1997-07-13-Levels of Reality

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Topic: Levels of Reality

Group: Nashville TeaM


Teacher: Ham

TR: Rebecca




Ham: Greetings, children, friends. Tonight we will talk about the ordering of space and time. The universe consists of three levels of ordered reality. All are relatively conditioned by time. In the first reality level, there is matter, space, and time. These three elements make the physical existence possible.

The second level of existence is in general referred to as morontia, but this level includes all animated matter, everything living partakes of the material and spiritual levels combined. Mortal will creatures contain an added dimension of pure morontia being, that is the soul, that can exist apart from the physical form and does so upon physical death. All other living things exist only in that connection between the spirit and material. On the dissolution of the material, the spirit withdraws and there is no further existence individually as a creature. But, all life is an expression of God, and especially of God's love. All of you who love nature are reacting to God's love in nature. You are seeing his grace, his beauty, in the world of living things.

The third level of reality is spiritual, purely spiritual. On this level, the Father visits his creatures personally. This is the level of Father's personal presence that can only be experienced within. The Father exists throughout all creation, also, but as a personal being, he has his existence within every will creature. He endows his children, his will creatures, with personality and this allows his children to perceive his personally. So, on your level of existence, you partake of and perceive three levels of reality.

Presence, Maturity

The Father desires to approach his children, he can reveal himself to you, as a person and this is the ultimate experience of God to understand, to know him, as a personal friend. Many humans deal with God as an abstraction, as an hypothesis. But, the understanding that you need to achieve is that God is your personal friend. When you undertake to pray, think not that the Father is far away and that your prayers will fall short of his ear. He is the closest friend you will ever have. He is a constant presence within you, whether or not you open your heart and your mind to his presence. He is the supreme upholder, unifier and creator of all the vast universes, and yet at the same time, he is your own personal best friend.

When you are resolved to know God, and have opened your mind and your heart to his presence, you will know him as infinite gentleness, and infinite strength. It will occur to you that you can partake of his being at all times, in all circumstances, in each moment of every day. You will know the meaning of a door that has been opened which no man can shut. Indeed, the truth will be upon you and you will have no doubts, no nagging feeling that something doesn't fit, no worry that you placed your hopes and you dreams in something that may not be real. All that is washed away.

This period when you come to this realization is the beginning of the adolescence of your life. This is a period where you will learn the manners, the etiquette, the grace of adulthood, that you will have the feeling of starting to grow up, of knowing what's important and what is a distraction. And though you may be grey haired and aged, you will suddenly realize that your entire life had been spent in childhood. The future of your planet very much depends on the number of people who reach their spiritual adolescence who can put aside the petty materialistic and egocentric concerns of childhood and begin the initiation process of growing into maturity.

Be all of you of good cheer. You should all rejoice in your spiritual progress and know for certain that your faith is growing stronger every day. Each day, you are a little more able to surrender yourselves to love, and to the Father. Each day, you are a little better able to let go of your ego concerns, the perceived injustices and petty slights that are a part of living.

The time now is to look forward, not to look back. Take your steps along the spiritual path with firmness, decisiveness, and complete consecration of will. Remember that your being contains the highest levels of the universe, that you are never alone, for an instant. Your trust in the Father will only breed more trust. Once you have made the decision and taken the step to trust him, there is no returning to the places of fear and mistrust, the place of the child. Be exceedingly glad, rejoice in the love of God, keep your eye on that point of light that ever guides you, trust and keep trusting and you will find that there will be happiness and peace in this life time. Are there any questions at this time?



Q: Earlier when you were referring to spiritual adolescence, is the adolescent spiritual stage the only thing we can hope to attain as a free will creature in the physical plane, or is that what the average free will creature attains? You didn't really talk about advancing further.

Ham: Usually, maturity is gained during the mansion world experience and even after traversing the entire level of morontia existence, then once again you are a baby in the spirit form. Jesus attained full morontia level maturity while still in the flesh, but I would call that an exception. Does that answer?

Q: Yes, thank you.

Q: Ham, you mentioned something in your lesson about the planet needing a certain number of people gaining more spirituality and that reminded me about the book that is out called the hundredth monkey. That is about how after a certain number of people attain some information then it is suddenly available to everyone. I wonder if you could elaborate on that theory?

Ham: We look around your world and see the beginning of a great spiritual renaissance. We also see dangers to that awakening. We desire that something like your theory should occur in the form of spiritual transcendence and the brotherhood of man would become a fact instead of a fantasy. So, yes, there is some truth to this, we desire of course to retrain you all for leadership to give you the spiritual understanding that will help you grow to the point of realizing your destinies. All people have before them a great and noble destiny of service to the kingdom, to the universe. But, there are very, very few who begin to realize this. Most people live and die with frustration and unrealized dreams.

Q: This awakening into our adolecence, this realization of our friendship with God, is this something that happens all of a sudden or does it come on gradually.

Ham: Everyone is different.

Q: I wonder if you would share with us how it was like for you?

Ham: For me it was gradual, like the sunrise, there is first the lightening of the sky and then the first rays pop out over the horizon. It is something like that.


Q: There are a number of books out that would qualify as channeling, for lack of a better word, such as Course in Miracles and another called Conversations with God. Specifically, I am interested in those two and about their sources. Could you elaborate on those?

Ham: I cannot pass judgment as to the content of these books. It is only for you and each person to take truth from whatever source and to hold it as your own. That which is not ultimately true, which does not continue to serve your growing spiritual need, can be left aside. But, each person has a different temperament, a different life view, and different requirements, so what may be just right for you at the time may not fit another's needs at all. Truth is a living thing, and as you grow in the truth, and grow in your ability to discern truth, it becomes easier to side step the pitfalls that sometimes accompany a grain of truth. That is all.

Q: Ham, may I ask my usual question.

Ham: Yes, Jarad, certainly. Do not worry that you are lagging behind because there is something growing within you, your soul, and this will carry you through to the next levels of understanding. You are like a runner who is needing to jump a hurdle, and you run up to it, and then turn back,run up and then turn back. But, all the while, you are gathering strength and determination so that soon the hurdle can be jumped with ease. Don't feel you have to push, you don't.

Q: Do you have anything for Rebecca?

Ham: Yes, daughter, you are seeing the way for you is opened. The time is at hand and you are growing into the understanding that is required. Communication with the Father is open and direct. Rejoice and be exceedingly glad. All is as it should be and your courage and determination is admirable.

Q: Do you have anything for Esmirelda?

Ham: Child, you have suffered from your heavy responsibilities and duty but these burdens are not permanent and your life will indeed change. Don't be unhappy know that the Father has required that you should fulfill these duties and responsibilities. Be grateful for them, for they are valuable training in your eternal existence.

Q: And for Elena?

Ham: You need right now to hold to center. If you were steering a course, keep straight ahead.

Q: Ham, do you have any feedback to give me this evening?

Ham: Brodan, we rejoice in your successes and your growth, but it is evident to all those who know you. The weather ahead may hold a few storms, but on the whole, you are achieving a great deal and cannot be knocked off the horse.

Q: Ham I was wondering if you had anything for me, and it is my understanding that we have personal teachers and could that be revealed to me tonight?

Ham: Indeed son, you will receive a teacher in the coming time. You are beloved and treasured by very many teachers. It is not yet fully decided which one will be assigned. We are very pleased with your progress and are also happy to see you be a part of this discussion group. In the mean time, before you are making contact with your teacher, I will be glad to discuss with you any thing and help you in any way I am able.

Q: Ham, do you have any helpful words for me?

Ham: Edward, the tree of life has many branches and much fruit. Some fruit is bitter if picked before its time and some is rotting on the ground and can't be restored to its former state. There is however, a fruit that is perfectly ripe and ready to enjoy, but you might have to search for it. Don't be worried or anxious if this seems to take a long time because it's just in the nature of things. Do you understand what I mean?

Q: I believe I do.


Ham: If there are not any further question, I will depart until next week. Farewell.