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Topic: Heart in Mind

Group: At Large


Teacher: Monmacion, Malvantra

TR: Tiahuan



Good evening friends! This is Monmacion. I am glad to witness your camaraderie, your encouragement of one another. This is, indeed, the work we would sponsor in your world as it is sponsored throughout our cosmic home.

Tonight, I have some others as usual looking on, but we will see how this may proceed with introducing any of them.


My friends, all is well. The entire universe looks on at times in these sessions. You have your own media whereby you can now look in as it were into circumstances throughout your world that but a few decades ago were inconceivable to bring into your vision. This is part of the process of reunion; this acclimation to the growing transparency that exists between your world and its sister spheres that include higher realms from which much can be transmitted now to you who are in need of adjusting yourself to the larger universe that is your home.

Inner Life

Where do we begin? With this process, there are always opportunities for adventure. Where would you like to go, for truly the universe responds to your heart’s deepest desire? The focus of your mind reverberates, and there is a corresponding reflection of the evolving Supreme bringing to bear (upon you) the light that you might receive to fulfill this desire. That is our Father’s will living in and through you.

Do you realize just how vividly you influence the course of evolution, your own and others? We are all part of this process together. In as much as you enjoin others such as myself from higher realms that incorporate a larger scope of the Supreme evolving now, you bring to bear upon your world this same reality but with the difference of having been modulated through your own prisms of cosmic perception.

You mortals think too little of yourselves and too much of beings as I am. We are truly engaged as partners, and yes, I do have a great deal to give you as well as many others who are part of this infusion that is the beneficence of our Creator Son making generous provision for your growth needs in this moment. But you are in the driver’s seat.


Oftentimes we witness mortals wanting to relinquish their responsibility and just “hand it over to a higher power”. Well, that you defer to our Father as a conscious act, this is an appropriate manner of deference, but you are the principal agent through whom he acts. It is your decision, it is your capacity to choose, to find (him) in any moment by the degree to which you have become real, divine, illumined as is our Source.

You know of course this proceeds without end. That you are beginning in this mortal phase of your soul growth only underscores the extraordinary value placed in the most limited of all finite beings by the limitless Creator. So, I would ask you to pause this moment. Rest in this space which you have prepared before we began, and give yourself an opportunity to direct your focus where you will.


An now my friends, if you will direct your thought to me. Do you have questions or comments?


If not then let me introduce another.

Teaching Mission, Magisterial Mission

This is Malvantra. I am known in your world. You have heard from me before. Periodically, I like to check in. I have observed these sessions with my brother, and I would encourage you to recognize that the role of the Melchizedeks working as one with the wide range of teachers upon this sphere do so to engage as many mortals as would allow themselves the benefit of what you know as the Teaching Mission. That we have recently enjoyed the infusion of additional personnel, staff, members of a larger contingent associated with the inauguration of a Magisterial Mission here should not deflect your focus from the centrality of doing the will of our Father.

You know from your text that the doing of his will is simply willingness exhibited by any of his children to share the reflections within of all of your experience in the world around you. It is through this lens of the mind that characterizes the inner life where the infusions of our Father’s light yield their transformative influence enabling you as his children to wield greater power. No, not power as mortals are inclined to think of it, but real power, the power of his love that is the fulcrum upon which moves the entire creation evolving now toward the realization of the sovereignty of Supremacy so vividly present in our Master Son, Michael.

His brother whom you know as Monjoronson prepares to walk upon your world. He is in need of mortal partners, not those who would become distracted by the brilliance of his light, distracted from the centrality of doing the will of God on Urantia as it is done even in Paradise. The focus upon this central shining leads your perception beyond the surface of any persona through whom he makes his light known.

Spirit of Truth

Gird yourselves in this light, with this light, and know that the materialization of a divine Son of Paradise brings to bear this light in its maximum material manifestation. Even still, the maximum that any mortal may envision has been seen already walking upon Urantia, and you know as well as any that the Master’s Spirit of Truth floods this world with his teaching, and it is in this context that your Magisterial Son, now our senior administrator, takes his place as a teacher encouraging mortals to wield this power, the power of love extended throughout the classroom defined by the ministry of the Spirit of Truth.

When you feel inadequate to the task, simply reflect upon the fact and the truth that within you dwells our Father himself, and, working in partnership, the human will choosing to follow the will of our Father, you will be more than successful. You will demonstrate the glory of our Father as a human complement to the glory of his Son, even the Eternal Son dwelling as vividly as he can upon the mortal realm.

Thought Adjusters

My friends, this requires not anything but to be faithful to who you are in truth and in spirit. Search within yourselves; examine your heart at the core of your mind, for at the heart of every human being is the presence of our Father, the will of God abroad in the universes(1:3.6.) seeking personalization in and though you. This is your heart. Simply receive it, claim it, affirm it, and take hold of your destiny.

Your world cries not to hear about God, but to see him manifest; not in an alien interloper, no; not in a foreign potentate come to judge the earth. No, your world cries to see the glory of God living in and through your mortal siblings, even such as you are. It is this gift that our Magisterial Son seeks to open. It is the gift of your lives becoming fully manifest upon the stage of human action.


Good night, and thank you.

My friends, this is Monmacion again. Thank you for allowing my brother to join us. Go in peace now knowing many others adjoin you in your labors. Wherever you are, whatever your work, each day’s gift of opportunity may be focused in each of its moments, and if you wish, invite any that you would desire, but the greatest among us all already lives within you.

Good night friends.

Students: Good night.