2010-02-14-Self Empowerment, Counting the Cost

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Topic: Self Empowerment, Counting the Cost

Group: Rio Rancho TeaM


Teacher: Merium, Athena, Tomas

TR: Gerdean



MERIUM: Good afternoon, girls. This is Merium, come in to open the window and let the fresh air blow through your mind. How are you? (Great.) And you, Gerdean? (Fine.) I beg to differ but what are friends for?


Teaching Mission

It feels like a long time since we’ve had a friendly fireside chat. It is not as though everything is at a standstill or in stasis but the configuration has changed, the energies have shifted, and adaptations must be made. I hope you don’t conclude that we don’t need these conversations anymore, that you are grown up now and don’t need the props of creativity such as we are in the minds of many, or therapists as some see us, or even figments of the imagination – magic carpets upon which writers may ride. While some of/all of this may be true, we are still a venue through which to convey relative reality, whatever you may think that is or isn’t, and while we can hardly profess to be the be-all and end-all of your education, we remain teachers anyway and as such that is what we do.

This is part of our assignment, after all, to help you to become teachers. There is no talk at this point of your having become so proficient at what we have been teaching you that you no longer need our guidance. That would not be true. We always need to learn from those who go before us, who reach back and tell the others what they have discovered. In this way you all become a Lewis and Clark, heading out through the cosmic wilderness. What wondrous land you will discover, what amazing creatures, and what rigorous and heartfelt lessons you will learn as you make your way. And from our perspective, we are at least as entertaining as most of what you will find on TV.

Where shall we begin? What shall we talk about? Shall we talk about the weather? Gerdean, what questions did you have in mind to ask about?


Gerdean: I’m not sure but what it may have already been answered in your preliminary comments, Merium. At least nothing else is rising to the surface of my consciousness.

MERIUM: What have you been engaging in that would give rise to any questions?

Gerdean: I’ve been working on the chakra book. The other night I got so discouraged, I almost decided not to do it. I had consulted many of my peers and several other oracles and everything I looked at indicated I would meet with failure and expense, so I had pretty much figured “the heck with it.” I wasn’t going to do it. I also felt I would have to spend the rest of my life defending myself against criticism because it seems that all we do is criticize one another, and their work, and I didn’t know if it was worth going into just to be beaten to a pulp. I had said to myself, “Anyway, it’s just your ego. I don’t remember reading anywhere where God said it was something you should do, or that you were being assigned such a task, or you had been geared and taught and trained and programmed to do this,” and so I thought, “Well, is it my ego that wants to do it anyway?” and I pretty much talked myself into believing it was just an exercise in ego and … “Never mind!”

When I woke up, however, or at some point shortly thereafter, I was infused with a new enthusiasm and it was to the effect that, “I don’t care about all of that. I’m going to get criticism no matter what I say or where I go anyway. Evidently everybody is going to have their own opinion and none of them are going to agree with mine 100%, so I am always going to have this configuration to deal with. And I thought about that ego thing and I decided that I have a healthy ego and I want to do it. I want to do it. I don’t care if God wants me to do it or not, or if other people want me to do it. I want to do it, and so I’m going to do it -- and I’m going to field the spitballs.

And what I’ve gotten since that time is a little bit of guidance on what I might do. Thank you for opening the idea up to add the exercises and meditations, in order to make it more interactive for the reader. That was very helpful. I am very concerned however that not much emphasis has been placed on chakras or adjutants 5, 6 or 7 … that most of the material seems to be around the first four. Perhaps you could address that.

MERIUM: Yes, perhaps I could, but I am going to let someone else do that. I will be back, but [[[celestial artisan]]] Athena will better help with that … if that’s okay with you.


ATHENA: Athena here. I have no idea why Bob and Lady opted to short-change you, relatively speaking, on material for the fifth, sixth and seventh chakras and adjutants. Perhaps you were at a saturation point at that time and unable to assimilate much more material, and if that is the case then you would not want to overwhelm your readers with even more than you could handle would you? (No.)

If you had not decided to publish it at this particular time and with a specific deadline, we could spend more time on it I am sure and add more material on the fifth, sixth and seventh chakras and adjutants, and yet I believe you are being conscious of how big this book is because it can get expensive. (True.)

The chakras and adjutants all contribute to your well-being, livelihood and development. They all keep your motor humming, but I will tell you where your focal point is: with people who are primarily still in the second, third and fourth chakra levels. And of course the fifth is rather self-explanatory, at least until worship and wisdom enter in to enlarge it. In other words, without God as a factor in your communications, you are pretty much godless and that communication only goes so far.

If it becomes necessary for you to enlarge five, six and seven, you will, no doubt, be prompted to spend some more time on it, but don’t make the mistake of waiting until your learning is complete before you begin to pass on what you have learned. Teach as you grow and use humility and discernment in your authority since you admittedly are also growing and learning and thus open to new vistas of perception. Anything else on that?

Gerdean: While you are there, Athena, I could ask another question, then, and that is: should I add another segment after Part III, to recap or summarize or opine or promise or conclude or … anything at the end?

ATHENA: I would suggest you do add some appendices or a glossary or footnotes to add information or definitions as needed. There aren’t too many but you would do well to let your readers know, for example, what “mota” means or who “Nebadonia” is or what “Urantia” or Ayurvedic mean. These are words that will help you with your audience. They would be able to get the gist of it without those details but it would behoove you to have those details for those who want to know those things. Be accommodating where possible. All right?

Gerdean: Yes. There is also talk about cover art, whether it should be in color or in black and white. Do you have any opinion on that?

ATHENA: I have no suggestions. I have observed the influx of opinions and suggestions from others and find them all interesting and convenient. For you to decide, perhaps you need to play with it some more. And you will need to get prices. You are “counting the cost” here, both in terms of whether you want to endure the persecutions that will come at you and do you want to afford the expenses that it will take. You are up against a task and you want to approach it with due consideration -- knowing that this is not going to be an instant success and nor is anyone going to pay for it for you.

Gerdean: Thank you, Athena.

ATHENA: You are welcome. It is always a pleasure to work with you. Here is Merium, your hostess.

MERIUM: I would like to let Tomas come visit you now for he has asked to join with you in a celebration of your relationship … in fact, his commencement of his teaching tenure here in this cosmic classroom. I’ll be back.


TOMAS: Good afternoon, dear friends. I am Tomas, your Teacher. I am pleased to be in your presence once again and to enjoy the ambiance of your environment. As we know, your environment begins within you, in the soul self coming forth from that citadel of the spirit and entering the external environment by the ministry of mind.

Mind is more than machine. Although it is mechanism, mind is also consciousness, be it sub or super. It is energy. And it is infinitely vast in its portrayal. Many perceive mind as something “out there” – a spatial sense of consciousness that goes to infinity, or operates between electrons and protons, and there are those who think of mind as a calculator -- logic, reason and linear thinking -- as a science; and there are those who think of mind as a workplace for artists where they rise and fall in the arms of the mind and dance across the pages and canvasses and stages of history. The mind is far beyond your comprehension.

And so the mystery monitor monitors your mind for what passes through it, and with the help of the seraphim to juggle the balls that bounce around in your mind like in a Machine pinball machine, such that you have certain experiences and certain challenges on your way from being shot out of the cannon of life and attaining the goal of disappearing down the hole at the end of the game with as high a score as possible. Where do you watch for your score? What gives you the sense of being a winner? What have you configured into your mind, your consciousness, what it means to win? What it means to exercise yourself and be at your best or to reach your capacities?

When you are working at your capacities, what do your energies/ what does your mind do to the environment? Are you like the stone that is tossed into the pool that causes ripples? Or the kind of rock that splashes water and loses it to density and destruction? Or are you the pebble that barely makes a mark on the surface of the water when it plops and hardly a ripple is noted? All of this is an aspect of the mind -- your mind -- your mind in conjunction with “divine mind.” Where and when and how you are empowered will depend upon the kind of effect you cause with your actions, with your thought.

We judge not what approach you have. We observe the outcome. We reflect what we see. We use that, then, as a base for the next plateau of development. Whether it recedes or inclines is your choice. Whether you stalemate is your decision. How fast and how slowly you move is also your decision. You are all part of the whole, and as you move, so moves the whole. If you do not move, the whole cannot move forward either. But you will be glad to see that there is much advancement being made in energetic living. Even though, quite frankly, much of it is erroneous, it is nonetheless educational and experiential. And so we progress two steps forward, one step back.

How have you been, my children? How can I help you this afternoon?

Student: I understand you are celebrating a 17 year anniversary today.

TOMAS: Yes, thank you. It is an honorable day in that we’ve maintained a loving association all these many years. That in itself is worth celebrating, as any friendship is worth celebrating simply for its existence. We have covered a lot of territory and a lot of ground. Gerdean would like to know what we have been doing with ourselves since we are not here with her all the time as it seemed we were for a while. I and we are still all very much occupied with the Correcting Time. We have a perspective that we contribute just as you have your perspective to contribute to your peer group and your arena. And the power of your perspective affects the energy and the mind as a whole.

[The sound of potato chips.]

I see there are some things that are dependable.


I also am reminded of the handicap of sensitivity. I would like to spend a moment with you on that if I may. There are those who feel that sensitivity is a handicap and thus are inclined to be hurt or bruised in the process of going through life, just because others are not as sensitive and think nothing of such jostling of egos and agendas. But sensitivity is a feature that is attributed to certain personalities that constitute a necessary part of humanity.

To forfeit sensitivity is to forfeit much of what makes you happy, and what is required of you to make it such that you can be creative, or be innovative. It is necessary for you to be sensitive to what would help you meet your potential.

When they say you must “toughen up,” that is coming from the perspective of one who has toughened. It is the advice of someone who has the impression they have “been there, done that” and know what’s good for you, know what’s best and what is possible. And while there is a great deal of truth to the fact that we are always refining and modifying ourselves to adapt to truer perfection, it is also true that certain counsel can be disregarded as it encroaches, intimidates, invalidates -- anything in opposition to your destiny calling… to your right to experiential living.

But you must count the cost of advancing or not advancing, depending upon your own spirit of truth. In the end it will always say “This is the Way” and that is the way you will follow if you are following your true path. “To thine own self be true” gives you the option. It provides you the opportunities and the risks that you will take in discovering yourself in relationship with that which is eternal, that which will be a part of you forever, that which will serve you for the next leg of the journey, that which will bring you home, to that which you maintain your highest loyalty and your undying hope.


Thank you for gathering this afternoon in order that we were able to call these things to your attention and consider them in light of where we are today in the Teaching Mission and in the perspective of our mutual observations. Yes, I have been “having fun” where I have been in other places, but I will not dwell on that now. I will return you to Merium. I’ll talk to you another time. Good afternoon.

MERIUM: Just so you know, Ham and Jack are both here today and greet you affectionately. And Abraham sends his regards.

Students: Kisses all around. And hugs.

MERIUM: Go find something to eat and enjoy yourselves.

Students: Thanks for coming by.

MERIUM: Bye-bye!