2000-10-19-Growing Faith, Health

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Topic: Growing Faith, Health

Group: Unknown


Teacher: Welmek

TR: Unknown



Welmek: Good evening. This your friend and teacher Welmek. I am very happy to be here with you this evening. In continuing the instruction that was begun at the last session by Anatolia, I wish offer a lesson on growing your faith.


Last week your discussion was "what is faith?" How do you tap into faith? I hope you did some reflection on this topic during the week and that you had some time to let this idea soak into your being. So tonight, I would offer this lesson on how do you grow in your faith, how do you begin to trust more in being led by your spirit.

As you grow in spirit consciousness, as you listen to that gentle voice within you that urges you to live life and to see life in a new light, you will be forever growing your trust in that you are being led to a place, to ideas, to relationships that will be a comfort to you in understanding what life in the universe is all about. It will yield your highest good, your best behavior in relationships in service to your brothers and sisters. So, how then, does one begin to grow faith? Tonight, I ask you to take a moment of stillness and I ask you, if you are willing, to give me a brief a one or two sentence answer of how you think it is you grow your faith. When everyone who wishes who has responded, I will offer my perspective.

Some student comments were too faint to transcribe


Student: The only thing I can say about it because I'm having a hard time distinguishing it from trust, it seems that whether or not I think what an outcome will be what actually happens or something else, it usually turns out OK. It seems that as long as I have good intentions, then things work out for my highest good.

Welmek: Faith is very encompassing. Think of faith as an urge, something that you move toward, you move into. It is a living trust. It is something that is greater than you, it is something that is able to provide you with a greater sense of security, a greater sense of serenity, a greater sense of creative solution to your life's problems. These are the elements, but it is more. It is more because it is the urge to become God-like, to actually achieve those qualities of the Father of unconditional love, of infinite patience, boundless compassion and understanding, and eternal goodness. It is these qualities that you are striving for in your faith quest to become perfect as God is perfect. There must be something that urges you forward in this direction. There must be something that propels you to seek this. It is faith that allows this happen

When you use your faith, whether you are consciously aware of it or not, you are tapping into a band of information about who God is and what the universe is. You are beginning to exchange the material mind, the mind that is more of your human nature, for the spiritual mind, or that mind that dwells in the higher levels of your mind, the superconscious mind. You are effectively becoming more conscious of the Thought Adjuster's leadings, the Adjuster's plans. Growing your faith is the expansion of this idea: it is as it were allowing yourself to flow more steadfastly in this living trust. I use this term living trust because you show this by your daily actions. When your behavior begins manifest more of the fruits of the spirit, you can see how some of the urgings begin to pay off or rub off. It is the element of living trust that allows you to more securely appreciate where it is you are being led. It acts as this impetus or incentive for you to seek more, to seek to have a greater amount of guidance, insight, enlightenment, companionship with God, cooperation with God, co-creation with God. It is all of these things that happen to you when you grow your faith. I will continue this lesson and talk more about the process of growing your faith, but I will pause and ask if you have questions or require further elaboration or clarification about what I just said to you.

This living trust that you are growing is achievable each day by spending time being quiet and reflective. In these reflective moments your mind is rested when your thoughts are still. This is the state of mind we call stillness where this exchange of ideas and concepts between the human mind and the spiritual mind can occur. You bring to God your ideas of how your perceive your reality, how you move within your environment, how you orchestrate your day, how you relate to people who come in and out of our life. In this exchange, the Father can offer a more divine perspective, greater understanding, a greater depiction of what some of these circumstances of your life that you have found yourself in mean. How to react with those people with whom you are in relationship or what ideas or ideals of the spiritual world of universal living you need to understand. It is in this state of stillness where this vital exchange occurs.

When you are in this state, you are actively engaging in conversation and listening with God. Your spirit is able to convey so much love and peace and wisdom and insight to your mind that you can actually begin to feel this sense of security, this sense of comfort, this sense of nurturing around you. It becomes real and palpable, it is not merely an intellectual any more, it is a real and bona fide experience. As you grow in this assurance, you grow in this living trust that allows you to know that God is with you, God is always besides you. There is nothing that you cannot say to God, there is nothing that you can hide from God, there is nothing to be ashamed about or guilty or remorseful. For God sees you, he sees every aspect of you and loves you and appreciates you and understands you. So how you could not, in turn, trust this most wonderful, glorious personality who only cherishes you and wants the best for you? How could there not be anything but sublime and deep trust?

This is what you are growing each and every time you exchange your life, exchange the experiences of your life with God. It is so important to go to this state each day. It is fundamental to growing your faith. I do not know of another way that is so effective, or that produces such tangible and pronounced results so efficiently. Again, I will pause and ask if you have any questions or need clarification.

Student question was too faint to hear.

Welmek: You are, as a human being, a composite of many elements. You have your corporeal body and it is made up of atoms, molecules, cells, tissues, organs and systems. You have your physical, corporeal body. You have your personality which is gift from the Father. It is not as tangible as your corporeal body, but it is nevertheless, an actual acquirement of being. It is a reality. It is commodity of your make-up. You have a system of spiritual circuitry. You have these, for lack of a better word, wires that are plugged into your physical being that feed you with information from the celestial realm. This is plugged into your brain. It is as if the spiritual circuitry is the software and the brain is the hardware to use some of your metaphors of computers. Your central nervous system is a hinge-point for the information to be fed into your cellular body. It is a system of connections that feed information. When you are operating in a normal, healthful state of being, there is a free flow of information from your spiritual circuitry into your brain that is transferred throughout your central nervous system. It is somewhat more complex than this, but I am simplifying it for this illustration.

When you are in stricken with an illness, the illness can be caused by many factors. It can be because you are susceptible to the toxins and pollutants in your environment; you are susceptible to some of the viral and bacteria strains in your environment, or you are worn down by stress, tension, worry, despair, depression which further cuts off some of the information from the spiritual circuitry into your central nervous system. Most of your diseases are a combination of one or all of these factors. Now, when a person's hardware, such as the brain, is ravaged by an insidious disease such as Alzheimer's, what is being lost, or should I say, what is being destroyed is simply the corporeal entity of the brain. The person's personality, the person's identity or self-connection with the Father, and the person's soul is not being affected at all. There is nothing being lost. The person is merely beginning to disconnect one self's from the physical plane and will be going on to a new level of life where the person will get a much more efficient sensing mechanism through the morontia body. Life will continue where the person left off before the brain was ravaged by the disease. You lose nothing of your acquirements of spirit, of your experiential life when you are sick to that extent. You are simply putting it on hold while your body must go through the inevitable decay process. Do you understand this?

Student: May I have clarification on something? Does this mean that when a person has a disease it is part of their pre-destiny to disconnect at a certain point in time and go onto another plane?

Welmek: I would not say it is pre-destined. I would say that it is a consequence living on a world such as this where there is already a certain degree of disconnection because of the way it has been in this state of upheaval for many years. The mechanism has not had all of its spiritual circuitry completed, so to speak, so that there is greater communication, a greater facility of communication between the spirit and the mind and the brain and the central nervous system and the body. However, this is in the process of being corrected and there are many people now who are engaged in energy and body work who are assisting in reconnecting people to this light matrix, as it were, of spiritual circuitry and energy.

I would not say that a person is pre-destined to separate from the earth plane at any particular time. I would say it is a consequence of living on this chaotic world. However, when a person is disconnected whether it is prematurely or at the conclusion of their physical body's ability to live because of old age, nothing is ever lost and the person has ability to go on, to pick up where their lives were left on this material realm. They go on, they learn, they grow, they find new life for themselves, a beautiful new life that does not have to contend with all of the transient problems that happen on a material world. Does this help? Do you need further clarification?

Student: There is a point I'm thinking about regarding the illness. People are evolving at different paces and timings…what is the life span of a person on this planet that's ultimate? How much effort should we put into saving people's lives rather than thinking that it's their karma and they have their own certain timing to live out their lessons and their own way to work them out.

Welmek: You have asked many questions in this question. I cannot give you one single answer because there are many elements to what you ask. I will try to elaborate on some of the things you have asked. First of all, the potential for life on an evolutionary world is upwards of 300-500 years. This is a high level of physical efficiency that must be attained before this state of longevity can be achieved. It is relative to the evolutionary understandings of planets on the use of botany, understanding the human physical mechanism and how it works, understanding the human energy system, how the cells are properly nourished, how the mind should be properly cultivated. On your world, it is I believe, somewhere in the vicinity of 70-80 years, is that not so? And so you see, there is a great deal of knowledge that will have to be achieved before this planet can achieve those extended ages of longevity.

How long should a person stay alive? If you are asking about some of the questions your society must answer about life sustaining procedures when people seem to be at a point where their minds are no longer functioning or their bodies trap them inside an active mind, or that they are comatose and there appears to be no brain activity….well, these are the questions that your society must deliberate and ponder. But they do it with such a limited understanding of the nature of life and the nature of eternal life; the fact that nothing is lost in leaving this planet to go on to the next levels of life. Nothing is lost and the individuals go on to achieve great productive experiences in service to the Father and to their brothers and sisters.

How much can you as an individual to do save another person's life? Well, you must ask yourself, how much can I change a person's mind? How much can I do to help a person come to a deeper understanding? This is very difficult for you to do on an individual basis for each person has their own ideas and free will the way he or she wants to live. Each individual whether they are consciously aware of it or not chooses how long they will live by their attuning to the spiritual impulses that points them in the direction of health or points them in the direction of physical destruction. Will they cultivate habits that are healthy? Will they eat the proper energy and nutrition giving foods? Will they engage in productive mental activities? Will they spend time de-stressing the body and mind in stillness attuning to the higher information that the spirit is trying to convey? Or, will they allow their bodies to be polluted through misuse of food or toxic substances?

What you can do in your own life is choose how you want to live. How do I want to orchestrate my life? Do I want to develop healthy live-enhancing habits? Are there habits that I am engaging in that are detrimental to my health? And if the answer is yes, this is an excellent opportunity to go into stillness and to ask you your spirit to show you some of the things you are doing that can be prevented and how to cultivate better, more healthful habits. If you begin to develop more healthful productive habits and over time your health improves and as you go through the aging process yourself and your brothers and sisters see you as one who is healthy while their bodies are decaying and they suffer the aches and pains of the decay of the body, perhaps they will come to you and say "Well, what is your secret? How do you stay so young and youthful?" This will be your opportunity to help them, to share some of the things that you have learned or experienced that they may want to get for themselves if they are willing. Does this help?

Student: It confuses me actually because I have read in other transcripts where someone said that it doesn't matter if you're drinking beer or smoking cigarettes, the energy is transmuted…so this is further confusing actually.

Welmek: There are many factors that go into how the energy flows into an individual and how it is being used. To make a general statement, I would say that it is better to cultivate those habits that will keep your body clean, that will allow the greater force of energy to penetrate and permeate you. Some people can handle certain pollutants better than other people because of their genetic make-up and other factors. But, by and large, as a general rule, does it not make more sense to keep your body clean and pure? And perhaps though they are able to channel energy at one level, their physical system may be in a virtual state of decay. You cannot always know what is happening in another person's body. You can only make the assessment for what is right for you. This is an opportunity for you to take this question to your spirit and ask "what are some of the habits that are right for me that I should cultivate?" Do you understand?

It is very important as you practice this stillness exchange with the Father to be mindful that this is your experience. Other people have their own experiences. Yours is unique and customized for your particular needs and your particular desires.

I would like you to consider this for a moment. Close your eyes and imagine you are walking into a clothing store. As you walk in, you see all the racks of clothes in many styles and many colors and sizes. You see something that interests you so you take it to the fitting room and try it on. You see perhaps that the color does not suit you or the size is a little too big or snug here and there. And so you place it back on the rack and try something else. But then you see another side of the store. This is the custom-tailor department. And you go into that department and you have someone work with you who devises a set of clothes that fits you perfectly, that is the right color and size. It fits you like a glove, and you look wonderful, and you feel uplifted in this outfit.

Your experience with the Father is like this custom fitting. Your inner spirit, your Thought Adjuster is this custom tailor. When you go into stillness you are getting this new pair of clothes; this new outfit will always make you look your best, you will always put your most attractive foot forward when you wear the clothes your spirit dresses you in. When you go into the clothing store and see these racks of clothes, these are all of the concepts and ideas of your culture. Some fit, some look okay, but they are not the customized fit of the concepts your Adjuster will give you when you go into stillness. And if the prices are the same, which would you prefer to wear?


And so it is with your spirit…this information is available to you at any time at any moment of any day and it is free. It is freely given to you; there is no cost. The only thing you must do is spend a few moments in stillness each day. What does 15 or 20 or 30 minutes of your day cost you when you are outfitted in this most splendid raiment? What does it cost you to spend time exchanging your ideas for the Father's ideas and ideals? I want you to think about this as you go about your week. Think about how it is that your grow your living trust as you exchange your ideas for the Father's. In stillness this is possible, in still this exchange will occur. In stillness you tap into an infinite pool of love and information that is always available to you. Good night, my friends.