1995-09-24-Following First Source

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Topic: Following First Source

Group: Cincinnati TeaM


Teacher: Darien, Daniel, Welmek, Tomas, Tarkas

TR: Unknown



Join me first in our homage to the Father.

I RECEIVE YOU FATHER (group response)

INTO MY HEART AND SOUL (group response)



The Father's love fills this room and indeed your teachers have you out numbered this evening. (laughter) We sometimes long to join in your invigorating conversations and you can be assured that there is a hubbub of activity on this side as we gather and radiate and glow and smile and talk to each other on this side as well. This evening we will talk about any subject of your choosing.

Darien: Greetings dear friends, this is Darien. So many on this side who would like to speak. For we are here enjoying your camraderie back and forth. With a special request to Stephanie, for I would ask that you help me create a new poem. Perhaps this is a deal.

Stephanie: I'm ready


Darien: We will hold you to this. I look forward to working with you in the week ahead. Of course Tarkas is here and others, and I would speak only briefly to say that as you know, there are no real accidents within our circle of activity. You are here for love and sharing and we ask you to take to heart the new nuggets of insight which you glean from each others flowing stream of loving water. Take these nuggets and enjoy their shine; polish them, put them in your pockets and take them with you. Share and give in loving one another makes the spiritual energy literally vibrate all around. We feel it deeply and you feel it somewhat. The words on healing, the words on sharing, take them to heart. The friendships you are making are of long standing and indeed the progress of this mission, while seeming to be plotting, has been quite rapid. In hindsight, things always appear to be moving much more expediently, efficiently and effectively and as you look back to these few years of the mission, we see great growth, for this network has taken hold person to person. Electronic mind to electronic mind. Telephones, letters, sharings, this network is real and vibrant and we're so pleased that you are learning and have learned quite effectively to respond with love to those who detract and criticize. These are truly opportunities and to return love can be highly effective, enjoining judgmental detractors to take a new look perhaps in the world. We love you all. We now will step aside for we know that the children of Cincinnati would be quite pleased to hear from other teachers. But perhaps we will return again for others are truly anxious to speak.

Stephanie: Thank you Darien.

Darien: Yes dear Stephanie and I will be seeing you this week.

Stephanie: 8:00 to 8:30 every evening.

Darien: It's a date. Shalom.

Inner Life, Stillness

Daniel: Greetings my friends. I am Daniel. I am a teacher. It is with the greatest joy and love that I am able to speak with you today. It is the intent of this mission to bring the groups into a state of understanding and desire to continue the mission of Christ Michael. Our intent is giving more momentum through this type of internetting, coming together of various individuals with groups and so from the rest I send you greetings from all of the others of the Pocatello group.

The ways of God are mysterious and as each of you travels life's pathway, you will see and know and intuitively understand when the ways are being manifested according to His will. For when the Father's will is upheld, there is love generated and when the Father's will is upheld, there is a growth within your own personal understanding. It is through stillness that faith is nourished; it is in stillness that the lessons and grace of the First Source And Center become fully realized within your mind, within your body and certainly within your soul.

Through the last few years, we have witnessed tremendous growth and the general awareness that only through the inner life, the inner working, is there a chance that the outer workings of this planet can be changed and that light and life can proceed. The inner guide of your beings leads you down many pathways, invites you to partake of many experiences. These experiences contribute to your growth. While experiences vary in their impact on you, be they joyful, be they sorrowful, be they painful; it is this experience, however, that is necessary for you to continue to grow, it is part of the ascension plan. As you have all witnessed in life, many different and varied experiences come together with other experiences, and together they weave a part of your thinking, your thought process, that can (?) if you continue to remain in God alignment and continue to nurture your growth. Two people having the same experience will do it differently. If it be an experience that could be looked at as one of difficulty, the person who chooses to go in the stillness and to turn over to God will find this experience not something sorrowful, but rather the opportunity that will be the springboard for their next great understanding. It is imperative that all apostles understand that it is the individual person that must do the work, must do what is necessary to bring forth change. Many times the change must begin within the individual themselves before they are able to be seed planters or incentives for others to change.

Throughout these last few years, our mission has been to help you in this foundation building. For, once foundations are built, are sturdy, then the work of actual seed planting, in more an open arena, can be given as a part of your experience. Each of you is at a different level in life, spiritually, mentally and physically. It is through your own desire and ability to work through spirit that you continue your growth. Our students have been diligent in their homework but most importantly they have heard the cry of the First Source And Center.

They have understood His calling. Not a calling to be associated with one of a religious order, but rather they have heard the calling that the First Source And Center puts out to all. Come my children, sit with me. It is through [listening] in that stillness that each grows and with each increment of growth there is a greater growth and giving into the collective consciousness. Each individual is important unto themselves; they are also equally important unto the group.


And so when you walk out into the world and greet your fellow brothers and sisters , look not down upon them but raise them in the understanding that Indwelling Spirit is also working within them. And in this understanding, strive to support that work of their Indwelling Spirit by bringing forth the good aspects of your brothers and sisters. Do not bring forth their frailties or their inadequacies, but pause and strengthen that which they are already achieving. Applaud their victories, enhance their esteem, encourage them in ways that will bring forth beauty, truth, and goodness.

The Master Christ Michael always taught and worked in this manner. The weaknesses were not what was (?) but rather He worked on the premise of their strengths. And so as Michael has called you to work with Him, strive to find the goodness in each and every individual. It is my pleasure to be here with you today for it is my understanding of the goodness that each of you holds. Those who have worked through many struggles, those who have plodded their paths and yet, the light within shines and grows brighter as you are able to drop those fears, those aspects that trap you and hold you back from seeking all that you are capable of being and can become. And so to each of you I extend my love and my peace. It has been a great honor for me to be here and to be able to speak to you. I am familiar with all of you. I feel as if I have been welcomed into the loving arms of family. My peace and love to you this day.

Group: Thank you so much. We love you too.


Welmek: Hello once again my friends this is Welmek. I don't believe I need to tell you how pleased I am to be among this group. I have some comments this evening on stillness. It has been the major teaching of our mission; this attempt to communicate directly with your indwelling Father fragment. While you often have difficulties in achieving this stillness to your own satisfaction, I would like to make some suggestions that may help you. Perhaps you might look at the stillness or this communication in another way. For, the purpose, the entire purpose of the stillness is communication. May I suggest that you not worry about how many minutes you are in touch with the Father, for you can speak with the Father in plenty of time. You can become as aware of Him as any person standing along side of you, even God, for He is inside you. He is not reachable only in some form of idea in stillness, you can know Him in an instant when your thoughts turn to Him. Take Him with you throughout your day. Do not put Him in a corner of your home where you would reach Him only at one time of day. He is your constant companion. Share all with Him.

As you view your day, as you share with your brethren, be conscious that He is sharing with you. Know that you are never alone. Know that at any time at any moment of your day you can say Father and He is there. Some times the purpose can be overridden by the (?). And I wish to make this clear. If you can not maintain long periods of close communication with the Father, then give Him all those small moments that you can. Share them with Him. There is so much that you can learn from the Father at every moment. Even when you are not in a deep meditative state. The Father is now. He is in you. He is with you. If you will, try more often during your day to close your eyes even for a moment and know that He is there. He treasures these moments also. For when you open this channel to Him even in the briefest of moments, He can act within your mind and your heart.

Those times of stillness, when you have time to totally relax in His company are precious treasures. But you have yet to discover the beauty of the real moments with Him. I see the love in this room and I see the beauty of the relationships that are established among you, with us. For, we are all part of the grander plan, a fabric you might say, in which each of us provides a single continuous thread that moves and changes through the beautiful life of the fabric. But we all contribute to it and we are all operating within the fiber. As I watch and take part in the weaving of this tapestry, on your world, I am continually amazed at the beauty that comes forth. While I know the Father to be beautiful the (?) in His individual children are beyond anything you can imagine. I see a portion of that tapestry being woven this evening. And all of you will scatter to your private lives and continue to create this beauty. Not just a form but a function. As you maintain these connections of harmony, the more the beauty grows, and, the strength of the tapestry, for you weave on the very loom of life. All of the designs for your part are within you. Allow the Father to express Himself through you even in small moves, for you do not know, you can not yet comprehend how important even these, what appear to you very tiny moments are, but the Father you see is outside of time. It is not so important how long you spend with Him, per se, as that you are with Him as often as you can be; your heart, your mind and your soul. Thank you again for allowing me to participate with you in the fabric that is being woven tonight. For we do it together. I love all of you. My love goes with you, and my prayers, good night.

Tomas: I am overriding my friend here for it is my mission to bring this message to this group. And that is this: As apostles, as truth seekers, as those who are willing to follow the First Source And Center, you have been continuously striving to build a foundation. Know that you have become more secure and confident and able to see with a broader perspective. You are now called upon to look beyond to higher grounds in your morontial vision of spiritual frequency. In all that you do, consider the spiritual fragrance. This is a direction that we would encourage you all now to work for, to strive for, for in this you will bring forth more morontial activity, understanding and insight. I am grateful to be here today to address you. I will apologize to my friend. I am moving to return now. I have other engagements and so to all of you I send my love and ask you to go over the aspect of spiritual fragrance in all that you do. Good day.

Group: Thank you Tomas.

Teaching Mission

Tarkas: Godspeed dear brother Tomas. We are so pleased to have this gathering with our visiting teachers here, this is Tarkas. We will close our beautiful session with just a short story.

To somewhat put this mission in perspective. It is true that a mission of long and thorough preparation these last few years of action have been preceded by many years of preparation. When we came forward our fellow teachers and I, most of us here today, we came with excited minds and hearts, volunteers, to come to these troubled worlds of the rebellion and radiate beautiful and loving service from whence our energy comes. One day you'll understand this great joy. As volunteers, we were also somewhat apprehensive, although, the pervasiveness of fear which we find here does not (?) in the joys of (?) that we would bask in the Father's light eternal. For, we know from whence this energy comes, we can access it as we teach you and you at your level in the stillness.

We came to this mission with questions which were virtually answered with minds of our teachers, for some of us have served on other worlds, not quite so challenging, for the perceptions we receive from our teachers are not necessarily given in a way they would be presented on Urantia. It is a knowingness, a reflective knowledge that comes into our beings, in the presence of our divine teachers. And so as we asked questions, it was more for confirmation that it was asked. From this troubled world we will find many people that are suffering, we will find many people who are truly lost in the cruelty and struggles for power. We knew deep inside the goodness, the deep goodness inside each of you for the Father indwells each of you. And we asked if we are to have teachers and train humans to be teachers of these basic loving truths. Then we will first have to find these humans, find a balance of mind, body and spirit themselves, so as to prepare them to teach others. And the answer was yes. And we thought, is it not truly amazing that we work with humans to heal their own troubled planet? For, these troubles run so very deep. And is it not amazing to bring forth this co-weaving, this co-creating, this co-rehabilitating, this service together with these humans? Is that not an amazing part of Michael's plan? And all the teachers said yes of course, for Michael Himself triumphed as a human, showing for all the worlds the power that can come forth from these mere humans. For, these mere humans are so very special, all the imbuement of the Father inside each.

And so this potential is truly enthralled with the vastness through our minds of undertaking to reclaim all of the planets of the rebellion, rebelling against God. This mission will be accomplished in close coordination with the inhabitants themselves in the manner of Jesus and do great wonders themselves as teachers in the flesh and the blood, through the mind and the spirit, an amazing experience this will be, we said, and the answer was yes. And as we come to work with you we have learned much. We have learned new and deeper dimensions of what faith can be. And on every side seemingly with human eyes so many see no evidence of the Father. You have awakened to see great evidence everywhere within, without, throughout every fiber of every being, throughout every material thing, throughout all the things seen, that can be felt, that can be known. And we're finding these wonderful nuggets to give you joys, to brighten your days.

This is truly a massive collaborative effort of which humans will triumph working with us , through us, with us, in the beautiful tapestry that you are making. You are golden threads the threads themselves with little strength. And so these threads must be interwoven through your actions, through your service, your giving and sharing with your fellows, to weave this beautiful tapestry which will have the strength for each of you to walk upon as we bring this world to Light and Life.

We are so pleased to be a part of this mission. To have had our eyes open to the true potential of humankind. Each one of you has powers more vast than you can imagine. While Jesus showed you in human flesh what can be achieved, many of you look to this as an example which you can not match. And yet through your mind, through your spirit, with the service of your body upon Urantia, you can truly do great ministry to those with whom you come in contact. And it is true that you are being trained to be teachers, to be healed, to be balanced, to know how to reach out and love someone. You are learning so well and we are learning with you. At times you amaze us. We share in your camaraderie this afternoon. Teachers will be joining you as you leave and with you in coming days, always anxious to work with you, to find glimmers and openings and cracks so that lights may shine forth. We just in fact like to be close to you, we like to work with you, and we think you are quite cool.


Others would speak but we would think the time is drawing nigh to have you join in sharing again with one another and so we leave you now in love, in the assurance that this grand mission will not fail. Many around you still see evil and anger and spirit poisons prevailing. You are becoming more enlightened. Your eyes have advanced beyond materiality into a morontial view in which you can see the deeper goodness, the deeper purpose; purity hidden beneath the fears and frustrations. You will bring this society from its fear base to a base of love and goodness and from there it will be built to reach the heavens. Peace to you and love. Shalom.