1997-01-12-Two Aspects of Growth

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Topic: Two Aspects of Growth

Group: N. Idaho TeaM


Teacher: Elyon

TR: Jonathan



Elyon (Jonathan TR): Friends, I greet you again, Elyon speaking. In times past I have greeted you with the line that I am your guide to understanding, and other teachers greet their students with the line that they are "the one who loves you". I choose to reflect on these phrases today for there is significance in each.


Understanding, Love

Understanding is a process that is undertaken singly, one which each individual does for themselves, and therefore a teacher like myself can only be a guide. I cannot give understanding; I can only allow you to realize through the possibilities presented in such a context as today's lessons.

Love, on the other hand, requires at least two to be experienced. Love is not like understanding in that it need not grow; it simply is. The element of increase that provides the feeling of growth in love is, in reality, the increase in your ability to maintain love as an experience over time. To love more means to love more continually. Understanding is a growing process from ignorance to enlightenment; it can be added to. When you experience love you can be assured that you have experienced what love is completely. When you experience understanding you are always faced with the realization that understanding will be incomplete as increased knowledge is presented to you and assimilated. It therefore always contains the element of uncertainty. When you love, you love now and completely. Therefore is the truth exposed in the phrase that you love another only as much as you love yourself.

The work you undertake to grow involves both these two aspects, the experience of love and the experience of expanding your awareness of reality. When I have expressed to you that I love you, I will assure you that this love has been from the onset of our teaching program and will always be for you in spite of your sense of success or failure to assimilate these teachings. I can, however, assure you that I have witnessed great progress in your understanding of the nature of morontia realities as they have been redefined and applied to your present level of existence. So, I would conclude that I am your guide to understanding, and I am one who loves you.


Healing, Faith

Tom: Regarding healing, I'm reminded of a passage in The Urantia Book saying that material things must be known in order to be loved and spirit things must be loved in order to be known. In healing, the material need is on one end and spiritual solution is on the other. "I'll believe it when I see it" as opposed to "I'll see it when I believe it." The Father, of course, is free to place His hand in time as He wills. As His representative, it is my job to incorporate His will in my work. I know I don't need special incantations or abracadabra; I know the Father answers the soul's attitude, not the words. So, as a lady in a cancer ward said, we all pray for miracles but mostly they don't happen. Could you review some of the attitudes that patient and practitioner must cultivate in order to close the loop and allow the energy to flow?

Elyon: Let me first begin to respond by altering your phrase, that from the spiritual perspective the patient must be loved to be healed rather than healed in order to be loved. Even the flaws, the illness itself, must be perceived with the compassion that the Father holds for each. This circuit of love from you to the Father and from you to the receiver of this grace of healing is the essence of what you would perceive to be a miraculous change in condition. You are correct in your perspective that incantations are unnecessary. They exist only as a result of the incomplete understanding of human beings and the role they play as circuit conduits of the Father to touch the life of one of His children. But I must add also that this process is only successful when the circuit circle is closed, that being that the one who is receiving this healing power also encircuits with the Father. Then the real power is transmitted; a shortcut is made from the Father to the healed, and the healer is no longer required.

When giving of yourself in this service, your understanding of this circuit process will bring almost an entire enclosure; the last connection required is the one between the Father and the one in need. Your love, your compassion, will open the receptivity centers of another. But as the Master was fond of saying following an episode of healing, let those who are in need know it is their faith that heals them. This is the completing of the circle between Father, healer, and the healed. Then the energy flows, and the task is accomplished.

Some in need whose faith is weak trust the abracadabras because they have held to the belief that things must be known in order to be loved. These mechanisms are perceived as a means for knowing, a sort of follow the instructions in order to accomplish. In any effort you make to share this energy that is the grace of God, provide also the understanding of how the Father heals. In a way the healer is a wayshower more than a healing provider. The healer in a sense says, "Follow me." A healer in a sense fills the role of "he who has seen me has seen the Father" in that the Father and the one in need must make the final connection; you are transparent in the process. For those of you who seek to acquire this ability to bless your siblings through the efforts of healing as a transparent conduit of the Father's love are examples of the state of attainment humans can make in realizing that they, too, are spiritually valuable, belong wholly to the Father's family, and are rightly privileged to be the Father's hand at work in the world. When you seek to be this conduit, step over the line that divides you with the feeling that you are reaching toward the Father for the healing, to the side where you realize you are with the Father providing the healing. Share this perspective with the needy one who then will cross this same line, and the faith they have will heal them. Has this been helpful?

Tom: Yes. Thank you very much.

Evelyn: In light of all that, it is still effective to pray for someone's healing, their wellbeing, even though you are not in contact with them? You may not know what their immediate situation is.

Elyon: Yes, for often the process of healing is quite complicated. There are side effects. The individual in need has the most important role to play in the faith leap. However, you as the one who prays also is increasing your faith levels. You are aware that your petitions may be received as assignments by angels who willingly care for another. You also can play the role that these angels play in providing the care. Prayer for healing for another often entails the realization that you are the medicine for their healing. Prayer can initialize the actions needed in yourself to provide the comfort and the compassion that allows for the correction of the complication. By all means, always pray for the welfare of those in need because the entire situation is quite involved. Much of what takes place is beyond your abilities to perceive. The ramifications can carry over into future lifetimes. It may appear futile to pray as a simple, animal origin being for healing of the majesty of divine grace. But you have now hardly an inkling of the power that will be invested in you in ages to come. This healing process is only the tip of the iceberg of your abilities as a personality aligned with the Creator. It is a significant process with great implications. Does this provide some insight?

Evelyn: Yes.

Tom: When people are sick they first need to be healed and then sometimes as an afterthought it leads them to the Father because they have learned to look in both directions for help. But if it is their faith that makes them whole, it's like the person who touched the hem of his garment and he said, "Your faith has made you whole." Was that person seeking healing or did she just want to touch Jesus and as a result experienced healing? Someone I know who is perhaps dying, her mate expressed that she seems to be saying, "I'm the one who is dying. What do you know of this?" Every situation is different. This is what I'm running up against. I don't know what to say. Maybe my own faith isn't enough. Once I get going I'm okay.

Elyon: We have been discussing how it is your faith that heals. Those who feel that if they are healed then they will believe have yet to establish the trust in the Father's grace. This is where the healer provides far greater value to the individual oriented this way by providing knowledge and enlightenment about faith and trust. The woman whose faith was strong to work her way through the crowd to touch the master's garment trusted that she would be healed, although the mechanism she conceived of, merely touching clothing, was unnecessary. Her enactment of that belief so inflamed her faith that she was able to receive the complete trust. Although we have spoken of incantations, magical tricks, the abracadabras, some individuals' faith, though present, is dormant. As the master mixed spittle and mud to restore sight, it was not the mechanism that healed. It was the inspiration of faith that was dormant that brought healing. Also, to return to Evelyn's question, the mechanism of healing that you are knowledgeable about but unaware of is the activities of midwayers and angels who are the true spittle and mud. (laughter. "They might not like that.")

Tom: That's the name of my angels, Spittle and Mud!

Elyon: If there is any hocus pocus it is in reality the activities of these beings who provide the will of the Father to the one in need of healing.

Some individuals do experience the grace of healing even in the face of disbelief, for their own Father Presence knows the potentials in the future of this individual and will allow this process to take place as merely a minutely insignificant event in a much grander effort. It is observed by this Thought Adjuster that the faith is present and only needs the igniting spark. But this is a determination made by the Spirit Presence and is in no way bearing on the individual's requirement that they be shown first, for the human's perspective is circumscribed, and the Thought Adjuster knows more expansively the implications of such an outcome.

I hope this has been helpful as well.

Tom: Beautiful.

Mary: It certainly is mysterious to ponder what it takes to take someone's faith and inflame it to higher levels. For instance, the woman who touched Jesus' garment had faith in this process prior to touching his garment but wasn't healed until she acted on this belief. Her faith led her to this action, but until she did this action it was not inflamed to the level that it healed her. Much of what you said is interesting and helpful, but it still is quite mysterious.

Elyon: True indeed. Such a great observation on your part, for it is as I spoke of the circle-circuit, she completed that circle by enacting her faith. Many times beings like the midwayers are cleared to provide the actual mechanisms for healing by their superiors but must await the actions of your kind before they will proceed. Sometimes the healing is already potentially present only waiting for the reception. This can go a long ways toward igniting that flame of faith, letting another know that they are but a short distance away from its reception, the healing which is already present. This helps to reduce the sense of great distance between God and the human self. The Father has already gone the great distance to be there and but awaits for your embrace.


I am quite pleased that you are all so concerned for your brethren that you are seeking various methods to help, that healing is not something you regard as a talent reserved only for special saints. All through history such skills of spirit ministers have been perceived to be only for those of saintly status. This is not true. All the Father's children have access to the Father's grace. You are capable of working in service. It is your faith rather than special attainments that make it possible to serve in this way. If you are satisfied I will close today.

Evelyn: We are your students who love you.

Tom: Thanks, Elyon.


Elyon: We are all students of the Father who loves each of us. May this love be shared freely with all. Until next time, farewell.