1994-08-07-Oneness With The Father

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Topic: Oneness with the Father

Group: Arcadia TeaM


Teacher: JarEl

TR: Douglas



DOUGLAS: Father we give ourselves to Thee. We give our permission for our thought adjusters and teachers to use our beings for the purpose of this teaching mission, and give charge to our thought adjusters for the safe keeping of our mortal lives. We invite the presence of God in the worship and praise of the Father, in relaying His teachings and messages to us. So let it be. . .

JAREL: The power of God protects you. Let the love of God enfold your beings. Let it nourish you. Strengthen you and makes you aware of your oneness with the First Source and Center.

Greetings dear one I am Jarel , your teacher who loves you and has much respect for you, the ascending children of Urantia. I greet you this day with peace.

GROUP: Greetings Jarel. . It is so bright. There is a brightness present.


Worship, Stillness

JAREL: Indeed.....The worship that you offer the Father is indeed received. Most surly it ascends from this place unobstructed through His circuits. True worship and adoration of the First Source and Center that you His humble children offer this day is more than the word ‘appreciation’ can convey.

It is good that you remember the Father more consciously . We know and understand that in your daily lives you subconsciously give praise and worship to the Father. We know that in your recognition of these lesser celestial beings of the 2nd and 3rd part of the trinity you give worship to the Father. But it is good that you take particular time to acknowledge His omnipresence and His omnipotent nature. The Light of Light that you perceive as the Universal Father is ever present with you. His love permeates all of existence, encompassing the superuniverse of Orvonton and beyond, thru the outer space regions. His love permeates all of the known existence and all of existence that is unknown .

To you and to us, who have ascended a little further than you, we give praise and thanks with you to the Father for this great venture and experience of learning to interact with you the mortals of Urantia and with other celestial spirit beings. It is a joy for us, your teachers, to share in this experience. This act of communication and fellowship.. So great is the opportunity for you and ourselves in this mission to share this knowledge of the Spirit of Truth with your fellows throughout this sphere.

You are at the beginning of partaking of a different awareness, since feelings that are on a higher level affect the physical. Awareness on the spiritual and mindal levels. Here this all comes together to enhance your beings...... Be aware of the peace. Feel the warmth of fellowship. Relax in the assurance of . . . . . . . . . His love ( long peaceful pause . . )

You have learned through the lessons that the stillness is the vehicle by which you may partake more of this experience of the Fathers presence and love. You are learning thru the application of this lesson, of seeking the stillness, that you may develop more spiritually. Spiritual development, oneness with Father, is the goal of all mortals.

If you will allow that fragment that comes from the Father to interact with you, you will become more luminous, bright spiritual beings, and you will be an attraction to others. You say how is it that you will attract your fellows. Simply by adhering to the process of the stillness. It is thru this practice that you become, as we say, more Christlike. It is thru this practice that you partake in the nature of the Creator Son. His example in the flesh of a mortal is the example, the desire to follow his practice of communion with the Father for strength and direction is the practice you desire to follow.

If you , as mortals, who are guided from within submit to the leading of the Adjuster . ...( Doug. ‘whew’.. the brightness) Indeed. If you submit to the leading of the Adjuster you will be taking upon yourself the spiritual nature of your creator Son,. You will become like Him in your example to your fellows. You will be more able to reflect His love to others. You will be able to take your fellows more seriously as brothers and sisters.

( ‘whew’) Let not the brightness overtake your beings[1]... Relax and allow... Feel the presence of your fellows. . .The love that radiates this room.....You have vision without the aid of your physical eyes. You have been told from the text that as you develop more spiritually you will be able to see as such with more spiritual eyes. The eyes of morontial beings. So know of a certainty The practice of worship is part of that spiritual development. It is hard to resist the drawing to worship of the Father. ( sighing and heavy breathing) Feeling peace from anxiety, of knowing the presence of others with you. You are learning the application of this lesson, of seeking the stillness, that you may develop more spiritually. Spiritual development, oneness with the Father, is the goal of all mortals.

JAREL: Please relate the feelings that you have, dear ones. This is a time of sharing. You may speak. All that are impressed with the presence of the Father.


BETTY: Jarel, I feel very loved by the Father. I have a certainty in my heart that I will be guided and cared for. It is hard to not just spend this time thanking the Father for all that He has given me, and for all of the opportunities.

JAREL: This is so, dear ones. It is similar to that worship that comes on Paradise. Were it not for the Supernaphim, who have translated to become the conductors of worship, you mortals of ascendant careers would stay there in Paradise in complete worship of the Father. Were it not for these brilliant beings who conduct the worship, you would forever be in the presence of the Father and delay your eternal careers. Here dear ones you experience His presence and His love, and we desire much more of this. But as you know we must all be about the Fathers business.

We may partake of the joy of His presence. We may receive His love in our beings, but we must be about His business. Sharing that love, reaching out to our fellows and helping them to come to that same love and understanding that you and I are participants of. We know of the peace and a surety of the Father. We desire others to know of this same certainty that we experience.

We are fascinated with the drawing power, of the brilliance. It is indeed wonderful to experience this light and allow it to warm the hearts and fill our lives with awareness of others. It is a comfort to our beings. It is a relief of anxiety of mortal beings. What a wonderful relief. ( long pause of peaceful quietness )

Are there others who would speak to us this day ( another long pause )


HAL: Jarel in the previous discussion we touched on a subject we discussed before spiritual vision, spiritual perception, or spiritual awareness. Is there anything further that you could discuss on that as to how we can become more spiritually aware of our fellows. Even here as we learn to know the Father in the stillness. We are so accustomed to material vision and sounds and touch. The ‘awareness’ doesn’t seem quite adequate. Can you enlarge upon that ?

JAREL: How is it you desire spiritual visualness ?

HAL: Is that correct, that it is an awareness more than an actual seeing, Is it that we must learn to trust and have faith in our awareness ?

JAREL: As you, dear ones, ascend to the higher realms of existence. As you develop your full spiritual potentialities. You become aware, and you see with morontial vision. The awareness of other spiritual beings. The awareness of the presence of those who are ascending with you.

But in this life here, as you turn more inward, and rely upon your Thought Adjuster and his proximity to you, as mortals, you begin to glimpse the morontial existence. This does not mean that you will visualize, necessarily, other beings, or morontial structures and the like. It means that you in your physical awareness will become more in tune, more perceptive of the morontial existence. More on the vibratory level. More on intuitiveness. Feeling of proximity. Here is where you will understand more, feeling the proximity of others. You have had this feeling in your last meeting, and now if you will focus you will feel the proximity, the vibratory scale about your entire beings. It is difficult to relate this feeling in this prescribed language..

We use the terminology ‘vibrant’, vibratory because it depicts the motion that is in effect. The gravity attraction of one being to another. The space that exists between you and the next person. This space has vibration. Your being is sensitive to that vibration.

HAL: What brought this to mind was a comment the other day by a friend that, jokingly said, they were going blind and couldn’t see without their glasses. This got me to thinking of, what is vision to a blind person. . They have to depend entirely on awareness and sound. Is that something like it is in the morontial worlds ? This is what started the line of thought. How would I feel , if I could not see. I would then learn to trust and experience things from awareness . That would then become real to me, while now reality is things I can see.

JAREL: The greater reality lies in your spiritual vision. The physical vision can be deceptive.

4HAL: Yes. But now to my material being the physical vision is more real and reliable to me than the awareness. So, I suppose that is where my growth is needed, in trusting my awareness.

Stillness, Light

JAREL: When you seek the stillness in the presence of the Father you are enhancing your spiritual vision. You are enhancing the spiritual reality. It becomes more a part of you the individual. It becomes the reality that your Adjuster is making you more conscious of. The dual existence of spiritual and physical is reflected as morontial. You can understand spiritual concepts here in this physical being. You can be more aware of morontial existence. That awareness comes about only through development from the stillness.

HAL: Then the blind person has the greater urgency to develop a spiritual awareness.

JAREL: The individual who does not have his physical sightedness is compensated in other ways. They rely on and develop this supposedly sixth sense. However when they turn inward they become more spiritual beings, the same as you, and are on an equal footing with you. Their guidance in the physical realm is dependent on others. Their guidance in the spiritual realm is dependent only upon themselves and the degree that they quiet their minds and develop spiritually, through the stillness. Many practice the stillness without knowing that this is the practice. They have different names for the same process. Until the monitor makes them aware of the purpose of their seeking they do not know. You on the other hand through this mission are being made aware of the purpose of seeking the Father. So you may come to this setting with deliberate will. You come willingly knowing that that you seek. You come openly desiring further spiritual growth and development. The others come without the exercise of the freewill prerogative. They come by chance and take away richness in development.

BETTY: Jarel. I wanted to say that often times I will be praying for, something like... for awhile I was so discouraged that I couldn’t talk to anyone about the Urantia book, and I would pray about that. In the past two weeks there have been three people that have come, and I have had long conversations with them and written down for them how to get the book. and I felt very good about it. I go away saying ‘that went really well. Then I forget to thank the Father knowing that He was the one that made this happen. So often it is my own lack of spiritual insight that keeps me from seeing how I have been administered to by the Father, by my prayers being answered.

JAREL: This is a statement ?

BETTY: Yes. I just wanted to share that with you, and everyone that it seems that my payers are always answered.

HAL: Yes that was a statement that is helpful to all of us. We all have experienced the same feelings often without recognizing it.

JAREL: This is true dear ones, The love of the Father and your desire to experience that love brings to you assurance that He will enact your will when your will is in tune with His. We desire to know His Will. We desire to be of assistance. He will take that desire and make it manifest in your life, in your association with others, and the upliftment and the erasing of your doubts . He will uplift you and give you confidence, strength, the will to overcome any obstacle, any difficulty you are experiencing. This is a great achievement in your individual lives. You are witnessing the fact that the Father will act in your behalf. Be joyous, be thankful for this.

STELLA: Jarel I just want to say thank you to the Father publicly. This past month has been really hectic and yet I have been able to sail through it with serenity and strength. It has been a really wonderful, wonderful source of strength and help. I really do want to thank you.

JAREL: The Father acknowledges your sincere worship and appreciation. Know that this has been a time of great spiritual awareness on the part of this group. Know that it has been a time of growth and development for each of you, and for us your teachers. We experience with you this great growth and awareness of the presence of the Father and the love He gives to all of us. We experience the difficulties, we share in your struggle, and we learn how to assist you, and we try to relate to you, that you may relate to others that are coming behind you these great lessons that we share together. It is through your sincere desire to develop more spiritually that you are rewarded with the attainment of that higher consciousness. It is through this higher consciousness that you are able to see and perceive the end of your goals.

It is through this higher development that the vicissitudes and difficulties, that are inherent and normal on this sphere, do not stifle your growth. So, I say to you students, bright beings of light, and spiritual luminosity, that you are truly developing, moving forward through the Fathers grace and mercy, and becoming better beings than you were. Each of you have a part to play in this Teaching Mission. Each of you are becoming more aware of your individual place .

Seek the stillness and reaffirm to yourselves that surety of knowledge that the Father is ever present and His love is ever within your being. Know for a surety that you are indwelt with His peace and that the piece of Him that indwells you is none other than the Adjuster who desires fusion with you. Who will, one day, unite with you and become that part that will live eternally.

Great spiritual luminosity is about us this day. We have slowed the pace. We have quieted the mind... the heart... and the thoughts... so that we may participate more fully in this great spiritual growth... Feel the peace that is about this room at this time... Let it give you comfort as you go out from this day and throughout your week... Take from this peace and this spiritual light today that that you will need throughout the rest of this week. I ask that each of you come again to the stillness each day and partake of this great feeling of peace, and the serenity of love, truth, protection, beauty... Come to the Father with humility and receive His love.


Greetings. The peace and joy be upon you as I say farewell for this day.

GROUP: Farewell, and Thank you

GONZALO: Thanks. You have answered all of my problems.

MERCEDES: Thank you Jarel. The same for me

JAREL: All are welcome and remembered in His peace


Hal: Could we say Stella’s expression of serenity amongst problems is a function of spiritual awareness.

STELLA: You know, now I have so much energy I don’t know what to do with it. It is really remarkable.

Doug; Wow. This was heavy stuff. This was more spiritual. Did everyone get this light. wow.

Yes a general agreement

Betty: It was emotional for me. ETC

Lucille It is interesting how it hits everyone differently. ETC.