1998-05-25-Well of Spiritual Waters

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Topic: Well of Spiritual Waters

Group: Woods Cross TeaM


Teacher: Abraham, Ham

TR: Nina



(Note in answer to Ellen's question about our violence today among our youth, on the heels of this weeks shooting where the young boy shot his parents and schoolmates.)


I am ABRAHAM. You are a most welcome sight to me. After many hours of performing tasks and obligations, I find our friendship unity refreshing and uplifting. I would take a moment to thank Ham for his assistance last week, and also Calvin for his faith in us and acceptance of our asking him to go out on a limb for us.



Our previous lessons, or question sessions, were designed to display examples of loving and giving relationships. Our interaction together was one of trust and comfort. It is simple for us here, to unify on this common ground we share, but for you, it would seem somewhat difficult to put this exercise into your daily living with your mortal fellows.

This is why we ask that you draw closer to Michael looking at Him as a brother and fellow. Michael is not concerned with your opinion of Him. He is not offended by your understanding. He asks you not to change in any way, and He loves you with a Fatherly affection, with the bestowal of freewill, and allows you to live life in its natural course.

Many mortals find that they often miss opportunities that would have perhaps bettered their relationships. Many do not know the closeness and comfort of Michael and Mother. They are unskilled at dealing with their fellows with the understanding of our Divine Parents. Many mortals tend to make demands within relationships. They have been known to be un-accepting of their fellow’s character traits, habits and time needed for personal growth experience.

Mortals find that bestowing Fatherly affection, allowing free will, is a show of unconcern or allowing their relationships to slip away. You can understand why we would encourage you to become close to the Divine Parents, as close as you would in any other of your relationships.

As I had mentioned, meeting with you, after hours of being about the Father's business in labor, it is quite refreshing for me to meet with my healthful connections. What a beautiful exchange of energy, comfort and allowance for each one to be just who they really are. Our healthful connection certainly removes the demands or pressures we may feel during our existence. In our relief from pressures there is growth and refreshment at the well of spiritual waters.

This week, I would ask that you dip your cup at this well, and allow your relationships to promote more growth and peace, while decreasing demands and pressures. Seek to uplift, and your prayer connection to Michael and Mother will aid in maintaining strength, for those individuals who would perhaps stand between you and the well of spiritual waters.

Our divine Parents had never designed in their overall planning for you to be burdened and unrested in your mortal life, no. Our Divine Parents had carefully planned for your spiritual growth and path to our Father. Mortal living is not just endless toiling, no. Your relationships are not to be a source of unrest, but a lesson on growth. Our lesson this week is short to allow you to have discussion on these words in the lesson. Have you questions?


Youth, Healing, Parenting

ELLEN: I found this in the Urantia Book: pg 1013. "Modern man is confronted with the task of making more readjustment of human values in one generation than have been made in two thousand years. And this all influences the social attitude toward religion, for religion is a way of living as well as a technique of thinking." 92:7.14 With that in mind, could you speak about the violence of the youth of today? (Just heard about the killing by the youth of his parents and schoolmates)

ABRAHAM: Certainly. That is an appropriate saying where the generations of today fit more living into their life span than those generations of the past. There is indeed a great deal of healing today's generation must promote. Unfortunately, for mortals to take action, things such as violence must hit close to home. For major healing to take place on a worldly scale, small healings need to start within the realms of our first beginning relationships such as parent and child. It is so small and simple to start with, and yet, it is as the individual who is ill and needs medication yet refuses, only to find later their condition has worsened. The love of a family, parent and child, is our greatest hope for the healing of youth violence. The society in general, is the individual who is in need of medication, and foregoes teaching simple truths to equip parents with the skills to raise children, while conditions worsen. As I said, it starts out so simply with educating those that would be parents, or are parents, how love is as important as food or oxygen. A loveless child is unfortunately deformed psychologically, emotionally, and therefore, a black mark on society. Do you see, the small beginnings between parents and children are our hope for the violent youth of today? But, I can guarantee that any child receiving love from any source is apt to be fed in some small way. Is this answering? (Yes. Thanks.) You are welcome. Another question?


CALVIN: I am a little unsure of this word "change." In one aspect, you are saying that Michael would never seek to change us at all, I think you said, and yet it seems like there needs to be much change, for instance... as individuals and as a society, to heal. Could you tie that in with perhaps Ham's initial statement ‘welcome to change?' The differences, I am not quite connecting with here.

ABRAHAM: Certainly. With the bestowal of Fatherly affection, and free will, change is up to you. Michael would seek to guide or help, but never to criticize or belittle or accuse of wrongdoing. Do you see? He is our Universe Brother/Father and has known us from the moment of our existence, and His knowledge of your true essence is so much more than we could ever perceive in mortal life. His knowledge of who we really are leads Him to love us completely and unconditionally. One, who loves unconditionally, seeks not to change that which he loves. Guidance, yes. Helping us to grow, yes. But, pushing change on someone's personality in a form of unacceptance or criticism, and it is not in His nature to infringe upon our freewill. Ham's discourse on "welcome to change" was not so much referring to the individual, but on a much larger scale, such as the Teaching Mission and Correcting Time. Change is completely the choice of each individual. Is this helping?


CALVIN: Yes very much. In your lesson you talked about coming to this group and receiving strength in our relationships, and I can relate that to even my work where we have established a beautiful Brotherhood. It is a strength to go to work. It is a strength to come to these meetings even a little more so because it is more of a spiritual food. As a world of diverse believers, I see a huge change at our work place in Brotherhood of very many different beliefs, and yet, a common love and respect for and Brotherhood with each other. Is that the strength you are talking about?

ABRAHAM: Yes. Beautifully put. In healthful connections we find an even distribution of energy exchange and upholding and uplifting. Yes, this is the goal of all our relationships, to give and be given to, to love and be loved, to support and be supported, yes. Your findings regarding your Brotherhood on the job is accurate and yet you can see the time and effort needed to get where you are now. Also, it is the same with our group here, yes. Is this answering? (Yes. Thank you. It took some hard knocks and people speaking their minds and so on to get that developing change/atmosphere.) Yes exactly. One more question.


MIRIAM: Abraham, I was wondering if you have any input or guidance regarding the Conference in Nashville. I know I am doing what I can and we do have enough money. If only the thirteen people that come that are registered now, and that’s it, I know it will be Father's will, etc. I am just wondering if there is anything that I need help with you could suggest or anything you and Ham and whomever, if there is any input you have?

ABRAHAM: Yes. One moment.

I am HAM. Worry not my daughter, for it is as you have said. It is in Father's hands now. My recommendation would be a bit more advertising is needed. There are a number of individuals who are still unknowing about this event. It is true that you have indeed performed with the utmost show of faith. I would ask that you worry not. That is all.


I am ABRAHAM. We are in such gratitude to all who endeavor to make our mission grow and your examples of faith are a literal light to which we can work by. Our thanks to you. My love is with you always. Until next week, shalom.