1998-01-09-Sixth Anniversary of Pocatello Group

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Topic: Sixth Anniversary of Pocatello Group

Group: Pocatello TeaM


Teacher: Daniel, Tomas, Cora, Machiventa, Alexis, Minearisa

TR: Bill K., Cathy, Nancy



Sharing and Prayer


Teaching Mission

Daniel (Bill): This is Daniel, your teacher, guide and friend for eternity. It is my honor to begin our session this evening on this most momentous occasion - the beginning of your seventh year in the active path of searching for God-consciousness, soul growth, community expansion, and additional assistance in walking the pathway of the Father's will. Tonight is for me a most joyous occasion, for I have now helped shepherd you for these past six years - sometimes through dark valleys of the shadow of adversity and sorrow, and many times on the mountaintops of joy, hopefulness, and mirth. You have tonight displayed many moods, ranging from sincerest pleasure in each other's presence to endearing companionship of love that embraces you all in a greater sense than any of you individually can understand. Also have you been somber and serious at times, grieving over your loved ones and friends. You have been reflective and looked back to the past and surveyed your progress. You have taken pleasure in the present moment and you have shared your intuitions about the future. There will be another who will speak to the future, but I wish to leave with you my immense sense of pride and joy in you, my younger brothers and sisters. I have never enjoyed a teaching assignment in my personal past more than this one. It has equaled and exceeded my fondest expectations. And I too look forward to our coming year together for with the completion of seven years we will indeed have established a perfection cycle. By this I do not mean that you will all achieve Paradise Havona levels of perfection, but we as a group will have arrived at a significant number and I expect that this coming year will continue to shower its blessings upon us individually and together. There are several speakers this evening who wish to send their greetings and comments, and so I will terminate my comments to you with this final statement - know how much I love you! I am Daniel.

Tomas (Bill): This is Tomas. I would not let this go by without my request for a brief moment of your time on this most auspicious occasion. Once again, my friends, I regard you all as family and my most cherished companions in the work of Christ Michael. My thanks to Ken for his beautiful presentation of my teachings and the effort that went into it which shows me that he is in fact a lover of the truth. I bring you greetings from Gerdean. She would give her eye teeth to be here tonight. She is hoping to find a way to pay a visit as has been discussed before. I anticipate this coming year will bring more interaction between group teachers as the bonds grow more firm and stronger between the groups of this Teaching Mission. I am therefore hopeful that you will hear from me and I will be graced with your presence more than a few times. Otherwise everything is going well for us in our new assignment and we are adjusting to a different climate of personality complexion. You see, my friends, I originally intended to be the teacher for a group in New Mexico, but human choices were not forthcoming that would have permitted such a group. And then I was invited by Daniel to join him in this marvelous experience here in Southeast Idaho and I have permanent bonds with you all that will never be displaced.

Now in this Teaching Mission assignment I am learning many new things about the culture of the Eastern United States - many things about a different system of values than I experienced in your presence. You see, teachers are students, as you know, and I am learning even as are my so-called students learning. And you are the same. You are also teachers to each other, to others that you meet every day. Your influence is far grander than you can know in this life. When you review your life on the mansion worlds, you will see how much progress and how much benefit you have brought to this once-sorry world, now a world in reclamation, a world in transformation. My love to you all. Good evening.

Cora (Cathy): This is Cora, Marty's personal teacher. I have left my charge briefly to stay with the festivities here and make a brief statement of congratulations. Your love and prayers for Marty are heard and are helpful. Please remember her in the coming week. I will withdraw now. Good evening.

(long silence)


Machiventa (Bill): Greetings. This is Machiventa Melchizedek, your Planetary Prince acting in behalf of Christ Michael, Master Son of Nebadon, Planetary Prince of Urantia. I have been invited by Minearisa to celebrate with you this year completed and to bring you my news. As one who has walked on this beautiful sphere, as one who has presented the truth of the righteous eternal God of the universes to struggling mortal men and women, I know from my personal experience what it is like to be a mortal, at least to a certain degree. We Melchizedeks relish emergency missions. We are natural 'wanna-fixers" - that is, it is a natural feeling for us to correct that which is astray. And so I am honored to represent my sovereign, Jesus of Nazareth, Son of God and Son of Man as acting Planetary Prince.

Urantia Book

Indeed is Michael present on Urantia often. He continues to supervise his entire universe as befits a Universe Sovereign, but he has of course a unique relationship to this plane, this planet of his seventh bestowal, of his mortal experience. And of course it is his work to bring this Correcting Time to this planet. The Father, the Son, and the Spirit authorized this special dispensation to the rebellion planets of Satania. They endorsed the plan of your Sovereign Michael to bring a fifth epochal revelation to this world. It was a stupendous, enormous undertaking to materialize The Urantia Book in English, and it was a project of many, many years of Urantia time. Of course I had a lot to do with this project because of my connection with the administration of Urantia. The book has simmered gently in the waters of truth over the past number of years and its impact has been gradually increasing. Never was it intended to be understood or experienced in fullness until the process of spiritual and cultural evolution reached the necessary levels to make it possible for its revelation to meaningfully interact with your world. It is our appraisal that the time is near for it to be impacted in a major way.


Even I do not know the future, for I am merely a Melchizedek Son. But our best models of prediction are exciting us with the prospects of what this Correcting Time is going to be accomplishing. And so, like you, we feel excited. We feel that the future will continue to surprise all of us with its potentials for dramatic improvement, for its capacity for correction. The transmissions of the past which emphasized sudden changes were not in error in content but were misunderstood due to a compression of events that appeared to signal immediacy. If evolution has collapsed over many years into the space of weeks, it appears miraculous, dramatic, and so forth. All the perspectives that you have illustrated in your conversation this evening show what improvement has occurred in your lives in a mere six years. In a mere six years! When this kind of progress becomes more and more pervasive, there will be a synergistic acceleration which will sweep across this world with such dramatic effect that it will take your breath away. I am not saying this will happen tomorrow. But I am saying that the progress you have made is illustrative of what is possible, for this is a group experience of the summation of all of your individual lives.

The new thing that is beginning to happen is an infiltration into your culture - and by this I mean the culture of Urantia, not merely the United States - of higher values, of greater truths, of foreshadowings of the future. For example, your fad of angels is not merely a fad, but is fostered by the angelic corps active on this planet. The infiltration into your media is a result of spiritual men and women who are listening to their inner Adjusters that are suggesting to them ideas which are finding fruition at many levels.

Yes, this is your seventh year coming up. It will complete the cycle of seven. I too am excited over its prospects. These are my words tonight to you and because of the lateness of the hour and the nature of this meeting, we will not follow our usual format of interaction. There are two more speakers, therefore I withdraw. My love to you all. Good evening.


Alexis (Cathy): I recognize the hour grows late, but I would like, just for a moment to touch upon something brought up in your sharing time - and that is the topic of addiction. It may help you to recognize that addiction is merely a way of numbing oneself to inner pain. And those who are addicted do not recognize the havoc they wreak. All they know is that they must have their next fix, be it alcohol, be it drugs, be it food, be it rage, in order to not deal with the inner pain which they believe will consume them. I hope this may be of help to some of you. Good evening.

Minearisa (Nancy): Greetings my friends. It is my most sincere pleasure to congratulate you for your accomplishments of the past year - for the adversities through which you have grown, for the bonding you have solidified through these difficult times, for the losses you have grieved, for the challenges you have assumed, for the growth you have acknowledged. I am Minearisa, your instructor resident here with you, overseer of this teacher base.

My students, friends, peers, colleagues, we are enormously proud of your accomplishments of the past twelve months as well as the change that is apparent over the larger span of the mere six years. The first twelve and the last twelve have been your most challenging, yes; the first twelve because of the newness, shock, uncertainty, out-of-this-world nature of this interaction and the last twelve because of the trials by fire through which you individually and as a group have walked. The loss of your dear friend and loved one, Rutha, has been most difficult for all of you, to a varying degree. And yet each of you have, at different levels, accepted the truth that God uses all things for the good - and that this passage for Rutha too will be used for all involved for the good. As you know, she is well, joyous, happy, and sends her love to you each this day. She is thrilled with her role in this occasion and her false humility has lifted to the point that she can embrace herself in broad congratulations for facing her fears in embracing this new method of communication and this unknown world of spiritual contact which most of you now take somewhat for granted. I have been given permission from those in authority above even of the Melchizedek Corps to make these statements to you this evening. Michael himself wishes you to know of Rutha's progress, of Rutha's continuing to follow the news of this group, and of her love for all of you.


And now the time has come to blow the horns, to let the confetti fly, to blow the whistles, laugh, hug, embrace, kiss, be filled with joy. Another season is completed - a new one, full of promise, lies ahead. Step forward with courage, with gratitude, with hope, with the knowledge that you are in good company. You walk hand-in-hand with our sovereign Christ Michael, Christ Jesus of Nazareth. Enter this year in peace and in the knowledge that God will work God's will. Shalom.