1994-06-18-Diligence In Spiritual Development

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Topic: Diligence in Spiritual Development

Group: Spirit Fest 1994


Teacher: JarEl

TR: Douglas


Morro Bay California, Camp Charro


The love of God enfolds each and everyone of you. We are gathered here in His name for His purposes, spiritual development preparatory to your ascension careers.

I greet you my children, my fellows in this adventure, the teaching mission. I am JarEl. I am known to my group, most diligent participants in regular sessions. However when many bright lights are gathered together as here, I am not known by name, but I, like all others who have answered the call to assist in the uplifting of Urantia am known thru the transcripts of all teachers. We have as you have been instructed a commonality, the divine purpose of our presence here. It is within that purpose that each of us attempts, in our way, with the understanding and enlightenment that our experiential lives have given us, to assist you mortals of Urantia.

This is an honored occasion for me and others to participate in this beautiful setting wherein all nature responds to the Father. The call of the animals and the creatures that inhabit this world. It is a joy to our ears and a joy to our hearts to be in your presence at this time. You come seeking knowledge, enlightenment, and truth to assist you in your spiritual growth. This is well. We applaud and commend you for 'staying the course' and that is the subject we have been asked to respond and expound upon, diligence in seeking spiritual growth.



The diligent man or woman is one who has set his mind and heart upon a goal for achievement, and has not and will not be deterred until that goal of achievement has been acquired. Diligence requires effort, movement in a direction towards a completion of that goal, toward the acquirement of that achievement.

In your lives in the past you have allowed various influences to deter you from your goal in this mission. The desire of all is to participate. The individual should acquire spiritual growth. Each teacher has reminded all that one must be diligent about their growth. You must consistently seek the stillness. Communion with the Father thru the stillness is the objective. This is the goal, to develop and become more spiritual in your thoughts, actions, and deeds. This development, this spiritual development will allow you to individually and collectively assist in bringing about the era of Light and Life on this planet.

Where diligence has been thwarted in the past it has been the result of doubt entering in. For you, who have embraced this mission, doubt is a serious opponent. Doubt is a dragon that must be slain. For diligence and pursuit of your goal for spiritual advancement has been thwarted. You have allowed doubt to speak to your heart. You have allowed others to see that doubt. This has been a stumbling block to your spiritual development. You ask, in comparison to your fellows why do I or this one or that one appear to be much more advanced on his path than I ? I ask you to examine your fellow and see that doubt is not a part of his being.

Here lies your answer. Each must speculate, confront, and slay the dragon of doubt. Proof of your ability to do so is in the fact that you are at this station in your development. How much adversity has been overcome individually, and much adversity must be collectively overcome in order for group growth to occur. We have commended you in the past for your efforts and diligence toward remaining on your path towards spiritual uplifting. I commend you this day to further your understanding of those elements that will enhance your spiritual development.

Diligence is necessary. Let it be a part of your being. Be of one mind. Single minded in your goal to achieve spiritual development. To rise higher than you have been in the past in your understanding. To be better tomorrow than you were today. These are not unattainable goals. These are not unattainable achievements. While yet in the flesh the Master obtained higher spiritual development, being devoid of divine prerogatives and authority. As a mortal he achieved a level that set an example for each of us to follow.

So dear ones, it is with joy I say that your goal is in within reach if you pursue in diligence the goal of spiritual development. If you be consistent in your approach to the stillness. If you will be humble and open to the leading of the Adjuster, development will be the result of these methods. Greater spiritual insight that will help you on your path and will be your reward.

It has come to us in other sessions where questions of curiosity arose. We have stated that any question that did not enhance the spiritual growth of the individual, or the group, was not worthy. Myself, as a teacher, and others could expound upon marvelous and wondrous events taking place in Nebadon at this time, and in its past. We could eloquently expound upon trivial curiosity. However that would defeat the purpose of this mission, which is to help develop spirituality. We as teachers must also be diligent that we do not deter from our instructions. I have studied Urantia for many of your years. It was my desire to know as much about this planet of Michaels nativity as possible in order to help me assist you thru these lessons. I could tell you many interesting facts, but unless these facts can be correlated allegorically to a lesson that will help you be a better spiritual being these facts count for nothing. This planet is composed of 196,940,000 sq. miles of land, water, and atmosphere. This fact in and of itself allows you to know the dimensions of your home, but the spiritual aspect are not present. The fact is astounding from the numerical standpoint of view and factual accuracy there of, but the gifts of the spirit and spiritual growth will be of greater import. So dear ones, focus on the issues that are relevant and important to you individually as children of Christ Michael, and important to this group, as members of this family. Focus with your heart and your mind upon the surety that you can accomplish in this life. Again we remind you to share with your fellows the love of the Father. Share these teachings and enlightenment. Freely give, as you have freely received. I thank you for this opportunity to share these thoughts, these concepts of spiritual growth. I will be open for any questions at this time.


STUDENT: I have a question Jarel, my name is Sally.

JAREL: Greetings Sally.


SALLY: It is very pleasant to meet you. I have been trying to distinguish what is just bad habits and bad thinking patterns , lazy habits that seem to keep me from reaching more people in a meaningful work. The fact that I am kind of a lazy scared person I see this as conscious resistance to the leading of the Adjuster, or is that just something that once I rid myself of the habits then I'm more open to the leading's. Could you comment on this ?

JAREL: Yes. Habits develop over a long period of time. Look not that your habits can be broken overnight. Do not condemn nor judge yourself for these errors. Allow the understanding that you arrive at from the text and the transcripts. Your association and interactions with your fellows of like mind to assist you in learning to subdue those habits. Once you have, thru understanding and seeking the Father, subdued your habits you will be rid of it and develop further growth in its place.

SALLY: One of these habits is doubting myself and that keeps me as a recluse and I really want to reach out and be more social and feel that I can do anything if I just know what it is. So I guess working on my stillness is the answer. Someone from another group said we are doing things, feeding the homeless,etc., and I have this longing to be working with pre-teens again and set my goals and feel like I am really a part of the mission.

JAREL: I commend you for your desire and I ask that you seek in the stillness the presence of the Father and you allow him to speak to that heart that is seeking purity and understanding and directions. Often times His answer is subtle and by seeking diligently you become more attuned to the subtle answer of the Father and the leading of the Adjuster. Please take every opportunity to do good and share His love. Does this help ?

SALLY: Thank you. Yes. It gives me patience with myself and I really feel that this will give me more of a direction that can satisfy my desires.

JAREL: Dear one. remember isolation is not healthy. You need the fellowship of our kind. We need fellowship and communion with others. Much can be learned from all. You bake a bread that smells wonderful but you let it set without eating. Advancement comes from the infinite. A little achievement spurs you on to, greater achievement. Reward yourself and you have progress...pause.


SALLY: Nobody seems to be chomping at the bit here. I would like to ask you another question about dreams. I am very fascinated by dreams. My question to you is, in your opinion, is there work that can be done in finding lost children, finding murders, and other things to help people in trouble. I feel a great potential in the out of body experience. Is there something that can be done along this line.

JAREL: I, as teacher cannot set your path. I, as teacher am able to direct you somewhat. While on your path the dream state is beneficial for some who are more attuned to these celestials, the guardian angels, the Adjuster, and other unnamed celestial beings who can be in touch by impressions with some. If the desire is sincere, the desire to be of service here. This is the gauge, will it bring me closer to the Father, will it increase my spiritual content. Will it be of help to other people. There is the yardstick by which to measure your desires to be of service.

SALLY: It seems to me that there are regions out there that are uncharted, and we have no business being in them. I want to be there with my feet on the ground.

(There we are other comments and questions that were completely lost on the tape due to table noises, crows, and children playing)


STUDENT: I am wondering if opening myself up to be a channel would be valuable in my spiritual path, and if that is possible for me to choose.

JAREL: I am pleased for this question. Others have asked it. There are others present who reflect this same question. If you are open and sincere in your desire to be of service then that desire will materialize in a way that will allow you to be of the most beneficial service. Often we choose to do a particular thing, however that is not where we may best serve. Seek the stillness and the presence of the Father and allow His guidance to direct you. Experiment in the activity. If this is your particular calling it will be made known to you. Does this help you ?

STUDENT: You mean experiment in the activity of being open to be a channel ? How do I experiment in that activity ?

JAREL: It starts with the Father. Starts with diligently seeking and announcing to Him that your will is submitted to His Will. You ask that His Will be done in your life on a daily basis. Arise go about your earthly affairs keeping the Father ever in your mind. It will be revealed to you, your path.

STUDENT: You mean I can stop trying to figure it out.


JAREL: Are there others that would address us ?

(The outside noises and interferences on the tape requires more time and interpretation)