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Topic: Trust

Group: Unknown


Teacher: Welmek

TR: Unknown



Good evening. This is your friend and teacher Welmek. And I bid a special good evening to our newcomer this evening. Greetings to you, S.


I began a serial presentation last week on the topic on the nature of trust. Actually this is a discourse on the topic of faith as we are going more deeply into the nature of what it means to live in faith: the ability to trust, the nature of trust, how to grow your trust. We spoke of the components of trust, what it means to trust, and we also spoke of those problems that exist in human life that do not allow you to fully live in the state of trust.

Tonight I will to take you on a little journey into the experience of trusting to help you get a firmer conscious awareness of what it feels like to be in the trust dynamic while you are moving through a problem obstacle or difficult life situation. But before I begin, are there any questions or comments on what we discussed last week? Or are there any ideas that came to mind during your life this past week?



Student: Welmek, I had a feeling that last week I was thinking of trusting someone in a passive sense, like an evaluation that you have to make in different situations. And I recalled that in Jesus' life here, one of the most strange words they use to describe Jesus' behavior was aggressive. He was a very aggressive person. And I thought well so was Ghandi. He had to change the whole relationship of India and England. So it occurred to me that there's a kind of trust that's actually active, it's an extension. You extend trust, almost like faith, acting on the evidence of things not seen. Trust is this extension; it's like a gift, a generosity that you extend to others before it's actually warranted.

Welmek: And I would also say that as you will see from tonight's exercise, it is this dynamic activation through any encounter, whether it is through a life situation or in relationship to another person, that you find a new level of awareness, and I would say, to some degree, excitement and adventure to life. You are, as you say, giving the situation the benefit of a doubt; that it is going work out. And, all things work to the good. Just like in a human relationship, if you trust that individual, you allow them to gain a greater sense of confidence in themselves. And so things will work out for the good of all. Are there any other comments before we continue with our experience?

Student: Yes, Welmek, yesterday I mentioned to S. that by analogy, anger is the shadow cast by fear, in other words, the fear is more real than the anger. But on the positive side of it, the whole universe is the shadow cast by Paradise. And so therefore to me, it is good, it is proper, it's not just a big bang. That's the trust, trust that the universe is very stable and the laws are perfect because it's a shadow cast by Paradise.

Welmek: I would say that in human understanding that it is a light reflecting within the human mind of a greater illumination that the universe is orderly, beneficent, and works to the good of all. The idea of a shadow has an element of grayness or nebulousness that in some analogies it is not an apt description to use. But in the ways of illuminating the human mind, sometimes it is better to paint a portrait of such light and such brilliance that it will draw the mind naturally into the clarity and beauty of the light that is being presented. Do you see the distinction I am making here?

Student: Yes, it seems more positive and a little simpler.

Welmek: The idea of the shadow is that the spiritual realm is the reality and the material is the repercussion. But while you are in the material realm, it is this realm that has more, I would call it, reality basis to it. And so to use the idea of illumination may be something that is more easily assimilated into the human mind. Do you understand?

Student: Yes, it is better to use the idea that the illumination of Paradise generated the whole universe, for instance, bundles of energy that leave Paradise and everything, rather than have the gray shadow concept.

Welmek: In this time of great spiritual illumination your minds are being more activated and more influenced by the light and any metaphor or illustration that is light depicting will be helpful.

Very well, let us begin. I ask you now in your minds-eye to sit in a place of darkness. Picture in your mind that which you see and feel all around you is dark, and I would say, even cold. And it is not the most comfortable place to be. Now imagine at a distance in front of you, is a small pinhole of light that you see. It is intriguing, and it is appealing, and it has a certain magnetizing effect upon you that makes you know within you that you want to see more light and have this grow stronger. I want you to experience the fullness of this mental picture of being in the dark, feeling what that is like, but yet seeing this light in the distance and being attracted to it. (Pause) Now with your eyes closed and staying in a still state of mind, I ask each of you, if you are willing, to share with me in a brief sentence or two what you are experiencing in sensing the contrast between the dark and the light.

Student: Welmek, I guess because I just love darkness, it's so expansive; it's hard for me not to just be the darkness and try to be all around the light. I kind of feel that little speck of light right in the middle of me.

Welmek: Do you find the light appealing to you?

Student: It's something like, it's cherished; I cherish this little thing. It seems very mysterious because it doesn't seem to be coming from anywhere, because I'm all around it; but there it is.

Welmek: And do you feel that the light is something that will nourish you and sustain you?

Student: Yes, pretty much. It's like company. It's keeping me company. That's maybe one of the most sustaining things of all.

Welmek: Very good. Are there any other comments?

Student: Yes, Welmek, I feel like it is like the highest quality starlight. I feel like a monk in a grotto seeing this beautiful light and it seems to create a feeling right in my soul and a longing, but a pleasant kind of longing. Maybe the hunger-tension for Paradise perfection that I like so much. But the quality of the light is beautiful.

Welmek: And so you are highly attracted to this, are you not? (Yes, and it seems reliable.) And so, what does the sensing of the light do to the feeling of the dark around you?

Student: Well, it takes the loneliness out of it and the contrast is even more beautiful; there's not a sense of loss in any way. But it calms the soul; it seems to create a better emotion. (Very good. Thank you)

Student: Yes Welmek, this is D. The initial thought that came to my mind about the light; first of all I had a hard time thinking about darkness or whose light in darkness. It's like there's so much light in my mind, in my being, that it's hard to breathe light in darkness. Especially coming from where I have experienced, but the initial thought that came to mind was going home, being home, and just being who I am.

Welmek: And so you found this light to be a place of safety (Yes.) and a place of rest, would you say?

Student: Yes! And a place where I am truly myself; I can spread my wings. (Very good!)

Welmek: Now as you stay in this state of sensing the light in the midst of the darkness, call on the light and ask it to shine brighter in front of you, to grow larger and more compelling. And in that awareness, in that sensing stage allow it to unfold naturally and see what happens to the darkness. And when the darkness and the light are at a place within you that fills you with love, please relate to me your experience.

Student: Welmek, for me it's, surprise! The one thing I cannot imagine on my own. It always takes me by surprise. I forget it then there it is again. It's playing a game with me. It's even teasing a bit. And there is a lot of love in that.

Welmek: Do you find within that experience a sense of new discovery, a sense of something being gifted to you, a new awareness that refreshes your soul. Would you say you experience any of this?

Student: Very much! It's like spring. It's perennial. I keep forgetting. I keep going through the winter and I keep being the darkness but then it's surprising again. It's that beautiful line that comes to mind of, "Oh sweet spontaneous earth".

Welmek: And so within that there is the capacity to continually renew and regenerate you, is their not?

Student: Yes! Yes! And it's reassuring not to worry about it, that is goes away; that's like say, that's this winter and that's just the seasons of my life. I have faith that it will pop out again after we least expect it sometimes. There's something playful about it; I can't help but feeling that that's, there's something playful about it; it's very charming.

Welmek: Thank you for sharing that.

Student: Yes, Welmek this is D. The word that comes to my mind is refinement. That I feel like I've been polished. And then I walk effortlessly and walk with grace and breathe effortlessly and breathe with grace. Then there is the rejuvenation and regeneration and the rest. And there's transformation and there's oneness and unity.

Welmek: And in that experience do you find that it is also completing within you a sense of who you are and what your destiny is now becoming? (Yes, it's true.) Do you feel as if you are increasingly able to identify with that you wish to now become?

Student: Yes! Yes, which is really expanding my trust and deepening my faith. Believing in myself and my oneness with the universe and with God. (Thank you.)

Student: Welmek, I feel I had a religious experience this morning on the way into work. Partly because it was very early and it seemed like it was a combination of my guardian angel urging me to pray, the beautiful arias honoring Jesus on the radio, and my Thought Adjuster coupled with the Spirit of Truth. And it created a sense of peace that surpassed all understanding that's so often mentioned and the calming and the clearing up of the mental cobwebs was palpable as well as even my physical cold symptoms and all at once. It was really, really satisfying.

Welmek: And what do you now experience in the expansion of the light in this exercise? Would you say it is along these lines?

Student: Yes. That's why I brought that up because it was overwhelming enough to feel that the light is clarifying and the peace, the peace that it brings is truly profound, even though I've often felt that the combined ministry that I felt has truly created a truer humility, a truly better humility.

Welmek: And what would you say happened to the darkness that you experienced earlier?

Student: It sort of melted. The contrast seemed to disappear a little bit. Honestly, it's like not so much swept or swallowed up in the victory of the light but just an evening out; instead of needing the contrast, it still had the same spiritual fruits without, like almost, like not so much needing the tool as much. (Thank you.)

Welmek: It is important to undergo these experiences in the instruction. These are times when you begin to more feelingly understand the lessons that are being presented in a context that gives you a certain awareness to then bring back into the laboratory of your daily lives as you begin to incorporate more trust into the challenges and circumstances that daily living will bring before you. I call your attention to this experience, for each of you has defined in your own unique way what trusting means to you in dispelling the darkness or confusion or difficulty that you go through while you have challenges to overcome.

It is no small matter now to sense this. It is no small adjustment in your thinking to realize that you have this tremendous capacity within you to have faith. The increasing light that you ask to shine within you is the alignment of trusting that your problem can be overcome; and the more you ask for this trust to feed you, you see how it absorbs and dispels the darkness. It is by asking for this trust to enter into your conscious mind and conscious body-experience that you elevate your faith, your ability to live in faith more deeply.

Each time you do this, each time you sense the fear that is in the darkness you are moving away from the animal nature or instinct into the realm of your truer spiritual nature and adding to your soul's dimension. Each experience that you transform through trust becomes a deeper level of your true personality that is your soul; and so as you know, it becomes more a part of you; it becomes more real, more unified and more deeply appreciative at the higher levels of your being. This inner awareness is so fundamental now that I ask you, and I would say, exhort you now to use this as a device to transform the feelings of confusion or uncertainty that you experience in your day-to-day existence, so that you can move away from your animal nature and more into your truer spiritual persona.

I will pause now and seek your comments or clarification questions.

Psychic Circles

Student: Welmek, I think this is related because I feel that a long time ago my faith has turned to faith-certainty and I try to achieve higher psychic circles but I know I need certain skills or certain experience to stabilize that next psychic circle. Could you help me with it because I feel I have the trust, I feel I have the faith. I sort of lack, I know I lack certain types of maturity but I imagine as we transition through to these things, there's a no-man's-land. Could you help in that area?

Welmek: Your question is perplexing, for in it I sense you are not clear in your mind what it is you are asking. Are you asking to identify where you lack maturity or where you are in your psychic circle advancement?

Student: Well, I feel that I have faith that has turned to faith-certainty and I absolutely trust the Thought Adjuster, the universe, the stability of the universe. From your higher experience of it, it seems like I'm asking, for someone like myself, I don't want to say I feel too comfortable or smug or anything but could you show an attitude or a prayer that will help, maybe, in the psychic-circle development. Even though we know from the text that these things don't happen necessarily the minute you want them or even, maybe, have qualified in most areas for it. Maybe a type of prayer or maybe an illumination on something that is peculiar to this planet, maybe the mind-resistance that I can't quite see that I'm up against?

Welmek: As you know from your study of your text, the psychic-circles progression is unconscious and they are more of a mental measurement of your capacity to recognize spiritual growth, cosmic concepts, spiritual ideals. These are not in and of themselves the measure by which I would suggest you to seek enlightenment and spiritual advancement. The effectiveness which I believe underscores your request in living human life is in the capacity to be a charming associate to your brothers and sisters and to be that spiritual leaven in loving service. Would this be an accurate understanding of your request?

Student: It is. I think my desire is to become a more effective servant. And it's with (the help of) this combined ministry, that I have felt progress and I think that is what I want, really want.

Welmek: And so, you know then, that in order to be more aligned with the Father's Will, allowing yourself to be led by the Thought Adjuster, comes in the guise of listening for the voice within that speaks to you in the areas which you need to, I would say, hone your life skills and mastery of yourself. When you are in your times of stillness, your prayer might be then, "Father make me a loving and charming friend and companion in loving service to my brothers and sisters. Teach me your ways of service. Teach me your words of service".

It is not so much that you must always be proving yourself; it is a matter of allowing those opportunities to come forth and simply sharing who you are in a way that is simple, loving, open, non-judgmental, and gracious to other people. This will take practice. This will take time. But you already have many opportunities placed in front of you. And so if you feel that you wish to do this more and more, just ask the Father to continue to bring those opportunities before you. And do not evaluate yourself on how you are doing in these experiences. Just enjoy what you are sharing with your brothers and sisters. Does this help?

Student: Yes, very much. It seems the perfect answer. (Do you have any other comments or questions?) No. And I will go over it again when I transcribe this, which I appreciate very much.

Welmek: Your indwelling Father Fragment, the light that shines from within has a strong desire to illuminate each and everyone of you so brightly that your inner awareness will magnify those components of who you truly are to the degree that you can become the very embodiment of all that is true and beautiful and good and loving, and inspiring to all who come in your path. This is now the time in your life to trust that this light is ever growing more pronounced within your being. And I would suggest that it is not so much a question of evaluating your progression as just to enjoy the light to come forth and as D has said to refine, to polish you, to illuminate each one your beautiful qualities and traits and abilities so that you have many experiences and many with whom to share this now. Your fate is assured. Your lives will unfold beautifully, adventurously, joyfully, the more you allow this light within to shine forth. The light within you is the faith light, and the dynamic that allows this to happen, is trust. Each time you say to the spirit within, "Illuminate me so brightly that I shine your love without to all who come to me in friendship and love." Faith activates this. Trust makes it grow brighter within you. Are there any other comments this evening?


Student: Yes Welmek, a couple of things. Last night in the Sonship group, we did this exercise on trusting and opening up ourselves to God and to Light and letting go of anything that restricts or limits our expression of who we are. And I experienced, I thanked God for creating me in the first place and thank God for creating me in His image and creating me with all this beautiful material and with vision of perfection and wholeness, and love. And I felt like we were one, and the vision was one and the light was one, and the love. It was hard for me to come back into the room because I wanted to stay in that place.

But then I was speaking to somebody during the week about how there is this divine plan or pattern or perfection within each and everyone of us. And it's like the seed planted into the soil that, in that seed, it knows what it is going to be, whether it be a flower or a vegetable; but it knows it's perfect plan. And as the light is able to penetrate into the soil, then warm the soil and the water. And the fertilizer, which is love, activates the seed to grow and it fulfills its perfect plan. And that's how we are. Each and everyone has our perfect plan and destiny to fulfill. And I claimed last night that I am one with God, that I want to experience my perfect plan.

Welmek: Do you doubt that you are at this time in your life not undergoing this very thing that you desire?

Student: It's this incredible, all the different things, all the synchronicities. And even when I met the counselor yesterday, the topic was trust. Everything this week - well the whole five, six months has been a deepening of faith and trust, and living that. But what I experienced yesterday as well as before (I thank God for creating me), was the fear and the apprehension that limits my expression sometimes, the apprehension of living in this world. And I said, "What compels me to hold on to these things; what is the root?" And I want to let that go. I want to fully trust and fully experience the faith. And to take that leap of faith, but I feel that there's apprehension within me. And I want to root it out.

Welmek: And so my friend, I say to you, would you consider yourself to be in this exercise that I presented this evening, to be fully enveloped in the light. (Yes.) Or would you say that there are still some places of dark within you?

Student: I feel it in my solar plexus.

Welmek: What do you feel in your solar plexus?

Student: I feel, like a weight, worldly responsibilities.

Welmek: So there are still places within you that you feel you are holding some resistance to this, so that the light, perhaps, is not fully able to shine forth? (Unfortunately. I don't want that, but I do understand.) And so, it is growing brighter all the time, is it not? (Yes.) And the reason for this exercise tonight was to allow you to see that light within you that is growing more brilliant and more beautiful and more warm and more magnetizing.

And so it is not so much of importance to focus on where those areas are that you are resisting. It is more now in your experience to ask the light to shine so brightly within you that it will illuminate all those areas of darkness. And then what will occur in your immediate daily life are those experiences where you get to live through the apprehension, the resistance, and to move forward knowing that you will learn something new about yourself, something new about the world, something new about another person, and something that will feed the idea that all things work to the good. I say to you to focus less on those areas within you that you wish to let go or transform, and focus more on the ability to ask the light to grow more brightly within you, for this is the actual ability to trust now; the more you are drawing on this trust that the Father fuels through you.

What more do you need? Your outcome, your goal, your future is assured. The more you ask for trust, the more you will live and activate your faith. What else is there to learn? Do you understand the distinction I am making here? (Yes, very much so. Yes!) There will always be something new to learn. There will always be an idea to master so you will never be, as you say, finished with learning to live, growing your awareness. This is going to be a dynamic that will be with you for many, many eons to come. But what you are learning now to do is, how to activate this and how to move within it to the extent that it takes the emphasis off of what you need to let go of, into the realm of what you are becoming, and thereby staying more focused and attuned to who it is you really are and what you are now manifesting more in life. This is an important distinction to make and I encourage you to spend some time in your stillness this week and allowing this adjustment to become more pronounced within you. Does this help?

Student: Very much so. I've had the flavor. I've experienced that and it seems really, I mean it's like, I've become - there's no thought involved. I just am. I am. I am the light, as Jesus said.

Welmek: And you will find that your life unfolds more effortlessly and you will be less focused on what it is you should be doing or learning and the enjoyment of being in the now. (Thank you.) Are there any other questions before we conclude this evening?

Student: Welmek, it has been mentioned in recent talks about the Thought Adjuster being heroic. I know humans can be heroic as they risk more and more for eternal life. And that Jesus was the most heroic man that has ever lived. But I find it hard to understand how a pre-personal entity can be heroic. So I am asking you and any of your compatriots with you for an understanding of the real heroic nature of the Thought Adjuster. I can almost taste it but I just don't have the words.


Welmek: Trust in your victory. Ponder these words. Let them actually envelop your mind, your body. Digest them with gusto. Let them soak into your skin. You have something in you so perfectly, absolutely, brilliantly, gloriously, eternally victorious and magnificent. You are all becoming Godlike when you trust in the eventual victory of that. What else is there to learn or to experience? Good evening dear friends.