2003-05-11-Working With Energy

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Topic: Working with Energy

Group: N. Idaho TeaM


Teacher: Parsonel

TR: Jonathan



Parsonel (Jonathan TR): I introduce myself to you; I am Parsonel and a midwayer. I hold long-standing dedication to correcting this planet after the disruption and wayward experiments all of which, while bringing chaos to the preferred order of planetary events, have as time has unfolded, created a remarkable world. Urantia is extremely beautiful and wholly unique. While I am made aware of the conditions of other planets and what the midway creatures of these other worlds experience, I have come to greatly appreciate our team of midwayers and the humans who come and so quickly go from this world



You are to be congratulated for working with energy to make what is for a physical creature a difficult stretch, to connect layers of energy and allow them to have impact in your lives. You are aware of physical energy forms and have harnessed many of them. You enjoy lighting when the sun has set, because you know how to channel energy through electrical form to create result. While you develop the mechanism wherein the energy may flow, your electrical circuits, you are fully aware that this energy and the circuit itself are merely the means to another end, which is, for example, to light a room, to cook a meal, to run an appliance. That was your intention. So, the exercise you have just now undertaken is quite similar to material conduits through which energy may flow. You are creating through your mind and your will and your creativity a form through which energy may enter and be directed. It is right for you to direct that energy or for you to simply harness it, to encircuit it; but not to use it serves no purpose.

I am close in kin to the human beings of this world, but you cannot perceive my presence through your senses. While you know that beings of my order are described as existing beyond your range of vision, it might be better stated that our energy presence is so expanded that you are unable to perceive our presence. Your senses pick up denser conglomerations of energy. If I condense the energy pattern that defines my being, solidify it, I would come into your field of vision. If you were to take a cupful of beebees, they have weight and volume amassed as they are. They have presence; they appear as an object. Now let's take that cup of beebees and scatter them as far you can imagine. To the material eye that object does not exist, when in reality it is merely expanded beyond the range of perception. We midwayers are such to your field of vision

We are now undertaking as a corps of beings the training for utilizing energy forms, energy structures, that are beyond the range of midwayers. It is through the training provided by those celestial visitors that come to this world that we are gaining our understanding and our skills to direct energy just as you are doing so at your level of being. The secret is to develop the ability to focalize, to condense, to draw the energy closer, more tightly assembled, and direct it. This is a difficult task. As I return to the cup of beebees, how difficult it is now that they are scattered as far as you can imagine to draw them back together

You are aware of the phenomenon of a magnifying lens, how it can collect light and focus it to such an intensity it causes combustion. Working in an energy field and circuit is undertaking the same principle or property. High spirit beings of Paradise origin to our view as midwayers and human beings are so transparent, so rarefied, that we are unable to sense their presence. When a being of this order visits Urantia, it comes with an entourage of focalizers who can indicate presence, who can transmute the energy fields, condense them into the morontia level of perception. Then we can enjoy face-to-face contact. These intermediaries train such that they may perform such services. This is only the beginning of abilities that may be acquired as you ascend.

Often and typically the higher the being, the less likely it will self-condense, but the trend of most personalities is to self-expand, to rise from the dense levels of material planes to the apex of spirit reality, the Paradise level of spirit presence. But there are those who do have this innate ability to condense. You know these as the descending sons of God. We were thrilled to witness the apparent disappearance of our Local Universe Creator Son as he undertook his bestowal upon this world. All held their breaths as he appeared to disappear. You can imagine the excitement when we became aware that he had taken new form as the baby Jesus. That is a miraculous event to beings like us midwayers who are oriented naturally towards growth and expansion. We seek to become like Michael and are baffled at the mechanisms and abilities within an order of Creator Son that can reverse and become like one of us, even one of you. Therefore as you undertake this practice of energy collection and focus, ever keep in mind the necessity of the presence of spirit beings who can assist and amplify your efforts. I told you that it is important to have a goal, a direction, a use for this energy. It is also important to perceive yourself as a dish, a collection, like your satellite collectors. But on a spiritual level within your being you are open as an antennae collecting the energy that is readily controlled by high beings. Therefore, not only do you have a target for the direction of your energy, but you have an awareness and a focus upon the source of that energy, which ultimately is derived from God.

While you undertake this development in your abilities as an ascending creature, do understand that your forms through which you transfer, channel, this energy may change. Just as you began your understanding of electricity with certain circuits, gauges of wires, and electronic devices through which you accomplished goals, only to evolve and discover micro-circuitry and finer forms of electrical work; so will your mental constructs adjust as you develop a sensitivity toward and application of this energy

I am a midwayer of secondary status, brother of Sharmon, and I thank you for receiving me today


Healing, Prayer

Evelyn: I'm understanding that, besides what we do so far to imagine this energy pole in the center of the group and a spinning at head level and at heart level, to also visualize the source, a condensing energy coming from Michael or Nebadonia or ultimately God.

If we are looking for physical changes, healings, should we visualize a physical energy source like the Power Directors or something like that? Are there any specifics of our pattern so far that you would suggest changing or adding?

Parsonel: By assembling yourselves in a group and undertaking the collective conscious visualization you establish what may be likened to a lightning rod. Throughout a thunderstorm the energy is present. When the connection is made the lightning bolts, and it will do so wherever the conditions are right. By establishing this energy framework it is much like erecting a lightning rod to draw the energy toward you. You understand that on Paradise, spirit being and energy are indistinguishable. Way out here on the frontiers of space both midwayers and human beings deal with a great gulf between dense matter and spirit being. So the mind becomes all important as a director. So, I perceive this is the reason for your question of how the energy may be directed; physical energy toward physical problems as in healing, or should the energy be transmuted to be useful in a psychological arena when one is troubled in mind and soul? While it is difficult to discern how to do this and how effective you may be in transmuting and directing energy, I ask you to practice what we practice, and that is to always know that God is energy and God is spirit, one and the same. This divine presence fully knowing as it is will act in response to your faith and appropriately apply energy as needed

I will use another example of one of your material objects, the spark plug. Consider the central pole as the divine source of all energy and consider the grounded pole your willingness, intention, desire, and openness to receive the energy. You may not have the power to draw the spark, and you do not need the power, for the grounded pole merely needs to be ready and receptive, and the divine central pole provides the power that jumps the space and makes the connection. So you may intellectually desire to place energy appropriately and to use an appropriate energy form, but take into account that all you need to really do is provide the receptivity, and the divine energy will jump the gap and strike as needed.

I hope this helps

Kirk: It helps a lot. Thanks

Evelyn: I understand spark plugs a little better now

Tom: Our faith is the ground, right?

Parsonel: That is an applicable comparison.

Let us stretch this example of the spark plug and place a little metal object in between in the gap. That little metal object not does not have the same attractive abilities as the grounded pole does. It is suspended. It has no faith. By grounding yourself in faith you create the potential to receive the power. Along with faith is determination, resolve; and herein enters the importance of decision making, for this is how you establish your grounding which completes the circuit. Indecisiveness, uncertainty, cause you to disconnect from ground as well as reduce your attractivity of the divine power. It is better to believe and believe wrongly than to not believe at all. I must tell you that we midwayers learned that lesson the hard way

Tom: The little metal object in the gap could be the disease or the person in need of healing. When the energy flows the disease is dissipated. Is that how it works?

Parsonel: I love how you are working with this example. We desire that healing be bestowed upon a fellow. Let us call that little metal object between the gap of the plug one's fellow. Yes, you could desire that this being move over to and connect with the divine electrode, but for the force to flow in reality, this being needs connection with ground, and the energy then snaps into them. This stresses the importance of your function in closing the circuit. This underlines the value of telling another you are praying for them; you make the ground connection to them, and that groundedness allows for the displacement of the disease with the healing energy. God is all powerful and can jump the arc. Your task is to be grounded to receive the energy pulse.

Tom: In a prior lesson on healing it stated the energy comes from Father, through Michael, through the practitioner, and our job is to provide a visible means of connection to Michael so the faith is activated in the person to be healed. He is grounded through us, completing the circle himself, which is why it's important he is being prayed for.

What is the effect on people who don't know they are prayed for? Does it make the process more difficult or less effective?

Parsonel: The energy is not weakened. However, the ease by which it may be transferred is lessened. I return to the principle that on absolute levels spirit and energy are undifferentiable. Adding the spirit element to energy implies volition. This energy we speak of is not strictly, totally, mechanical in nature. Will, the will to be healed, is a vital element. While another may not receive assurances of praying by others for their well-being, their own potency of will can make that same connection and close that circuit. Since your mind levels rest so closely upon your material stature, it greatly benefits you to receive word that others are praying for you. It bolsters your willpower. You might say it ionizes the air in the gap to receive ease for the reception of energy. The higher you ascend the more your mind levels associate with your spirit reality presence, the more likely you are to directly receive and not require mutual support and assurance.

As one who is familiar with the Urantia Papers, I remind you that you ascend in faith. As you ascend eventually your faith falls away and you stand solely in truth. While you live upon Urantia faith compensates for the lack of comprehension of total truth. As you grow truth accumulates; faith lessens. Therefore it is important here to assure one another of mutual support, to rally together in hope, not necessarily at your house!

[Tom lives in Hope, Idaho.] Kirk: The important thing is to become part of a group that grounds. It may never be proved to me that the energy is doing anything, but the important thing is being part of a group creating the energy to heal. I may never see the result, because it is spirit and energy. I don't have that kind of vision, being mortal.

Parsonel: I understand your expression. Let us return to the lightning rod. When the lightning bolts you see it; you see it strike the rod. But once it's grounded, where does that energy go? This I trust illustrates your comment

Kirk: I have to have faith God is taking care of where it's going. I don't need proof that it's all working correctly.

Parsonel: Yes, rather receive the bolt and turn your attention to receiving another bolt

Tom: We were talking about the efficacy of prayer; someone who knows they are being prayed for has a better chance it will work. When someone doesn't know we are praying for them would it be safe to assume that energy directed toward that individual is in reserve until they wake up to the fact that it's possible through their own prayer, faith? It doesn't dissipate if someone doesn't know about it, does it?

Parsonel: Your prayers are complementary to the one receiving that prayer blessing. An individual through faith alone may receive healing. An individual who comprehends that others' faith is also activated strengthens the receptivity. So, your prayers do accumulate that they may complement and strengthen that individual's faith. Also, your prayers provide petition that we midwayers and the angel forces may present to even higher beings as proof that we are requested to be assisting in the healing process, that we are being asked to join the circuit. While your prayer may not directly impact the one for whom you are praying, it does enlist and engage your unseen friends and strengthen the channel, put greater charge upon the electrode, thereby when the faith of the recipient reaches the critical point the energy follows.

Kirk: Thank you


Parsonel: I will withdraw from this connection and let you know as I leave that Elyon has been in attendance with you and has enjoyed being in a passive role witnessing your interactions. I also tell you that while you are graced with the attention of many beings, your group teacher Elyon is very devoted to you and loves you deeply. I look forward to my next contact.

Group: Nice meeting you. Thank you and Elyon, too. Say hi to Sharmon for us.