2003-03-09-Healing & Mother Spirit

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Topic: Healing & Mother Spirit

Group: N. Idaho TeaM


Teacher: Olfana, Elyon

TR: Jonathan



Olfana (Jonathan TR): This connection can begin. I am Olfana. I greet you today with the warmth and love that is shared among us all by our Michael. You, my friends, are an inspiration, though you may not perceive those who are inspired by you, be they miles away, be they set apart by dimension.


Healing, Mother Spirit

When you seek the inflow of healing energy and you direct this force to one in need, you are tapping into the ever-present healing forces of Mother Nebadonia. She, the Breath of Life, pervades all things in Nebadon. The reception of your request for her power is immediate. The distance between the longing heart of the human soul and the welcoming ear of Mother is infinitesimally small. Bathed as we all are in this divine presence, given that you are her daughter or son, you are permitted to share her energy presence.

Never once allow yourself to doubt the worth of your petition, for all are loved by this Creative Spirit and our Michael Son. Likewise, never doubt the content of your petition. Freely ask for the outcome that you desire, for these two divine parents of all creatures in Nebadon do truly seek to know your wishes and do sincerely answer your petitions according to their creator orientation.

Be not perplexed over outcomes that may not align with your prior petitions. The human mind and insight are unable to grasp the broad perspective of these divine parents. Your faith overlays your desires. Above all things do trust Michael and Nebadonia to execute the best appropriate result to those to whom you call for grace.

While Mother is ever-present, she fully supports the discrete actions of every angel, of each ministering spirit, of any human soul to reach out, to offer consolation, to uplift, to soothe and heal physical ailments and mental anguishes. While in mind you fall short of the grasp of the divine viewpoint, you have the receptor of spirit energy which is attuned to the healing circuit. Understand that this energy plays among you in two ways. One you might describe as a mystical form of energy, intangible and indescribable, that energy which is the vibrating presence of the Mother Spirit. The other is the nursing provided by ones like yourselves who approach another with needs.

Your health system and institutions are evolving and, while there is yet much more technology you could acquire, and will as the decades roll by, there is only so much you are capable of today. Any specific individual is capable of only a small portion of the entire effect of healing power. A surgeon performs tasks; a nursing aid performs others, and an administrator performs even quite different tasks all for the purpose of bringing health to a patient. I bring this up to attempt to organize in your minds a perspective that perhaps would alleviate any feeling that, when you pray for a healing event and do not perceive the outcome you long for, you may be in one of various positions wherein you can only view so much of the overall outcome. The surgeon may perform the task flawlessly, and the nursing aids may undertake their processes precisely, and you may be an administrator frustrated over the complications of paperwork required to accommodate a patient.

The eternal value of teamwork is developing on this world, and you who have played team sports understand that some events lead to a goal when you give over to another player the ball that they may execute the play. You are on the team and you are part of the game. Mother Nebadonia is like static energy charge all about you. She is that game. She is the arena. Whether you feel like you sit on the bench or are on the field, you are within her presence. Your abilities contribute to the outcome. Sometimes your ability merely executes the transfer of power to another poised more expertly to fulfill the goal. Given our evolutionary status any one of us may fumble at any point in time. Our forgiving parents do not condemn such mistakes. Every time the ball is passed your way and dropped you learn better how to catch it and control it. This applies to your prayerful petitions for healing, to the longing of your heart for support of another.

When you approach another with the intent of being an active element of healing and upliftment, remember the twofold process: one, the ever- presence of Mother Spirit, and two, your -- though perhaps limited -- abilities to be the conveyor of healing through concrete, tangible actions. Not all human beings have developed their spiritual antennae significantly to pick up on the energy charge of Mother Spirit. You act as a translator capturing, coordinating, and conveying this energy to another. This allows the opening of receptivity. This brings a clue to a receptive mind of the Divine Presence. As you receive you compress. When you compress you must perforce contain only some elements of this divine energy. So it can appear to you that your effort was not complete. However, it was, for in bestowing this compression upon another the Divine Spirit within them will un-compress, will open an inner door to that omnipresent power of Mother Spirit. Be not concerned that you must handle the full bundle over to another. All you need to do is provide an inoculant, and spirit will unfold the rest according to divine wisdom, according to the best welfare of the soul in need.

Great joy comes into my being to be with you, a joy shared in our spirit family knowledge, that faith understanding that from wherever throughout this universe we were born or are currently domiciled, we are one family bathed in love and light.


Evelyn: Thank you, Olfana. You are welcome to our group anytime. It’s good to hear from you.

Olfana: Thank you for your welcome.

Elyon: This is Elyon, greetings, friends. As you have been provided with some thoughts to ponder, I wish to not bring too much to the table but rather to ask you to interject your thoughts and comments, and I would be more than happy to address them.

John of God

Harold: Some people seem better able to channel healing. We were talking earlier about John of God in Brazil who has had some incredible success. It’s said he works with other entities in this. Can you explain how that works?

Elyon: These other entities are those who Olfana has referred to as discrete personalities who are able to compress and convey healing energy. This human being you speak of is a partner in this process. Downstepping of divine energy into the physical form requires experts, not that the issuer of this energy is incapable of providing that compression, but that this energy must transfer to the recipient by way of other individuals. The, from your perspective, rarefied form of healing energy has to become more concrete to be absorbed into the human form. An individual such as you refer to provides this avenue, has set up this mechanism, and is supported by higher beings. One may ask, if this individual can do such wonders, why cannot all? Why can’t the physician heal himself? This begins the great philosophical question that attempts to resolve the reality of a perfect, benevolent Creator with an imperfect, sometimes malevolent world. Only on this level of existence that you are on now will you be threatened by your physical vehicle failing you. Never after you translate from this world will you be concerned that your vehicle for personality lodgment will interfere with your spiritual progress or your universe career. This is part of the divine plan. Even ailments intensify the human longing for God. This is why not all are healed, but it is also why some individuals, like the one you referred to, are given this gift. Or, perhaps more accurately, the channel through which healing may flow is opened through them. They are a portal. Illness, ailment, anxiety, anguish, all can act to turn the human eye towards God, and these key individuals who can provide what seems to be miraculous healing also act as lighthouses, providing light for the eye of the longing soul to perceive the divine power.

It is a delicate balance for anyone of you to in faith accept divine providence meted out as it is according to divine will and for you to in faith fully ask your desires. Celestial aid is available and can react to your call but must also act according to the will of our Creator Parent. The one you referred to is involved in a ministry that is deliberate. I recognize that you within this group are passionate toward the well-being of several of your close friends and family. Within the full knowledge of the Creator the best results are forthcoming. But there are stationed around this world what may be called extraordinary examples of this powerful presence more specifically demonstrating the effect of a cosmic healing. So, assignments are made to beings like myself, and they are stationed with such human beings to effect the best results.

Your response?


Harold: Is there something specific physically or psychologically about this person that makes him a better channel than others?

Elyon: There is some genetic predisposition which is not in the control of that individual. It is rather a condition that is noted by higher agencies. What is in the arena of influence and power of this individual is the willingness and, above and beyond the willingness, to not become personally motivated, to maintain a high level of altruism. When these individuals are located they are listed as potential contact sources for such energy release, for cosmic medicine. Not all are fully used, some for short periods, some never. That is because there is a larger program in effect around this world. Even you in this room fulfill the requirements, and so sit as reservists. If the occasion arises and the divine will decrees, you would find yourself in a similar situation.

Tom: Aside from willingness and staying out of the way, not being personally motivated, to what degree does one’s choice enter in? Are you appointed rather than choose? Where does the choosing of the would-be healer come in?

Elyon: Willingness is the prerequisite. That is an overall, general condition and attitude of your being. Choosing to be a conduit for healing energy to flow applies to specific instances, cases, to use a medical-like term. This is the initial action of your prayers, the choice to focus on a given individual for the release of that power. But many who, as you put it, would be healers have been upset when their choice met with disappointment, and I use that word "disappointment" deliberately, for, as you have alluded to, there is the overarching perspective of God who appoints when and where. You may choose and not receive appointment and then become confused and disappointed. As Olfana has referred to today, it is a delicate balancing act of a faith son of God to aggressively, choosingly, pursue divine favor for which you and another may wish to have transpire in an individual’s life for healing and upliftment, all the while remembering that the panoramic view of God may incorporate elements that are better suited for soul growth of another individual that does not bring your desired result. Therefore, pray and provide as you are capable. Then trust the Father to do what is best for all involved.

There will be appointed times wherein you will witness success and other times when you will not, all within the given comprehensive arena of the human perspective. Though hard it may be to believe, every outcome is successful from the Creator’s vantage point.

It is often mistakenly felt by the human aspirant that, like many elements of evolutionary life, you begin an experience, develop skill, become proficient, and execute a task expertly. This does not apply to healing. It is bestowed when appropriate and appears not to be bestowed at other times. Make yourself available when you perceive the need and release to God what is His power already to accomplish.

Evelyn: Our personal motivations more likely would stay in check if we weren’t always obviously successful.

Elyon: Indeed, this is true and often humbling, and personal motivation is often entangled with the evolutionary sensibility of developing skill, and along with skill there is tagged on recognition. By understanding that a healing will occur when needed and is independent of developmental skill, personal motivation for recognition and acclaim fall away, and the personal motivation to be present and available, trusting the appropriateness of the moment of divine will will lead to successes.

Harold: Thank you, Elyon. That was very instructive.

Elyon: You are welcome, and I would wrap things up by reminding you of Machiventa’s statement of years past when he was asked about apostleship and discipleship, and you were instructed that you are all disciples and occasionally you will function as an apostle, that it is not so much a permanent designation. It is based on function. This likewise applies to the events of healing.


I now take my leave, farewell.