1998-12-13-Light & Life

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Topic: Light & Life

Group: N. Idaho TeaM


Teacher: Sharmon, Elyon, Malvantra

TR: Daniel Megow, Mark Rogers, Jonathan



Sharmon (Daniel TR): Greetings, Sharmon here. On this day of the anniversary of the birth of this particular mortal, I would like to let all of you of this mission know how very much those of us in the order of midwayers do indeed celebrate the birth of each and every one of you. We have been waiting a very long time for those who would be born among us who would have the knowledge of the reality of our family and who would be willing to step forward in the development of Light and Life on this world. Your importance to the evolution of this planet into Light and Life is beyond question from our perspective, because each one of you truly has it in your soul to consciously help us in this endeavor.


Dissemination, Training

If you could for a moment review the history of civilization on your world in the physical perspective and look about you at all of your brothers and sisters within this mission of teaching and growth, then look also at your own determination for the truth, beauty, and goodness that this will bring on a large scale, you will be able to gain a certain amount of understanding as to why we are so joyful that you have finally come onto the stage of life in the history of this planet. Never look at yourself as insignificant to what is occurring and what will occur, for indeed not one of you is the least bit insignificant in this endeavor which we share. Each of you has a very special part to play in what is to come, and we joyfully celebrate that you are all here with us to begin it.

Thank you for letting me speak this morning. There are others who wish to continue with today's lesson. Thank you.

Elyon (Mark): I greet you once again in great joy. This is your friend Elyon.

Indeed, as has been spoken here today, you are -- and have recognized -- in a process of training for further, future utilization. This is no surprise to you; it has permeated your awareness, and, as our midwayer friend expressed, it is a cause of great joy to be about this business after much patience and time has elapsed. Conditions for this specific work we undertake now together have been a long time in the making and the coming, but now we are pleased and privileged to experience the readiness of the soil for planting. The atmospheric conditions are now favorable, and we may now begin to implement the plans awaiting your efforts. As you are aware, it does no good to cast your seeds if the seasonal conditions are not favorable; they will be exposed to elements which are harmful and will not come to fruition. If you as the gardener, farmer, wisely use your effort to broadcast when conditions are favorable and appropriate, you will see bountiful harvests. We as celestials have been awaiting this season to come upon us, and the forecast is for favorable conditions ahead. We would then urge you to use the techniques you have learned wisely and to begin as never before to broadcast these precious seeds now given over into your possession. You have our assistance as counsel, but the work next to be undertaken is yours.

Your observations that there are a series of lessons delivered to accomplish a definite result is accurate. Your observations that you are part of this undertaking, indeed, the last and final link in this process is also accurate. We will continue to undertake these lesson plans until and unless you can show us that they are no longer necessary. Our assistance will remain unwavering to you, and I believe your commitments will likewise remain unwavering to us. This is how we may speak with some assurance and certainty as to the outcome of our joint project. It is the will, it is the desire, which determines the results. The ability can be gained, can be learned, and can be taught. You have proved yourselves to be ample students, eager to grasp our teachings, and have thus exhibited to us your will and your faith in this process.


I would point out to you that immediately before you lies a great opportunity. This is the season in which those around you are brought to some, albeit sometimes minimal, realization that there is a purpose for this celebration you refer to as Christmas. I urge you to seize whatever opportunity comes before you to express your pleasure at the reference to the Master's birth regardless of when you know the actual date to be. Any opportunity that your brothers take to focus on Jesus, to refer to the spirit of love and the spirit of giving, is a good and ample opportunity. I encourage you not to waste a single opportunity in this holiday season to spread joy, to spread love, to spread peace. These are the elements which are foundational to the gospel. These are at your fingertips in your expression to others, in your good wishes for the holiday season. It is a socially acceptable time to offer others good wishes and even, dare we say it, mention the Father, mention Michael by any name acceptable to those around you. This next few weeks of holiday season affords this unique opportunity for you to be bold in a very socially acceptable manner.

That is the extent of my suggestion to you this week. I would simply encourage you to live and breathe and feel more intently the purpose of our mission together as time goes on, to seek these opportunities, and they will be presented to you, then to rise to the challenge once presented, to make the most spiritually out of any contact you may have. I thank you for your time and, unless petitioned with questions, would withdraw at this time.



Tom: In light of our recent studies in renewal and conversion, the point was made that renewal was continuous, and conversion is also. You used the analogy that, as in music, a person will go back to playing a song again, a form of reversion of an already accomplished function. Conversion stimulates you to a higher level. There's something I don't understand about conversion. I thought of an atheist converting to a religion, yet you mention we have to convert ourselves all the way to Paradise. Looking at the triangles and the word willingness, I need a definition of conversion. I believe it falls on the worship triangle and it falls in the realm of feelings, which is composed of willingness, welcoming, and wonder. I see how one could languish until propelled out of a situation. A problem would connect conversion and renewal. A problem makes you dissatisfied, willing to look higher, to wonder what is on the next level, and welcome the opportunity to do that. Can you give me an example of what conversion is? Could you use it in a musical context?

Elyon: First, my friend, I must applaud your efforts at grasping the finer points of the lessons. Much can be learned by way of example in your efforts to cross-reference and to assimilate these teachings.

I would now point out that this conversion for which you seek definition is, in fact, the very process of embracing a new and higher technique in the place of an old and inferior one. I would offer the example that, once a parent learns that to strike a child may be harmful and injurious and unhelpful in the process of training that child, then a parent will embrace a higher method of training and will in the process eliminate the older practice. This process of growth is what is continual, of embracing the new and higher way and releasing the former and lower way.

In your studies of our lessons you are continually seeking, albeit somewhat unconsciously, to replace existing frameworks under which you function with new and higher ones. This conversion is only made real and genuine when you no longer look back, when you no longer adopt your former mind-frame and fully and completely change your manner of thinking of being to embrace and accept the new and higher way.

When you have completed this process of conversion and acceptance you are renewed, you are as if made fresh again with a new framework in which to operate.

You have observed that problems or troubles are a factor in this conversion process, and this is correct. I would only amend this to refer to these occasions as opportunities. They may not always consist of problems or troubles or distasteful encounters but may also consist of longing, yearning, and desire. Either way, the effect is the same as a propellant to urge you forward to seek a new and higher understanding, a new and higher level of existence. Then, once having seen this new arena, it is incumbent upon you as progressive mortals to embrace it, to accept it as your reality and in so doing release from your existence things which are subsequently inconsistent and incompatible with this new view which you now hold.

This is most difficult for beings of your order because you are very prone to remain in states which have become comfortable, familiar to you. It takes courage, strength, and wisdom to reach outside of your comfort zone and to look outside of your sphere for a higher truth, a better way. It takes even greater strength and courage and faith to adopt this new and higher way for your own. You are learning, however, that when you undertake this exercise the rewards are great; the return for your efforts is immense.

It may be uncomfortable in the beginning for you to undertake this activity, but each one of you here has learned that once accomplished it is not a frightening prospect but a glorious one.

So, as you grow your life is a series of embracing a new, higher way and releasing from your being a way that is no longer consistent with this new truth.

Has this been helpful?

Tom: Yes. Process is key. Love is a direction, not an attainment. It seems this conversion is an inversion of that phrase. Thank you.

Elyon: It is very much likened to a continuing process, as you speak of, in that you never truly outgrow the need to reach outside of yourself for something higher. Therefore this process of growth and shedding of your old skins, if you will, is a long term process in which one should learn to take comfort and dispel the fear which can accompany this process.

I thank you for your questions. They are well stated and necessary to this process.

Malvantra (Jonathan): This is Malvantra; I also greet you today. I feel in good company with peers. Though you recognize me as of the order of Melchizedek, and I recognize you as the order of faith sons, we are peers for we are the Father's children.

I wish to give you my version of conversion. Let me approach this by qualifying a few things. You have been instructed of late on the view of renewal and have made some comments likening it to reversion, all of which have been good insights that you have expressed. If we treat this process from a musical perspective we can derive a few more insights.

Repeating a song previously learned is a refreshing reversion, the expression of attained skill and the pleasure of repeated accomplishment. Renewal has an extra dimension to it that accompanies reversion and that is inversion, for you, although returning to repeat a learned song, in the cycle of returning and repeating you apply new arrangements. You play the chord in a different manner because your growth has forever changed you, making you capable of a new expression upon the old pattern.

When problems, conflicts, present themselves, as would be the case when confronted with the prospect of learning a new piece of music, the creature-will can resist the effort, can erect decoys to avoid the undertaking. You can instead of conversion indulge in diversion. This is comparable to playing the same song but in another key, giving you the feeling that you are doing something but yet not approaching the new.

And of course there are the two most negative elements, those being aversion and perversion. If you were to play your tune in these manners we would turn the volume down.

Conversion is not only the taking on of the new way of being, in our analogy learning the song, it is also the transformation of yourself into that new song you not only have in you a reality dimension as yet undiscovered, but you have developed within yourself a creature attainment that was not available beforehand.

Light and Life

I will address another topic. We began today on the subject of Light and Life. When it appears that your world is so confused and disorganized as a whole that Light and Life is a goal far beyond attainability today or next year or next millennium, encourage yourself with the knowledge that the potential for Light and Life is already resident on this world, and it is resident in the will of every creature.

I regard the beginning of Light and Life, if we could attach such a single event to its emergence, at the bestowal of Michael. One individual has attained Light and Life and that is he. Others have followed. The very fact of his attainment two thousand years ago illustrates that Light and Life is here on this world. It only needs to be expressed. How? It is the Master's life that gives you the clues. He trained himself in many trades. He learned the thinking patterns, the philosophies, and theologies of many cultures. He tended to the commonplace affairs of his life while he equally dreamed the ideal dreams of anyone who loves God and wishes goodness for all mankind. That example illustrates that every one of you is qualified to do what he has done, whether you are a mailman or a maid. There is but one technique, deep fellowship with the Father and a sincere drive to serve your fellows.

These are quite familiar truths that I express to you, but they will ever bear repeating. They can withstand this repetition, for they are as important in each repeat as is your in and out breathing. Though you have done it before, you do it now, and you will do it again, for it gives you life. At that critical point where you are faced with the decision of conversion recall these truths; they will have great clarifying effect upon your view. They are not only the launching pad for your transformation, but they are the very propellant itself.


Thank you for likewise hearing me today. I too will take my leave.