1996-04-08-God Is Love

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Topic: God is Love

Group: Woods Cross TeaM


Teacher: Abraham

TR: Nina



I am ABRAHAM. I am delighted to meet with you this evening. I am in awe of the leaps you have taken towards understanding universe realities. It has been a long tiresome journey, but you have been blessed with the joy that comes forth from the fruits of the spirit. I have stated that I would endeavor to make these spiritual teachings a reality for you, something substantial you can rely on. I have taught according to the plans put forth by our Creator Son and His subordinates upon which you can use on a daily basis. I have put forth my best effort along with my personal prayers for you and your understanding of spiritual growth. You are indeed studious and devoted pupils which makes my efforts to teach quite easy. Through our endeavor we have sat upon a sort of teeter-totter in which we have leaned this way and that. We have experienced a vast array of emotions, a fair amount of both negativity and positivity and still we move. Spiritual understanding is always moving, whether it is concise or confusing. Your understanding is always evolving, changing and at times that may not always appear to be progressive. But I can say, you can always count on change concerning your spiritual understanding.


I am amazed at the growth within this world. The changes that are taking place are rapid. Mortals are finding God to be a reality and the basic truths that we labor to spread are spreading successfully. I am inclined to rejoice and give thanks each time I witness this movement towards God-consciousness. I am made to smile at my thoughts on the effects that this world has on the Supreme Being and our universe as a whole.


I have spoken that the Kingdom of Heaven stands upon the foundation of love. God is love. It is in actuality so simple. The world is beginning to teeter towards the side of love. When there is love there is also God. The giving and receiving of love is to put in motion the operation of Adjuster to Adjuster communication. To communicate with love is to guarantee God's intervention. To facilitate love in all things is to guarantee the Father's hands works with your own. The Father's mouth also speaks with yours. The Father's mind thinks also within your thoughts. Love is seemingly so simple, and yet many mortals spend a lifetime searching for it. Why is the understanding of love so difficult to grasp? As I said, spiritual thinking is always evolving and I can say this world has evolved through many trials and hunger for this love and have indeed begun to seek it out. This planet is understanding of the effects of lovelessness. The pain and despair of this lovelessness has taught many mortals to seek other avenues of happiness and fulfillment. No, this is not a bump on the course to Light and Life. This is a natural process of evolution for a young planet.


I have asked you to seek understanding on God-likeness. I say to understand true love is to understand the actual personality of the Universal Father. Love is the desire to do good to others. I say without an honest effort to understand yourself and your fellows the desire is not present. Spiritual understanding will not be lasting without substance. Everlasting spiritual understanding can only come through experience, therein lies your substance. Love is quite substantial. Love can be felt, be seen, be heard. Love is what all mortals truly desire. God is love. To know love is to know the Father. To know spiritual reality is to utilize it constantly. Love is substantial. Love can be used, can be held on to, can be the foundation for all understanding. I understand this term Agondonter. I have experienced this status and through experience I can say that spirituality does indeed require substance if it is to be lasting. Do you see, love is the only actual thing that you can use and move on, move out from there. Yes, love is substantial. God is love. To love is the giving of God. To be loved is also the receiving of God. To understand another is to open the door to love. To love is to open the door to Adjuster to Adjuster communication. To activate this communication is to open the door to universal understandings, meanings and actualities.

You, my friends, my students, hold the power of God within your very beings. This power is love. I say you have indeed built a wonderful foundation of love in which you can all feel at ease to build upon. The presence of God is with you now and always, not sometimes, always! This week you may wish to work on giving and receiving love, opening the door to instant Adjuster communication and universal understanding. May I answer questions?



CALVIN: Teacher Abraham, thanks for your lesson very much. It seems like as when we ponder back and reflect and read later it seems to take on a deeper meaning, as least it does for me. I feel like I have very little capacity to love and feel loved, so I know its something I need to work on. Your insight is very helpful. One question in mind aside from the lesson if I don't get time to come back on it, I have done a lot of talking at my work with plenty of friends and people there about our lessons and it could be a factor in moving on or not. I am really at sixes as what to do. I am sure it is human decision, but if there is any help you would like to give, it would be a good time to or I would be all right with just doing what I think best too.

ABRAHAM: First, I know you to be an extremely loving individual, more capable of giving than receiving. You are believing yourself to be a child of God, then you must receive any love that comes your way. All God's children are deserving of love. If you believe yourself to be a child of God then feel comfortable in accepting the love others give to you. I am overwhelmed at times of the love you give to me and I would be overjoyed if you would accept my love in this same fashion. I am confident you are quite capable of Adjuster contact and your hardest decisions are best made with Him. You are correct to a point, this is a human decision, and yet, ponder on the simple truth that before you were an employee you are a son of God and Father is to be kept at the forefront of your decision. Does this help? (Thank you for your love also. I know its there.) You're welcome. Another question?

JAMES: I'll ask a question Abraham. I, like Calvin said about himself, also find it challenging to be open to other people and approach them with a loving attitude in some circumstances more than others. It seems like one of the obstacles is that you get to know people you sooner or later find out that even through there are similarities more often than not there are big differences between you and the person that you might be trying to learn to love, differences in viewpoints and values. So it is kind of hard to, well, it gets uncomfortable when you run up against walls between you and another person or your values differ. Sometimes it seems like there is no way to bridge that gap. Sometimes people just have entirely different viewpoints of the universe. I don't understand how a person can transcend that with love.

ABRAHAM: Understood. There are many individuals in which one may come in contact with that appear to reflect certain distasteful elements. It is difficult to immediately love and be open to understanding such an individual. I can say to be neutral is to remain open to future understanding of this individual. To call a judgment upon this individual is close that door to understanding, therefore closing off any love that may develop. To remain neutral is not bad. It is God-like. It is remaining open. It is to say this individual is this way and I do not understand. I will not attempt to make a judgment of right or wrong. I will continue to leave this door open. One should not feel bad, guilt ridden, for the lack of love towards a fellow. Know this, that all are children of God and deeply loved by Him and remaining neutral in your emotions is an exceptional position to take. If love cannot be found, acceptance of the fact that all are children of God leaves open the arena for future understanding and development for love. But I can say efforts made towards love is still activating Adjuster communication. This is common between mortals and I say that in time all things are understood and not to be worried over or feel bad. Does this help? (Yes it does. Thank you.) Another question?

Jesus, Resurrection

RACHEL: I won't really make this a question Father Abraham. I think on this subject you could talk for a couple years on it. But according to the Urantia Book yesterday was the anniversary on the 7th of the crucifixion of Christ Michael, so that would make tomorrow the resurrection anniversary. I would just have you say a few words about it, not a full years speech.

ABRAHAM: Gladly would I speak. What a enormous event this was. All of Nebadon watched as this story unfolded. Many great things took place at this moment in history. When all the while mortals like yourselves in deep despair and confusion rushed about hurriedly searching for answers, for understanding, somehow having forgot the promises made to them by the Master. When the Master was taken from those who loved Him so deeply they were unable to see Him, to seek advice firsthand from Him and all that they had learned was lost, swimming about in their despair. His apostles even refused to believe that some had seen the risen Master, still clinging to their desperation on what to do next. Little did they know the universe buzzed with excitement and events untold. I can say this world has yet again experienced this despair and confusion, but they once again are opening their eyes to once again feel the excitement of the empty tomb and the promise that Jesus has risen. This world is in the midst of feeling this overwhelming excitement of these enlightening times. This world is on the road to regaining their composure and remembering the Master's promises and once again truly feeling the Spirit of the Master moving within their midst.


Until next week, shalom.