1993-09-14-Detractors of the Teaching Mission

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Topic: Detractors of the Teaching Mission

Group: Arcadia TeaM


Teacher: JarEl

TR: Douglas



Teaching Mission

JarEl: I am your Teacher who loves you, and has been willing to guide you through the difficult times that are ahead. It is my pleasure to be with you in this the Teaching Mission. I come to this evening with a special message for you. I wish you to know not only of your progress, but of the progress of the Teaching Mission throughout this planet. Much growth has taken place over the period of the past few months. Many are coming into this knowledge; many are awakened to our Mission. Fear not any detractors who are predicting a falling away from this Teaching Mission. Christ Michael will not allow the failure of His cause. He has insured the success of the Teaching Mission core. You may rejoice in this knowledge and reassurance that all things are working well towards the success of this adventure. How are you my dear ones?


Criticism, Balance

Betty: This is wonderful news. If you were present earlier, we were discussing some of these issues about Doc Livingston. The article that he had in the Monitor, and how upsetting it was to us. To me! I think I am the only one that has read it. But it was talked about Sunday. I have been praying for him.

JarEl: This is good that you keep this one in prayer. As we come to the knowledge of the text it sparks different actions on different levels with each person. So it is that this one is acting on his individual level of understanding and belief. His faith lies stronger in his ability to intellectualize the text. As a result of imbalance he has not grasped the full meanings and impacts of the book. He has fear. He fears the emotional and personal relationship that the text truly offers. Let this be light to your whole paths, that all things must be proportional to develop to full potential. As the garden is planted, let the seeds germinate and sprout. Too much of any of the necessary ingredients to growth can terminate that growth. Too much water will produce a poor quality plants. Too much sun will kill a sprout or the plants. Too rich a soil will not allow germination. All of these elements in proper balance will produce a healthy, fruitful plant. Do you understand?

Betty: Yes

Joe: So would this man--this particular person would then ----not the Los Angeles group. It is possible that he has too much intellectual knowledge is my understanding what may be going astray with such members?

JarEl: This is possible. This may be the case. But whatever the issue we know it is imbalance.

Betty: So often times, too, when you have your identity as he does being the editor of the Monitor, and he has given several talks to our Urantia group--to FUSLA. So often times if you have your personality set you guard against anything coming in and changing it. Because that's your security--sort of knowing--your identity is sort of fixed in your community and you don't want anything tampered with it.

JarEl: This can be the thought. But remember we are challenged to be more than what we were when found by the text. We are challenged to grow to our full potentials. How can this one say that he has reached his full growth potential? He has much yet to learn. It is our hope and constant prayer that all will come to the knowledge of this Mission. That all will come; will participate in the growth of the Mission through their own individual growth.

Betty: JarEl is there anything that we could do for him? I know Marlies she felt like writing a letter. Do you think that would be helpful if we wrote of our experience individually to him?

JarEl: Yes, this would be good. For not only him, but for yourselves. It would help you to verbalize your beliefs. It would help each of you to reflect and analyze the blessings and benefits of this Mission to you.


Please forgive our slowness at delivering of the speech. We have asked Douglas to focus more, and to slow down and listen for each word. So he is doing just that. Not proceeding faster than the words we present.

Betty: Is this in response to his.....earlier....

Joe: To what he was saying what he was saying earlier that he was unable to remember a lot of the conversation that comes through, and he feels left out sort of. Is that the reason for this slowing down.

JarEl: No, it is in response to his doubts of our messages,that are his thoughts. " Perhaps he is imputing himself into this text". We have asked of him to focus and slowly move forward to give him confidence in himself, and his ability to receive our messages. This will help him to overcome the feelings of doubt.

Betty: It's so wonderful that you care for us the way you do. You know exactly what to do to brush away our doubts and administer to us. It's very loving.

JarEl: We are Teachers. It is our job to teach; to show through actions how to do this or that to aide in your spiritual development. Do you have a question or two that we may enlighten you on?

Correcting Time, Peace

Joe: In this last few days the events here on earth. One major event that has come about is the peace between Israel and the PLO that was...a year's back...I never thought it would come about so soon. Is this part...I assume that this is part of a whole course the work of the Mission is helping. Can you tell us a little about that? That would be...I would really like to hear about that.

JarEl: Only that these events are within the plans of Christ Michael to bring about this sphere in Light and Life. Much help has come to Urantia. Much help to bring about the necessary changes. Much help to heal the wounds of this planet, and it's people. This is not all of the events that will take place in the not too distant future.

Betty: So there is more surprising events to come.

Joe: It is very uplifting. Again..I mean I personally see my own little sphere on a personal level that it is so heartening and uplifting to see one of these things come about on a global scale.

JarEl: Universal brotherhood of man is the objective of the text and the gospel of your Creator Son. These are great steps towards the accomplishment of brotherhood. Think on this. If two such enemies after years of hatred and bloodshed; of injustice and atrocities, can basically of their own free will and accord, come together in peace and sincere desire for peace, then why not each of you in this country? Why not reach out in peace to one another?

Betty: Indeed.

Joe: I really don't have any questions tonight other than just the request. It is such a comfort to sit here and hear you talk on other subjects. Just messages of particular that you would like us to have or someone else in the group.

JarEl: Thank you.

Betty: I would like particularly an exercise or thought for me to hold or a lesson for me to practice this week. Is that appropriate to ask for one?


JarEl: Please hold. Please think this week on unity and brotherhood. Hold these concepts close in your hearts. Visualize mankind embracing one another in love and unity. Visualize happiness and smiles on thousands of faces of different peoples. Hold this vision in your hearts. This would be good.

Betty: Thank you, JarEl. I will surely do that.

JarEl: There is knowledge coming to this one that he desires to share with the group. It is permissible for him to do so. There are exercises that will help you to understand more, and develop more. This will allow you to do more. So, participate and learn. Before I leave you I will say that this group does well. I am well pleased with the growth and the development. You are attracting more believers through your unity, love, and team work. As I have told you before you work well together, and this is pleasing to your Teachers and guides. We thank you for your cooperation, dedication, and participation in this Teaching Mission. Go in peace, truth, beauty, goodness. My love be with you. Farewell

Betty: Farewell

Joe: Goodnight, JarEl