1998-10-04-Father Optics

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Topic: Father Optics

Group: N. Idaho TeaM


Teacher: Elyon, Stephen

TR: Jonathan, Mark Rogers



Elyon (Jonathan TR): I greet you today; this is Elyon, your friend and your teacher and as well a student beneficiary of your exchanges. I express to you that it is with great joy that I come to be with you. Joy seems to be an appropriate word; love would likewise hold true, however, I think that it would not be correct to say that it is with great patience that I come visit you, for I am pleased to witness each one of your efforts to progress on your ascension path.



Today I would like to make mention of a few perspectives that you may attempt to hold and view during your daily exchanges with others. We could call this "Father-optics".

You have made prayer regarding the line of contact between the Father and yourself. This is the highest, purist universe communication circuit there is. Michael, while sojourning on your world, profoundly expressed that, "He who has seen me has seen the Father." (157:6.13) You will understand the context in which he was able to make this statement. He also taught that his children can come to love with a Father's affection, with a compassion and an insight which is transcendent of brotherhood. Let us combine this request of Michael for you to love as the Father loves with his statement that he who has seen him has seen the Father. Today I wish that you further work on seeing with the eye of the Father, to behold your fellows with the degree of insight and compassion that is the presence of the Father within you that you are able to reach. Do not worry over shortcoming, but rather be engaged in reaching your current maximum ability.

When you approach your life as one walking with the Father continually, all that you look upon takes on a new view. Your values shift. Activities rearrange themselves in importance. Although another may not hear from you the words of spiritual comfort that you have come to understand, they will witness visually the presence of the Father as He radiates through you. Where Michael was the full revelation of the Father to his universe children, you each and in eventual combination will become like him, a collective revelation of the Father. It is this collectivity that displaces the need to be concerned over your shortcomings; you each one are not required to be the full revelation of the Father. You are asked to be a maximum revelation of the Father as you are capable of revealing Him at any time. When you join together in fellowship, the Father is more greatly revealed and beheld by you all.

Outside of the orders of beings who are either divine in origin or gifted with talents such as reflectivity, human beings are one of the few creatures with such immediate and direct connection to the First Source and Center. All that preceded the revelation of creation in the first place is resident within your very deep being. You possess the ability to reveal the Father. This I hope to solemnly convey to you. May it become a revelation to your soul; struggle not in the mind as to being worthy of such exemplification.

Not one thing in the life of Jesus was undertaken that was not also an opportunity that you, yourself, may undergo, and this is because all his decisions and actions were based on the will of the Father, and he continually, unceasingly taught that all likewise may do the same. Seek and know the will of the Father. Live and reveal the Father to others. He could say this with surety for he knew that his children are indwelt by this very Father. To you who have sought and experienced and know the Father, you have every reason to faith-grasp that you are worthy mirrors that reflect His presence; you are that optical connection to the soul of another. If their eyes are open they will perceive. And for each of you time will continually present new opportunities for greater perception yourself. Just as no truth is fully assimilated into your reservoir of wisdom until it is taught, actually demonstrated, likewise revealing the Father brings higher and greater experience when you begin to reveal Him as you know Him at this hour.

Thank you for letting me share this with you today, and I remain with you.


Thought, Soul

Tom: I have heard how thoughts have power. I'm aware of the energy my thoughts have within my own being, but I'm at a loss to see how my thoughts have any power outside of myself. Can you explain how that works so I don't go filling the universe with wrong thoughts?

Elyon: Thoughts are the beginning of expression and result in two of the more familiar modes of expression: action and verbalization. Thoughts may more correctly be thought of as resulting in power. Thoughts are themselves an energy which the will can then apply and transform into statements or actions. Here is where the power lies; it is in the outworking of your thoughts that change is made. This points to the reason for you to be the caretaker, the one on watch over your thoughts. Since you are as yet in body, in physical form, your mind which is the stage upon which thoughts play themselves out is linked with the physical brain mechanism, and this, for your stage of development, is good. By this I mean that creatures of will higher up the personality orders are capable of creating thoughts through their own deliberate action. You are, at your stage, equipped with a brain that will continually generate the possibility of thought even when you are not necessarily desiring to think. This ongoing electrochemical noise keeps you stimulated. In a sense it is like your popcorn makers, ever generating a notion, an emotion, an idea, a stimulus, and joining this is the Father's presence which is the Thought Adjuster. Your thoughts are sandwiched between the mechanical generation of the brain and the divine overcontrol of the Thought Adjuster.

There is one other aspect to the power of thought that we must address, and that is: you are, by your choosing, the focus of your thinking, creating the soul. Your soul is the secret to all your futurity, all that you will attain. Your soul is your powerhouse for eventually standing on Paradise in the Father's presence. So, even a thought that can be acted out, though it results in force and action, is a weak source of power in comparison to the development of soul. This is the true secret to the power of thought.

You were going to say?

Tom: In a sense I am what I think; if my mind is full of aberrant thoughts, I am not so much a universe polluter as I am a detriment to myself.

Elyon: Yes, with the result that a self who is limping has less to offer to the universe surrounding one. I would also address that you are what you think in the sense that what you think is a result of what you have become. However, you are prior to your thinking, and in this sense, what you will become is what you let yourself think, what you require yourself to focus upon. So, your being, your existence, is not determined by your thoughts; your thoughts are reflective of your being. It is reflective of your current status and in no way will hinder who you will become, for your ability to choose is always able to override your thinking and allow you to proceed to higher thought patterns and behaviors.


Tom: You mentioned thought, word, and action. I see a triangle. Then, with the Thought Adjuster's help in the middle of this triangle, I can effect by the actions I take and the words I use? Or is it will or desire?

Elyon: To use this triangular relationship, let us view it in its three dimensional form of the pyramid, and let us place will at the apex with thoughts, action, and words at the three-pointed base. Then you will see how they interrelate, for, yes, as thoughts effect verbal and physical actions, the other two do effect your thoughts all under the command of your will. This is why many people are even this morning across this country listening to sermons by ministers, because they understand that the words likewise effect their thoughts. They chose to attend, chose to listen and benefit from the redirection of their thoughts, which result in new actions and changed speaking.

When Michael said, "Whatever a man thinketh in his heart, he is thereby" was indicating the power of will, not so much the content of the thought, but the power of your selection of what you will think about.

Mary: Tom was trying to bring the Thought Adjuster into the triangle. My idea is that the Thought Adjuster, being the pilot light, is like the light to which the moth of our will is drawn. We can direct it, but the pilot light guides it to divine ways of thinking, acting.


Elyon: Yes, very well expressed. In a sense we could visualize this pyramid of thought, word, and action as sort of floating in space and aimlessly rotating, randomly moving into rotating in one direction or another like a lost compass needle and the presence of the Thought Adjuster as being the magnetic pole. When the will lines up, thought, word, and action follow naturally.

I do like your moth analogy, for the metaphorical implications of a moth to a flame are profound when considering fusion creatures.

Mary: Magnetism and moths to flames are all an attractive force drawing one to the other. Unlike the magnetism, when we speak of triangles, when the Thought Adjuster spins them in a cohesive direction, that's good, too.

As far as fusion, if a moth is drawn to a flame, if we can take our will, and if our thoughts, words, and actions follow our will, if we fuse our will to the divine will, there we have it. Once our will is in line, we won't have to worry about what we are thinking, saying, or doing.

Elyon: Much of human uncertainty and the value of spiritual faith is that pre-fusion children are still caterpillars, and you are, through faith, inching your way toward the flame. The moth that is the soul will eventually fuse, but in the meantime you are having to crawl on the ground and laboriously make effort to reach this desired event. This also illustrates how a human being can at one moment feel that lofty flight of spiritual engagement and the next feel so earthbound, so worldly, so stuck in the mud. It is because you have yet to undergo the full transformation, the full metamorphosis of yourself from a creature of Life Carrier design into a child of Fatherly design.

I would make another comment, and this would fit the imagery of concentric spheres, that your caterpillar-ness surrounds your moth-ness which surrounds your flame. All you need do is collapse, implode within, in order to experience this presence of God.


The Teachers

Stephen (Mark): I would greet you all here today as one who does not often take voice. This is Stephen. I simply desire to exercise boldness and to force my presence on you here today. As a personal teacher often I am in the wings observing the activities of the group and of my charge, my student. I simply desire to thank you all for the assimilation of the group. We as teachers get to engage in conferences of sorts, and our union is due to your union. For this I offer you my thanks, as it has been my pleasure to become involved with you as individuals and as a group and also with those of your personal teachers who I have had reason to contact.

I would repeat the phrase, as above, so below. We enjoy our meetings and look forward to our exchanges much as you enjoy yours. It is truly a beneficial exercise for all involved. I desire for you to realize that you are not the only recipients of all this goodness, that you only experience the tip of the iceberg in your existence, a very limited view of what in fact is a large superstructure surrounding this process and our relationships.

I look forward to the time together as we work towards inching our way to the flame. We do this in joy and with love and excitement for what is to come.

I thank you for this time today. It is a pleasure to be with you always.

Elyon (Jonathan): I would express for you to hear, it is for me a very cherished event, and that is that I am part of this Teaching Mission effort on Urantia. I thank Michael for ordaining me and for the Melchizedeks who trained me, and for my many associates who support and sustain in the efforts to help this world, and for the most wonderful gift of all, that is, to become your friend, to get to know personally each of you and to participate as one in mutual love in your growth.

I could list with the many significant decisions in my life the choice to volunteer to be your teacher as one of the most significant. You may not necessarily discern the reasons why I might consider it so significant. When you have ascended to where I am now in my process of reaching the Father on Paradise, you will better comprehend what I mean.

Mark: I can only imagine, my friend, but if you think it ranks high on your list, you should see how it looks on our lists. We very much appreciate your efforts and your decisions.