1991-12-15-Concern About Materializations

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Topic: Concern About Materializations

Group: Tallahassee TeaM


Teacher: Will

TR: Unknown



WILL: The love of God surrounds us. The power of God enfolds us. The love of God supports us. Wherever we gather, he is there. Good evening, I am Will.



Thank you for meeting in this gathering tonight. I have listened to your remarks about your impressions of the Utah experience and I have previously commented on this in the paper recorded by Eric. He has failed to bring it along, so I will address the general responses that I have to this.

It is not necessary to know why or whether Gabriel or any other entity would appear. It is not important to the central mission of your group. Even though this is true, I understand that you have reservations, and this appearance or nonappearance of Gabriel causes you to feel questions about the organizational strength and structure of the endeavor of which we are all involved.

Events such as the Gabriel appearance are decided and conducted at a much higher level than I am privy to. Also, at my level of spiritual development, I am not momentarily aware of the comings and goings of a creature like Gabriel. It is not for me to explain the event, or nonevent. I was not advised of it other than the fact that such a thing was scheduled. It is not germane to our mission in this particular group. So I ask you to bear with this. It is not a finished affair anyway. Something will develop out of it. I am not certain what. You can be sure that all of these strands will be drawn together by the Father in heaven and woven into a mighty rope that all may climb.

Your group comes along well. Entities from outside our teaching unit have contacted two members of the group recently. This is a similar example of an area that is not under my immediate control, nor under the control of our instruction team, the team which I spoke to Eric about earlier this week. It is a small team: one Melchizedek, two seraphim, a midwayer and myself. Much is going on. It is an exhilarating time. You know that you also feel this exhilaration. It is what we referred to in the past as the quickening. So we ask that, because each of you can participate only to the level of understanding which you presently possess and, since the infinite is unknowable to you anyway, we ask that you believe to the fullest extent possible, to the limits of your understanding. No one in Creation can do better than that. If you conduct yourselves to the limits of your understanding of God's spiritual message, you will be serving honestly and faithfully. That is what we ask.


I wish to say a few words this evening on the topic of loving your brothers and sisters. Your language has a dearth of terms to describe the broad range of human relationships. You use the term "love" and then apply qualifying adjectives to further refine the concept. It is a different situation in other languages. Yours is particularly deficient in this regard. When we say love your brother and love your sister, we have in mind a relationship built more on the terms of respect and human dignity. For example, we spoke earlier about the necessity of finding a substitute for extended human families, since families in your present culture are splintered and spread before the wind. Your group, with some variety in ages among the participants, is a good indication of human relationships which are allowed to flourish with great personal depth and latitude. By treating each other with respect, you allow the maximum range of human interaction and, when you are tempted to clash, you take care to preserve each other's dignity, not criticize harshly even though there may be competing or alternative views to those which have been expressed. By treating each other with respect and showing concern for the dignity of each other, you are on the path to what we see as a loving relationship among yourselves.


We ask that you extend this love and kindness and concern for each other's well-being to your day-to-day relationships with your fellow men and women in the broader range of society. Once again, it is not an easy task. It is much easier if you cut corners and limit your exposure---it is not fair play to limit your exposure to your brothers and sisters.

We ask that you deal fairly and honestly with all those you encounter as they appear, without attempting to influence the result through any particular set of tricks or social interaction standards. Eric this afternoon had an experience with a black man who drove up to the property where he rode his horse and he did a fair job of greeting this person and making this person feel comfortable. It worked out well. It is the kind of thing that we have in mind. He should speak to you, after we have closed our meeting for tonight, regarding developments with two people he encountered in the last two days. It is a good example of what we are after.

But rather than dealing with people in a stereotypical or habitual-response pattern that you have grown comfortable in, we ask that you take risks when you encounter your brothers and sisters. We ask that you bare your chest and speak to them as if they are creatures of the Father in heaven. For although each of you should know that you live within God's palm, so do your brothers and sisters. It is necessary that you do not rely on habitual patterns of interpersonal relationships in encountering your brothers and sisters. Try your best to greet them as a person you have never encountered before and may never encounter again. Try to use each occasion as a demonstration of your understanding of the teachings of Jesus of Nazareth. It is good practice, and we recommend it to you not only for the potential spiritual development involved, but also because we know you will like it. There is a vitality and a growth experience in relating to your fellow men in this fashion that is not achievable through any intellectual exercise or course of study.

Therefore we ask you to take risks. Talk to people that you would not normally speak to. Interact with people you would normally not engage. Treat them fairly and honestly and, when they have problems that they wish to share with you, take them. Lighten your brother's load, lighten your sister's load. Show them that God's shoulders can support all. It is not necessary for you to reject other people's problems. With that power behind you, you can absorb an infinite number of other people's problems and you will be providing them a good service that is a growth experience for each of you. That will be your exercise for the coming week.

We have great confidence in you. We know that, barring lapses of memory, you will each do a good job at attempting to carry this out. The thing to remember is, if you get a good start at things then they develop much quicker. So rather than put this thought in the back of your mind after you leave tonight, determine that beginning Monday morning, when your feet hit the carpet, it will be the conduct of the day. Write yourself a note if necessary, and put is beside your bedside table. Look at that upon arising. Try to keep a single conscious thought in the front of your mind. Some of you may find this (remembering) to be more of a burdensome task than the task of relating truthfully and faithfully with your brothers and sisters. That is why we suggest that you write it down. Lapses of memory are one of the difficulties we have to deal with when doing this exercise. There are ways around it. [[[laughter]]] I didn't intend for this to be so humorous, but it is all right. It is that kind of spontaneous interchange that we relish when dealing with groups like yours.

So for this coming week, you have a job. Good luck. We know you will be more successful than you estimate, even at this time. As for questions, we would like to minimize questions. It is all right to ask questions but the time of assignments is beginning. Tom, if you have a question prepared and ready to ask tonight, go ahead. I am ready to answer you.



TOM: Thank you for this opportunity. I have a personal question. Recently I have been attempting to make several changes in my daily life, and change does not come easily for me. I would like to know if I am moving, however slowly, in the most beneficial direction with these first steps, and also I would like to know if I am making useful progress in my attempts to achieve stillness. A prayerful attitude does not seem to come naturally to me.

WILL: Each person, not only in your group, but across the far- flung heavens is led primarily by their Thought Adjuster, and not by instruction groups or spirit contacts like ours. You have little conception of the progress and the spiritual favor that you are earning on a daily basis. Although you feel that you are not making great strides in your spiritual development or awareness, events will transpire in the natural pattern of life, and you will see in your responses that you have taken great leaps in understanding and development. Progress on the material worlds is by fits and starts. It is never smooth and rarely orderly. One of the reasons that ascenders like myself are attached to instruction groups is because the eternals have little way of estimating the leaps made by humans in spirit understanding which result in additional gaps. Great surges of energy are released and it takes the instructors by surprise on many occasions. It is frequently necessary for the human and the instructors to return and to plug some of the gaps which resulted from the great leaps of faith which are possible for all of you.

By these words I hope to assure you that you are coming along nicely. There is no person in your group with whom we are displeased. There is no person in your group who is wasting his time. Even those whose practice is inconsistent are surging forward.


Your stillness practice is for you at the moment a matter of discipline. You will find that as your practice progresses, it is one of the respites from the abuses of daily living and, if for no other reason, the quiet time itself could be one of the most valuable features of your daily life. It is simply impossible to hear the voice of the Adjuster with the chatter and drivel of modern society's daily life. It drowns out the faint beginnings of spiritual awareness, although in all fairness we must say that it is not how anything begins, it is how it ends, that counts.

But for all things a beginning is necessary. Therefore we ask you to try to compose yourself. Clear your mind. Don't think about anything. Don't think about not thinking. I like to use the example of the water in the glass. The more you try to calm the water, the more it is stirred. Just allow it to fall into the bottom and come to rest naturally and you will find that there is a stillness which has great vitality. You will be able to discern the vitality of God, Himself, even in what you formerly thought were the empty spaces. Those who can find meaning in the empty spaces are truly on the right path. Do you think you can do that?

TOM: Does this call for a response?

WILL: Sure.

TOM: I think so. I feel like I am making progress. I guess it just is helpful to get a progress report from time to time.


WILL: You are only unsure because you are on new territory. You feel that you do not know anything except what you are told, but you are gaining great experience and before long you will find that it is not necessary to ask questions, for you are building a body of knowledge that will be of great solace to you. And you cannot be deprived of it, no matter what other events occur in your life. Your quiet relationship with the Father can never be taken away. It is one of the privileges of mortals. There can be no interference in the direct relationship between a human and his God. I encourage you. I commend you. You are doing fine. Keep up the good work. With these thoughts, I will remind you once again: Engage your brothers and sisters. Until we meet again.