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Topic: Stillness and Service Amidst Change

Group: At Large


Teacher: Monmacion

TR: Tiahuan



Greetings, my friends, this is Monmacion! I am happy to be with you again. You have had quite a break, and now you are relishing the gift of quiet that surrounds you as a result of recent snows. I am here tonight with others as usual, but as you have been away for a few weeks, I won’t push matters tonight, but let’s see how it goes.


As ever, I have enjoyed listening in, observing your friendship, watching your observations especially as they pertain to your witnessing the outward manifestation of so much change within. You mentioned tonight this recent tragedy. Of course there are so many tragedies unfolding in your world at any moment, it is difficult to sort them out, but in particular in the United States where a representative was shot and others killed in the context of a sort of town meeting. Naturally, this exhibits the fragility that you are experiencing in this moment as you pass from one stage of living to another.

Circuits, Integration

It is not an easy transition, and of course, we have repeated our appreciation of your willingness to forge ahead amidst so much turbulence. But let us focus upon your observations of heightened levels of integration which arise due to increased spiritual pressure that are result of numerous factors impinging upon your world. You know of course of the influence of renewed circuitries. There are as well cosmic rays of influence arising from exposure to the larger culture of this cosmos of which you are a part. Then there are the issues of your planet’s adjustment where wrenching changes are underway, geologically, socially, economically, and politically, many of which are resisted and all of which are a source of difficulty.

Stress, Resistance

You know from your experience as parents, spouses, and children that in any home where there is added pressure due to external forces, “fuses” are a bit shorter to say the least. So you hopefully can look upon these events with a little bit of perspective derived from your own mortal experience. I would endeavor to enlarge upon this and attempt to infuse some of my own perspective, and that is to say whereas you may have enjoyed certain freedoms you could call them arising from relative isolation even with your fellow beings due to lower levels of population at an earlier phase of living as well as a more settled social arrangement, again only relatively speaking, for Urantia as you know, has effectively never had a stable social, cultural environment in which to live. However with the increased sensitivities to spiritual gravity that is drawing you and your fellows ever closer to one another, you are witnessing predictable resistance as well as the adjustments that require quite a bit of time spent in stillness with our Father, and I say this to reiterate what you have heard for years, teachers speaking of the value of time spent with our Father.

Stillness, Enlightenment

You will recognize that such blessings as arise within you as a result of additional exposure to the One who sees all things in perspective, the perspective of Paradise; it affords you the opportunity to see likewise, and even in the context of a rapidly shifting material environment where your legs may literally be pulled from beneath you resulting in not a little injury or embarrassment. But with additional exposure to the Source of all things, you can more readily look upon your experience with the levity that is indicative of Spirit itself.

Have you not seen experienced souls stumbling in a rather awkward manner and laughing at themselves? I am sure you have, and I am sure you have been able to do this as well, enjoying the hilarity of your own human experience. This is an attribute of spirit enlightenment, and I use the word enlightenment in a more literal sense perhaps than your culture is inclined to consider, for how deeply embedded is it in your traditions of religion to talk about enlightenment as some state of being that awaits one after a long arduous process of highly disciplined spiritual practice? Well, yes, this is true, however, it is not a static state. It is a state in which you are fluid, it is a state of being in process of growing ever lighter in every moment, and as the grip of material gravity around you lessens in its ardor, the hold that it has upon you, this is only true to the extent that there has emerged a stronger attraction for you that spiritual gravity has upon your mind by virtue of the repetition of choosing to do the will of our Father, that as your text so well describes as simply showing yourself willing to share the inner life with our Father who so readily joins you in the struggles of time.


These events of violence that you witness around you function as an opportunity for you to be in service, to console those who may be upset for whatever reason, obviously, for the injuries sustained to the bodies and the families of those adversely affected, but also those who are threatened by what are taken to be the loss of their living as this growing tide of spiritual grace literally floods your world, and again, of course, you may recall there is physical flooding unfolding all around your world, wildlife responding to various adverse conditions, manmade and made by nature, but all alike having a lethal impact upon their life forms. All of these things are emblematic of a shift of your planetary orientation, and it befalls those who have prepared themselves for service in this trying moment to extend your hearts in prayer sending forth this love we are to shower as many as possible with the blessings of assurance that all is well, not necessarily in the world around you, no, but in this world within you where we stand together as one family united in one purpose, to extend our Father’s love. This is the rallying call for all mortal beings upon your planet at this time.


Some have referred to their hearts being broken, and each of your know the excruciating pain of a mortal heartbreak. Draw from the depth of your own experience, from this deep well of compassion born from your personal acquaintance with these vicissitudes and extend the hand of your soul to your fellow beings struggling to keep pace with this rising tide of illumination. And yes, it is drawing you together, and such togetherness is not always welcome, for as you know perhaps from your recent holiday visits how easily human families can grow tense being with each other even for a short time. This is a symptom of your legacy of isolation.

Let yourselves rest, yes, you deserve and require your solitude, but in the realm of your action, you can bring the peace of such solace to bear upon your fellows, and this practice of stillness is the great well from which such lubricants necessary for smooth social functions is to be found. Draw deeply now, and carry these buckets of life giving water everywhere. Your world is in need of just such human expressions of solidarity born in love. It is only by the power of such love that you will pass through this turbulent time. Me and my brothers, you know many of us who are here adjoining you ever more closely, look forward to the time when we may join you in fact as we are now in truth and in spirit.


My friends, I will let you go for the evening. I know you push yourselves late each time we meet, but come prepared with your own reflections upon your own investigations, your research of this precious inner life where all creation joins you awaiting opportunities to demonstrate in your lives the culture of cosmos where love governs our home.

Good night friends.

Students: Good night.