1997-11-11-Be Better Acquainted With Father's Energy

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Topic: Be Better Acquainted With Father's Energy

Group: Woods Cross TeaM


Teacher: Abraham

TR: Nina



I am ABRAHAM. Welcome to you, my friends. I can hardly express how spirit-filled I feel this evening. Listening to you talk about spiritual ideas with such practicality fills me with certain gladness. I am beyond words to express my gratitude to our Father for my assignment here with you. In our lessons on self-mastery it becomes more easy to apply them to daily living when you can discuss it among one another. This week I have observed, and I would say, our collective understanding is moving as expected. Your efforts to live these lessons make me to be in a state of awe and happiness. I am beginning to see what Father sees when He views His beloved children. It is understandable how precious you are to Him.



Knowing and feeling the love and presence of our Father is a living energy. To be faith-filled in every aspect of daily living is a source of divine power. To step into self-forgetfulness leads to feeling, and knowing more of the love, and presence, of our divine Father. We have discussed holding back in areas of the brotherhood. Keeping to yourself leads you to be distant with our Father. Fearing to go out on that limb to serve your fellows is an extinguishing of the fuel that feeds the flame of good news.

It can be confusing to teach self-mastery, by definition--to hold back of the more animal-like self, and then ask that you not hold back of your true being. I am in understanding of this paradox, yet when we review our past lesson on allowing the divine self to steer our human-self, we can begin to understand that we are not to hide our human self, but to allow it to be taught, open, perhaps small, and teachable. I mean not to create confusion, but to turn each of you inward to your own Father, the source of truth, the source of all that is True, Good, and Beautiful.

To move through your mortal life in direct contact with your Father Fragment leads you to be fueled by His divine energy. To hold back in any area of mortal living would create a barrier to receiving this divine energy. Moving in towards self-forgetfulness leads you to dwell more upon the Spirit, and not from a place retaining Spirit poisons. In being with the Spirit one can act from the Spirit. Do you see in your self-forgetfulness there is the receiving of divine understanding and energy to act upon your spiritual notions without holding back.

Your Father is in full understanding of your needs, and attempts to see that they are fulfilled in 'His time,' in 'His time' being your experience, your attainment of spiritual understanding. This week I would ask that you attempt to feel the actual presence of your Indwelling Father, perhaps attempt to distinguish Michael's presence during your human trials. Attempt to notice the difference between my presence and Father's presence, my energy and Father's energy. I mean for you to become better acquainted with your recognition of Father and His divine energy.

In your moments of holding back self-pity, or overmuch self-analysis, casts your net to the spiritual side of the boat, if that means through stillness, reading, study, creativity, discussion with another, then so be it. I would ask that you take a step away from your knowledge toward your Father's knowledge. Continue to journal, and begin to understand the spiritual equations set before you.I can take questions.


ROHNDA: Abraham, I wanted to introduce Jan. I don't know if you have talked to her before. She is visiting our group tonight. I just wanted to give her an opportunity and say hello.

ABRAHAM: Greetings to you, Jan. It is my honor to meet with you again. Have you a question?

JAN: Do you have anything to address with me?

ABRAHAM: I am in understanding our meeting is set to take place and I look forward to your questions. I am familiar with you, and I can understand that you have reached somewhat of a crossroads, and have questions on how to proceed. Yes, we are looking forward to our meeting. Another question?

Thought Adjusters

RACHEL: Well Father Abraham, two or three weeks ago you made a statement to me that I would like to ask you to clarify please. I believe the exact words were, " there has been only one Indwelling Father Fragment that has escorted you through your mortal life." That kind of sounds like maybe some mortals have had an experience with more than one Father Fragment. Would you mind explaining that?

ABRAHAM: Certainly. In most mortals there has been only one Father Fragment upon the time that one can make moral decisions, and yet I can say that there has been rare instances where mortals have been indwelled by two separate Adjusters, but only in rare cases. The Father would never give up on a child, and yet some have been so completely far from Him that that Adjuster had been reassigned, only to have that mortal experience some event that would make him call out for God. Upon the calling there is another Father Fragment assigned. This is quite rare. The majority though do travel mortal life and beyond with the same Indwelling Father that knows them completely, and guides them when it is allowed. I also can say that most Thought Adjusters have previous experience before they meet their human candidate. Is this answering. (Yes it is and I thank you kindly.) Another question?


ROLAND: During the past few weeks I have been sleeping 10 to 12 hours a night. This release of energy in the muscles and joints feels a lot like when I was in boot camp. I wore a big steal helmet, a 60 pound pack on my back, and walked 10 miles. The end of the day I'd take that pack off, and that steal helmet off, and just feel this release of weight and crushing influence. I've sensed that in the last couple weeks. I am almost embarrassed to say I have slept that much, but it just feels so absolutely good. I am wondering if you can give me some spiritual insight in this physical phenomena?

ABRAHAM: Certainly. One moment. I am told you are allowing yourself to have that liberty that you have not allowed before. These days you have allowed Father to carry you without interference from the ego. You have begun to grasp my message on self-forgetfulness, and the liberty has removed a great burden from you. You find your spiritual mission to be pleasant, and a source of energy and joy, not a burdensome labor. In this liberty there is a great amount of spiritual energy, and this can lead you to some confusion. In the balancing of this energy and spiritual liberty there will be better utilization of these divine forces, and excessive sleep will not be necessary. As for now I would ask you not to have concern, and allow for time to have balance, to create balance. Continue your stepping aside to allow Father to make your spiritual mission a complete joy, and not a heavy pack to carry. Yes. Is this answering?

ROLAND: Yes it is very clearly. During your message to me I recognized one of the feeling that I got is the feeling of the words of Michael, peace beyond understanding. It is in that peace that there comes an incredible willingness to give up the ego, and in that comes a sleep that is very, very deep and restful. It seem like those two things work together.

ABRAHAM: Yes, you are in understanding. As our mission progresses these physical feelings that are first recognized will become commonplace. You are witnessing the physical affects of our spiritual link. Yes. Another question?


CALVIN: Abraham, this week in Time magazine there is a big article on a universe that was discovered through Hubble--very, very beautiful. I find some very unique, interesting statements in that article in comparison to the Urantia Book a way back, like quite a few years back, and now showing the same similarities. It seems like our science has progressed closer to reality than what our religions have. Do you have any comment to make on that issue?

ABRAHAM: Probably not more comment than what you could already give. There is a new understanding in science that without faith in a Supreme Being the universe is occurring by chance. With all of sciences technology there is not one thing that can measure faith, and yet in their studies, faith has proven to have an energy of its own. People of spiritual faith have been known to live a more healthy life and live longer, be more joy-filled and give service back to the community. These studies are scientists only proof that God does exist, and the answers are within the study of humankind. As for the study of the universe, time will show that Urantia is a very small planet in a very large and organized universe. This cannot be seen through a telescope, but felt in the core of the soul. It is becoming common knowledge to each also that the universe contains life. Is this answering?


CALVIN: Yes. Beautifully. Thanks. That's some good insight. Quickly, I think Nina does such a good job transmitting, do you want her to keep going through all this personal transmitting, or do you think she needs some help? I don't know if I am clear enough. I don't have near as much faith in my own transmissions that Nina does, but that might be just a thing we all feel of ourselves too. I would be glad to help if Nina wants or if you want. Its okay if you say not yet too.

ABRAHAM: I have complete faith in your abilities to transmit, and practice will prove to bring you more confidence. But I would say this is your decision. If it is your desire to assist then I would help to uphold you in your decision. I am in agreement that your service could be put to good use. You are qualified to minister to your fellows through this method of transmitting, and yet I will work with you on your level of comfort. Does this answer?

CALVIN: Yes very much. I say yes. I would be glad to help out because I know its tough to fill all the schedules. I think a session or two I would be more comfortable. I'd be glad to help. I think the group would know that if they want a personal meeting with you they would feel comfortable to ask, and if they don't feel comfortable with me, then I am sure Nina would still help on her end too.

ABRAHAM: I am appreciative of your flexibility, and we have asked for this to come about for all to receive that ministering that they need. Worry not. One more question?


ROLAND: If there is not another person who wants one cause I have already had one. With all this opportunity to sleep and communicate with the Father, and my own personal guide, I have been working on something that Calvin reminded me of, and that is the universe and how we get through it. My exposure to the four directional creatures (34:4.12) may have been precursor to what I am going to ask you. It seems like what I have been given is the four directional creatures are in our local universe to help the soul get back to Salvington, where we pass through Michael, to continue our journey into the grand universe. One of the functions is when we move from one sphere to the other sphere that when we are reconstituted that those four directional creatures give you a sense of direction on which ever sphere we are in. It was curious to me because it seemed kinda like my own hallucinations, so I wanted to check it out with you. Is that the purpose of the four directional creatures--to give us a sense of orientation?

ABRAHAM: One moment. I am in understanding that you are somewhat correct, and I would say that I am not able to speak further on this until I am more fully prepared. There is a great list of universal mysteries each much study in order to teach. I am inadequate at this time to explain. I would be happy to research this information and relay it back to you. Is this acceptable?

ROLAND: Yes. Thank you very much. I appreciate that. It would help me a lot. It seems like its been on my mind quite a bit. So it would be a relief to know that I am proceeding in the right direction, so to speak. Thank you.


ABRAHAM: Yes certainly. You're welcome. Thank you for your participation in the expansion of our collective understanding Roland, my friend. I would ask you to continue to ponder over this evenings lesson, and I would express to you my love and continued assistance. Until next week, shalom.