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Topic: Receptivity

Group: Woods Cross TeaM


Teacher: Abraham

TR: Nina



I am ABRAHAM. I am happy to meet with you as always. I am understanding of your mortal lives, and I attempt to arrange our lessons accordingly. Urantia at this time experiences great activity, spiritually speaking. It will be through self-mastery that all activity becomes coordinated. On our level we view your world as a new and budding garden. Everything is growing naturally, and in some ways, the garden is in disarray. Through your steps to attaining self-mastery you are allowing the good gardener to beautify the garden. In order to beautify the garden there is tilling of the soil, pruning of the various plants, protecting the young sprouts from the various elements, and as this analogy is applied to you and your world, this can be somewhat painful. Evolution is somewhat painful to allow for more growth.


We have been speaking on mastering the spirit poisons, small steps to maintaining our divine connection to overcome the animal tendencies. Last week we spoke on anxiety, and this week we will continue on this line of thinking towards becoming more patient.


A child unknowing of the benefits one can gain through extended waiting cries for immediate satisfaction. A child is unknowing of the time factor that must take place in every situation. As adults you too can take on some of this juvenile behavior in being impatient. Your ancestors had gone only on instinct without pause to consider time. As the world now moves with its technology, mortals are believing they can cheat time, thereby feeding into the spirit poison of impatience. The mature adult knows that little is gained without careful planning, concentration, and energy to work.

Most good fortune that accidentally befall mortals is not entirely appreciated, and they feel that it is owed to them. Those that are downcast by bad fortune are believing to be in the midst of being unlucky. A mature child of the living Father is knowing that every good thing comes from Father, and is in close connection regardless. The mature child of God also knows that bad fortune is but a lesson, and again, is thankful regardless. Impatience is not to be defined lightly. It is the cause of many accidents, ill health, divorce, and isolation.

Impatience should be a different definition to you than possibly to your unbelieving mortal friends, fellows. You, my students, are standing at the beginning of eternity and know that this life is just the start of a long and adventurous career to come. You, my students, are also a little impatient when it comes to grasping spiritual ideas. Your good intentions are known on High, and yet, some of you would chastise yourselves for being slow. It is said the race for perfection is on. My friends, you must pace yourselves, maintain balance, and variety in life to continue on with the race. One who would be burdened by impatience is likely to stumble or be delayed. We can each see as mature children of the living Father that we are only at the beginning of eternity. Our path is well lit. All our good things are from Father, as well as our bad things are a lesson. To you who seek improvement upon your level of patience and tolerance, I would again recommend stillness as always, study as always, a rich prayer life also.


Tonight I would recommend to you concerning having control over impatience would be to begin a journal or log of some sort to clarify your impatient thoughts. To put your impatience on paper tends to draw the attention away from the time factor and makes your dilemma somewhat smaller. This method also works for anxiety, depression, fear, and anger. To begin a journal of thoughts is to ask questions. To ask questions is to receive answers, whether your answers are from Father, or me, or another teacher, is not clear for me to say, but I can tell you that this is a beginning of clarified thinking, remaining teachable, and closer communion with our Father. If it is possible this week I would ask that you begin a journal of thoughts and feelings. Any questions?


ROLAND: Abraham, I have an opportunity tonight to speak to some people via the radio. It will be at 10:00 tonight. I am sure you are already aware of it. I guess my question would be is there any kind of advice you might give me that would assist me in promoting the Father's business with this opportunity to communicate with a number of people?

ABRAHAM: Certainly. One moment. I am told that this event has already been prearranged. You have been well trained for this evening. It is my information that you, in combination with the man that is your son-in-law, work well together and bring out the best in one another. I am told to say to you talk with this man as if it is only you and him having an discussion alone. Your combination of energy and enthusiasm will shed light on those topics you have planned. One thing, make it simple, and keep it as real as possible, close to the earth. Let your listeners know that the spiritual life is real and a great enhancement to everyday living. Does this help? (Very much. Thank you so much.) You're welcome. Another question?

Adjustment, Parenting

ROINDA: I have a question Abraham. Mostly I just need guidance because I have been having a lot of anxiety lately. I just need to know, rather than through my prayers, maybe you could give me some ideas of what I can do in my day to day life so I can get past all these past issues that keep coming up in my life, just on how to go about my day dealing with things that come up, issues that come up?

ABRAHAM: Certainly. My understanding is that you are experiencing the same changes as many adults do upon entering parenthood. To be a parent one finds that they are a part of something greater than themselves. They find that they would seem to be somewhat fading out while giving over to the growth of a child. To be a parent you are not just you anymore. In these faded lines it is difficult to understand who you were before the child, and who you are now. As your child grows you are once again taken through your own childhood, and yes, these issues of the past present themselves. This is indeed is for a purpose, and to unify your being, unify your experiences that make up your being. To be the steward over a child is the best concept you could gain on your Father in Heaven. To view yourself, not just as you, but a connection to another living, breathing being, is to see your Father's extended self as a real significant part of you now. I can't say that this will be simple. All I can assure you of is that you are quite close to Father, and are entirely qualified to make decisions that extend from the Spirits point of view. You act from your Spirit, and that should indeed give you rest. You are charged with a great responsibility. I can say that Nathaniel will grow to carry on your work. I would encourage you to keep praying, and attempt to find time for your journal of thoughts. I would ask that you know that Nathaniel is an extension of you, but you still are the Father's child, a child of God, your own distinct, separate being, loved completely. Look for opportunities to find serenity apart from your home life, a short amount of time would do you well to contemplate your status as a daughter of the living God. Does this help?

ROINDA: It does. I have one more question. One of the reasons I am having such anxiety is I feel like in my lifetime I have not lived an exactly moral life, but how do I teach my son without feeling like such a hypocrite. I have made a lot of mistakes in my life. I don't want to teach him things that I feel like I have made the mistakes of doing, but yet I know I need teach him.

ABRAHAM: You are aware of your mistakes, and that is almost enough not to repeat them. Forget not that Nathaniel will also teach you. An innocent child naturally endowed with love and acceptance is a great teacher. Worry not of your past mistakes, as I said, these are your lessons, and now that you are aware of them, they are under your control to be modified. You are not destined to repeat your past mistakes, no, but I cannot guarantee that you will not make any mistakes. This is only natural with parenthood. Your mistakes are well understood, and your child will always know that you acted from love. Does this help? (Yes. Thank you.) You're welcome.


One more question. If there are no pressing questions I would take my leave. Know that my love for you grows continually. Remember to begin a journal if time is permitting. My love is with you always. Until next week, shalom.