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Topic: Perfection

Group: Arcadia TeaM


Teacher: JarEl, Thornsen

TR: Henry Z.



...is in part what activates your ministry. It is as if God purposefully designed life to need him. In actuality, this is exactly what he did. When Paradise was created in perfection, it was whole and complete. Therefore it was quite simple to create imperfection, God just removed himself from the ingredients.

Part of the plans of the Life Carriers in the early ages of life, was to nurture and guide the evolving life forms towards attaining an intelligence worthy of discerning God. This gift of intelligence is bestowed upon the human race for the sole purpose of finding God, knowing God and attempting to become as He intends for you to become.

It is as if God created this gigantic do-nut and plucked the hole out of the center and created a space that needed to be filled. This is what exists now on your world, a giant space of need, to be filled. First fill the space within your heart. Fill the space in your intention. Fill that space between you and another. Fill that space between your thought and your action. Fill that space in-between comprehension and responsibility. Fill that space between devotion of desire and service to will. Close the gaps, dust the corners, clean off the cob-webs and find a way in which to kindle that light which burns within. Give this light fuel and resource from within.


There have been instances in the Teaching Mission where groups of participants such as yourselves have been assigned projects and tasks. It is not my intention at this time to pursue this avenue of expression, but I intend to make you all aware of the greater good which your being here engenders through a much more active and rigorous pace. I have given you all of the ABC's of spiritual building blocks. You have been taught and shown the stillness meditation. You have been shared the simple blessing of contacting that resource which resides within. You all at this point know God in some personal way. It was the task of the Master when He was on the planet, in instructing his disciples at their apostolic encampments, during their training periods, to encourage them to go out one with another, not necessarily alone. He instructed to them that whenever two of you are gathered, I am also there with you in Spirit. My Spirit is alive and call upon this Spirit throughout your daily tasks.

I would offer this as a suggestion to those of you who are interested in pursuing a more aggressive ministry. Some of you are already experiencing this relationship. The Master has a difficult time in convincing his disciple that all things would work out and that their needs would be taken care of; that their families would be safe; their children fed as they went about doing the work of the Father. It is very difficult to see beyond the veil of your immediate reality, to understand what and how spiritual substance compares to material substance (material possessions).

Spiritual sustenance is very difficult to compare with a material counterpart for it is tremendously resourceful and tremendously creative. Material possessions just deteriorate, spiritual substance generates and regenerates. When viewing yourself spiritually, it is important to step beyond the moment of the time you are in, to glimpse yourself in a greater and broader perspective. The time beyond the moment. Take a look at that soul of yours. Try to visualize your soul. Put it in your hand. How does it feel, what is it like. Give your soul lots of love. You may have to feed your soul for it to grow a bit more.

I know that this sobering lesson will help you to examine yourself. Not judge yourself, just examine. Notice the difference of what is and what is becoming of yourself. This is the thought and intention which helps move you into activity. Helps move the intention from the brain of consciousness to the soul of the heart. When intention hits the heart, it activates desire. It inspires your will to motivate.

You will find many who can quote, who can tell you all manner of things spiritual, about spiritual people, and they cleverly disguise their own naked spirituality. Do not be fooled! When in doubt, be of service. It does not take intellect nor tremendous memory to serve. Whatever you lack here and now in this world, whatever you feel that you cannot reach or not has been given you, there will come a time when you can retrieve whatever you have missed. You are spiritually right at this time and at this moment in your life. The Spirit of God shines within each and every one of you. Your hearts are pumping real blood. Your ability to show forth more love to others is why you are here.

It is good that you got the opportunity to meet the person of George last week. You got to see an extreme case of service. He is still not taxed beyond his capacity to serve. When you ask yourselves at what capacity you are operating spiritually, look at what you are accomplishing. There is always this dimensional quality to spirituality. There is the ever present personal I AM. Then there is the 'you are also'. There are many others also. The straight road you must take in your own personal transformation and then there are the side steps which you must take to help accommodate others along the way.

One of the amazing qualities one notices when viewing the Master's life as was lived on your world was that the Master was never in a hurry. It appeared as he was moving that he was going places, yet he always had time for whatever was at hand.

Nebadonia: Greetings to you my children; I hail this evening from Nebadon. All of the love and intention of our universe shines upon you this evening. Know in your hearts that you are all my children. I am connected to you minds. I know each and everyone of you and I love you all. This life which you are living is designed to engender courage, desire, strength, faith, trust, and service. You are in training and it is this world that trains an elite corps of ascendent beings in the Universe of Nebadon. One day I will embrace each of you in my presence. Go now and know that I, your Mother, is always with you.

Greetings, It is I Thornsen. It is good to have an opportunity to speak to you again. I am impressed by the way which many of you live on your world. That many of you have access to strong faith and are believing without much proof. It is a tremendous gift, to discern the presence of eternal spirit in your heart. It is one thing to believe, but to know that it is spirit which dwells within is the single light in an otherwise house of darkness. It is the coin in an otherwise empty bank. It is the smile on an otherwise dull face. Thank you for allowing me these few words.

Greetings again, It is I JarEl; I will add words of encouragement to those who have spoken here this evening. I do look forward to come and be here with you in spirit and conversation. I detect much growth amongst you. I sense a strong faith and desire to do the Father and Michael's work. The bonds you share amongst each other are new and strong. The expanding bonds which begin to extend to the greater brotherhood of mankind await your connections.

Our task as teachers is to encourage you with the simplicity of the teachings, not to overwhelm you with complexity. We intend not to dazzle you with facts and statistics, but to encourage you with a nudge. These are my words this evening. Thank you.


Growth, Spirituality

Student; Could you enlarge upon our own spiritual inspection.

JarEl; How have you changed the way in which you view things? How are you reacting differently to situations/? How are you offering more of yourself to another? How much time are you taking to wit with your Father/Mother? What are you doing to make yourself a better person? Are you taking care of your responsibilities? Are you more knowingly secure, less fearful, more pleasant and happier in your life? Do you begin to sense and feel a joy which wells up inside of yourself? Do you sense the opportunity?These are a few things you may consider in spiritual inspection.

We try to give you a personal spiritual perspective and to remind you that the Teaching Mission is the result of an emergency situation. It is for the express purpose of training individuals to be of more active service in your world. This is Michael's intention. At times it is good to sit on the mountain top and view the stars, speculate and conjecture; then man must climb down into the valley of opportunity. If you view the valley as confusion, this is also an opportunity. We are constantly trying to show the dimensional quality of the Teaching Mission and what we intend is for you to grow at your own pace as we periodically encourage you to put a bit more upon your plate.

Student; It was recently addressed to me a shift in perception which I think addresses this question. We start out as humans occasionally experiencing spiritual experiences, as they increase though, we become increasing aware of the fact that we are spiritual beings having a mortal experience. Is this a correct perception?

JarEl; Yes, This is an ideal shift in perception. It is important to be a human but truly as you grow spiritually you become less human. Not to be afraid that others may not recognize you in your humanness, this is alright.

S; With that I think it is important to be courageous in being view as a spiritual person, because it seems that in that light we will do the most good. ( you mean yourself as a spiritual person), Being viewed, I heard Javel say that not ;being afraid to be human, but not afraid to be spiritual also. Often times we want to be so liked by our human friends that we diminish our spiritual light and our spiritual selves. I think we need to be courageous in allowing our spiritual selves to be distinguished. If others begin to see us as more spiritual that's how we will be more effectual.

It is not our human nature which is going to influence them.

JarEl; Correct, The spiritual nature engenders its own quality. Actually makes you much more human than you are in the sense that you become more superhuman. People who may be attracted to your humanness are attracted to your spirituality. It is an unmistakably attractive quality which also repels, meaning that it brings up recognition in others which they are not ready to face. Not to worry about those individuals. There are many other people who are attracted to spiritual qualities, in time these others will begin to find their own understanding in their own spiritual way. There are many many levels and paths of spiritual progression, even in this very room. The more the reason not to be concerned where someone else is spiritually, and you usually know when someone is akin to your own spirituality. There is a quick knowing and understanding between you, a likeness of being. This also is a quality of spirit.

As you begin to give of yourselves to others you begin to create a space within yourself for more of who you are to come into reality. It is a quality of emptying yourself, of giving and you begin to recognize more of who you are. This begins to reveal a greater spiritual potential within yourself. You begin to recognize more of the Father's quality in yourself. It is all about recognition, is it now? Spirituality, bottom line, is becoming more God-Like. What is God-like? Because it encompasses so many aspects, you begin to recognize them one at a time within yourself. Service is the spiritual equivalent to gardening. Gardening feeds the body, service feeds the soul.


S; However, JarEl, it occurs to me just as it says in the New Testament that 'Faith with out works is dead". [1] It would seem to me that spirituality without service serves no purpose. Self analysis of how spiritual I am benefits no one but myself.

JarEl; This is true. Service is not spirituality, it brings one to a more intimate spiritual understanding of their connection to God which is the ultimate spiritual connection. In that respect it is still like gardening; you have to tend to the plants everyday.

S; Is it love of service we should strive for?

JarEl; Love of service may insure that you want to be more of service. It comes down to what you are doing. Are you helping someone who asks for help. Are you giving to those in need.

S. Staying in the gardening analogy, there is a saying about the law of the farm. It says that you have to plant the seeds, water the seeds, cultivate the soil, and if you want a crop at the end of the season, you have to do all of the work it takes for the plants to produce a harvest. We have to follow these progressive steps don't we.

JarEl; There is not way you can plant the seed today and harvest the next. You cannot do one kind act and think that you have achieved a level of spirituality.

S; This happens in so many lives that we don't see the fruits of our deeds and we become very impatient.

JarEl; It is in the toiling that one becomes tempered to the work. Tempered to the rhythm and beat, the tempo of service. For little by little, you are able to pluck small fruit. A glimpse, a taste, a knowingness. Occasionally you may have a sudden and momentary revelation, and it is much like gardening--a long season of toil. You live upon this earth, it is a garden. You will not be able to just sit back and eat the fruit. This is for another time in another garden, the garden of Paradise. The garden of toil does yield some fruit.

S; This is a method of becoming more godlike, which I guess our ultimate goal is, is there any other means of becoming more Godlike.

JarEl; Like what? (That's what I'm asking) (An easier way!!!)

What God would you like to become like? There is only one God, Hal. (IS it a God of love and service only?)

S: What about wasted service, throwing pearls before swine, this sort of thing.

JarEl; Then you must examine your own heart, your own activities. (Yes, but service and your good intentions) If you are constantly serving, it is not necessary to be concerned about where the seeds fall. For who knows, some wind may come and blow the seed off of the hard grown into a crack and perchance a rain may come and swell that seed whose roots sink deep into the crevice and takes hold. (So there is no wasted service) There is futile service. (Even Jesus cautioned in service that some judgement should be exercised). You have to discern your motives. You cannot give to someone and expect something in return, this is not necessarily service. You have to give willing , knowingly, consciously and let it go. It comes back in other ways. The universe will find a way to bring it back to you. The Father is always ready to fill an empty heart, one that has toiled, one that has spent forth the love given him. There are many ways to justify not doing something, or a different way of doing something. But there is only one way to grow a plant. You have to put it into the ground. You have to water it. It needs sunshine. You have to look at it everyday, talk to it, tell it you love it and care for this plant. Your life depends upon what this plant will produce. Your spiritual life depends upon your ability to give of your precious essence of love and resource to something greater than yourself. At some point you will be confronted to do this. Whether now or later, to move forward in the universe, demands you shed the skin of self, like the snake, that you let go of who you think you are and by letting go you find out that you are really something else, and actually that something else feels a lot better. Then You go, WOW, I felt this a time ago, why has this taken me so long to get here. Why did I not listen when I first heard?

It is good to look at the life of the Master, the "life and teachings of Jesus of Nazareth" in your Urantia book. For all practical purposes, the Master had reached adjuster fusion at the time of his baptism. It was not necessary for him to remain on the planet after that time. His adjuster had become personalized. What was extraordinary about this man that he became One with God. Go back and reread. What was it about those twenty some ought years that he was able to achieve human and divine perfection. Partly he was in constant communication with His Father. He considered His Father's will in all of his decisions. He didn't procrastinate, but moved forward. He was just there for everyone he met. You might think, " well this is not very difficult, now". This is true. "It was a different time, you can't live like that now!". This may or may not be true. You can still live in the jest of his spirit. You can still confer with God on all of your decisions about your daily movements. The more God-conscious you become, the more Godlike you will be. It is like health and nutrition. If you are getting the proper nutrition you are going to experience proper health. It is somewhat intelligent to think that if you are more conscious of God you are going to become more like God. Becoming more conscious of God helps in your becoming more responsible as a faith-loving son and daughter of God.

The Jesus narrative illustrates the spirit of His style you could adopt.

S; In our human estate it is a bit scary to think that we join in being of the perfection of the Father.


JarEl; Yes it is, it is responsible. It challenges everything which you are, because you are not God. So of course it is challenging. It is going to make you self-conscious about every part of yourself. What it is going to do is help define to you what parts of you are Godlike at this point in your life. Take that substance, like little pieces of clay and stick them together and see yourself emerge out of this substance. The more spiritual, the more substance, the more like God you are becoming. In not too distant of a time, you begin to achieve consciousness, you sense the spiritual dimension. It is more like color to black and white. It is more like moving and creating than it is imitating.

When you are ready to fuse with your adjuster, you know. It was a very challenging and also rewarding struggle to get there. (Did you feel a complete loving feeling with the Father)( I am asking this to know what to strive for) You begin to access the mind of God. You begin to start thinking like God. You begin to see everyone as your brother and sister, as a potential to be of some service to each and every person you meet. There are no exceptions. There is opportunity from the time your awake till the time you retire in the evening. All activity is an expression of the wondrous love and beauty of the Divine. As I started my talk this evening, there is a need, a great and huge need that is created and designed to accommodate God. As it begins to fill, God begins to manifest. It is the same metaphor for human consciousness, the soul, the human mind.

When you begin to access God the Father and His Mind within your own mind, you begin to know, there is no doubt or explanation, just all-knowing, all-loving, all-giving, all-everything.

Its like somehow you slipped through this barrier and all of a sudden you are in a tremendous capacity, a great light, you are in God's mind. You really see it all and it is this quality you begin to access within your own consciousness.

S; The heart is not judged by how much you love, but how much you are loved by others.

JarEl; You begin to mirror Father in your life. You cannot be a great and evolved person and be isolated in the world.

S: (by the same token, we don't want to fall in to the trap of walking around cognizant of how much we are being loved. As a measure of how loving we are).(By being of service to other people you attract others to yourself, you befriend them, possible and avoid isolation. Is that true?) Quite possible. (But not probably!) Probably. Are we being introspective here? ( Yes, exactly. How did you know?)

It is important to find a way to interact in the world with others; to be a part. One of God's qualities is in his whole nature. God is everything. He is all of us. He is the whole family of mankind. All animals and plants, everything. God is all of the matter and material for the physical, mindal and spiritual. The evolution of the Supreme is the bringing together of everything. The evolution of Superuniverse light and life, is the tremendous opportunity of all life in the vast universes to give expression to God simultaneously. Eventually it is all complete, like there is one river, but the water splashed upon your planet and it isolated in all of these little lakes, ponds and small rivulets and stagnant ponds. Eventually all of this water becomes one with the ocean. This is the quality of God. Everybody finding each other. Finding that there is a way you all can be of service to each other. You all have the capacity to make your lives so much easier, so less fearless and to support each other.

Isn't is good to get together with friends and have a meal together, share times. One day the whole family of God will be able to sit down and have a meal together on the whole world and know that you can sleep at night with your doors unlocked, your children are safe. This will be a glorious day, tomorrow.


S; I would like to emphasize this idea of love versus being loved, because it is such a common misconception in our society that people strive to be loved and to be loving as opposed to loving, the proactive action of Loving and Serving. In fact the more likely one is loving and serving, the less likely they are to be loved. We love people and are drawn to people who are selfless in that respect. They give of themselves and love others without concern for being loved.

JarEl; You know why the body has two hands? One gives and the other receives. IF you are able to give love, then you are also able to receive love and it is alright to receive love from others. It is good to be loved. It is good to give also. There are many psychological metaphors about the need to be loved or the reasons we give love, but look at the Master. He just as readily received love, did he not. Look at the woman at the feast who begged her way in and anointed the Masters' feet to the awe and shock of all His disciples. He received her love. (That's not the distinction I am making). I understand and know the distinction you are making, I am saying that it is O.K. to receive love. I understand the distinction and you are correct that giving love to receive love because you need to be loved, you are also drawing a very fine line. We all do need to be loved. Sometimes, you have to go about receiving love in many ways. Eventually that love will come to you and there is a reciprocal circuit of love. If you have the ability to give love to others, you will begin to receive love also, you will not have to go looking for it.


We are cut off.

It is good to be here with you and look forward to next time, thank you.