2000-01-16-Cosmic Mind

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Topic: Cosmic Mind

Group: N. Idaho TeaM


Teacher: Evanson, Elyon, Malvantra, Mantutia

TR: Jonathan, Mark Rogers, Daniel Megow



Evanson (Jonathan TR): Greetings, this is Evanson. I am elected as one to begin this session. I have for you a short discourse.



The Master has said, "Follow me", and you know that he goes before you into all things, preparing the way. Your sharing this morning serves to illustrate how Michael precedes you in the tasks you have at hand in your ministry missions.

No one is ever going to succeed Michael as Salvington ruler aside from perhaps Gabriel, so we know that to follow Michael does not mean that we will at some point run the affairs of Nebadon. Know that this following of him is to go into the events that have developed in your day that he has prepared to make your task, though not easier, perhaps with your choosing successful. He will part the seas of chaotic potentials and create the dry ground that you may walk through. The passage will be clear, though it will not necessarily be without fear. As in the story of your onetime Moses, it is a daunting task to be confronted by two huge walls of water and to walk through them in faith. Michael's ministry forces are ever on alert to create these openings within obstacles that you may cross these barriers and reach your goal. We who have elected to be on his ministry force are following Michael in making these potentials available.

A study of his life reveals that he made choices, lifelong decisions, on how he would pursue the Father's will and manifest this on Urantia. His following the will of the Father is a partnership. He did not seek a roster of rules that ought to be obeyed such that he would please the Father. He knew full well that it is a partnership of experience. When he perceived in his environment obstacles, he chose the course of action to take that would amplify the love and the mercy and the ministry of the Father.

There were times when potentials were opened up before him that he chose not to pursue. He made this decision free of the burden of the guilt that he ought to have selected otherwise. This is because he maintained an ongoing relationship with his Father. He knew full well that his decision was in accordance with the mandates of his mission.

As we each follow Michael we can trust that his guidance is ordained by the Paradise Father and that he will never fail to provide ample opportunity, even opportunities, wherein you may also bring about the will of the Father in your life and on this planet. Each of us ascending creatures knows full well our shortcomings and is in touch with our uncertainties of what the future will bring and what we are capable of fulfilling. Michael knows this likewise. You can trust that he will provide you with precisely the right configuration of potentials that you can fulfill your task. Know ever and always that Michael goes before you in anything you choose to accomplish in the name of the Father in heaven.

Thank you for hearing me today.

Elyon (Mark): Greetings, this is Elyon, pleased to be with the group again this morning.

Performance, Preparation

Having been made aware that Michael does precede us, does indeed provide for us the very stage whereupon is set the act of our service, how then does one go about knowing the part to play? If one has faith that there is indeed a stage and that it is set, it is ripe for fruitful growth, then it is left to discern our parts to play through our communion with Michael, our communion through Michael to the Father, that we discern our role, our part to play as we walk onto the stage. In this arena there are no scripts passed around beforehand that may be studied to prepare oneself for the event, but rather we must improvise as we see best according to our understanding of what the stage and the setting are representing. This task of improvising, being on the spot as you step out on the stage, is made vastly easier for you through your attempt to discern the patterns to be expressed through practices such as stillness. In stillness we may be granted an overall view of the action to be played out before you and with you. Having been granted this overall perspective, it is far easier to come up with the right line to facilitate the script that will play out among all the individuals engaged.

There may be many times when you find that the spotlight may be shined directly upon you as if to cue you that it is your turn to be engaged. You may find yourself with a lump in your throat and an uncertainty as to how to proceed with your part. You may recognize that you have a part to play and that you are engaged in the acting out of an overall plan, but the actual lines, the details, are left to your creative imagination. You stumble forward; you project as you think most appropriate, and you receive confirmation that you spoke in turn, in line, and adequately represented the vision you have of a part you are to play. The more time you allow yourself in preparation, in stillness, in communion, the smoother your prompting becomes and the more accurate you become, as well.

There are no incorrect responses to be made on this stage set before you, rather, there are learning experiences provided when inappropriate responses are communicated, helping you to more clearly define your character and your relativity to the others on the stage. This is a process that takes a great amount of practice and trial and learning. But with diligent effort you find great rewards in the success you experience when you are right on the money with your cue at the right moment. Then when the great spotlight of life sweeps around and fixes you, you are confident and are not distracted by the sensation of all eyes being fixed upon you and your line having been forgotten.

You touched on a key aspect of your performance in this arena when you mentioned leaving yourself aside so that the spirit of the Father may work through you and relying on the force greater than yourself to accomplish the task at hand. This is what a truly great participant on stage will master. When it is in your court to make response, to avail yourselves of the higher response which is always at the ready, to not see this spotlight as illuminating your person but rather your beautiful, bright, and shining Indwelling Spirit; this is a truly great participant in this process.

It is so pleasing to be among a group who so sincerely desires to understand the mechanics of this process so as to provide the greatest success and benefit while being engaged in the process. Each of you here has many successful episodes to recount in which great things were to have their beginning with your impetus, with your start. It is now simply to perfect your skills that has become the emphasis of our classrooms, to perfect your skills so that when you find yourselves being called to walk out onto the stage and deliver your lines, you feel prepared for the task, not that you are prepared alone to undertake the task, but that you are prepared to form a partnership to undertake the task. This is how the task gets done in its most divine form. Each of you has had experience in working hand-in-hand with this force to accommodate more than you individually might accomplish.

Thank you for being in attendance today. I hope my words and Evanson's words have given you some food for thought. I remain in attendance with you to be engaged if you so desire.



Evelyn: There will be a planning meeting today for the next regional conference. We know you don't care when or where it takes place. Would you like to throw anything into the mix?

Elyon: I would make comment as to the great joy to be held when individuals such as yourselves are so motivated as to come together in service for your brothers and sisters. You, from your own experiences, have come to learn that the fine details are not as important as the act itself of service. You have also learned that every effort you make in this direction meets with certain success. Many individuals are benefitted from the effort of the providing group. I also extend our commitment to help you facilitate this upcoming gathering by every and all means we have at our disposal. We would feel free to communicate with you as to the most appropriate spiritual approaches, and we most certainly will leave the details of what you would eat and where you would stay and what you would do during this time up to you to decide. We will be anxious to watch over your shoulders for every possible opportunity for spiritual growth, and we are certain that this will be a fruitful occasion in that regard. We prefer to leave issues such as topics and themes up to you, as you are more likely to raise these from your own understanding. We will work with any suggestions you have. As you are aware, we drop many hints along the way.

I appreciate your effort to engage us in this process. We recognize this desire on your part, and we will make attempts to accommodate you to the very limits of our mandate.

If I may go one step further, I might point out that, in so creating this upcoming event, you are deeply engaged in the creation of the stage which you will form and which you will set for the upcoming performance of your spiritual light. So, you have a free hand to design this stage to accommodate any means of spectacular spiritual performances.

Malvantra (Jonathan): This is Malvantra speaking.


Many have been disappointed upon reading and then attempting to apply the phrase, "Ask and you shall receive" for, subsequent to asking, there appears to be no forthcoming reception. Let me describe the process so that you may better understand the interval of time that will necessarily transpire.

In the physical realm it is easy, upon receiving a petition, to traverse space, to undergo a duration of time, and deliver said request. That is the simplest mechanism of this principle. However, when it comes to the reception of things spiritual, there is often required a transformation in the asking individual in order for the reception to be appropriate and complete. When you ask, be prepared to be adjusted, for this adjustment is necessary for you to reach an alignment that will point you in the direction of your request. Through this alignment you will be able to ascend, that is, to grow, to become further receptive. Through this ascension you will reach your goal, and that is the attainment of the plateau whereupon the answer will be immediately forthcoming.

All petitions are granted their answers immediately from the side of divinity. But these other courses of action must be taken to make it all possible on the side of the creature.


Jonathan: Is cosmic mind different from other mind in the universe? Or is cosmic mind the broader umbrella of superuniverse mind that takes on the form of adjutant function on this level, with morontia mind in between? We read that the soul is mid-mind, between the material mind and the higher cosmic mind.

Mantutia (Daniel): Cosmic mind would be most correctly viewed as the mind bestowed by the Master Spirit of your superuniverse. The mid-mind, as you term it, would be that mind bestowed on a universe by the associated Mother Spirit to that particular realm of her activity. Adjutant mind is specifically pertaining to the mind which is usable on the evolutionary mortal spheres. Adjutant mind, as you have read, has seven different functions, seven different applications, that may be accessed and used by all levels of evolved planetary life from single celled life through human will creature. The mid- or universe form of mind may not be accessed by any but self-willed, freewill individuals. The mind of your local universe characteristic of your individual Mother Spirit, Nebadonia, is a downstepping of the cosmic mind of Master Spirit number seven that is accessible by all will creatures within the boundaries of Nebadon.

This is as detailed a description as I am permitted to give at this time. However, you may be assured it is infinitely more complex than what I have stated in this short time.

Jonathan: Thank you. I get confused because of the three levels, spiritual, morontia, and physical. There's cosmic mind throughout taking on various forms, but perhaps beyond Nebadon we are more fully functioning as cosmic-minded at the spirit level. Are there two ways of speaking of cosmic mind?

Mantutia: Indeed, as there are both spiritual, morontia, and physical ways to speak of local universe mind.

Jonathan: Thanks. That will help in my studies.


Mantutia: I am Mantutia, and I enjoy responding to your curiosity on cosmic levels.