1998-02-16-More On Forgiveness

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Topic: More On Forgiveness

Group: Woods Cross TeaM


Teacher: Abraham, Michael

TR: Nina



I am Abraham. How blessed am I to be witness to your discussions. Even as I listen, I learn. Even as I participate in your discussions, I rejoice at our Father's grand design. I feel that each time we meet and learn we come up against more difficult concepts, and from there, also more joy and gratitude from those forces that continue to assist us.


To understand the concept of forgiveness, there needs to be those occurrences that would educate you and create in you the desire to ask questions. The lessons on forgiveness are mandatory. Those occurrences that require forgiveness are painful and yet I say, you need not dwell in them alone. There is understanding when the time is right, when you have had the experience, when you have had the desire to ask questions and have stepped aside for Father to teach. It is true that at times you feel a bit more mortal than divine and yet I can say that you have the most divine mind at hand....

Michael: I am your Brother/Father. I would be with you here this evening to bid you an invitation to accept my assistance, to have use of my forgiveness. I indeed know first hand of the disloyalties of humankind. I experienced the worst that man has to offer. I also, had spent much time in meeting my fellows while in the flesh. I made effort to be in close contact and show interest in each mortal I contacted. I spent many hours in observance of my mortal counterparts and I learned much in all that Father could show me about humankind I had met, from the very least to the greatest. I had remained open to understanding the human psyche, habits and thought patterns. I was indeed one of you. I am inviting you now to be one with me. In your daily meetings with your fellows, I would assist you in a two fold understanding of them, one being human, the other divine. My days on earth taught me that there are many varying levels to human living. There are those that are quite connected to the animal self.

There are those who are challenged by mortal living and conduct their daily business with either the positive or negative. In understanding humankind I found within each one I met a most loveable aspect of their being. I literally learned to recognize this in my fellows as I became closer to my Father. I find that within each soul there is the creation of the Father who is in heaven and who dwells in you. I have seen the most evil in humankind and my one desire is to help. Not to condemn or pity or dismiss, but to assist to bring light, to bring love. I would find forgiveness to be a most valuable exercise in mortal living. He that would save his life for the sake of our Father would be saved, meaning that those willing to turn in the ego, would then have clear vision for finding spiritual meanings and values.

Those that do not have questions receive no answers. I would put before you today an offer to receive my understanding of your mortal counterparts to aide in the healing exercise of ‘forgiveness.' My resources are yours and I am ever close for you to receive that validation that you need, to give comfort and begin a healing process. To seek this comfort from your mortal friends or wrongdoers is not a divine choosing, but rather a human need to receive immediate healing or satisfaction. I am in understanding of the road you must travel, and I rejoice in the fact of my experience on earth if only to bring you my understanding, love and comfort. Know that you have a vast resource of spiritual assistance. It would be my honor to incorporate my understanding with yours. My peace be with you. My love also. Carry on.

I am Abraham. We are genuinely humbled in the presence of one who portrays perfect humility. To be assisted by one who upholds the universe is enough to make us small. Our love and gratitude to you our Brother/Father Michael. Your lessons are so much more, having your own mortal experience to draw upon to incorporate in our own daily living. I would gather from Michael's discourse on ‘forgiveness' that His experience on Urantia was very valuable wherein He observed various human personalities, became understanding of their habits and thought patterns, recognized that there lies within each soul warm and loving attributes. In all His understanding there was no need to right the wrongs in each one he met. There was only the wellspring of love that flows continuously through Him from our Father. Jesus had a keen interest in all Father's creations and questioned not His Fathers judgments on them.

Michael has offered you to utilize His understanding and mortal experience to assist you in this valuable exercise on forgiveness. My request suggestion for the week would be to attempt to gain the Father's understanding of your associates, friends and relationships. Know that Michael is unlimited in energy and no exercise on forgiveness is too meager for Him to be privy to . Allow Michael to extend himself in service and observe how your understanding grows. Are there questions?


Calvin: (paraphrased). My thanks for Michael and His message. In learning of Michael's experience... When one has offended us or is just plain being unfair or stating an un truth before us... as mortals, are we to sometimes step aside ourselves and allow for Father to correct another in His own way, in His own time, and for us to remain passive, just leave it alone? Or is our lesson here... to put our human selves aside, to allow for Father to express Himself to another ‘through us' even in and up front and sharp way at times perhaps, like as did Jesus on occasion when others thought he was being quite blunt or confrontational. Does my question make sense? I'm certain you know of what I mean!

Abraham: Yes. There were indeed times where the Master acted out sharply, and this through an understanding of Father's will. Yes, there are times when Father will so fill you with desire to put forth into action certain changes.

The Master, who spent time in solitary communion with Father, was quite close to Him, meaning at those times when it called for quick thinking and action, there were no thoughts of hesitation, there was thoughts of taking action for Fathers glory. In the Master's life, He lived each moment in the joy of glorifying the Father. Does this help in your understanding?

Calvin: Yes, it helps a ton. To me, this would take quite a disciplined mind and pattern!

Abraham: Yes, as the Master said, the exercise is always strengthening you to receive more advanced lessons.

Roland: (paraphrased). I had planned to ask another question, but this topic brings to my mind a situation I find myself faced with. It seems, to express my ideas in spiritual truths etc, that I have alienated my friends and even my family rather than if I would have not talked about my truths and understandings or if I had used softer tones. I seek your advice!

Abraham: Certainly my son. I do believe that with some of your fellows that no amount of softening of words will better relationships, that yes, some you know shall fall away and there is not much more you can do to remedy this.

People are growing always and at times this growth is away from one another. This is not to be negative if you have exhausted your human resources and have given them over to Father in prayer, yes. When genuine effort has been made, there is only moving on. Mortals you need to be in connection with Father will assist and make situations where you need to be in connection with them. Those that somehow slip away are not to cause you emotional pain. Is this answering?

Roland: Yes and thank you again for your help. Also, I know that Michael knows this, but I accept His invitation for Him to be of assistance in the understanding of my fellows and in learning of ‘forgiveness.'

Abraham: As do I my son, yes. Well done.


If there are no more questions, I am in a state of joy at the enhanced picture I have of the Kingdom. I am made to rest with the assurance that our Brother/Father is in complete knowing of all that we must accomplish. I would give to you each my love and assist you throughout the week. Until next week. Shalom.