2001-01-07-Patterns Broken By Rebellion

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Topic: Patterns Broken by Rebellion

Group: N. Idaho TeaM


Teacher: Elyon, Onagar, Merium, Tomas

TR: Jonathan, Gerdean

Session 1

January 7, 2001



Kirk: Elyon, have you fused?

Elyon: Yes. It has been some time, but the event has not yet, and I doubt ever, will pale in its intensity and its beauty and the wonder associated with merging with your Paradise Father. Until my fusion I believed that the embrace of the Father as my Thought Adjuster would bring a culmination of all I strove for, and in a small sense it did. But upon that deep of a reception, no longer an association but a bona fide integration, I discovered a deep well of spiritual reality and a personal attainment yet to be had. Though fusion is a goal, it is the starting point to a whole new career full of wonder. Over the years I have referred to you as my kindergarten class, and in a certain way all beings prior to fusion are in kindergarten. Fusion is the beginning of the grade schools; it is not the graduation of college. I emphasize to you that this event is in reality not very far away. You are very close to this birthday of spirit. It is the time frame that varies the sense of distance or proximity. I who have been alive for a great period of time am now more appreciative of how soon in the career of an ascendant mortal this fusion event takes place. Thank you for asking.

Session 2

January 14, 2001

  • Lucifer Observed the Paradise Pattern and Broke it


Paradise, Supreme

Elyon (Jonathan): Elyon jumping in. The beauty of the Paradise Father is His perfection, and that perfection implies that there is no error within His being aside from the ability to project the conditions in time and space wherein error may transpire. On a planet as yours and at the stage of soul development that each of you are on, there is often a tendency to associate error with a moral or proper function of being, behavior, and such. Though it is important that such guidelines of goodness are applied to life, in reality, throughout this condition of Supremacy, error is simply the absence of Paradise pattern. Throughout the course of a planetary ascent to Light and Life or a personality's ascent to Paradise, Paradise pattern is increasingly established and recognized and acted through. It has been revealed that Havona is the first expression of Paradise pattern in perfection and that the Michael Sons are recreating these patterns here in our local universe and in the local universes around us. Each one of us, and us collectively as a planet, are doing likewise, discovering and recreating Paradise pattern. At times these experiences that contribute to this discovery and establishment are difficult, disruptive, and do entail the human factors of fear as well as faith. It is the reaction to the effort that causes the definition of whether such endeavors are worthwhile. In the case of our current situation in Satania, we have seen where free will, in the expression of Lucifer, observed pattern, and actively fragmented it. The notion of the evil devil doing bad things is a misnomer, for Lucifer did not so much do bad as he disrupted Paradise pattern, thereby thwarting the honest efforts of many individuals to piece together the perfect pattern of Paradise at their state of evolution. So, all of us will encounter vicissitudes as we shuffle through the potentials to construct our current Supreme view of this perfect pattern of the Father. It is the wise soul that allows the occurrence of the apparent negative experience in order to discover the spiritual light, the truth, and the goodness that dwells therein. Even one's failure to discern and attain contributes to this discovery of the Father's purpose. This is the meaning of resisting not evil but returning good for evil, for it is in the nature of Supremacy that such occurrences of broken pattern will exist, and in the discovery of these broken patterns comes the discernment of how to place the fragments into order. It is unnecessary to go about breaking pattern, and this is the caution to all freewill creatures.

Session 3

January 14, 2001

  • Children Talking to Themselves Is an Early Form of Prayer


Prayer, Children

Merium (Gerdean): This is Merriam, your celestial babysitter. I am expert at understanding children and suggest that it is never too soon to begin to nurture your children on the living realities that are ever in their presence.

Personal teaching begins even before the Indwelling Adjuster arrives and may be in some cases more real than the imaginary friends that children are understood to have. You mentioned earlier about imagination. I will remind you that in the evolution of the soul the tendency to talk to oneself is an early form of prayer.

In these ways a child may be encouraged to incorporate a divine reality into their growing social consciousness, even from the time they are very small. One of the difficulties the human experiences in the material life is having the constant reminder of his/her material existence, because it's obvious when the spirit, too, is very apparent if it is given an opportunity to reveal itself, and it will reveal itself in such a way as to prepare the way for the material environment to be responsive to the child's path. There is great power in the spirit, and this provides children with the presence of God to accompany them in their life journeys.

It is never too soon to begin to develop a conscious awareness of spirit helpers, planetary helpers, celestial guides, and so forth as long as a healthy balance is maintained between the needs of the flesh and the needs of the spirit.

It is a dual path you walk, and the combined ministry of nature and grace is what constitutes the truly flourishing individual. If you consider the personal teacher is devoted to the development of the personality, then you can see the wisdom in assimilating a keener appreciation of what personality represents and in learning to be at home in the full range of the personality at any given point. In this way they won't have to catch up when they have reached the age of reason and can make these eternal choices without parental guidance. Pass on your heritage to your children, indeed. Is that helpful?

Session 4

January 20, 2001


TOMAS: There is a visitor this afternoon. This visitor has been an inspiration for many, and I will not dwell on his accomplishments, only to say that he is well-known throughout this System as one with tenure. I welcome to our configuration a representation of the person Onagar, a member of the Council of 24 and an icon of Old Man Time.



ONAGAR: Greetings. Thank you, most gracious child. You perhaps see me as decrepit and more crooked that the branch of an old tree, but I am, you will excuse me, beautiful. Because of my many experiences, not because of my physical appearance. The fact is what I regard now as beautiful is far different than that which was beautiful to me when in my youth.

This perspective on age is largely wasted on you, even though your perspective is a viable appreciation of what time is in your sphere, your life in your society in this year of your world development. When I was here, yes, when I was here in the early dawn of Urantia, I was a brief point in time, as brief in perspective as a snowflake on a sunny day. It is the experience of time that allows for the perspective that can arrange for you a realization of how the organism of life is a bigger reality than the falling snowflake can perceive.

What is a million years to me? I have only begun my eternal career. No, I have no resentment nor regret about my life. Those errors of experiential living are long since assimilated into the greater reality; the error is as if it had not been in the face of that which has become the reality of today in the unfoldment of perfection in the worlds of time and space. I have, as if I were a grandfather, had the opportunity to observe Urantia advance as I advanced, in time, through the psychic circles and spheres of light and life, as I met these values en route to Jerusem where I am ensconced today in company with my progeny.

I am, indeed, honored to be a part of the Council and to be what you might consider an elder statesman in my position. It has been a great source of satisfaction to see the errors of time being corrected and to witness the heroic feats of noble souls advance in cosmic consciousness. Therefore I feel very much like the Father must feel, with His children -- his Sons, his Sons' sons, his grandsons, and on and on– grandchildren down the line, all advancing into perfection.

How I am touched and amused by the perspective that you entertain when you wonder if I am not impatient to advance, having been around in this little corner of the galaxy for such a long time. You who are so brief in your existence! Is my Adjuster impatient? I have no sense that IT IS any more than I AM, for we are active being who WE ARE, doing what WE DO, according to divine will.

Thank you for pulling me out of the mothballs of history to implant me on your current page of recognition of Who's Who in the universe and where we might be when and as we encounter one another en route to Paradise. Carry on in your configuration and enjoy your meeting.

TOMAS: Tomas here to reiterate our guest's message that wisdom is a product of experience. His presence helps put into perspective the striving for an attainment of full authority of one's self, one's purpose. Perhaps you will remember to be more patient with yourself and your relative status as you ponder the experience of Onagar, he who prayed for protection against the curse of the ice. He is an icon you can use even today, you who live in these climates where ice and snow are a major factor in your existence.

The conditions of your fuel availability and costs are evidentiary of the merits of Onagar's prayer nearly a million years ago. With the influx of the new age, the introducing of the frontier of the mind, having gathered around you the high tech tools to make it possible, and a new calendar millennia to effect a new buoyant attitude, and yes, indeed, even today a new President inaugurated into your midst to provide hopes that a curse of the ice and other reflections of mortality can be dealt with maturely and gregariously for all of earth's children.