1999-09-03-Soul, Psyche, Healing

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Topic: Soul, Psyche, Healing

Group: N. Colorado TeaM


Teacher: Ambrose

TR: JoiLin



Mary: First I have to ask if I am correct about the session when A'Cilla told me that [omitted personal details]

Ambrose: Yes?

Mary: It was my feeling, well, A'Cilla had said in the session just before that, that I needed to process anger and grief. It was my feeling – after I got past the grief – that A'Cilla said that to trigger grief in me AND because she knew it would break my dependency on the Teachers.

Ambrose: This is quite perceptive of you. Very few on your planet would be able to see that. A'Cilla did what was in your best interest much as a mother takes her child to the doctor.

Mary: Oh, I understand completely. I felt like this must have been one of the hardest things for her to do as a Teacher, but I see the lessons that both JoiLin and I learned. I see...

Ambrose: A'Cilla is crying with joy for your understanding.

Mary: It was very loving of her and I thank her. I needed to break my dependency and begin to trust my own guidance and intuition. I chose not to believe her over what I perceived.

Ambrose: Child, do you understand that what you call your intuition is often your Teachers? What you attribute to your Indwelling Father is often something else? Do you understand the difference?

Mary: Not really, are you saying that when I'm working [[[healing]] work] it's my Teachers and not my intuition? Does it matter what I call it?

Ambrose: It doesn't matter if you call your Teacher guidance your intuition but do you understand the difference between your Adjuster and say, intuition or Teacher guidance?

Mary: Yes. My Father is perfect so if I think or say that it came from Him then I have left no room for error.

Ambrose: Exactly! If you must err in crediting your guidance, better to leave room for error in the realm of guidance rather than attributing it to your Perfect Indwelling Father. And, Child, you do not credit yourself.

  • Accessing past lives

Mary: Thank you. I have a list of questions but I don't know where to start... Is there a way to access our past life experiences, assuming we have had past lives, that will help us grow spiritually?

Ambrose: Assuming you have past lives... This is, what should I say? A sticky-wicky area. I have mandates that dictate boundaries.

Mary: Okay. Let me tell you one idea I had. I mean I haven't ever been attached to the idea of reincarnation although it helped my grandmother, it just never resonated with me until maybe lately.

What occurred to me was that the flashes of some past life existence is really somehow a matter of tapping into the mass consciousness. It's as if our thoughts and emotions are in the consciousness or circuits and so we sometimes "pick up" those and feel as if they are our own experiences.

Ambrose: Yes! Vibrations attach or connect to similar vibrations or like patterns connect. I would suggest you not focus on this.

  • Fragmented souls or psyche / Inner child / Young spirit / Ego / Consciousness

Mary: Thank you. Are there fragmented souls? Is this what was meant by damaged souls?

Ambrose: Yes, that was what was meant but the fragmentation really isn't their souls. It is more of a fragmented psyche caused by trauma and fear which the inner child promotes.

Mary: Wait. What is the inner child?

Ambrose: It's your young spirit.

Mary: I am confused. We have an Indwelling Father and our own spirit, and a soul and a psyche? And what is this inner child?

Ambrose: You have your own young spirit, separate from your Indwelling Father. If the young spirit experiences trauma, fear or deep pain it becomes stuck or fragmented, holding those experiences. It takes your more mature spirit to reach out to that inner child, that young spirit and bring her safely forward.

Mary: I haven't really had a sense of my inner child. What IS the psyche exactly?

Ambrose: Urantia has such limited language... The ego

Mary: And my consciousness?

Ambrose: A level of consciousness.

Mary: My sense of identity, ego?

Ambrose: You could say that and also your instincts. You need these to survive in the material world.

  • Reincarnation / Soul groups

Mary: Okay. I don't really understand but I don't really need to. Let me see if I can explain this. While the UB says there is no reincarnation as we understand it...

Ambrose: Why do you think it says, "as you understand it"?

Mary: Exactly what I'm getting at. What the UB doesn't say is sometimes as profound as what it does say. Anyway, I have this sense that we, JoiLin and Steve and others, that we were together before, or we came here together...

Ambrose: There are soul groups.

Mary: Okay. My Indwelling Adjuster, I don't think, had a life on this planet before. I don't think my psyche or ego did since it seems to just serve this time frame. My soul seems to move forward so maybe it's our spirits that experienced lives together; I mean, I've just recently become aware or developed this sense of being with certain people before.

It doesn't fit with my belief system but lots of stuff doesn't lately.

Ambrose: S.W.

Mary: Huh? Oh, Sticky-wicky. Okay. Well, I did get the hit: Don't judge. Just do the work.

Ambrose: Yes, your teacher, A'Cilla, told you that.

  • Possible healing techniques to earn a living in the material world

Mary: Well, thank you, I've tried. So much is coming in all at once that isn't part of my belief structure but it is making me expand. There is so much to learn, but is there a focus that would best serve?

Ambrose: What you are doing now is serving perfectly well. From a materialistic point of view, and you will think this is coming from JoiLin when it was me who gave her these ideas, you need something credible and what you might call your meat and potatoes. You could better utilize your training in LEAP. Learning Enhancement Advanced Program

Mary: I don't resonate with LEAP. It makes me feel like a practitioner instead of like a healing facilitator. I don't feel a spiritual connection when doing straight LEAP.

Ambrose: Do you not think that when you assist some child that hates school because of the terrible struggles he is having and you do LEAP and change his life in that way, do you not feel this is healing?

Mary: Yes it is. I just don't feel the same connection spiritually. If I was focused first on making money I could have been an accountant. It's all too left brain stuff. I love the other work.

Ambrose: The woo-woo? What about the Applied Physiology? AP

Mary: I use parts of everything I've learned. The parts I resonate with. What I got from LEAP was True Friend. That gave it the spiritual connection for me. If I had to do only AP like Charles I wouldn't do any LEAP.

Ambrose: Charles uses True Friend. He uses True Friend more than you would think.

Mary: Good, I'm glad to hear that. The AP is about locking in muscle stress and hundreds of acupressure points and oh, it's structured procedures. I don't really like it.

Ambrose: What about parts of Applied Physiology?

Mary: All I really do is the Basket Weaver using the acupressure alarm points to bring up and release emotions. I love that part. It's like peeling layers of an onion; each layer goes deeper and deeper. I can relate to people wanting to bring up their emotions and release them, and balance. I am good at it because people naturally trust me.

Ambrose: Emotional release and healing can be your meat and potatoes and as you get to know people better, or as you sense or are guided, you can then do the other forms of healing.

Mary: Emotional release work isn't too out there? It's not too woo-woo?

Ambrose: No it will resonate with a large enough population.

Mary: Okay. Thank you. I can certainly focus on that. Thank you. I have needed this clarity or focus. I really do want to facilitate healing.

Ambrose: Give yourself credit. You are becoming a healer.

Mary: But I don't heal. I just create a circuit between myself, Spirit and the client. I just put information on line and use a sort of universal sign language.

Ambrose: Is not your service healing? Is not your intention healing? You may think of yourself as a healer. You are becoming a healer.

  • Create a cleaner, clearer circuit

Mary: Hmmm... okay. How do I create a cleaner, clearer circuit - free of my ego or stuff? How do I stay in that pure heart space better? Sometimes I'm there but...

Ambrose: Yes. Father time. Teacher time. Make these number one because those channels will make everything else dynamic! You are at the doorway Child. JoiLin wanted for so long to transmit and she worked very hard. You are now at that doorway but you need to do that work. Your plate is very full but make the time for your Father and your Teachers.

  • Healing systems / Energies / Crystals / Pendulum

Mary: Am I correct in the idea that the spiritual healing codes also upstep our vibration and fine tune our frequencies?

Ambrose: Yes, in some cases that applies. For those who are ready.

Mary: Is there anything to the idea of tapping into Chiron energy as part of healing?

Ambrose: You tap into the energies as you study astrology.

Mary: So, is there a healing aspect to astrology?

Ambrose: Depends on the inner work done and the clarity of the individual. But, yes, it gives them a potential blueprint to channel energy into areas that will expand them. However, free-will plays a big part.

Mary: Is the Ascended Masters Healing system a useful healing tool?

Ambrose: It is a means of accessing the inner energetics.

Mary: Is there anything to the manifestation grids?

Ambrose: Again, sticky! Energetic… Intent follows energy - energy follows intent. The expression, mind over matter, came from this. Continue working with this but remember that your intentions are paramount and respect free-will. Use the phrase, "In their highest good" and that will cover you.

Mary: Thank you. How can I better use crystals? I mean I don't know what to think, I mean the UB speaks of the Sea of Glass but I don't understand the use of crystals here.

Ambrose: They are amplifiers and conduits. They help you to focus.

Mary: So it does pull in or focus or concentrate the energy?

Ambrose: Yes. They can also hold emotional imprints so you need to cleanse them after a client has held them for example.

Mary: How?

Ambrose: Bury them in sea salt. Put them under running water or you can smudge them.

Mary: Put them under running water? Like a tap water faucet?

Ambrose: Yes, that would work.

Mary: I'm still not confident using the pendulum...

Ambrose: It is good confirmation but not a primary source of guidance.

Mary: Mostly I am using it for confirmation.

Ambrose: What do you do if your guidance says one thing and the pendulum says differently?

Mary: Well, it depends. If my intuition, or guidance, says that something is complete and I check with the pendulum and it says no, then I wait longer. Waiting longer won't hurt anything. If trusting the pendulum won't hurt anything then I go with that. I just don't want to harm or hurt and will side with that.

Ambrose: As you connect more strongly and clearly with your Teacher you will come to depend less upon the pendulum.

Mary: Is there some new healing technique, Steve really desires this... Is there a new technique which Steve, or Joi or myself, might be ready to learn, to benefit humanity, that we could teach others?

Ambrose: There are many new techniques coming to your planet at this time.

Mary: (Wondering what the criteria was...) I mean a truck driver has been getting these incredible pictures downloaded...

Ambrose: You are just as likely candidates as anyone.

Mary: Okay. Oh, what about the DNA? I'm not feeling great about the idea of doing activations because I am having a real problem memorizing. I can't even memorize the opening prayer I use, the one Steve wrote, the inspirational message that centers me and I really want to but have some mental block or something.

Ambrose: Time and repetition.

Mary: Okay, I suppose. I mean, I can use the cheat sheet for the 15 practice sessions for certification [[[DNA]]]. Should JoiLin and I get the certification, not so much for doing activations as for the certification process that undoes the blocks and opens up the channels?


Ambrose: It's the hope that it will blow your doors off!

Mary: Okay then! We'll get certified!