1993-12-28-Special Meeting

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Topic: Special Meeting, Daniel Invites Tomas

Group: Pocatello TeaM


Teacher: Ham, Alkon, Daniel, Klarixiska, Tomas

TR: Isaac, Rutha, Gerdean



HAM: "Joy to the world, the Lord has come. Let earth receive her king."[1] These words spoken so long ago at the birth of Christ Michael -- not those literal words but the message of joy -- is indeed the appropriate concern to be shared at this time of year. You all do well to remember our Master's life in the flesh, begun by His choice of this planet, Urantia. Let every heart receive Him is, indeed, our goal.

Greetings. I am Ham. My best wishes to you all in your meeting tonight. I have come just to be with you on this joyous occasion and share this time with the others that are present. I will now conclude my remarks with best wishes for the holiday season. Remember always that the spirit of Michael indwells you as does the Spirit of the Father. Rejoice, brothers and sisters. It is truly a season of joy. Your hope has been fulfilled. Farewell.



DANIEL: Good evening: I am Daniel, your friend, guide and teacher. I am most pleased and happy to be able to address this group this evening on this occasion that you are setting aside in memory of the time span that preceded Christ Michael's birth on this planet in terms of the Hebrew awaiting. This is a time, though man made, which can bring forth many fruits of the Spirit for those who seek to broaden and expand horizons and perspectives, those who wish to bring into their lives more meaning and a glimmer of commitment to understanding the Father.

Your words tonight in prayers and those spoken from the Urantia Book helped to bring into your lives the awareness of Christ Michael's being. Indeed, it was through His birth that hope was given and became forever that promise that in time and over time the good news of the Father's love would be forever echoed across this planet. There have been times when this hope has been the spark that has kept faith alive. In times of disharmony and equilibrium it is important that you hold onto that hope. That hope is Christ Michael. That is the Spirit that has been given through the birth so long ago. And throughout this week, then, your Advent time is to allow that hope, that birth to have meaning within your life. And so utilize this time of quiet now and throughout the week as a time to help ingrain hope, knowing that hope is brought forth therefore through the birth of Christ Michael in whose memory this time is dedicated.

It is also my joy to speak to this small group this evening in other matters besides the concern of hope. I would like to say to you all that this group of people are growing very much and becoming alive in the spirit. Your lives are beginning to have already shown much morontial and spiritual soul growth. Through the knowledge and understanding of the Father's love you have allowed this love to grow within your own heart and this love is being poured out among many.


To you, Gerdean, I say welcome and I would like to make this statement. Your presence within this group would be most welcome. For me to say this is the path you must choose would be error. Let me say that the opportunities for you to make choices in your life, for you to seek time in prayer and meditation, is in order so that the decisions you make are those that will be made through guidance that comes from the many celestials that surround you, that stems from the hierarchy of the Father, His will through which all celestials work to attain and follow and bring about in this universe. We say to you that this is a time of decision making, a time for you to rely heavily upon that Inner Guide, to seek that solace and comfort so that when life unfolds you will be ready with answers, with a knowledge of what you need to do. Your decision will, of course, affect your life and those around you. And so as you are at this time ready to move in the direction that is best for you, realize that whenever you are in that atmosphere/environment of the Father's love, as you turn over to that, so shall you know the choice to make, realizing that you must be the decision maker, that asking for guidance in the best way that you can serve and follow His will, that this be made known to you.

As your life unfolds and your decision becomes known, more direction can be given by the teachers. And so, my friend, I would like to say that if your path should follow that you will be in this locale, that our group welcomes you with loving and open arms. And I, the teacher of this group, will say we would welcome your presence with us. I am -- One moment, please. I am of understanding that you are wondering about the teacher, Tomas, your dear friend.

Gerdean: Of course.

Teaching Mission

DANIEL: And Tomas has been given the assignment to work in the Albuquerque area, but you see, assignments are not such that they are unchangeable. As life unfolds, as progress is made, as the winds of change continue, so do the assignments of teachers, so do the services change. And Tomas would, if you should come to this area, be another teacher for this group, thus giving another and different perspective and format to this group. Do not be concerned that these kinds of matters have not already been considered and that preparations in many, many ways for the unfoldings of life [are being made]. Tomas is a companion of mine. We have been companions for many years. We are very compatible and are, what you call friends on this plane. Indeed, I would welcome his presence in closer proximity. More on this can be said later.

My dear, do you have any further questions?


Gerdean: Thank you, Daniel. I have listened to your words with my whole being and I am responding to your wisdom. You have addressed my major concerns and I appreciate your words. I am sure I have more questions, but I am dumbfounded!

DANIEL: I and the many that are gathered here this evening wish to say to you all that we love and cherish you and yet, at the same time, your innocence and your coming into more enlightenment is so gratifying for us! Dumbfounded you may be, but growing in your potential you are also doing. You are also the companions that we know that can help in bringing a better tomorrow. Through your faith you are overcoming your dumbfoundedness. My love to you all. Good evening.

TOMAS: Greetings. I am Tomas. It is my pleasure to be here this evening in this group of believers and with my peers as well. My daughter and friend, Gerdean, has indeed experienced anxiety about leaving me behind, although I have assured her there were means whereby she could call upon me. The words from Daniel have rounded out my words to her and you are thus witness to our acceptance of such an option as relocating to be involved with other apostles.


Isolation is no more with the teachers, with communications, with assistance in the new era. However, we are inclined to feel that the energy generated by stimuli from interaction on a regular basis among faith sons and daughters will accelerate programs of progress. These, of course, are dependent on the individuals involved, but the chances with them developing are increased when contact is more readily accessible.

One difficulty of relative isolation is that one does not develop social skills of teamwork. And teamwork is required to accomplish those matters which are of interest to the social architects and other spirit personalities who wait for the opportunity to create aspects of this new way of life which is approaching. Those of you who are accustomed to the steady fellowship of one another are gifted and practiced in ways which benefit immeasurably our work as we work through you.

I appreciate the occasion to celebrate hope and the return of Michael, our Creator, for He is returning with you in and as you manifest Him in your joy and your coming and your going. Until we have further opportunity to converse, I thank you. Farewell.

ALKON: I am Alkon. I would like to say a few words on this auspicious occasion. It is my joy also to be present with my peers, as well as present with you mortal friends and associates. Great are the anthems of the angels and celestial musicians in praise of our Lord Christ Michael, anthems which Isaac was hearing before he began transmitting Ham. Indeed is joy our message to bring you, in order that your hope may be steadfast in the reality of this work that you are engaged in with us, and in its sure triumph. For this planet, once the sorry and neglected sphere as it would be deemed by some, is certainly now the showpiece of Nebadon. And you, my friends, my brothers and sisters, are privileged to live in such times as these! Joy to the world, indeed! And your hope shall not fade, for it is based upon the Father, Who is the First Source and Center of all things and beings.

So welcome to Advent! And we know that for you it is another step forward in that pathway which leads to the portals of Paradise. And I, your brother Alkon, a few steps ahead of you, am headed in the same direction. Peace, my brothers and sisters. Farewell.

Teacher Contact

KLARIXISKA: I am Klarixiska. I am coming through Rutha because Leetah is resisting. Let go and know that I am always a partner with you. I am so very thankful to you that you are so willing to listen to my words. You are very dedicated, and I wanted to take this opportunity to acknowledge your persistence and your courage. And I would also like to thank you for taking my words seriously, in that you try to place mortal/temporal applications to them. Humor is a bond between us; however, when it comes to knowing the serious aspect, you readily recognize this.

Dear sister, I wanted to send you this special love this evening via another. Let it have special meaning for you during this time of preparation! For you all realize that the preparation that you are preparing for, the even that you are preparing for is a part of this Teaching Mission. You are being prepared for future service and work. And so this time of Advent can hold much promise for you. It can be a time for growth, not always consciously, intellectually, but intuitively and inwardly. My love to you.

Leetah: Thank you, Klarixiska.


DANIEL: My brothers and sisters, our session has come to an end at this time. Thank you for inviting us into your hearts and home tonight. Thank you for listening so carefully to my lessons week after week and taking them seriously. I am very proud of you and brag of you much among my colleagues. And if it should come to pass that Tomas shall be part of our Mission, we will rejoice. That depends on human will and the Father's guidance. With those words, let us return to our regular activities. Good night.