1998-01-25-Giving Up Self

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Topic: Giving Up Self

Group: Nashville TeaM


Teacher: Ham

TR: Rebecca



Ham: Greetings, children, I am Ham and I thank you for coming here this evening. Tonight, we shall talk about relinquishing the self.


Surrender, Self

When you are concerned with self, you add extra concerns and problems to any situation. When you are driven by self, you are sure to wind up in a ditch. Happiness and peace of mind are only attained through this gradual relinquishment of self.

Putting self concerns into your work is an error. The work you all have ahead is important, very important, and the work can only be exalted in proportion as you can humble yourself and relinquish self-interest. You should not at this time be concerned about your monetary well being. By now, you have learned to put the work first and the support for that work will be forthcoming. But further, you must all learn to put aside the injuries and slights to self that are part of working in the world. If you focus on these slights or bruising of the ego, you belittle the work by exalting inconsequential problems.

You must all learn to suffer the slings and arrows of fortune. It is part of living, and cannot be avoided as you learn to turn away from these things and to understand that the self is not important, pride is not important, ego vanity is not important. The Lord can only make you an instrument of his work if you can essentially let go of these things and allow the ego to suffer what may seem to be injustice. There are many types of injustice in the world. There is injustice everywhere. You cannot help but to run up against it if you work in the world.

You must let yourselves be open to all people, don't fear their anger, their power, their insults. As you go through many of these things without urging revenge, you will find an inner peace that very few have known. Getting even, showing somebody, having revenge does not bring peace. Peace is achieved when this urge for revenge is forgotten. Peace is achieved when the self does not submit to injury and this is only achieved through the mind's relinquishing of the self to the spirit. When you can truly say it doesn't matter what happens to me, the insults, the injustice, all of that is of secondary importance to the work I am doing, the ideals I am exalting, then will you find peace.

Find the place in your heart that feels injured or self-pitying, find some way to talk to yourself, to open the heart and allow spiritual healing, and when you allow this healing, allow also spiritual protection for that place. Let that place be vulnerable inside, because you are secure in your spiritual armor.

There will always be people who are unbelieving and seeking to pull you d own. There will always be people who will fear what you have to say and what you are offering. Are you then to rebuff them and penalize them some way because they were afraid. Fear always causes irrational, rash, and unfounded decisions. You must understand this in your fellows, and seek only to give comfort .

You children have all made great advances against fear, but you must realize that your fellows in the world have not made these strides and remain imbedded in a fearful state of mind most of the time. Be understanding and tolerant of your benighted fellows. Extend to them only the hand of love, not a hand of vengeance or desire to wound. Are there any questions at this time.


Q: This is how the prophets could do what the did? They worked in the face of great persecution, yet were able to give their message to the people.

Ham: Yes, exactly.

Q: I guess the apostles got to this point too, although they sometimes didn't like when they argued about who was going to have the best place in the kingdom.

Ham: This ability is conjoined with spiritual growth, so though they were unable to do this while Jesus was with them, like Peter's denial of the Master, they were able to do this very much in later years as in Peter's rejoicing that he would be put to death in the same manner as the master had been.


Q: Ham, what I am struggling with is knowing that the work I am doing is the work that is intended for me in such a manner that I would receive the support that you mentioned earlier. Since I became involved with the mission, I have a lot of reevaluation of what I do in my daily work and am in a transition period, but sometimes feel very uncertain about how I spend my day as opposed to work in support of the kingdom. Could you address that concern?

Ham: All your earthly work will be molded eventually to serve a higher purpose. You don't have to change vocation to serve the Father. Your vocation is brought into service as your intention and resolve are brought into his service. The Father uses everything, everyone. Every human being who has intention to do the Father's will will be used. Sometimes, when this resolve and intention are complete, there is a change in vocation or residence etc., but you son at this time are fulfilling your duties to the Father, to the Master, to your family and friends to the best of your ability. Do not have anxiety or fear about your place in the mission. Lisa will gently give you guidance in these areas as well. Seek her counsel and you will find support and aid in your every day existence.


Q: Today on television I saw a program about various cults who are attempting to communicate with extraterrestrials and various spiritual beings and without judging the veracity or truth contained in any particular movement, I would like to hear you speak to the issue of how we present ourselves publically regarding the mission, and I have gotten the impression that you have counseled circumspection and a conservative approach. Is that correct at this time?

Ham: This question is yet premature, when others inquire of you personally, answer however you feel appropriate. At this time, we are training individuals to work in the world and express higher values. Whether or not that includes expressing belief in the teaching mission and its people is up to each individual. There is no public scrutiny at this time.

Q: Often I have to make decisions in my work about whether or not to give a talk or do something else, how can I tell the difference between wanting to do it for myself or wanting to do it for the work with my self removed?

Ham: Sometimes the interest of the work and the interest of the ego-self are the same thing and those questions are obvious and simple. Other times, something may be in the supposed best interest of the ego's immediate gratification but not in the greater interest of the work. It is easier to see this by just being conscious that this is a possibility. For most humans, the ego has run away with them and they equate everything that is self exalting as being somehow good for the overall picture and of course this is the supreme folly, even the folly of Lucifer. One must always step back and see what is best for the self as being just that and no more. One must put the work first and the self second to find peace. When you begin to look at things in those terms, you will see clearly the distinction and know when you are committing these follies. Is that helping?

Q: I think I was thinking that besides having this sense of peace, that t he work would go better in the long run if you could take the ego out of it. Is that a correct assumption?

Ham: Work always is improved and goes better with ego uninvolved, yes. But being human beings, you will be struggling with this ego factor all your life and so it is helpful to have a method to break down the components of a complex situation and say to yourself what is my ego involvement in this and what is really better for the work in the long run.

Q: Yes, I think that is extremely helpful and I think you are right that I will have to struggle all the rest of my life with that.

Holy Spirit, Spirit of Truth

Q: Continuing with these questions from James I., the last five years of transcripts, nothing has been said about the Holy Spirit and its relationship to the Spirit of Truth, what might be the reason this has not come up in six years.

Ham: Son, you clearly have limited exposure to the teaching mission and its teachings. If you would look further, there has been very much discussion of this subject. The Holy Spirit is referring to the Mother Spirit, I believe. Nebadonia herself has spoken many times and has given very much aid and comfort to teaching mission participants. Michael himself has spoken many times and likewise given much aid and comfort to teaching mission participants. The loving Mother Spirit is always present, always available. Her concern, tenderness, and love are unmatched in Nebadon. Her Spirit is always close to your mind as is the Spirit of Truth. I would characterize her spirit as one of love and compassion while the Spirit of Truth always operates in conjunction with truth is also operates in conjunction with love and compassion. The Mother Spirit does not respond in you minds as truth, that is the difference.

Q: Mellisa wanted to know if you had anything for her tonight.

Ham: Daughter, come forth. Take boldly hold of the Master's outstretched hand. Let him comfort you, heed his counsel. He is the most faithful friend, the most constant of companions. Let his love pour over you, let him heal the wounds of your heart, and the confusions in your mind. Be of good cheer, for you have truly found the way of salvation. Have courage and hope. Hold your faith before you like a candle in the darkness. Your faith itself will illumine that which is hidden.

Q: Esmirelda?

Ham: Daughter, continue to read and to expand your faith. Don't let the concerns of the moment interfere with your seeking for truth, beauty, and goodness. Continue your walking regimen, this is very helpful. All is well.

Q: Elena?

Ham: Elena, daughter, be hopeful and allow your soul to expand. Do not fear or worry about the future. Right now you must live a day at a time and let the future take care of itself.

Q: Rebecca?

Ham: Yes, daughter, you are coming through a testing period and growth period that has been difficult for you. You are not taking enough time for your self and your study. Work on allowing the time necessary for this work as it is very important. I would also like to see you begin journaling and to focus on something positive to give thanks for every day.

Q: For myself.

Ham: Son, you are likewise doing well and have come very far in your spiritual preparation. You must likewise make a conscious effort to focus on the positive and on being grateful every day.

Q: Ham do you have feedback for me this week?

Ham: Brodan, you have come very far and are definitely operating on a higher level than before. You are becoming increasingly effective as a teacher and role model for sensitive young minds and are helping people much more than you realize. Do not wonder how this all will turn out because you see quite clearly some ways that you will be taken. Have trust in this insight, follow your highest ideals and inner most longings and you will be lead to the right place at the right time.

Q: Ham do you have anything further for me tonight?

Ham: Kellan, be happy that you are growing, maturing, and changing in many ways. You must submit to change and embrace change. Be open to new feelings in your heart towards people and things that are familiar. Likewise, you should begin a journal and focus on something to be grateful for every day.

Are there any further questions?

Q: Ham, I would like to ask one other question. This week president Clinton became embroiled in a sex scandal that might force his resignation. Would you care to comment about sex and the role of sex in our lives, it seems to cause so many problems. If you have something about that I would like to hear it.


Ham: No, I would rather refrain from comment at this time. Thank you for asking.

Children once again, my love and prayers are with you all. Farewell until next week.