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Topic: Patience

Group: Unknown


Teacher: Aaron, LinEl

TR: Unknown



When you seek out to find that which is meaningful, which is good, worthwhile, loving, and true, then the beautiful presence of the First Source of all things will come back and grasp your spirit, your love and desire, and take that into Himself to share your search.

Hello I am Aaron. It is good to speak with you all. I have been willing for quite some time to bring this understanding forth and through the trials and errors, my greatest lesson has been with patience.

It always seems that it would be great for everything to happen today and this is the perception of the moment, but when you perceive and bring this expectation to yourself, then sometimes your aspirations seem doomed to failure. As you broaden your horizons, understand by your supposed failure, and move on to your quest again, then you grasp grudgingly sometimes, the value of patience.

In my view it seems that mortals here need, or feel the need to have immediate results to their longing, otherwise their goals dim and fade.

I would ask the question of you tonight to respond with your feelings, what you feel as to your goals generally or specifically, and how you feel about patience in attaining those desires. Briefly talk of your views concerning goals and patience.


Rk: Well Aaron, if I may start to get the ball rolling, my goals are to put the talents and traits that I have, in recognizing myself, into practice. Specific ones are musicianship and craftsmanship. And to follow your guidelines of briefly, the patience element that comes in for me is the realization that many of those things that we strive for here in this life, we often don't have the time or opportunity to realize and I know from having read the Urantia book about the Artisan schools and the various avenues of expression or courses we may undertake at the next levels, so when I do get frustrated that things in my life aren't unfolding the way my teenage idealistic self would have liked to have seen, I draw on those patience perspectives of that long range eternal destiny.

B: I think you asked what we feel and what I feel about goals is I would like to expand them in all areas and since that is an eternal perspective, I have to practice patience, because expansion doesn't have an attained state. It's a process.

Rb: I fear myself. I am impatient. I fear that I have such a dedication to being in fear... it seems endless. I'm afraid I'm going to stay there. I am impatient with this. And then the question I come up with in relation to that is, "Is it important for me to deal with my emotional attachment to fear, or is it a better objective for me right now to deal with the concepts? Changing my concepts to be around love. I don’t know how to break myself free and clear.

Sh: My goal is communications. And my impatience is that I won't find the words, or won't hear them from you. And I'm really trying to work at finding the words for my feelings.

S: Aaron, my battle with patience is very painful.' I long to have a home for my family. Where once I had a beautiful home, I hit a spiritual bottom and lost it and now I'm climbing back up and the sun is shining and I have a beautiful family and my battle with patience is to have a home of our own.

B: I don't know, I always seem to want tomorrow today, and I get really impatient sometimes. To express my goals would sound too much like a Christmas card—Peace on earth, goodwill towards men, love, share. But I have battled patience this year and it has been a very frustrating battle, but a very fruitful one. My biggest patience is with my fears and doubts and uncertainties with the whole process here. I think I have enough to hold me over in those times when I doubt, until you guys bring me that new thread which loops into a new hole, which takes me to a new progression.

(Long Pause.)

A: Aaron, what should we as a group make as a goal?

Aaron: Understanding. Knowledge, seek knowledge with the arena of love and truth. As a goal substantially, you have to bring into your being on various levels that you are the power potential to succeed in your Father's will. You need to believe that you can succeed beyond despair, beyond uncertainty, and beyond the fear. If you want a specific goal, then choose one within your own discussions.

My guest this evening has dealt much with patience. He will communicate through Rk.

LinEl: You are all such beautiful creatures. I am continually amazed at the lengths and heights to which you attain, even from the origins from where you began. It is a pleasure for me to greet you, this my first communication with you. I am Linnel. I am the teacher of your brothers and sisters in Oregon. I am of deep acquaintance with my brother Aaron.

It touches the core of my being—the word you use is the heart—to see you reaching to the Father and receiving His love and to perceive in you the awakening of that love and the awareness that the love that the Father gives you comes from within you.

With every in-breath utilize the love. With every out-breath cast off the fear, the alienation, the sense of unworthiness that destroys the love. Know always that the Creator of everything has a key interest in your own unique being, an interest that transcends, an interest in all as the Creator is capable of being interested in each and every one of you as if you were the only other being.

The Divine bestows upon you the gifts you are capable of receiving and you will receive as you desire by aligning yourself with the way of the Infinite, the path of the Eternal.

I am very grateful to be here and express my joy at your efforts to work with my mortal students in a manner which does not bring you immediate results. Keep up the good work.

There is a wonderful adventure ahead.

I shall now step back and let Aaron continue.

Aaron: Thank you good friend. It has been a pleasure to bring forth LinEl, for his group truly desires to connect with ours in this communication. Believe it to be true. In your sincerity you will know it is not just a game. Patience. It is the watchword. All good things happen in due time.


Believe in yourself. Believe in others. Express that energy of faith, for it can affect the crippled mind and wash fear from your being.

As the time is drawing on this evening, I will bypass the questions, but I would allow extended time next week to bring these forward.

You are all special and I am glad that you are all here. Feel free to be a part and enjoy this opportunity, for much can and will happen. Be assured.

Spend the time with your Father daily, with that Indwelling Presence, to commune, to worship, and to love. Thank you.