1997-04-27-Planetary Isolation

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Topic: Planetary Isolation

Group: N. Idaho TeaM


Teacher: Elyon, Malvantra Jessona,

TR: Jonathan, Mark Rogers



Correcting Time

Malvantra (Jonathan): In the courts of the of the Most Highs it has been decreed that your system return to its intended pursuit of light and life without the interference that you have witnessed over these hundreds of thousands of years. I repeat this to you for, in your own process in development, it is easy to lose the grander picture and to feel a sense of aloneness as you struggle. You are in a great family of beings who are grappling with very similar difficulties. Do note that the difficulties of our system have been in reality only a stumble in the forward momentum rather than a complete stop. As we scramble to put our feet beneath us once again, it is helpful to reach toward each other and help hold each other to provide support, for the momentum will carry you forward even through the uncertainty of where you are stepping. Therefore, as you struggle individually, remind yourself of your community. Know that you have the fellowship who can embrace you and share literally and fully in the understanding of your complexities.

This isolation does not mean orphanhood; it would be a difficult task to describe to you how much the other systems in Norlatiadek have helped poor Satania to recover. Never has such a status as quarantine caused any governing unit to turn its back upon your worlds. Know rather it is a very drawing point for many who rush to your side.

It is an observed reaction in you all that when difficulty arises, loneliness is often coincident with your struggles. It may prove hard to convince yourself of the support around you. Others appear to be functioning smoothly while you are troubled. This is a time to convince yourself of the mutual regard you all possess for one another even if it is latent. The human mind is weak in its ability to maintain focus, and it often forgets to acknowledge to one another this mutual regard. Bear not your difficulties alone but present them to your friends that they may of service in return and that you may at another time be of service to them.

This is Malvantra. I am with you today and will remain so. Thank you.

Circuits, Change

Elyon (Mark): My dear ones, this is Elyon again with you today. I would take a moment with you to share in the reflection of how magnificent and gracious is the gift of our communications together.

As we have heard from Malvantra, yet another landmark has been attained in which the Correcting Time has been more fully instituted. We who have been working together for some time now will notice subtle changes in character of the spiritual pressure experienced by this planet. Those who have not been prepared for this change will not know what exactly they are experiencing. You who are privileged to be aware of the timing and conditions impending will be as stable isles to those who are unaware and become unduly concerned over unapparent changes. With each landmark we pass in our progression toward the attainment of light and life status, we see marked changes and increases in our spiritual capacities, in our spiritual receptivity, in our spiritual awareness. These will become more and more profound until those who are unaware become aware. It will be your role to provide these individuals with direction, to lovingly and gently steer their interest and curiosity toward the spiritual, toward the loving, harmonious spirituality you have come in contact with.

Perhaps it could be said that there might be no more interesting and enlightening time to be alive on your world than the reopening of the circuits; the re-establishment of a darkened planet is truly a profound experience, one which you all will enjoy immensely and will greatly benefit from. I once again encourage you to expand your networks of affiliation to reach beyond yourself, beyond your group into your brothers and sisters around you, your network of support. These spiritual pathways are grown by you, are developed by you and are inherently helpful to you once established. There is so much more in the power of suggestion, the power of visualization, than you are aware. I urge you to exercise this avenue available to you on a more frequent basis so as to have in place these spiritual neural networks among yourselves.

We have other teachers among us today available at your request or perhaps at theirs and of course we are here for your questions and comments to be as helpful as possible.


Tom: Does Jessona have any comment?


Jessona (Jonathan): Greetings, my companion. I assure you once again of our partnership. I consider you to be well versed in the information all we teachers provide. I encourage you again to spread your knowledge freely without hesitation. The very trust you have in us will reflect to you how much trust we have in you. You realize how my order functions to promote certain groups of humans to foster for your world developments which will encourage light and life, and this I also ask of you, to aid in gathering folk of spiritual desire so that they may receive the upliftment and the focus that will help in spreading the message which is good news to the hungry. You asked for a comment; I hope I have not over-whelmed.

Tom: Thank you.

Evelyn: You talked about expanding our network. I'm reading a New Age channeling book that has a very similar message with what you teachers have been sharing with us. So by expanding our network, do you mean engaging with groups or individuals who are receiving variations on messages such as this?

Malvantra: This has much to do with it, for in this extension comes cross-fertilization and the reduction of the tendency to encapsulate your view in terminology that is familiar and forget, that is to fail to develop, the skill in translating your understanding into different terminology. Know that this networking is two-way in direction, such that if you find you are not in a position to reach out toward other sources, you can receive from them, as you are now through your reading.

Part of the goal of the Correcting Time is to understand the differences of many in your world; these differences are not overcome by homogenization but rather through collectivization, a respectful regard and trust in each one's effort to grasp at realities that are high and beyond mortal comprehension yet do manifest themselves in the human soul through your spiritual longing. There is another form of networking likewise that is to the solitary travelers, those who affiliate with no particular teaching. They likewise do appreciate the sense of connection in a brotherly sense. Learn to recognize these individuals and extend your hand in acknowledgment. Does this help?

Evelyn: Yes, thank you.


Should we contact the other groups in our region to invite them to transmit at the conference the Melchizedeks they have been working with? Is that what you would like to have for this panel discussion?

Malvantra: I will let your teacher Elyon respond.

Elyon (Mark): In the earlier discussion, your formulated plans are very much acceptable to us. We desire that you be integral in the making of these plans. Therefore, as you desire, so shall it be. As you know, we are always prepared to work with whatever resources are ours to work with. The suggestion of a panel discussion was to institute a new idea for you to work with. You have embraced this idea and, however this occurs, we will all make the most of it. I would suggest that this be left to the ones who desire to volunteer as opposed to any formal commands of a TR. However, I do not perceive this to be an issue. With the TRs we are familiar with we have yet to be significantly turned down. As with all your functions the level of volunteering seems to exceed the need level, so this should be in line with normal operating procedures.

Jonathan: In encouraging people to step forward, would you or the Melchizedeks like to share what you are speaking on so that volunteers might have a sense of what they are volunteering for? Or is it more appropriate for the subject to remain obscure?

Elyon: I have indeed previously divulged that there will be some lessons on interactivity. This can take many different directions and could engage the group completely. We are however open to interests of the moment as well and are quite willing to accommodate as time allows issues in the forefront of the group's consciousness. We hope for a good deal of interactivity among individuals and groups, sets and subsets. We are interested in observing the function of the individuals, groups, and sets.

Jonathan: Would it be appropriate to ask those who are going to attend to have some prepared questions? You mentioned group consciousness, perhaps you would like questions that reflect the group as a unit rather than questions of a personal nature. Should we ask questions, and should they be focused in that way?

Elyon: Yes and yes. We always are delighted when our students come to class prepared and open to dialogue with us. It enhances the lessons and takes them to a different level. We desire, in the interests of time, to deliver our lessons and to answer questions important to groups so as to have a maximum number of individuals involved in the process. Individual questions tend to be most important to the individual; group questions are of interest to all the individuals present. Simple attention spans dictate that we consolidate to be most effective during any one occurrence such as the upcoming panel discussion. So, we would most gladly welcome questions of a discerning nature, particularly questions that the group has discussed and formulated so as to have their interests and curiosity piqued. I encourage your planning in this direction.

Jonathan: Thank you for that feedback.

Elyon: I would point out at this time that, while you return to me and to us as teachers repeatedly for affirmations of your direction and intent and desire that you note that repeatedly and continuously you spontaneously of your own accord have generated the ideas which we then proceed to confirm. We may initially start the ball rolling with the suggestion of a panel discussion, then you of your own accord, after discussion and consideration, determine the best way about working the suggestion, and I would salute you for your correctness in this regard. If you notice, when you truly desire to do the best thing in any situation it will tend to spontaneously rise to the surface for you to acknowledge and seize. Well done with your discernment of this process.


unidentified (Mary): I have some input on the subjects that have been touched on today, one regarding the spiritual networking and the establishment of networks amongst yourselves and people outside the Teaching Mission, etc., and on the idea of differences amongst individuals in any group.

The world stands in need of each one of your perspectives. Your perspective is valid whether or not it differs from the perspective or approach of another individual. The challenge to each person is to acknowledge their own point of view and the fact that it is valuable and to work out ways of sharing that point of view with others. You will find people that you mesh with easily and with whom it all flows very nicely. You will also find personalities with whom it does not flow quite so easily. Don't fret over that. The need is for you to find a way to value each one of your perspectives and to not expect them to be the same but to search for the common ground which usually lies in the fact that we are all children of God. God loves each one of us. He has certainly not made us all the same. In working as a family, in treating each other as brothers and sisters, don't shy away from your differences; don't be afraid of your differences. Don't deny your differences, but learn to work with them. You will all find different ways of working with them, but search for ways to work with people who are different from you. Pray for guidance. When in doubt, in conflict, always come back to the true source that you have been given to help you in these situations. Come to the Father, come to Michael. Through prayer let your struggle be voiced and open yourself to ideas on how to approach your struggle. We all need to branch out and not be afraid to come in contact with people who are different from us and who present a greater challenge than our comfort zone.

You have all proven yourselves amenable to instruction; all of the teachers are confident that you will continue to be so. The one piece of advice that might be given is to always double check your motivation. When you interact with someone with whom you have differences, especially when trying to resolve conflicts, always double check to make sure your motive in acting on these differences is one of love, of service.

These are challenging times in which you work with your ego and your desire to be loving. Don't be afraid to delve into these realms, but always try to be sure of your motives and come back to your true center of love in deciding on any action that you deem necessary.

I would attempt to entertain any questions or comments on this subject.

Jonathan: I appreciate your encouragement. One of my negative self talks is to say, "Who am I to say that to someone?" It's good to value what we know and to share that. There is no harm in that as long as we remove the tendency to think that what I know should replace what someone else is experiencing.

unidentified: Yes, and please don't forget to value your own opinions and your own experiences.

Tom: In reference to a transcript awhile back, when we have these doubts we can ask the teachers and the Father Within what should I think, what should I say, what should I do, and how can I perceive this differently? I finally memorized that. ====Integration unidentified: We all have our own strengths and weaknesses that come into play in our interactions with other individuals. In drawing on these strengths and weaknesses, understanding them is part of what the exercise that was guided by Gloria of putting a piece of ourselves, where you take a piece of yourself that you view as your strength and you put it into the center for it to mesh with the strengths of the other individuals in the group. That is part of this exercise, learning to acknowledge each other's strengths and draw from them.

Jonathan: It's a tweak that you mention that exercise. I've been thinking that each of us is like a rail of a domed birdcage, all meeting at the top with the handle held by God. The accumulation of these rails making this cage is our family unit. Through the connection at the top we can nurture each other.

unidentified: That is a good visualization. Another aspect of that would be to envision that someone is on the opposite side of the cage from you. Each of your rails may be on opposite sides, but, not only do they converge at the top, but they balance each other in the whole.

Jonathan: Even at the bottom there is a connecting ring tying us all together.

unidentified: We are standing with our feet on the ground and our heads in the air. This also ties in with the statement or feeling that Michael expressed earlier that, as a personality in group situations, sometimes he feels like he is a balancing wheel. This is part of our learning experience of learning how groups work in interactivity. Keep this in mind on this subject; there is much to be gained from contemplating it.

Mark: Are we speaking with Helen?

unidentified: This TR doesn't like dealing with names.