1999-02-07-Buried By Worldly Cares

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Topic: Buried By Worldy Cares

Group: Nashville TeaM


Teacher: Ham

TR: Rebecca



Ham: Greetings, children, I am Ham and I want to thank you all, once more, for having come here tonight. This evening our lesson is concerning awakening to joy.


Many humans live their lives almost buried beneath worldly cares and regrets even to the point of hiding from the now time entirely. Much of your work environment is high pressured and necessitates much work in planning and devising strategies for success. But, what we see very often is people burdened by over much worrying and small regrets. Things that are quite insignificant can tend to occupy the mind to an inordinate degree.

Then there are humans who get lost in the future, who fantasize how things will be when such and such happens and spend a great deal of time living in a dream world, a completely fictionalized existence that often times bears little resemblance to the now. Still others live in the past, which is also to a large degree fictionalized in the mind, when things were thought to be better, when that person was happier, etc. etc. This can progress to such an extent that this person cannot relate to the now at all, but is always reliving past events, past relationships.

With most people, all these things occur in varying degrees and because the mind is largely free of time constraints and can develop this ability to live in the past or live in he future, or combinations of the two, many people, that is to say most people, cannot find the now time at all.

I cannot stress enough the importance of finding the now time in your mind, nor can I stress the importance of remaining in the now for as long as you can, as much as you can. Finding the now is the key to the stillness. Often times, when you prepare to enter the stillness, your mind jumps back into a past conversation or past thoughts or it will jump ahead in projecting what should I do in this situation and so forth so that you mind is jumping from past to future and will not slow down to find the now time. The ancient art of meditation instructs you to focus on your breathing and that slowing the breathing can and does slow the mind and slows this jumping reaction.

So, finding your now time is a matter of training, and, as we discussed last week, this stillness, this now time allows you to transfer your consciousness into higher levels of mind. And, as you grow proficient in finding the now or the stillness, you will be able to bring this greater consciousness into all areas of you life, all times of your life. When you can do this, what you find is simply joy. More and more as you find the now time and your mind is unburdened by the pressures and the worries and small regrets of living, you will experience that peace which passes understanding, you will bring the morontia mind levels into your life more and more. And further, you will through training be able to elevate your consciousness level at will. This, children, is the experience of actually living in higher plains of existence.

Let us take a moment for you each to slow the breathing, to find the moment, the now, and allow your consciousness to elevate to the next level. Is there anyone having trouble? Good, then you all feel it. Now, you find that you can still think, you can still listen, you can still move about and function and you can maintain that higher consciousness feeling, that feeling of God-consciousness.

As you progressively ascend into the higher levels of morontia consciousness, you will truly find that are of your mind that is always in awareness of God's presence and is always responsive to the Father's will. When you are living in the lower levels of mind, you are many layers removed from this level that is always conscious of the Father, that is always responsive to him. So, these responses must filter down to lower levels and that is why for many people God's reality and presence is such a mystery. But, I say to you, it does filter down to you conscious level and you are influence in every moment of your life by the Father's presences and his love.

As you ascend in these levels of mind and awaken to the joy of existence and the peace of the now, God's will is no longer such a mystery because you feel his loving presence and receive his loving word or embrace and communication at all times and you realize that all through your life that you have received this love and this Divine attention but were simply unaware of it before. You realize that doing God's will is not so much a matter of his saying "you shall do this, go and do that", but that his will only exists in the now and he will say "look at this beautiful opportunity", or "experience this beautiful person", or "experience this beauty and truth of my existence and of my manifestation".

You have but one requirement, to love God and in loving him, you will know him, and in knowing him, you will become increasingly like him, and able to identify yourself with his perfection. So children, I say to you awaken to joy, find the now in your stillness, elevate the consciousness into higher levels so that you may receive the constantly flowing, constantly present Divine affection. These children, are the doors no man can shut, they are the way to life everlasting.

Are there any questions at this time? If there is anything unclear to anyone, please express it.


Q: Let me ask about times when the situation is unpleasant, or stressful, you still want to stay in the now, correct?

Ham: Yes, the elevated levels of consciousness you can access through the now will enable you to endure much unpleasantness without really being affected by it. As we discussed last week, there will always be a part of your mind that is reacting in a more animal like nature, but if your consciousness is not there, you can control your reaction and not be a slave to these lower levels of mind.

Q: Staying in the now is not constant experience of joy, or will we experience joy at the higher levels, while experiencing fear or distress at the lower levels of mind?

Ham: The master when enduring his ultimate trial could maintain such exquisite composure only through accessing the, in his case, Divine mind.

Q: What can we do when the people we are with are caught in the past of wound up with little regrets and are not in the same place we are, especially with regard to the same situation?

Ham: Yes, the Father's comfort is meant to be passed from those who can access it to those who cannot. Every situation is different, but you can offer your perspective and show by example that you are not made unhappy by all the little problems and vicissitudes of life. The other person will be drawn to you for comfort and for guidance and you can give it according to your light.

Q: Yes, that is easier to say than it is to do, but yes, I can see that.

Ham: Pointing out that someone is making themselves unhappy by a certain pattern is OK as long as there is no ridicule about it. These things are always delicate and must be done with tact and love.

Q: I think that one of the things this gives you is confidence that things will turn out ok even though you can't see what the future is or how you will solve a particular problem?

Ham: Absolutely, that is what trust in God means. Trust in God is confidence in him, confidence in his overcare.

Personal Counsel

Q: Ham do you have a message for me tonight please.

Ham: Certainly, son, you are indeed beginning a new life and this new awareness brings with it added responsibilities, but these are responsibilities that are easily borne. Have confidence in yourself, and in your connection with the Father as you step out into new realms and new adventures. All these experiences will strengthen your faith and your trust in God.

Q: Do you have any guidance for me tonight Ham?

Ham: Yes, son, I am glad to welcome you again and to feel your loving presence among us. I have just one thing to tell you, do not substitute that which is lower for that which is higher.

Q: Ham, may I get a personal message for this evening please.

Ham: Of course, my daughter, you have great stamina and fortitude. My advice is to keep hammering away at the obstacle before you and you will find a soft spot, a way through. There is a way forward for you in your work. So long as you don't grow weary and give up you will find the way ahead. So have courage, faith, and muster all the fortitude that you have acquired through hard experience in the past.

Q: Ham I would appreciate any words you have for me tonight.

Ham: Certainly, son. Continue working to find the stillness. As you do this, your inner guidance will become clearer so long as you don't deny it or fight it. Learn to gradually embrace the Father's will, to welcome any hardship by accepting everything as being part of the Father's plan and his will.

Q: Ham I would appreciate a personal message.

Ham: Certainly, son, you are finding spiritual growth to be much easier and painless than you had once thought. You are finding it easier and easier to let go of the old habits of thinking that have not served you well. You are letting go of guilt and extreme self-persecution and are beginning to realize truly in your experiential reality your sonship with the Heavenly Father. All of this is wonderful. Continue on as you have, you are doing very well.

Q: Do you have anything for Esmirelda?

Ham: Certainly, daughter, you are beginning to be able to embrace the now, to find your stillness, and to expand your love and your consciousness. Be at ease, you are doing very well. I am glad to see your stop smoking efforts are beginning to work.

Q: Elena?

Ham: Child, you are growing nearer to the Father through serving his children and you are learning the many ways to communicate with tact and patience that avoid conflict and hurting anyone's feelings. Be happy, find joy, and experience the Father's love in all your days.

Q: Frankie?

Ham: Son, you are finding great rewards in little things. Joy and happiness are more and more real possessions of your soul.

Q: Rebecca?

Ham: Daughter, you have achieved a good level of integration and spiritual advancement. Be careful so that you can express yourself with the upmost spiritual fragrance.

Q: Jarad?

Ham: Son, you are asking for help in a certain matter and shall be receiving this help. Men often have difficulty asking for help in purely personal areas. You have overcome this natural reluctance in seeking help and in making a complete decision. Often times, men make incomplete decisions out of pressure to do so. You do well, Don't worry about yourself or your ability to carry out the task before you in relation to this problem because you have asked for help and shall receive Divine help. Is this helping?

Q: Yes, thank you very much.

Q: I would appreciate any feedback you have for me this week.

Ham: Certainly, children. Brodan, you have many layers in your life, many obligations, and stress factors and you are dealing with these very well. Likewise, you are learning to let go and to be fully accepting of the circumstances that in aggregate make up the manifesting Father's will. Grow in your trust. Remember to develop your love of God through simply loving him in a worshipful embrace.

Is there anyone else.

Q: I wonder if you might have a message for our mother?

Ham: Did she request this herself.

Q: No, she is going through a hard time.

Ham: I can help you in your dealings with her, but I cannot give her a direct message. This woman tends to make seemingly irrational decisions, decisions that compound her problems rather than alleviating them. This pattern is actually stemming from her childhood in which she simply did not have all her emotional needs met so she feels very unworthwhile and has a tendency towards depression, uses chemical crutches to feel normal, what she perceives as normal. All this is forcing her, or will force her, to reach out for help without really knowing that she is reaching for God. It's like she is backing into a corner and there is no way out except to turn to God in ways she has not done. Her religion has been kind of superficial and just kind of patched on to her life without it really becoming what her life is about. So, if these difficulties and stresses result in her reaching toward the Father, it is well worth it, even though you are distressed at seeing her discomfort. She has difficulty accepting comfort, she does not feel that she should accept comfort from you boys because it is backwards to how she feels it should be and she is having a little trouble seeing you boys grow up. It is like she can take comfort from you when you were small and did not know you were giving it to her, but for her to accord you grown up status and to accept a brotherly love from you is not possible at this time. But, remember too that you can plant seeds that may not sprout for years so comfort her as best you can and just give her love and support and let her accept or not accept whatever she feels comfortable with.

Q: I am thankful to be here tonight. Is there a message for me in particular.

Ham: Certainly, son, you are growing and maturing in new and unexpected ways. Don't feel anxious of worried about making life changes that are necessary. The Father upholds you through all these things, there is nothing which his love and his overcontrol cannot eventually remedy. Therefore, be of good cheer, be increasingly honest with yourself, seek after the truth in all things, and accept that you are a beloved son of the Universe Father, no less cherished than if you were the only child in the entire universe. Open your heart to accept Diving love by loving the Father yourself. Give him love and you will be open to receive all the love that you can accept.

Q: If you don't mind, if you have a personal message for me it will take it.

Ham: Certainly, son, go softly among your fellows this coming week. Listen to their concerns and grievances. Even though you have heard them many times, listen with new ears. Most of the time your fellows do not expect you or anyone to fix all their problems or troubles, but just at times everyone needs to express themselves, their own feelings of dissatisfaction or what not that really may have nothing to do with you if you look beyond the words. So, just listen without judgment and allow yourself new insights that you have not had before. They will come if you listen carefully. Is this helping?

Q: Yes it is, thank you.


Ham: Any further questions. Very well then, if there is nothing further, I will depart until next week. My prayers, my love, are with you each. Farewell.