1993-05-16-Taking Opportunities

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Topic: Taking Opportunities

Group: Pocatello TeaM


Teacher: Daniel, Lottie

TR: Unknown



Opening prayer

Daniel: "Good afternoon. I am Daniel, your teacher, friend and guide. I am most pleased to be able to speak with this group this evening.


Small that it is, is not important. It is important that the sharing, the camaraderie and being able to discuss human weaknesses in such an open forum, this is important. For in discussing those things that you find difficult, and in coming into greater perspective on the challenges that lie ahead, you are in many respects being able to grasp on a much deeper level than is common on this plane at this time. Those who question, those who think about what it means to follow the will of our Creator, are those people who strive, despite the challenges of life, to grow beyond the point of their being at any given time. It is through your dedication to the Father and your willingness to make those choices that lead you into greater dimensions, a more morontial type of thinking. It behooves you to always come back to the Source daily, for in seeking that which gives you strength, there you will find it.

This day of departure in terms of group members is always a time of sadness and joy. Joy in that new horizons will be met. Sorrow in not having the companionship of friends more readily accessible. And so today I would like to say to L2 and to B1 as they begin a new journey in life, that you have been given those opportunities to make the tree stronger. You have been good gardeners. You have been good at nurturing the tree, pruning those branches that are necessary, providing nutrients to the soil and water, that the fruits that the tree is bearing and will bear in the future will be ripe and be those things that will feed many. I will turn this meeting over now to Lottie."

Attunement, Opportunity

Lottie: "Greetings, my friends. I thank Daniel for this opportunity this evening to speak to you as a whole. In the aeons of time it has always been interesting for me to realize the many opportunities that are given; that it is through the Father's love that when you are open and ready there will be that time, that moment where you will fall into that exact harmony and line, and you will be doing that which He beckons you to do. And at that point of actually following the will of the Creator, you are enlightened to the greatest degree that you can possibly handle at that time. And in that moment of your being in that alignment, you are one with the universe and universes, and one with the mystery of life!

I am thankful that I have been able to feel this unity in being a part of this Mission, in being a private teacher for L2, for Violet. And so let me ask all of you to be ever open to possibilities and opportunities. For, you see, in the unfolding of life, daily you will meet those instances where you are, if you are in that alignment, able to provide nourishment to others, to yourself. You are able to utilize the happenings in life for their greatest experience possible. It is, indeed, a sad scenario when so many do not utilize those chances given to them to be of service, love, and to be in that wonderful space of alignment with the First Source and Center. It is wondrous, though, to watch as you, my friends, have taken into your experiences, into your living of life, those opportunities which you have utilized to the fullest. It is grand, indeed, to watch those who so desire to be of divine nature, to utilize human experiences to bring about a greater cause, a greater good, to seek that which is righteous, to seek that which is truth! And so in the months that lie ahead, that roll into years, utilize those chances that are laid before you to be the stepping stone that bridges your humanness into a more morontial vision, a more morontial way of life and mode of living. It is the greatest gift of the ascending being to freely choose the path, and in doing so choose either to follow that which brings about the greater good, or that which causes stagnation.

In the life that you are living, indeed, are many of you choosing that righteous path, and with more frequency. It brings about a sense of lightheartedness, joy, and releases you from much stress and burden when you are in that alignment. For when you are in that space, despite the unfoldings of life, you are able to sense the deeper spiritual support that helps you to participate in life with a greater sense of purpose. Each day as you arise, ask for that guidance, that strength, that wisdom and knowledge that will be necessary for you to meet the challenges of this day. And as you set the framework, then, for your day in this regard, so shall you see a change in your behavior, reactions, and thoughts. For when you begin the day in a state of high expectation, you are ever more in tune to being able to meet that expectation. Those who seek to follow the Father will know His plan, when you are able to make yourself available for His promptings, His calling to you. The opportunities of a material life are very grand. It is, however, not always viewed as grand from your existence. When the tribulations and trials of life cause you to lose hope, lose sight of the larger picture, at that time remember to seek solace within. For it is the world within that is truth, is really the reality of what existence is all about. And in seeking that inner world there becomes a focus, a point upon which you are able to carry out in the outer world. I will accept a few questions. My words, again, are to utilize those experiences of life to the greatest potential." (long pause)

Lottie: "Do we have questions, comments?"


L2: "Lottie, this is L2. I just want to say thank you for being here with us today."

Lottie: "My dear friend, it is my greatest opportunity here today to speak to you and the group. And my gratitude goes out to Daniel for relinquishing this time. It is a joke on our side with teachers and their students."

K2: "I was going to ask . .a couple of weeks ago Daniel said that there were a lot of teachers that wanted to talk to us but were limited by time. Is there a way that we will have guest speakers maybe in the future? Like you, I would like to hear my teacher someday give a lesson."

Lottie: "As life unfolds mysteriously for you, so, too, do we not always know the plan or what will be forthcoming in the actual details. While we see a broader picture, details are subject to the day to day, minute to minute unfolding, so to speak. It is the hope of Daniel and many that, indeed, other teachers can speak, yes."

K2: "Thank you Lottie. Thanks for being here."

B2: "You just have to move away."(much laughter) B1: "Lottie, when you described being in alignment with the Father so completely that you are one with the universe and one with mystery, are you referring to the experience of fusion? Or were you talking about experiences that can occur before fusion?"

Lottie: "Often in that moment when you are in that perfect alignment you will feel ecstatic and joyful, and this is a feeling that can be felt on a material plane. At the moment of fusion, indeed, is there a oneness and unity, much, much greater than anything that you would feel on the material plane. Yet I know from my own experience of having at one point in my mortal life of being and giving completely. And when this is done there is the ultimate in the relationship that you have with the First Source and Center. Does this help?"

B1: "Yes. Am I correct in saying that it is similar to, but not as great as the moment of fusion, but it has a similar flavor. Would that be fair?"

Lottie: "Yes. One that can be felt by you in the existence you know."

V1: "Lottie, you said when in your giving and being in one with alignment, that's got to be a pure motive of giving for the sake of that other person, the same kind of Love that God gives to us, I guess, is what you mean by that, giving and being in alignment?"

Lottie: "Many, many times in your life you will touch on that alignment. You will be in that harmony. There are, indeed, those special times when this alignment is so much a part of your being that you and the Indwelling Spirit which reaches to the First Source and Center are in that communication that brings within the structure of your being the infusion of love that has not been matched by anything you have felt before. In the times in your life when you are feeling the closeness of the Father, the love, the awesomeness of that which the Creator is, these are often times when you are in that harmony, in that alignment. But not always to the degree that I speak of. Much of what you do that brings about soul growth comes about in a way that you are not aware of or even fully connected with. But there are times in a material existence when you are capable of understanding and feeling that communication and knowing, actually knowing beyond faith that love, that communion with the Father, that relationship. Does this help?"

V1: "Yes, Lottie, it does. You were reading my mind, I assumed from the things I read in the Urantia Book. For it does say that the things that produce spiritual growth we are not even aware of sometimes, because it is so unconscious. So that does clarify that for me. Thank you."

B2: "Lottie, this is B1. I just wanted to say it is nice to meet you here. It is nice to know another member of our family."

Lottie: "The feeling of joy emits from me in this regard as well. The times that lie ahead will be times of much adventure and growth. Winslow and I have become good friends over the years because of the relationship of you and L2. This is a fun part of being in this Mission as well for the teachers. For as you follow in service the relationships and the [friendship of these] beings that you meet from many, many areas grows, and adds more to the completeness and to the overall beauty and plan of the Creator. It is a journey, an adventure beyond what you can understand at this level; yet you are, all of you, beginning to get those glimpses. And your exuberance and excitement in this regard is the spark that will propel you in your ascent."

B2: "Very enjoyable. Thank you for all your support. We appreciate it."

Lottie: "Indeed. And now I will turn this back over to Daniel."


Daniel: "It is my pleasure to have Lottie give this lesson today, time off for me.(laughter) Your going, L2, is a sign of great growth potential and a chance for you to utilize the opportunities of life, even to a greater extent. And so I say to you as you embark to a different geographical place, that even though you and B1 will be absent in the flesh, in spirit we are all one. And while we will miss you, we also support you and will continue to be with you. As I said before, I make frequent trips to other areas to be with my former students. And so, too, will I be with you on occasion. I send all of you my love and ask you to take to heart Lottie's words. This is the greatest place that you can utilize the opportunities given to their greatest potential. See life from the perspective of God in that as you live each day, live it knowing that life has been formed out of love. As you receive the love of the Indwelling Spirit and the Father and the Son and the Mother Spirit, also, as you receive it, so, too, should you give it. Good evening, my friends."

Group: "Thank you, Daniel."