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Topic: Forgiveness

Group: Arcadia TeaM


Teacher: JarEl

TR: Betty, Douglas



T/R Betty: JarEl: Much faith has been exhibited by this one. I have told her that it is not her responsibility. The words are mine. I will not let her continue in error. Open up your hearts to this new one. Many will come for the Father's work will come to pass. The Light will shine upon all the world, and His love will enfold all mankind.



Today we will speak of forgiveness. Forgive those who exhibit distrust. For this is an example of what the Father has asked you to do. You must know that those around you have questions. And these questions are not always easy to ask. They will be defensive. They will be distrustful. You must be strong. You must not look to them for validation of your belief. Your belief will come from the Father. I am always close by and you can call on me for assistance.

Your faith must take leaps and bounds. You must jump into the abyss for you will not fall. There are many who will help you. You must look to each other for comfort and reassurance. You must look for the Father for He will always assist you. Come to the Father first and listen. Your eyes are sometimes on the heavens, but focus them within. For that is where Truth lies. Open your hearts and let the Father's love flow through you. Let the Thought Adjuster guide you. Give him permission to be your Thought Controller. For this is the way.

Just as you walk in the woods touch the textures of the bark on the trees one will be rough; one will be smooth; one will be dark; one will light. You do not discriminate and call these not trees, because one is dark and one is light. You know that these are trees. You do not meet your fellow; you do not meet your brothers and sisters and say this one is good and this one is bad for God loves them all. And He gave them everything that He has given you. Reach out and embrace them with your heart. No words are necessary. You are not asked to do anything. Simply let your love flow. It is easy. It effortless.. It is not something that you cannot do.

Remember the steps of pretending that Christ Michael is by your side, and then your exhibiting that you know His teachings. This is what we are being asked to do. These teachings; these dominoes they will fall on one another until the whole world sees the Light. We are pioneers. The seeds that you plant now will nourish the fields. They will be as seeds carried by the birds; angels on high. This is my message to you. That is all.

T/R Douglas: JarEl: Praises be to the Father Most High. The presence of God surrounds us. The power of God protects us. The love of God enfolds us Wherever we are He is with us.

Greetings, children. Happy are we to be in your presence this day. We thank you for your dedication to this Teaching Mission. We thank you, For we realize in your mortal existence there are numerous activities that could capture your time. So we are pleased that you are dedicated to the service of Christ Michael and to the furtherance of this Teaching Mission.

Peace to you. My peace I give to you. I greet you in the name of your Planetary Prince, Machiventa Melchizedek. He it is that carries out the will of Christ Michael in this the Teaching Mission. He it is that has prepared these lesson plans for you the believers. Those who have been chosen to participate in this grand adventure. I, JarEl, am your Teacher.


It is moving always for you mortals and for us on this side when we bear greetings from those who are Higher in Authority. Our Master Teacher is one powerful in reflection of His greetings. His presence is often times overwhelming. I wish that you could see the hurriedness of your brothers, the Midwayers when these unexpected communications are presented. This one was caught off guard.

In your practice sessions we have asked that you expect the unexpected. Why is it so different today? Preparedness. We take our cue from preparedness. All had been instructed to live your life as if in the presence of Christ Michael. This was not told you in idleness. This was revealed to you to prepare you so that your minds and hearts would at all times be ready to accept His presence.

Think back to the parables in the Bible. You were warned that none knew the hour of His coming. Heed this example. Do not be caught off guard. Prepare yourself through the Stillness. Daily seeking His presence. It is his fondest desire to be with you all individually and collectively. So it is that we are surprised when you are not prepared for his presence. In the transcripts from the various Teaching Missions, have you not found that the Father and the Son, and the Creator Son have sent messages through various ones. So relax your hearts and know that at any time reflectivity of all can be present.

Remain still. Focus on the Light.


Are you in doubt as to our presence. See you not the flashes before your eyes. You are bathed in our love. Relax,and be receptive of our gift. When we share with you, the love of the Father it's healing effect will soothe your souls; comfort your hearts; relax your minds. It is proof of their unity of purpose. It completes the circle. Joins you one to the other. Let it enfold you now. Let it erase all doubt from your minds.

Our messages today have touched on those areas we felt each of you needed. To answer your question. Yes, this is a personal message to you. However, it has greater implications. We desire you to reach out. We commend you on your efforts thus far. I will remind you that your brothers and sisters are walking in darkness. The love of the Father is a Light.

You in the Mission are receiving the benefits and the blessings of this Light. You suffer not for lack of knowledge. You suffer not for divine guidance, but the others suffer. It is incumbent on each of you to reach out more, to ease the burden of their suffering. Share the love; share the book daily.

Think how many in the course of the day pass your door and knock. Think how many moments each day you have to share His love. Waste not your time in triviality. Step out on faith and trust in this Mission. Contact those who need your help. Invite them to read the text. Share with them the greater love. Stop doubting yourselves. Stop doubting yourselves. Stop doubting yourselves. Stop doubting yourselves. Stop doubting yourselves. How many times do we tell you this.

You come in the Stillness full of faith; full of belief; at the first utterance of our words your next sentence is, "Is it true?" Yes, it is true. We seek to commune with you. In the Stillness and at other times. When you bring your minds back to the God consciousness. You must trust in the process. We are no longer experimenting. We have found those techniques that work best. Seek often the quiet time. You will find willing helpers to aid you in all your doubts. We hope we have reassured all. Let us answer a few of your questions at this time.


Hal: We want to thank you for coming and to have the powerful message today. The urgency of stop doubting yourself is well heeded.

JarEl: Thank you, Hal.

Teaching Mission, Revelation

Hal: You started out with the thought of forgiveness. Can this be enlarged upon in our particular situation or in general? What is true forgiveness?

JarEl: Yes, we can expand upon this. Douglas sits in amazement or as you would say, "with his mouth wide open", because of the fact that we transmitted forgiveness to Betty. He is in awe, because this was his lesson yesterday. In the early morning hours he sought the transcripts, and in doing so we impressed his mind the forgiveness. Two days this past week we have sought to impress this idea on all. You must understand the Teaching Mission. It is not designed to impart new revelation. It is come about to restate; to reinforce; to reexamine those teachings that you have already received. This is where much confusion comes in amongst the Urantia community. Many are running around here and there; far and yonder; seeking new revelation. This is a waste of time. The text has been revealed.

Hal: JarEl, would this be in reference to the communication we received from Lee Cook. It seems to fit your description you just gave of seeking further revelation.

JarEl: The Teaching Mission is to bring clarity to you. It is to reinforce those concepts; those ideas; that revelation of truth that you have found in the Urantia book. The text is sufficient. But we are in the Correcting Time and Christ Michael has ordained that this planet of His nativity be brought about in the era of Light and Life. So what appears to be new revelation; new technology; new communication is not that at all. It is only restatement. It is only the opening of the door. It appears new because of the flood of communications that have come about since the reopening of the circuits. You have been told through the Ham papers, and the Sarasota papers, and the Will to expect more communication as the circuits are reinstated. The Teaching Mission will aid you in all aspects of your lives. It will foster friendship and attract all those seeking to know the Father and do His will, whether or not they have the book. So this should warn you to be ever alert for those opportunities to introduce the book and this Teaching Mission. Lee Cook I am aware of; others are not aware. This individual has written a book or written a paper. Is this so?

Hal: Yes, it was sent out to the meeting list. It sounded very mixed up to us; read very mixed up of these time old traditions with the new revelation. We wondered if this is so?

JarEl: Have Douglas read to you our communication of July 16th. You will benefit from this in relation to Lee Cook. That is all.

Hal: Thank you.

JarEl: Do we have another question? If not, this has been an exhausting event for this one?

Joe: We do have one last question, JarEl. In reference to again the process by which we might bring in new members to the core group. We had a slight discussion that you may have heard prior to the quiet time. And we wondered if you could advise us how best to go about this bringing new members into the Teaching Mission? Into the core group.

JarEl: Yes. Stop doubting yourselves. The ideas that you have formulated together are fine. Stop doubting yourselves. You know that you know. Do! We do not interfere. We offer suggestions. Wait. Suggestions. We offer suggestions. Many. Our suggestions are like the seed; much is sown, but not all take root. So when those that do take root come to the forefront of your minds, write them down. Come together on them. Use that which is good. Discard that which is not. Invite our opinions. But look not to us to make the final decisions. Again, I remind you the Mission is here to assist you and to direct you only when you lack clarity. The suggestions you have before you will work jointly if you are dedicated to this proposal. I remind you again come not weak hearted. I think that is enough.

Hal: Thank you, JarEl. You have most fitted us strongly; we will implement them.

JarEl: Children, brothers and sisters, oft times I speak directly. This is my way. I was reminded during this transmission of this fact. Please do not feel rebuked.

Hal: We feel motivated. We appreciate it.

Betty: I for one appreciate your style, JarEl.

Joe: I think it most effective when we are sometimes spoken to directly. Betty: I think you are well chosen for us.

Lucille: I sure need the one on forgiveness. This past week we had some situations with our granddaughter, and thank you.

JarEl: All are welcome. And I thank you for your love. For your understanding, and for your coming together in one mind. Review again the practice transcripts, for there in lies much guidance. I have one other thing before leaving. Listen for messages; events coming from the gathering in Canada. We are hoping for the presence of your Planetary Prince and others unnamed at this event. I am permitted to share this with you. However, keep in mind that events on Urantia are taking place at a rapid occurrence. So prediction of any one thing occurring at any given time or place is predicated on the events and occurrences of all.

You have come together well in your organization of your group. We thank you. We commend you in your abilities to work together. All applaud you. You should feel good about yourselves. Douglas has asked concerning the healing of his brother. After these events, bring together the core group for this purpose. Be of one mind; share your love and practice blessing one another. If this you ask, is within the Father's will then these things can be realized in your experience. Be expectant only of His love, as you come together. You must do this often. This is wonderful. We will take our leave.

Hal: Thank you, JarEl. Were you with me this morning during my quiet time?

JarEl: Of course. You forget, you knew this?

Hal: Yes. I needed reassurance. Thank you. Receive our love and our gratitude for your patience with us. I think we will get up to par yet. Thank you so much.


JarEl: Thank you. And we feel the love of this group. But most importantly; Most importantly each of you must feel this. Keep those that are not here in prayer. Remain for a gift from us. Farewell.

Betty: Farewell, JarEl.

Note: The group remained quiet in the stillness for a few minutes, and we all felt bathed in the warmth of Love. It was a very emotional and heartwarming gift.