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Topic: Ambassadors

Group: Woods Cross TeaM


Teacher: Abraham

TR: Calvin McKee



My humble gratitude my fellow brothers and sisters. Greetings I am Abraham. I am most grateful to be present to hear your discussion. It is my observation that you learn most in these discussions wherein you open your hearts to each other in expressing your understandings, feelings and viewpoints.


It is always important to also feel free in this family group to express your frustrations and pain. There are no mortal group settings more adapted to hear and share your feelings than is this group of like minded ascenders. I am always ready to assist you in your personal understandings of your development as individuals, as a group and as well this Teaching Mission, as pertaining to your roles in this Correcting Time.


Our Father who dwells within is ever present and conducts your path purpose. He is always attentive to your spiritual development. It is not His goal to make your life a bed of roses, but to challenge you with decisions to make that will enhance your spiritual growth.

Michael our Creator/Brother, is the creator of life that gives you Father's experience. He along with Mother, do prepare your opportunities. Michael having lived as you now live, is most qualified to lend His guidance and support in your daily experience. His role, along with your Universal Mother, is all encompassing to provide a way for your spiritual development and in carrying out your Indwelling Father's will.

Michael not only provides the way by the way of creation but through actual experience as ‘the way shower.' His personal life gives a pattern of example for all to examine and follow. Not only you who dwell upon this world, but all his created children upon all worlds within the creation of Michael and Mother.

Our Mother has many agencies with whom She directs to assist in your experiential path. Our Mother is also conscious of your every yearning, ambition and desire, as well as your sufferings, pains, confusions and sorrows. It is through her mind ministries which the currents of all Michael's creation are connected as one. Do you see how Her ministry is effective in contributing to the Supreme Being. She is always directing Her many agencies for the benefit of her children's well being.

Often times mortals are confused and perceive God as harsh, unjust, unkind and unloving. Our Mother uses all agencies within Her domain to help her children feel loved, cherished, cared for and watched over. These strifes and confusions upon your imbalanced and darkened world have caused man to fear, which has brought about much pain, suffering and sorrow. I am stating the fact of your material condition and will leave it at that for now. I choose again to dwell more upon where we go from here as new faith born creatures of our Divine Parents.

You who sit here this day do so not only because of your faith in our Divine Parents, but because of your desire to assist our Divine Parents in this world. You have chosen to conform to the pattern of Michael as He lived the life you know as ‘Jesus.' It is well that you should be aware of all assistance Father, Mother and Michael have provided for your hearts' desires. Each one of you present are capable to become the faith son and daughter to your Divine Parents in like manner as you perceive Jesus' Father/Son relationship.

I am willing to assist you in your individual roles as Kingdom ambassadors. Many also assist me in your behalf via instructions from our Universal Parents Mother and Michael. I have carefully presented lessons which will assist you in becoming more spiritually developed and cosmically aware. With that foundation you are indeed fortunate to join in this Correcting Time as ‘way showers' as was Michael as Jesus, and as He Michael with Mother continue to show the way to our Father.

I am most fortunate to be counted as your brother in this work and I would ask that you think of me as such your brother, not as someone high above you. I know quite well this same relationship is also what our Creator/Brother Michael and our Universal Mother wish to have with you. We are aware of your struggles and wish for you to share them also with us. In sharing them with each other keep in mind you are sharing them with us.

This week I would ask you to feel free to express your inner feelings to your faith filled brothers/sisters and with we who seek to assist you. We are great listeners and Mother is the greatest of Mothers to orchestrate to your needs. Think on the roles you have of ‘way showers' and how the Universe is available to assist you through our Divine Parents' love and assistance. I will take only a few questions.


Miriam: Abraham we have a new visitor tonight, his name is Kurt. Abraham: Kurt, my fellow faith traveler. I am pleased that you have chosen once again to be about your Father's business. Many things has your experience taught you, and I am informed that you are a good learner. I am pleased to be of assistance in your further development. Is there another question?

Thought Adjusters, Teacher Contact

Roland: Abraham, as you know we had our conference in Florida, and I appreciate your being there to assist in the transmission between Rebecca, Amster, you and myself. The issue that comes out... with some of the things that were said there, is in the processes of my seeking, my communications with the Indwelling Spirit, I have not as frequently sought the advise of my personal spiritual guide Amster. I was wondering if you could distinguish that for me. You could say it's important to know from a Teaching Mission transmission that to get to that Indwelling communication... how does that inter relate with a personal teacher? Could you shed some light on that?

Abraham: Yes Roland. It is a question many who are in this Teaching Mission have also asked. In our early days of development, it was quite a privilege for both Teacher and mortal, for the mortal to have this ‘Teacher connectedness,' and for the Teacher to have experience of ‘mortal connectedness.' However, we have noted that many become attached more so to the Teachers' assistance than to Michael's assistance and especially Father's Indwelling direction. It is quite like a grade school teacher would take such care and time with a new school learner, and as the child progresses through elementary stages, the teacher becomes less and less the focal point in the child's further development. Amster is always available through circuitry to be of assistance. Her role in the mission development has exceeded its initial purpose as well as your mortal role in creating a ground base for this teaching movement. Her continued role is to help foster other like pattern ground base developments as this mission progresses, just as your continued role. You however are now more capable to seek and incorporate the Divine direction. You will always have her as more of a sister companion in this work now, than as a ‘teacher student' role; mores so as co workers. Is this making things more clear for you?

Roland: Yes it is. And one of the things that came up as she was being transmitted by Rebecca, and early on in a communication with her, she had requested to transcend this universe with me, and was given the... she had received permission to ascend through this universe; being that "spirit fused" beings basically stay until all personalities pass through, and she had received permission to go on beyond this universe with me in my ascension climb. And it seemed to me like that's what you were saying that we become more of a brother and sister in our experience and be together in that experience. Can you confirm that for me, for that was really a shock for me to find that she had received that permission?

Abraham: Roland, I will only give you my viewpoint for in this circumstance of unusual events on this Michael's world, many normal patterns are altered adjusted to make way for further development in spiritual progress. I would confirm those desires of Amster in wanting to ascend with her mortal brother and with her class of mortals. I would state however, that unfolding events do bring about change of direction as we perceive tomorrow what we cannot perceive today. Though we have a higher viewpoint from yours meaning mortals, we do not have Michael's viewpoint. We are not far from your experience ourselves. We sometimes ask the same questions your morontial mind does ask. Is this helping?

Roland: Yes it is and thank you.

Abraham: One more question.

Rachael: Father Abraham, could you tell me what has happened to my teacher Saudia? I haven't heard from her in at least four years!

Abraham: Rachel my daughter my sister, you are hardly in need of a "teacher" for your spiritual learning at this time, but more so, Saudia as your companion friend and co worker. Do you see my lesson tonight, and how it ties to your individual selves with your Teacher companionship roles as equals, more so than you have perceived before as "Teachers" being on a much higher platform. This Brotherhood does indeed tend to equal the "Teacher pupil" to more of "Brotherhood status/sisterhood status." Saudia is assisting in other work in this mission, using those skills of communication she has developed with you, and through Mother's circuitry is almost instantly available to collaborate with you her friend, Rachel. She is available upon request but not as before your teacher. You know full well your Light of Truth and your Father Guide as your real teacher now. That is all.

Rachel: Thank you kindly.


Abraham: I am needing to cut our lesson time, for Calvin's communication with me is slipping. I wish to convey to each one of you present of my brotherly affection towards you my fellow co workers. My love is ever present within your hearts. It is the love Michael lends to me, and I am privileged to share it with you. Until next week, Shalom.