, but I ask you to prepare your questions carefully. Ask your heart for the answer. Your heart already knows because I am within you. Ask you heart, your Adjuster, the Fragment within, and you shall know the truth immediately.

Oliver: Thank you from my heart-very, very much. I surely would have liked to meet you when you walked as Jesus on this earth. Thank you


MICHAEL: Peace be with you, my brother. I now walk on this earth with you, inside you. Beside the still waters and the green pastures, you see me everywhere for I am omnipresent as I live. Go in peace. Be calm through the night and awaken with joy, for you shall see and know the light. (Oliver: Thank you.)

Richard: Thank you, Christ Michael, thank you so very much for your transmission. We thank you for the light, the stillness, the wind, the beauty of this wonderful country-we thank you for our good friends, the Costaricans - we thank you for the group members We have some direction, do we not? (Oliver: Yes, Sir.) We will be in touch with you and hopefully you will be there

Oliver: "Hopefully?" He has said that he will always come when we are gathered in his name, and that he walks with us

Richard [totally cracking up]: I am sorry I thought he may be in need of a vacation sometimes he can not always be on duty at least we should give him a break I am exhausted in the nicest way you are right we should not say "hopefully" any longer after having experienced so much certainty from him and his teachers over all this time

Oliver: He gave us such a mindful today, such endorsed confidence, such assurance, we received his mantle of faith the joy is ours and it is his.