2003-04-06-Resurrection of the Master

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Topic: Resurrection of the Master

Group: Woods Cross TeaM


Teacher: Abraham

TR: Nina



I am ABRAHAM. Greetings. I appreciate the lighthearted atmosphere here this evening. Too many hours go by in the lives of mortals that are seemingly so serious and impacting life. In our lessons we have made effort to teach our students flexibility. Most everything is in a constant state of change and your ability to be flexible will enable you to be of service at any time.


Jesus, Resurrection

This time of year the thoughts of spiritually minded mortals turn to the resurrection of the Master. This event on your world has probably had the greatest impact throughout all history. Although the records of this event vary from religion to religion, the truth of the story is what stands out in the minds of mortals and gives hope. The Master lived a perfected mortal life and also did He release the mortal body in a perfected manner. His return to His mortal children showed the possibilities of the next life.

I know, having been a mortal, how difficult it is to have faith-vision. The Master’s return in a different form to His mortal children expanded their ability to believe and know that this mortal life is not the end, but a beginning to an eternal career. Many mortals have difficulty in believing that there are endless possibilities to life’s circumstances. Some do indeed believe that they are limited by this mortal life.

Since the Correcting Time began the possibilities regarding mortal life have expanded a great deal. You are each with more divine gifts than ever before. To have personal connection with Father is to see the reality of those divine gifts. It is to see the bonds of limitation be broken. Said the Master, “I am the way, the truth and the life.” He set a wonderful example for us to follow to the best of our ability.

While His mortal life was seemingly harsh, His divine life brought balance and enabled Him to function with balance in mind, body and spirit. Having been so attuned to the will of Father, the Master did for the most part move through the mortal life somewhat unaffected, meaning that He was not bound by anxiety, doubt or depression. He kept an eye single to the glory of His Father in Heaven.

Even though the Master was indeed the Creator of a universe, He was definitely also a mortal and experienced this life to its fullest. Every experience brought the Master closer to who He really was, and His internal Father guided Him through every phase of life. With each experience He grew more capable, more capable of handling those difficult tasks that occur in the life of every experiencing mortal. He knew struggle, and yet He knew peace.

We think back to the story of Jesus in the garden where He made effort toward reconciling His mind to the will of His Father. Even though He so needed the company of His fellow apostles, He understood their hearts were willing, but the flesh was weak. This was a look at the man that Jesus was, the struggling mortal man, which all mortals in this life will know of this experience. Jesus could not by sheer willpower be reconciled within His mind as to the fate that was about to be put upon Him, no. It took prayer, stillness, mindal exercise and emotional alignment, for Him to reach reconciliation.

As you each strive for peace in and throughout your lives, you would take comfort in knowing the Master knows how much work is involved in reconciling the mind. He knows the heart is willing, but the flesh is weak. As you go forth into your week think about those mortal things that need divine balance. This time of year is a time to die to the ways of old, while being born again to the new. A reconciling of the mind is releasing the old and preparing for the new.

You each know there are things you can do to bring a healthy balance to your lifestyle. Find time to have prayer and some stillness. If possible, find time to walk in the sunshine. Find time for a friend and laughter. Balance in living is the key to peace. This week let us each focus on the Master’s resurrection, His dying to the old and becoming new. Think about His example broadening the possibilities in your own minds. A few questions.


MARSHALL: Yes Abraham, I have been working with Ham the last couple months. I really did not appreciate you and your leading me back in October to where you have taken me. I just want to thank you because I am more grateful as I reflect back at your expert care, teachings and your assistance was so critical at the time, even though I didn’t appreciate it as much as I do now. Thank you.

ABRAHAM: Understood Marshall. You’re welcome. As we can also see the apostles were not real happy with the Master’s words from time to time, but while growth is difficult, it is necessary in all living things. Another question?


TECTRA: A question about doing the will of the Father, and being as a mortal, what that idea is for me, trying to do the will of the Father in each moment in time. My question is how has your idea of doing the will of the Father changed since you are where you are now? How has it changed since when you were a mortal being to your perspective now? Does that make sense?

ABRAHAM: Yes. I am smiling (Laughter.) It is because it is as changed as night and day. The material body does seem to be a veil over the possible understanding one could have without it. As a mortal you are subject to many outside influences, such as society, culture, friends, family, the ego and the needs and wants of the material body. As we move to the morontia life it is like rising above the clouds to the clear beautiful blue sky. I have not the mortal influences any longer. I feel for the most part I am able to receive clear communication from Father. I have learned to depend upon that. I sincerely believe I would be lost without it. Good question, my son. (Thank you.) You’re welcome. Another question?

Service, Money

WILLEENA: Back in the early nineties when I first heard from Ham about not charging for spiritual services. I went through quite a personal dilemma. I had been working since 1984 in various healing modalities and in the course of my career path I found that I was working on all the different levels, mental, emotional, physical, as well as the spiritual. For a while there I actually contemplated getting a regular job and giving up my career. I prayed about it and it felt like it was really the right thing to do to stay in the line of work I was in, that I was being of service. The dilemma was that I want to be in integrity with the message from the teachers not to charge for spiritual work. It was a question of how to interrupt that message, where the line was, because I kind of justified that those of us that were in healing and trained in that, spirit always comes in on that in trying to heal a whole person. I didn’t know how to work with the regard to the whole messages of don’t charge for spiritual work. Can you address that for me?

ABRAHAM: I can try. Down through the ages many have indeed had real gifts, and out of love for their fellow man, was able to contribute. There were also frauds who sought to make money off of the desperation of people who needed a connection. In this day and age many are suspicious of charging for any kind of spiritual service. It is understandable that large organizations would collect donations to maintain the material property or some other special event. I am stumbling for the right words. Let me rephrase. Should you provide a spiritual service and are able to serve people, as well as make a living, then this is your choice. Absolutely. If you provide a spiritual service and are not able to make enough money to live on, then that should give you a message. This is a delicate area, for many would love to do the Father’s work fulltime and cannot due to employment. Even the apostles occasionally fished to raise funds for their expenses. That was separate from their personal ministry. They did not minister and then charge the people money. Their employment was outside of their spiritual ministry. I realize most everyone must work to live and if you provide a service that you can make a living at, so be it, but my understanding is that as we move closer toward Light and Life there will be not need of paying for any such services, for all will have within them the ability to receive any type of spirituality or healing. You have ability now, yes, granted, to receive from our divine source, but not too far into the future will receiving money for any spiritual service will come to an end. If one should receive gracious donations--then that is acceptable, providing that they do their work without intention to receive anything. I realize this is confusing. I am also confused. (For those of us that do things like massage or methodologies that are like coaching, counseling, things that would bring in spiritual, but no actual schooling for a healing modality, is that included in all of that? Are we supposed to get regular jobs? What is the deal?) Those who have had education to provide such services for the purpose of making a living is perfectly acceptable. Good question, Willeena. One more question.

SIMON: Well Abraham, along these lines of supporting ourselves and having faith, seems like the vast majority is really struggling. I struggle between allowing everything fall into place, being in Father’s will and waking up to be motivated to go ahead and do so. It is like the more faster I move, the be hinder I get. I am sure I echo that for everyone around the world.

ABRAHAM: You are speaking financially? (Yes.) My brother Ham said long ago, “What need have I of money?” I am somewhat at a loss in this area, for I am in all ways supplied. I would comment however about the needs and wants of the world. Those individuals who seem to struggle most have more than they really need. The more they have--the more they want. Money and material possessions have become somewhat of a temporary fulfillment for some. This society has led people to believe to be acceptable you must have certain things, and most individuals live beyond their means so they can acquire these things, so they can feel accepted. This brings not acceptance, no, only temporary satisfaction and a loss of energy. Possessions take attention and energy, which bogs down the mind. Father does want His children to have abundance, and yet abundance can mean many things to you. Someone across the world living in a shack would perhaps view you as rich. Abundance is in the eye of the beholder. Money speaks, and on this material world, does have power, as unfortunate as that is.


A new age is dawning and money will mean nothing. And with that I take my leave. (Laughter.)

You each are a source of joy for me. Know that my love is ever growing for you. Until next week, shalom.