2004-01-22-Evolutionary Worlds Are Front Lines

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Topic: Evolutionary Worlds Are Front Lines

Group: Lightline TeaM


Teacher: Sharmon

TR: Rick Giles



Sharmon: I greet you as a brother in residence on this planet...this is Sharmon...I am a midwayer . .hello.



It is a great reward to each one of my fellows to receive your enlistment in our upliftment program for planet Urantia. It has been a long wait as we midwayers have expected this time of return to integration within normal system functions. While my order of being has struggled with great dedication towards improving this world and to overcome and adjust for our prior mistakes, we are delighted to have you taking up the task of spreading light, sharing love. We midwayers and you human beings are at the most privileged position in this long line of cosmic workers under the banner of Michael. The evolutionary worlds . .I am told.. are the front lines of Supreme evolution. It is here that we touch the edge that defines the real that is actual and the reality that lies in potential. This is not a smooth edge as our planetary history portrays. In a sense we must diligently pursue the gathering of truth in order to increase our wisdom for we are not located on worlds in realms wherein the functioning of celestial order is well established. and while our world emerges from the status of a quarantined planet, I inform you that even worlds that escape such events as rebellion, of status similar to ours, being inhabited by human creatures and midwayers, likewise find great difficulty pursuing the higher noble and spiritual stature that is so available throughout the many schools of Nebadon and beyond.

You each hear me today because you have established in your soul a relationship with our divine Father, and with this relationship you have likewise developed a passion to demonstrate the beauty of such a relationship and for that demonstration to act in an educational manner for your fellows in a ministry to reveal that such a friendship with God is possible and so real in it's impact upon the soul, that life changes dramatically to adjust to the new values that come into view because of such a fellowship.

In your uncovering of this sacred bond between Creator Father and creature child, you likewise have undertaken the study of many expressions of religious and philosophic thought, that you may better comprehend what you experience personally in the depths of communion, that you may find words to describe the sacred relationship, that you may develop expressive structures to convey to your fellows the true treasure that this embrace with God brings. Through your developing understanding, a twofold power develops. One, of the knowledge of the direct relationship you have with divine spirit, and the clarity and mind of the meaning of this relationship to your own progress, to planetary welfare. These join together in the impulse of service to bring about assistance to those in your life who are searching, who are hungry, to seek to open the door behind which the brilliance of spirit luminosity may pour forth and open their eyes.

We midwayers stand between you and our angelic fellows. We are integrators of that which is on high and that which is here on this earth. And you, I tell you today, are a kin to us. Everyone of you dedicated to Michael and the promotion of his message of good will. You are also integrators of the experience of spirit fellowship and the engagement in terrestrial life. We have a freedom in this integration for each one of us endowed with unique personality are given by the law of this singular uniqueness, the opportunity to reexpress our cosmic understanding in daily life. It is an act of translation which often does not come word by word, rather is expressed meaning by meaning.

In the depth of your stillness, you grasp the significance of divine presence but this contact often fails to conform to word structure. Each one of us, both midwayer and human being, must creatively express the reality of such a contact to others in need. It is on record, that ages past, my midwayer fellows made great mistakes in attempting to bring about a hasty integration of the way of the higher realms with the living conditions of Urantia. And while our world has taken a course quite unlike other planets, we midwayers have received the acknowledgment of the Salvington administrators, that we are accepted, in spite of our faults and further encouraged to continue to pursue light and life. I encourage you likewise to not fear the unknown, to pursue adventurously the path of progress, to temper the adventure with a keen alertness to cosmic adjustment to personal correction, for it is this balancing input that will straighten our path, that will guide us as we express our understanding of the goal for all life on this world.

A translator must adhere to the integrity of the expression as it is transformed into a new expression. However, often while content does not change, the manner in which it is expressed must be adjusted. The will of God is present throughout all the universes. You who have put your finger of the pulse of this divine will are translating it into your individual lives and I assure you that every one of my kind, assist, and will continue to assist you, in both a deeper comprehension of this will as it bears upon your personal significance and in a greater clarification of your expression of this will as it becomes literally you, a representative of Michael, a universe member, resident upon Urantia.

I am not one to speak long, and so at this moment I would ask you to give your input into this collection of sincere souls.



Manu: Dear brother Sharmon, thank you so much for you're wonderful progress as well as all the other midwayers who have been doing this for thousands and thousands of years. We really appreciate the help. I have many, many, questions racing through my mind as you were speaking, specific questions about your experiences, but I'm just going to ask you one for now which is . ..could you talk about the relationship that you all have with the Father. Could you please give me any personal advice on how to advance that personal relationship?...or advance on the spiritual path on which we are all traversing?

Sharmon: I would offer two comments...one is that while you pursue deeper relationships with God actively, exerting your own energies... to increase your contact. That , coupled with this effort , is a willingness to simply wait and to receive the outreach of the divine presence while seeking deeper contact it can be overlooked in the pursuit that the presence of the Father is already with you and that a passive receptive alertness will emerge to the recognition of his indwelling and company. Secondly, and subsequent to this two-fold contact is the effort you make to uplift your everyday affairs to the stratus of spirit ascension. Let not the tasks of the world be divorced from your pursuit of the divine. Merge them. Uplift the one as you bring down and integrate the Holy into your moment to moment existence. By increasing your awareness of divine accompaniment, you will naturally enhance your sense of divine contact, and this association, like and good friend, deepens through minute by minute, hour by hour, day by day interrelationship....More questions?


Manu: Thank you dear brother...just a quick followup on this wonderful advice. As a midwayer, currently without a Thought adjuster, how do you pray and seek divine contact?

Sharmon: Much of my sense of divine contact is derived through our natural tendency, as midwayers, to bond together in brotherly fellowship. This association reveals to us the Father of all and while we are not indwelt as you are with the divine presence, we are in make-up, able to receive such indwelling, and this open capacity for the reception of the divine fragment is temporarily filled through cosmic intrusion by our beloved Michael and Mother Spirit. These two brilliant Creator Beings see to it that we are filled with divine presence, nurtured, energized and refreshed. This contact sweetens our longing for the day when we will receive this precious gift of Father that you have already this day. And when you likewise feel alone and contact is difficult, I encourage you to do as we midwayers. Associate together in fellowship, for it is in this collection, in this gathering of family members, that the divine parent is revealed...that the divine presence becomes more tangible.....I hope this helps.

Manu: Thank you dear elder brother......pause..


Dominic: I read in an earlier transcript the word Merkaba. Can you explain a little about that to me?

Sharmon: Merkaba...is the word expressing the conceptual development of a region of consciousness and personality association wherein divine luminosity may enter and impact the human mind and soul. And while it has evolved from human observation, it is descriptive of that state of presence of mind and spirit awareness. It is unique in that it is not a location with co-ordinates in space...it is rather existent due to expansion of mind and the inter-association of minds. It is a state of being established through Nebadonia. The Merkaba functions just as does the statement of Jesus' that where two or more are gathered, there he is also. Being a state without location, you are not restricted to being anywhere specifically in order to rise into that chamber filled with divine luminosity. You may enter at any time from anywhere. It is a superconscious realm. The more you seek to function in this state...the greater will this superconsciousness infiltrate your normal awareness, and the more easily will the light of Christ be revealed. Michael and Mother Spirit are personally the two poles of energy charge, that is felt by any who rise into this state of awareness. With the polarity of our local universe Spirit presense and our local universe Son presence, you become energized in the cross-current as they charge you just as does your mechanical electrical storage device...a battery. I hope this has supplemented your understanding of this state of being.

Yes...thank you.


Manu: Sharmon I have a curiosity question and if you don't want to answer that is totally fine. There is a religious tradition in India and in Calif.{ the Self Realization Fellowship}, which refers to an ascendent being called Baba-Ji, whose description appears to me to be much like a midwayer. He apparently has lived around that part of the world for many thousands of years. I was wondering if you could comment on this?

Sharmon: You have made a connection between the traditions around this entity in India and the activities of our midwayer order. The engagements we midwayers make in the affairs of our human brothers and sisters often are through an interconnection and association with mortals who are able to associate sympathetically with our state of being. This allows each midwayer a chance to continue to minister to our human fellows over the course of centuries in spite of the continual exits of humans from this world to the higher realms. And while some of the descriptions of this being contact with the sincere seekers of spiritual truths do not fully accurately describe who Baba-Ji is, nonetheless the presence is real and the engagement in human life is real.

Manu: Thank you very much for confirming that for me. It is appreciated.

Sharmon: I'm delighted to further your understanding of our inter-association.

Manu: If there are no other questions dear brother Sharmon could you please close this session with a prayer to the Father.

Sharmon: It is an honor to give expression for all my fellows in this manner.


To the one we regard as the Holiest of Holies, Sacred of all Sacredness, we orient our will, we open our hearts, we empty our minds, that our purpose be the unfoldment of your plan for universe growth as it transpires in individual lives. May we, Father of all, ever remain diligent in our orientation to you. May the activities of our lives prove not distractions but opportunities for the outworking of your will. You have bestowed upon each of us life, and done so in manifold ways. Every creature, every order of creatures, unique , this is your will. May we always acknowledge your value of our lives. That while we may fail or falter in inadequacy, our very unique individuality is your gift. Within each of us Father, we hunger to be in your presence and as we all ascend to you to be in oneness at your abode in Paradise, help us all to honor your purpose of personality expression of the unfoldment of talents. May we bring home to you unique experiences in this cosmic adventure that you have bestowed upon us all. We give our love..the love you've given us , we return to you. Thank you.