2009-12-15-Consciousness, Urantia's Adjudication

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Topic: Monjoronson Q&A Session 79

Group: N. Idaho TeaM


Teacher: Monjoronson

TR: Daniel Raphael


  • Moderator - Philip


Prayer: Let us still our minds, release our thoughts, and the busyness in our heads. Release all tension, strain, stress from our bodies. We feel our feet comfortably buried in the moist earth releasing all our excess energy so we become grounded, balanced, receptive to the Father's will, to the Father's words. We ask for clarity of reception and clarity in transmission. We give thanks for this day.


Consciousness & Growth

(Consciousness Growth)

Preamble: This individual sends you his greetings and happy holidays. He was thinking about God's consciousness filling the universe and when he thought about the "big bang theory" he thought this huge explosion was God's consciousness filling the universe, all of us living and having our being within His consciousness.

Question #1: How does individual consciousness grow or expand and will it be as near big as God's someday?

Monjoronson: Each will creature, sentient and capable in mind, has been given endowed consciousness. Individual consciousness grows with the individual's self awareness so that consciousness can be commanded by will, by the will factor in their being. Consciousness will continue to grow and become more and more Godlike through the ascendant career. It is in this ascension, particularly when the person crosses into the eternal realm of Paradise and Havona, that their consciousness will begin to grow into the proportion of God the Creator, though it never will even approximate that of the Creator. Such consciousness will become more like the Creator in character, nature and texture.

I hope this helps you understand your own responsibilities for your consciousness, for the use of your will between your fellow brothers and sisters on this planet and eventually throughout your universe career. Thank you.


Question #2: In what way does knowing other personalities prepare them to advance spiritually?

Monjoronson: Knowing other personalities assists you to appreciate your own personality and the responsibilities that you have for the development and fulfillment of your own personality. When you do this, you become a sounding-board, so to speak, for others to express their personality. You begin to coordinate your development with others. Knowing others lets you understand the uniqueness that God has created. This wonderful population in the universe of each personality is distinctly [and] uniquely different from others. This assists you to appreciate your relationship with the Creator, your Thought Adjuster, the Thought Adjusters of others, as they work with those personalities. Truly you begin to appreciate the depth of God's creation and the depths that reside within each individual and their personality. Truly within your personality you have the potential to become more and more Godlike as this is an endowment of the Creator which is unique to you. Thank you.


(The Problem of Power and Money in Too Few Hands)

Preamble: Now that I have discovered the spirit within and have been born of the spirit, I feel free. But saying that, there is a conflict between my spiritual self, my spiritual side and the reality of my material existence. We all know that the economic system in place keeps the majority of humans in slavery. Just a few people manipulate the entire reality of the world at large. These few persons want to maintain control through the manipulation of the financial and political system. As a result, most humans are unable to live the life that they so deserve to live. We are in reality slaves to the few power hungry selfish people. I am grateful for you being on the planet.

Question #3: How can we be truly free if we are slaves from a material sense?

Monjoronson: There will always be a slave mentality, whether it is money or ideation or indoctrination, or whenever you buy-into someone else's concept of reality. You are completely free. You can opt out of this system of economics at any time; you however, have bought into it earlier in your life as you became more and more financially obligated. Those decisions were not pushed upon you, were not made for you by someone else. Those financial obligations were yours and yours alone.

As you made the decision to become more and more obligated, you became more and more under the thumb and pressure and obligation of those to whom you are financially indebted. To become truly free you must relieve yourself from this debt, from this burden; then live as you wish in concert with your spiritual ideals and concepts and highest good.

It is truly difficult for mortals to live life under "Caesar's" reign and control when they have given their life over to those financial systems. You always have the freedom to withdraw from the system after satisfying your financial obligations. Remember what Jesus said: Render unto Caesar that which is Caesar's and to render unto God that which is God's. What you render unto God is yourself, your full self, your whole self. God wants all of you to be whole and complete in 'Its' reign of love and dominion. These are not easy words for many in the world who are greatly indebted financially to those from whom they borrowed in one manner or another. To be free you must be free of debt and free of the conceptual obligations that others have defined as some spider’s web to catch you in their net. Thank you.

Philip: That reminds me of the statement in the Urantia Book that involuntary servitude has given way to voluntary servitude.

Monjoronson: Very definitely.

Correcting Time

Question #4: Are there to be Magisterial Mission or Melchizedek schools on Urantia that address our out-of-balance social and economic practices? If so, what would be the general criterion for admitting students?

Monjoronson: Yes, there truly will be Melchizedek and Magisterial schools for you to attend. Yes, they will assist you in attending to these out of balance elements and energies in your life. They are very practical in the aspects for living to simplify your lives. Many of you have gotten yourselves into extremely complicated and complex lives which throws you off the track of your spiritual quest.

The criterion for admission is your willingness to take responsibility for your life and your desire to become more perfect as [[Universal Father|your Father in heaven. You will become, through this process, a more contributing member to the sustainability of your civilization and planet. Rather than one who rapidly chews up resources in emotions and material energies, you will be made less dependent on them as processes. When you are accomplished and are certified by these schools your lives will become more simple. You will become a much more responsible and contributing member of society, to your family, and to your own life. Thank you.

Energy & Information

(Conveyance of Energy and Information):

Preamble: Recently Nebadonia came through a particular Transmitter/Receiver. She was infusing us with the power of peace and forgiveness. She said that we would receive this light and that, "the information is in the light."

Question #5: Was the light that she was speaking about just the spiritual light? Is there also information contained in the physical light that we receive from our sun and other celestial bodies? Thank you.

Monjoronson: Excellent question. Light carries information in all its various forms. Light can exist as light from your sun and similar light generated by electromagnetic pulses and energies. Light is also carried by universal energy which is non-dimensional and non-temporal to your universe yet which courses through and sustains all of the material and invisible aspects of the universe. The light that you receive was the light of understanding through the light energy circuits that are beginning to inundate your planet. You will receive more of this as you become more receptive to it in acknowledgment that there is something coming into your planet which had not done so before.

The light she was referring to was the light that she too carries unto herself and shares with you. The beams of light, she would rather call them energy, carry a great deal of information to you at levels which are above your conscious perception. You who are open and receptive to God's light are now receiving these sets of instructions. These are different from the universe broadcasts as these are energies which are not informative but rather instructive and which tend to encode your mind circuits in new ways for new ways of thinking. Thank you.


Question #6: How does the power of peace and forgiveness come through the reception of light? Is this word "light" in this case an analogy for spiritual ministry?

Monjoronson: We are not so concerned about answering the "how" question, as the "how" is some of the mechanics of our universe administration and education which are not relevant to your lives at this point. Simply being open and receptive to the messages they carry is sufficient for you at this time. Thank you.

Preamble: Our bodies need vitamin A to synthesize vitamin D and vitamin D can't be synthesized without sunlight. It is because of sunlight that so many of the functions in our bodies occur. The sun talks to our DNA.

Question #7: Is this considered information? Does this classify sunlight as a communicating influence?

Monjoronson: In this situation, sunlight is not so much a communicating influence as it is a catalyzing effect upon your body. It is part of your participation of living in a larger environment than just your own immediate space. It means that you are an indigenous element of sunlight on a world that maintains its activities and future based upon sunlight. All creatures on this planet rely upon the sun for their energy. It is not so much a communication tool as it is an energetic bonding with each individual in ways which are both known and also unknown to you. You can receive Vitamin D vitamin D from synthetic sources but the sun has a wonderful catalyzing effect on far more and at far deeper levels of cellular activities than most of your scientists are aware. Many of you who are not scientific appreciate the effects of sunlight upon your nature in the depths of your psyche and your biology. It helps you feel at oneness with your world and welcome to each day. Thank you.

Question #8: Can spiritual light be catalogued in any of the 100 octaves of wave manifestation spoken to in the Urantia Book?

Monjoronson: Spiritual light is a generalization given to all these various octaves of manifestation of spiritual light. Spiritual light is a nominal term for all these forms. Do not confuse the words with something that exists or is reflected but rather keep your focus upon the energies that are most useful to you. Your specificity at this early stage of your existence is not necessary though we understand your curiosity factor to understand this more deeply. Thank you.


(Spiritual Names)

Preamble: In some of the transcripts I read of the spiritual or eternal names being revealed to some of the inquirers. I can imagine that life would continue unabated either way; knowing this information or not but it was revealed at the time. This would imply that the revealing serves some purpose.

Question #9: Is there a purpose in providing a spiritual name to members of Teaching Mission groups who ask for them?

Monjoronson: Yes, there is definitely a purpose in doing so. It is the difference between having read a book and understanding its title than reading the card catalog number in the file index. It makes it more personal to you, there is an immediacy to it, you open yourself up at levels of consciousness which lend themselves to greater bonding with these spiritual beings and the spiritual energy that they convey.

Question #10: Do these spiritual names that are provided somehow represent the vibratory frequency of the spiritual identity of the person receiving one of these names?

Monjoronson: Yes, but only in part. It is more attuned to the character of that individual and to their traits and nature. These things are conveyed in part through the name. It is not a totally vibrational element that their names were devised for you.


(Urantia's Adjudication)

Question #11: Can you explain what it means when you call all Urantia to justice and how you will cleanse her of the evil done for so many years? Thank you.

Monjoronson: This is a dispensational act involved in the cleansing. It is a way of removing those individuals who have refused to move on. The earth will be cleansed of those who have died and are sleeping and waiting to move on. It will be a time of removing those who have resisted this movement. Your world is deeply in need of cleansing. It has great difficulty in raising the total consciousness at this time without the removal of those presences who carry malevolent energies and dark energies which subdue the brighter energies of your world.

The terms that were used also are carried in the larger long term program. We do not necessarily mean that this cleansing is instantaneous or occurs over a very brief period of time but is in addition, a thorough going program of up-liftment, of cleansing wrong thoughts, wrong consciousness and actions that are not productive.

Philip: We'd like to thank you Monjoronson for attending and also thank our T/R. At this point we would offer you this forum for any other personal or otherwise comments you would care to make.


(Tremendous Changes Coming)

Monjoronson: Certainly, I will be brief. This is Monjoronson. Your world is undergoing tremendous changes from our perspective and in the realms that we deal with. Your world at your level is also undergoing immense changes in most aspects of its social existence and [the term] social may include agriculture to finance, family politics to global commerce, and so on. You are blessed with this change yet many of you will see it as almost a curse because of the immense obligations and changes and disruption that it will cause on your world.

Machiventa and myself are greatly invested in moving this world ahead, not recklessly but carefully and rapidly. The future of this world is now known very well for the next 5 to 15 years. [In that time] we wish to fulfill those plans within a reasonable capacity without overburdening the world population or the energetic friends who have been helping us, such as the midwayers. Everyone here has rolled up his sleeves and is working overtime and the obligations of doing so are felt by everyone at our level of enterprise.

There are factors which will develop in your world which will be most surprising and will knock most of your populations off balance in the ideas of what they thought should happen, should exist, should occur, and what they had as expectations for tomorrow. We have access to numerous realms of assistance which we will bring to bear upon your world.

We thank you for this opportunity. We apologize for being nebulous in description, but you will feel these changes in concrete terms in your world very soon, within the next few months and couple of years. I do wish to remain non-specific about these as they tend to cause a great deal of concern, worry and distress in many of your populations which is completely unnecessary.


I thank you for this opportunity to speak with you and to participate in your lives as I am able to through these communications. Know that our forces of light and light energy now are surrounding you and bathing you as you are able to accept our presence and our energy, good day.

Philip: Thank you Monjoronson, we are grateful for you and all the efforts of your staff. We call this meeting to a close.