2002-02-24-World Awaits Your Message

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Topic: World Awaits Your Message

Group: Pocatello TeaM


Teacher: Daniel. Minearsia, Tomas, Machiventa

TR: Bill K., Bob S., Gerdean



Daniel(Bill/Isaac): Greetings, my friends, I am Daniel, your teacher, your guide, your companion and your staunch admirer. There is a great gathering of celestial company filling this room and this house as we accompany you in your mortal journey toward our common destination of Paradise. Indeed, is it always true that you are surrounded by unseen help that holds you up in the raging torrents of the river of life. Always can you, by your decision, turn your mind and your heart in the direction of this help, for this great company are your brothers and sisters of cosmic citizenship status.

I welcome our esteemed "visitors" to this gathering this evening. You all know that Gerdean was our co-transmitter back in the early days of the S.E. Idaho Teaching Mission base. We are pleased that she and Angus have been able to accommodate their personal schedule so that this meeting, tonight, could occur. Tomas wishes to have time on the docket. It is without the slightest hesitation that we all make room for him. Therefore, I will step aside at this point and allow our esteemed brother to greet us. One moment please.

Tomas(Bill/Isaac): Greetings. I am Tomas. I am delighted to be present with you and to be speaking through this vocal instrument. Isaac was not expecting that I should speak through him. However, we often change venues to keep this process interesting.



Yes, I have been associated with several groups in this mission and I am anticipating another start in Albuquerque, to try and reach a larger base than we were able to accomplish in the first attempt. You see, we teachers, while assigned in different places, are really one staff under Machiventa Melchizedek and under Michael of Nebadon. It is our privilege to accommodate the needs that occur in this mission as groups arise, flourish, and sometimes wither, while new groups arise, continuing the process of regeneration. From our vantage point this planet is dotted with bright lights, places where Light and Life have already begun in the lives of those persons who have made a conscious choice to live every day of their lives under the aegis of the will of our Heavenly Father. The Teaching Mission is not the only light in this world, but you are one of the brightest. We are, indeed, pleased to be your servants as teachers and companions.

The world awaits your message! These are times of great spiritual contrast. The metal of warfare, while technologically sophisticated, is beginning to rust. Greater and greater is the dissatisfaction with the use of force which violates the Prime Directive of God, that each person’s free will shall operate unmolested. More and more people are seeing through the vaingloriousness of violence. They are becoming aware of their dignity status as children of God and they cannot tolerate or stomach the rationalizations which allow violence to be blessed and condoned. Indeed, it would be wise for this nation to take of its abundance and share freely with others, as was done at the conclusion of the Second World War. What would happen if instead of fearful measures striking down the freedoms of other peoples, measures of love and compassion were practiced by this great nation? But, none of this can happen until there is a national will as a result of each individual person deciding to walk in the ways of peace with everyone with whom they come into contact. Yes, this is the same message that we have given you from the beginning. Spiritual transformation of the world begins with the individual. So I say, blessings to you all, for you have answered the call to be those ambassadors of Light. You are the salt of the earth. You are the light of the world.

We will continue to establish another beach head in the war against violence, in the war against ignorance, in the war against fear. We will follow Michael and turn the other cheek, taking a positive action to counteract the violence. Thank you, my friends, for your kind hearing. My remarks are completed.

Minearisa(Bob S.): This Minearisa. I would speak briefly this evening, my friends, with words of greeting to our guests. How happy are we, who supervise this uplifting project on Urantia, to see its social aspects function as well as its intellectual ones. While we espouse all types of human growth and interaction, it is most pleasing to us who are responsible for this aspect of the Correcting Time, to see the interactions between long time members of this teacher base and those of other groups; as well as newcomers attend and feel welcome. This concludes my remarks this evening. I now will pass the microphone to another.


Machiventa Melchizedek(Gerdean): I am Machiventa and I am also delighted to be here in this gathering this evening where so many of our peers have gathered in celebration of the pronounced direction of the many who have engaged in these processes, taking these steps toward growth in the Spirit, and thus able to have those qualities which will enable us, through you, to infiltrate the ranks of the mortal realm in such a way as to bring the Prince of Peace into the living arena of humanity, the Prince of Peace as He may manifest through each of you, His children, and through all of His children, as they will to choose His way over the way of darkness and death, of pushing and provoking needlessly. There are days and times when thoughts need activated, when new perspectives are aroused by probing thought; and there’s room, indeed, in the mind for conflict, as one gleans what direction one might take which would provide the better way, the higher path, the one which would promote the greater good, the more long lasting effects. This process of bringing Christ consciousness or Spirit reality to the lives of your fellows by bringing into social awareness matters of ethics and morality, will bring God into current affairs, enhancing and strengthening the tendency toward cooperation and co-creation in the place of competition and insurrection.

Fortunately for you, this is such a natural process, such a natural part of the evolution of a world that you need not preach, you need not confront. You need only to be your loving selves in order to be of support for those values, those realities, which automatically enhance a divine reality. Everyone truly thrills to the recognition that they are a part of these living realities, the lasting peace, the greater harmony, that which is gregarious, that which seeks to connect with itself in love, in prosperity, in affirmation, in abundance, in healing, consoling, growing atmosphere, is easy prey, are your comrades in truth, even those who are unaware of how He works. It is so easy to be a source of fraternity and affection. It is so natural for faith sons and daughters to embrace their own kind, their siblings, kindred spirits. You recognize one another. Your Adjusters recognize each other and lend a dimension of reality that will help cut through the density of the material reality to the greater reality of a more spiritual perception a more workable morontial reality, see within each other that which is like you, that comes from the First Source and Center and then there will be no need to argue, compete, or struggle, no need to deny their reality, no need to argue your philosophy. For there is in you each the Presence of God which is the new common denominator; and you can reveal that reality by assuming a moment of stillness in the course of your conversation at precisely that instant that He/She Deity might choose to be heard, might well reveal Itself.

We enjoy watching you in your arenas and we enjoy observing how it is that you take these lessons, put them in your mental filing cabinet, pull them out once in a while to study them; and review them in light of your own personal experiences, and allow yourself the recognition of their reality in your life, and observe how you grow by your own proof, proving to yourself that we are right, that we have been teaching you truth, beauty, and goodness that you can use, and that has indeed changed your world and continues to alter and uplift humanity, even exponentially, as these spiritual pressures continue to help upon Urantia and bring to it this vital stamina that stems from Havona and Paradise. Play ball!. (Laughter)

Daniel(Bill): At this time we would encourage you to interact with us and offer comments or ask questions, as you wish. I am Daniel. I will host this discussion, but you may direct your questions or comments to others, who will respond at that time. The floor is yours.


Nancy: Oh, boy, thank you. Oh, . ..go ahead.

LaReen: I just wanted to introduce Melissa to the teachers. Daniel?

Daniel: Yes, Melissa, welcome to this gathering. I realize that you have many questions and your heart is a flutter. Try to sense the love which pervades this room. Your guardian angels are here. They love you and do their best to serve you. You are walking a pathway of truth. As you yearn and desire more and more this spiritual food, so shall it be given to you. You will not be given more than your heart can bear and you will find your strength by turning within and discovering there the greatest gift in the universe, the very Presence of God. Thank you for being willing to come. We honor you and we love you.

Other comments or questions?

Profit, Ethics

Nancy: I appreciate the invitation to interaction because tonight’s lesson has stirred a number of thoughts. Initially I kept wanting to jump in and interact (laughter) even before things had moved on. Then, I realized that the answers were right there and I could keep my mouth shut. But I am who I am, even though I am maturing (more laughter).

So, Tomas, I’ll begin there and tie it into what Machiventa said and come back. Tomas, you talked about turning the other cheek and being a positive action. But you were talking about it in a social context. Just recently my husband and I have read the part in the Urantia Book where it talks about how Jesus expected that type of positive action from his apostles, but not from his disciples. Maybe I am not remembering or paraphrasing this correctly. That sort of struck me as I was thinking about a society turning the other cheek, what that entails. I suppose giving food and medicine is turning of the cheek, since part of the whole issue is the inequity of wealth as well as matters of religious doctrine. And Machiventa, it was such a relief to me to hear you say that we could just be our loving selves in situations.

Let me bring it to personal issues. In my job I interact with employees of a large corporation. The employees of that corporation understand their job is to maximize wealth for the shareholders. It is my job to try and maximize wealth for the customers. So there is this conflict of interest there and one can see...Part of my problem is I believe there is a real greed in corporate America! I work in electricity policy and Enron’s behavior is so typical and has been going on in terms of what I have dealt with. I find myself behaving sometimes more contentiously than I would like to, feeling edgier, and more suspicious than I would like to. It is my job to play chess and look way ahead and these companies are making these filings, and I am wondering what are they really after, how do they all relate, where are they going, and how do we plan ahead and block them. We deal in all these meetings with, very often, the same employees, sitting across the table from them. So, it is helpful to think about finding that common denominator which is God, but we are representing the interests of different of God’s children (laughter) so....I am throwing a lot at you. There is the social context; there is the work context; and then there is the difference between being an apostle and a disciple, though I still recognize myself as being of apostle status, meaning a lot is expected. That is just a lot of stuff that you can respond to, . ..or not at all. (Laughter). But those were the thoughts that were stirred by your discourse. I will continue to mull and think about it all.

Tomas(Bill): My dear, I am Tomas. I am aware of the issues that you are painting here on this canvass of reality. You are part of the game, whose rules, as you have stated clearly, are to maximize profits for the special interest groups. One of the jobs of an apostle is to speak the message of the Master. As I know you know, that is not his message. Jesus pointed this out in his bestowal incarnation, repeating the concept many times: that man does not live by bread alone but by every word that proceeds from the mouth of God; that what does it profit a man to gain the whole world, but lose his soul in the process; that the anxiety over material gain and indeed, greed, is a distortion of human nature; that profit is not the bottom line, even though it is given that sanctified status. How you bring that message is your task, is your great challenge! At the same time you are an advocate for your consumer group; and as long as you choose to play in the game, you need to do your job well.

Yes, greed afflicts this world and it is concentrated in the wealthy nations and in those wealthy individuals in those wealthy nations, who will not admit the connection between their greed and the violence of the oppressed of the world who pour out their vengeance upon those they perceive to be their oppressors. In some ways your position is very pivotal, for though you cannot apply these concepts in your actual day to day work, you can generate discussion, you can challenge the "bottom line". You can make others think, as I know you try to do.

Now as to turning the other cheek, indeed, you are correct. This was instruction for the individual. But as we pointed out earlier in our comments, as individuals understand this peaceful and positive, not pacifistically in a negative way, but peacefully positive approach, as these numbers multiply, then the mores of society change. There is always a first idea presented before that idea spreads. Then, where there is a critical mass reached, the idea is unstoppable. This nation could easily turn its vision outward and embrace the whole of humanity, instead of thinking only of national security; and so could other nations. It is this global, unified vision of the reality of humanity as God’s children that this world is awaiting. I suppose my remarks have not been all that helpful in specifics, but may their spirit provide you some food.

Nancy: Their spirit was very helpful, Tomas. I had an experiential vision, not so much in my day to day....that’s where I will continue to struggle. In my personal relationships, . ..absolutely. I have experienced the transforming effect. It is just in my job, in my dealings with other children of God, but not in a setting where we have the same goals, that I find the difficulty. But I saw this vision for the world in answer to my earlier inquiry, so thank you! I do know from the early foundation building that how I behave in my work setting is completely guided, if I spend that time in the silence. I have not been doing that as much as I need to. Thank you.

Tomas(Bill): You are welcome. And, my dear, you are in good company, (Laughter) for always is it difficult for mortals to allocate this time until they actually do it, at which point they understand how precious it is. It is a strange phenomenon, but it is part of being flesh and blood.

Nancy: What is strange for me is that I have done it, and I know how precious it is. Yet, having broken the habit, I am finding it very difficult to re-establish.


Tomas(Bill): Again, you are in good company.(More laughter). So, therefore, I will conclude our time with this thought. Every long journey begins with a first step. Every resumed journey begins when one rises to their feet and places one foot in front of them again. I know you have all begun the journey. It is our desire to assist you to your feet, so that you can place that step now in front of you and resume your walk. Please stand and hold each other’s hands. Let us worship God. Let us pray.

O Thou great Source of love and light, of energy, of personality, of will, our Father, [[Mother Spirit|our Mother]; help us to take away all barriers to that light which streams from Your face that it may bathe our souls, our faces with the golden energy of its purity and its serenity. Let these, my brothers and sisters, depart with joy, with the release that comes from giving their burdens over to You. I thank You for the opportunity to be present with them on this occasion. All glory and honor we offer You, and we thank You for the privilege of co-creating the Supreme reality. Amen.