2001-03-02-Magisterial Son Speaks

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Topic: Magisterial Son Speaks

Group: Pocatello TeaM


Teacher: Machiventa, Daniel, Magisterial Son

TR: Bill K., Bob S.



Correcting Time

Machiventa (Bill): Greetings, I am Machiventa present with you this evening. My heart is filled with joy and pleasure to behold your fellowship, your dedication, your willingness to embrace the full measure of Michael's ministry and mission in your individual lives and with this fellowship.

You have been excited to hear of the presence of our Paradise companions who come back with the experience of the entire ascension career in their tool-kit to bring you new and uplifting inspiration. (Ed: A report from the FL conference indicated the presence of Finaliters there). Your excitement is shared also by those of us in the universe of Nebadon. This apparent initial disaster which occurred during the Lucifer rebellion continues to produce untold good for the Universe of Universes. Nebadon is a showplace for the manifestation of mercy and justice combined, so that out of great upheaval and disharmony there is evolving enormous benefit that can be shared throughout the Superuniverses of time and space. You, my friends, and I, and all of us unseen to your eyes, are part of this great drama of benefit which is accruing to this universe and to this planet as a result of Michael's redemption plan which you have been informed of as The Correcting Time.

You have no idea how enormous are the ramifications of this time on planet Urantia, as well as its sister planets also recovering from this rebellion. It will be necessary to view this from the other side before you will be even dimly aware of the importance that each of you bears in your lives as you take upon yourself this willingness to share the Good News, the gospel of divine sonship/daughtership. This is the great message that the Master taught, which stressed the established religion of Palestine, of the Hebrew nation. To open the doors of sonship/daughtership to the wide universe, to the gentiles, to the unspeakable heathen was a concept that could not be tolerated by the small minds of those prejudiced and tradition-bound people.

I am not going to give a formal lesson this evening, but I wanted to provide my input into the experiences that you all had been sharing so freely. Thank you for your participation in this Correcting Time, for your willingness to be Michael's apostles, for your enthusiasm to take the Good News to the ends of the earth, but starting first in your own corner thereof. I leave you with my blessing and my thanks. Good evening.



Daniel (Bill): I am Daniel. Hello there, my dear friends. How wonderful it is to be again in your presence, in the midst of the on-lookers whose presence you feel but cannot normally see. We are your brothers and sisters, and we have advanced somewhat beyond you, to the point where we can look back with great fondness upon our mortal lives as we enjoy interacting with yours. My friends, we do not entirely share your mortal experience for yours is a world which is very different from the world I came from. My world was in early stages of Light and Life. But I have studied the history of my planet of origin and there was a time in its long, long distant past where there were conditions somewhat similar to the experience here on this planet. However, our planet was not defaulted nor rebellious, and so even then these similarities pale in contrast to differences.

You have opportunities for so much service! The needs are dramatic. Everywhere is it possible for you to offer service to many, many people. Yes, I am adding my voice to the chorus coming from many sources that this is a time of quickening, that the pace is increasing for spiritual uplift and progress. We have been working for years on building your foundation and the superstructure, on fitting the rooms in your structure with all the necessities; but now it is time, having established your character-structure, to become evangels, bringers of Good News. Yes, people are coming to you, as we forecast, because they see the fruits of the Spirit in your lives. The degree to which they come to you is also a measure of the progress of your character development.

When I say it is time to "go out" do not envision ringing doorbells or standing on the street corner on a platform. What I mean is to take another step in your awareness. Open your eyes wider, your ears wider, so that your are able to take advantage of the opportunities which you otherwise miss. At the same time the admonition to open your eyes and ears refers to seeing and hearing evidence of God's activities occurring right now in your experiences. Always the secret to maintaining this heightened awareness is to be found at the center. You do not gain greater vision out there, but from here (points to TR's chest). Stillness, service, worship; stillness, service, worship; this is the flow of love. This is the flow of life. If there is a blockage at any point, the flow is interrupted.

When you are together, as you are tonight, you are involved in all three activities for you worship together, you practice stillness together, and by your sharing and willingness to trust each other and love each other, do you also serve each other. I am now going to conclude my remarks because there is another present who desires to speak. One moment please.


Magisterial Son (Bob S): My children, hear these words of an elder brother who has come these many miles to touch you, to be part of you, to lift you up toward that person you were created to be.

Let not the weaknesses of your animal background nor the shortsightedness of your environment cloud the vision you are destined to see. Those of us here with me provide all the support you will need to accomplish your destiny. You have but to take the first step. That requires courage, faith and belief in yourself. Once you have stepped through the door to tomorrow you can never look back, nor will you want to look back, for the vision before you will present such manifest delight you will be drawn irresistibly toward the light which you perceive; and with each step your demeanor will grow more confident. You will rise above fatigue. You will not be weary. You will feel the support under your steps, and you will feel as if you are flying.

This opportunity which you have comes infrequently. My children, do not fail to see what is just beyond the horizon. Have faith. Rise up, and step through the door of tomorrow. Your elder brothers and sisters will provide answers to all your questions. You have only to ask, and it will be provided. Michael's mission begins now. You are blessed to be part of it. How fortunate you are to have opened your eyes and seen the road before you.

Now I must go. Soon, very soon, I will be with you. You will see me as clearly as I see you now. In the days which lie before, you are asked to continue your time of preparation. But as the Master said, 'Many will be called, but few will answer.' I pray you will answer. Good evening.


Daniel (Bill): I am Daniel. I wish to thank my elder brother for his stirring, sobering call to commitment and courage, as well as faith and action. I wish to leave you without opportunity for discussion this evening, so that you may meditate and ponder what you have heard.

The curriculum which we have begun has not been discarded, of course, but merely postponed. Continue to work on the assignment of analyzing your mistakes, finding their root cause, and bringing all this to the presence of the center within, your infallible divine Guide.

My dears, I embrace you all with my most heart-felt love. Aaron is present as well. So are Minearisa, Abraham, Ham, your personal teachers, and other celestials including your seraphim. Think about how vast is the company of support that ever surrounds you. Go in peace. Good evening.

Group: Good evening.