1998-03-16-God as Mother, Father

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Topic: God as Mother, Father

Group: Woods Cross TeaM


Teacher: Abraham

TR: Eleanor




(A prayer offering inspired by the words of Abraham and our Mother below.)


Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

For the boldness of your love

For the thorny rose bush whose

Promise is manifest in the velvet softness

Of the petal of the rose.

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

For the sweetness of your love

Replacing the foulness of our errors

With an unsuspected unique fragrance

Lifting us to higher places.

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

For the warmth of your love

Wrapping around us a soft blanket

During the darkest and coldest part of the winter

Bringing hope of the spring to come.

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

For the understanding in your love

For You know all that we all experience

Teaching us by Your example

How to be at one with the Will of the Father.

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

For the illuminating breeze of your love

That carries the drifting clouds of our doubt and fear

Lifting them to disappear in the ethers

And replacing them with certainty and confidence.

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

For the unswaying freedom of your love

That allows the new green grasses of the forest

To take root as they will to grow and flourish in our hearts

Until embraced under the branches of the tall and stalwart tree.

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

For the joyful tickle of the feather of your love

That is a reminder of our eternal mission

To choose to fly on soaring wings

Towards the goal of brotherhood with all creatures.

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

For the inspiring energy of your love

Like the sparks and flashes of lightning in a storm

Cueing the healing thunder and power of your words

Restoring us to balance and unity with our Mystery Monitor..

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

I am Abraham. Greeting and welcome. It is always wonderful for me to meet with you and witness the various stages of development you are in.


Mother Spirit

It is most excellent to see our students pause to consider personal spiritual inquiries. More often than not do believers seek immediate answers to their questions and are burdened with anxiety and impatience. It seems to be more simple to pull out any quick and immediate answers that are available instead of taking time to pause. Your pausing is a prayer of sorts asking Father to intervene. Your stillness time could be considered as a pause. Your willingness to be patient is a pause. The rush for immediate answers can set up barriers that would deter you from more correct answers.

In our series on relationships we have used Michael and Mother as an outstanding example. During our lessons we will keep them at the fore front of our minds. Michael is well known throughout the Universe as a loving Brother Father, god like, outstanding personality. His public work directing the Universe has many on a personal relationship with him. It is our intention in this Correcting Time to bring a more complete picture of our Divine Parents by your knowing Mother better.

Many individuals on a planet like yours have concepts of a Father that are either wrong or incomplete. This is also true with concepts of Mother. Mother, as I know her, is a fountain of wisdom common sense, if you will. Mother is always to help clear cloudy vision to make light for new and better ways. Mother is strength and yet, there is within her the most gentlest of hearts. She is a giver of strength and yet also a comforter.

Michael's spirit is known here as the Spirit of Truth and I can complete your picture of our Divine Parents by saying Mother's spirit is a Spirit of Complete Beauty. Beauty meaning that of total and complete acceptance of each individual and child in existence. Beauty in the manner in which she fusses over each child as if they were an only child. Beauty as in one who upholds excellent humility in that she seeks to uphold and not control. You have over time experienced Michael's personality as your Brother Father, Spirit of Truth, Creator, and that alone is quite exceptional, and I can say to you that your new found relationship with Mother shall complete your picture and give you the courage to take any and all things to your Divine Parents. I give you Mother:

NEBADONIA: Greetings, my children. You know we have spoken before. I would have you know this evening that I know you each very well and I can tell you that I am in complete love with you, each one. I know of your past regrets, pain, mistakes, shortcomings, flaws and yet to me, your Mother, I see not any of that. I see in you, my children, a vast blooming garden that brings much beauty and joy for your Universe Parents.

I have known the darkest parts of your hearts and I can say that I have wept with you. I have also grown with you. I have seen the adventurous glimmer in your eyes. I have felt your hope and I have heard your laughter. I can say to you there is not one thing unlovable about any of you. I see you in your potential and find that utterly beautiful. I would say to you, each one, that my assistance is unending and my duty to uphold you each is my supreme joy.

I am your counselor in matters of the mind. I would have you know that Michael and I look upon your planet as another of our small children in which we are wholly committed to guide and teach and help to grow. Know that we, your Universe Parents, are unceasingly striving for your growth and renewal of thinking. I am personally at this time striving to increase education in mindal development, directing and guiding you who would have me guide. I am indeed grateful for our Mother child connection and always standing by your Brother Father, ever available for you to call upon. Allow me to bestow upon you my divine services. Know that as you are small children growing, there are bumps and falls you must experience. Worry not. Your Mother is at hand to help you regain your spiritual confidence. My love is always with you. I would give back to you your teacher friend and helper to us, our son, Abraham.

Relationship, Patience

ABRAHAM: My thanks is with you, Mother. We will indeed envision a more enlightened world with your assistance and help in creating a more complete picture of our Divine Parents. Mother and Michael do bring about great empowerment to each one of their children to go forth and complete the many tasks assigned to us.

Concerning all the lessons we must complete, there is a tremendous amount of mindal strain. Mother and her associates are well prepared to counsel anyone who may be burdened by this strain. Relationships do bring about a great deal of strain and pressure. We are one another's assignments. We are one another's teachers and students. We are each other’s reflections, past, present and future.

There appears at times there is no understanding to be had. There are times when verbal connection is not complete and the pressure causes relationships to be somewhat [[scar[[red. With the strain of relationships I would ask you to practice this week, to pause, to take a humbling moment to just stop and wait for assistance. A moment of clear thinking. A moment to allow Mother in her wisdom to assist us in clearing our thinking, to make way for new and better ideas. I would ask you to practice this pause to strengthen the muscles of patience. Patience is a valuable resource concerning relationships.


Only a few questions.

Rachel:(paraphrase) Thank you Mother Spirit and thank her for being with us. Our Creator Father had seven bestowals to help him with knowledge or understanding. Did Mother Spirit also have any bestowals which she had to complete?

Abraham: Mother's learning process was in part from the Supreme Being and her connections to the mindal spirits, but you see that Michael's experiences were also Mother's and his knowledge was also hers. Mother's assistance to the Supreme Being enables her to have a broadened view of all experiential activity. Yes, good question, Rachel.

Miriam:(paraphrase) Do you have any guidance for me regarding my friend' s health conditions and depression and her daughter, Ginny?

Abraham: All I am permitted to say at this time is that the deepest truth is not surfacing and communication needs to be had to reach it. There needs to be some understanding of commitment to have comfort to speak freely. This is all. Another question?


Norwood:(paraphrase) A question about the training from Mother’s words. My training/uplifting of my understanding of Father and the Universe the past couple of months has been the advancement of creature to spirit. In that process, I seek understanding by living on Urantia and being a son trying to do Father's will, and being content in the spirit, I have transformed from a material understanding to spiritual. I have transferred myself from the mind system to a spirit mind understanding and with that I have discovered that this life here is a training world, and that we are living the Father's will, and we are starting our experience of many mansion worlds. Are there physical changes that take place in our bodies, such as during stillness there is a vibration in my chest, especially in the spirit. I feel there is a growth, a change of personality traits taking place.

Abraham: Yes, this world is indeed a training world where we are learning to live within Father's will and yes, this will continue for worlds beyond this one. But I would say that the glories that you will experience beyond this world are unfathomable to you at this time. The training process becomes more difficult and yet the joy that is experienced, there are few words to describe. There is indeed a transformation constantly occurring in those that seek to live Father's will. There are more un-material aspects of the transformation than material. There is the Thought Adjuster growing from Adjuster to controller. There are specific moral behaviors modified, there are obvious acts of brotherly love and service. There is really no proof that these things have taken place other than the spirit fruits produced. Concerning the physical aspects of transformation, there are certain glands that would work with the central nervous system that connect us to the Thought Adjuster and all cosmic circuits and yes, there are vibrations felt or openings in the soul that would receive spiritual light. There are indeed feelings of soul growth, and I can say that at times, there could be experienced some physical pain, but not to worry. All of this is completely natural. Is this answering? One more question.

Miriam:(paraphrase) I will be gone a couple of weeks and I will miss you. Any guidance to take with me?

Abraham: My guidance to Miriam, my daughter, is to keep with the journaling and find quiet moments to recharge. Keep a light and humorous heart and know that the Father's plan is unfolding and that is as it should be.

Calvin:(paraphrase) Question about Michael Reyes.

Abraham: My information is that most of the contacts are from Michael, our Brother Father, but not all. There have been various teachers helping him to train for his life's work and mission assignments. Does this answer?


I am in gratitude for our Divine Parents. They make our meetings possible. My love is to them for allowing me to be there with you. Always is my love with you. Until next week. Shalom.