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Topic: Authorship

Group: Lightline TeaM


Teacher: Machiventa Melchizedek, LIGHT, Charles

TR: Mark Rogers



Prayer: Divine Parents, we circle up in anticipation of approaching you, in anticipation of approaching divinity. We draw heavily on our faith as we do at all these moments. We rush in anticipation to join you in this arena of spirit that we create and that we endow. We are eager to join you at times like this in this process and host your emissaries of light, any of those dedicated teachers who would like to interface with us at this time. We provide this opportunity, we build this forum even now for this to transpire. And so it is, and so we will it to be, and so I now offer myself as a liaison in the process and ask to be guided and interfaced with my spiritual community. Thank you for this opportunity, we welcome them and embrace them at this time, let it be so.



Machiventa Melchizedek: I am here to accept the opportunity you provide, I am Machiventa Melchizedek. It has been my pleasure to return to some of my friends and be a part of a few meetings that have transpired recently and I desire to seize this opportunity to come among you and discuss for a moment the application of yourselves in the process. What I mean to refer to is that as dedicated students of the teachings, as a matter of course and routine, you become familiar and well versed in the lessons if you study and desire to apply these in your lives. As a result, these teachings become a part of you, they become an aspect of your being and as such, you then have a certain ownership if not mastery over these lessons and principles.

Therefore, I would like to point out for your consideration and adoption, the notion that when you put forth an idea, even though this idea may have been generated in a different location and shared to you and then adopted, nevertheless at some point you may speak with authority about your relationship to this lesson, your experience with this lesson, your approach with this lesson, your skill at applying this lesson. All of these become yours as a result of your having a relationship with them. So this provides you with what is called, authority, you are the author of your story and your story is authored solely by you.

Therefore one should feel a certain air of authority when describing your experiences, they are valid, they are true, real and right as far as you are concerned. They may, however, be subject to revision or updates as you may so allow but nevertheless they are your interpretations of the lessons and the truths contained. My attempt here is to get you comfortable with the idea that even though there are ideas which have come to you from alternate sources, once they interact with you or rather, once you interact with them, then you are changed, they are a matter of your perception and observation and their degree of reality is referenced by you and your experience. When you are able to share this experience with others, you grant them the benefit of your unique interpretation, your view from your side of the fire. And combined, we all have all the different possible views available. All of us make our individual contributions to the big picture, to the Supreme. So I encourage you to consider that when you relate to another your experience, you are in fact offering with real authority your version of truth, your take on goodness, your perspective of beauty and these may be contributed to the thought stream of humanity.

I thank you for the opportunity to speak with you about authorship and your integrity in this process. Many times the author or the musician or the artist fails to see their significance in the process, rather preferring to see themselves as simply a tool or a part of the process. In fact it is a magnificent co-creative adventure in which you are involved, you are a part, in fact, you are responsible. Without you, your entire story would not exist and could not be shared with others nor the Supreme. As an individual, your story is important, it is significant, it is a necessary piece of a gigantic whole. So my wish for you might just be that you would consider yourself as highly in the process you are involved in as we consider you, as you are considered by others. I hope this serves to bring you more courage and strength to stand behind your story, your view from your side of the fire.

It is a pleasure to share my view from my side of the fire, to offer my perspective for your consideration. I now would make room in this forum for others to access as I have. I bid you all a good day.


Light: Hello, I do consider it an honor to address you, I am Light and I welcome this opportunity you provide. In reflection of Machiventa's words, another view of the circumstance, another interpretation of the experience might be that all of you contain an internal light, a candle within that burns bright. Every one of you, when you are present with your light, certainly dispel the darkness around you. When you choose to gather together and bring your light into an arena where you may function together, you become as the chandelier, many candles make great light and illuminate a grand arena. But even if you are not associated with the other lights, you still have the capacity yourself, individually, to change the very essence of darkness, to modify and condition it by your very presence.

This is such a normal and natural part of your condition that you do not fully understand or are not fully aware of the impact that you have when you bring your light to bear in your every day circumstances but I assure you, it does change your environment, it does alter your reality, in fact, it draws the truth, beauty, and goodness to you that respond to such an internal light. In this way it truly does condition your reality, cause your experience to unfold and all of this serves to feed the light and cause a greater glow within you.

It is always a great pleasure to come among you and speak of the many interpretations of light, its flow, its use and its presence. It is always good to stop and reflect on the many meanings, the values contained in these awarenesses that you form about this principle at play, this light that you create, that you reflect, that you become, that you bestow, that nourishes you and that you direct. Considering your energetic influence as a light being or as a light presence, enables you to conjure in your mind's eye, a realistic impression you can latch on to. And if this is serviceable and helpful to you then so be it. The energetic flow and manipulation and creation that we are speaking of, of course has many perceptions of it, is encountered in many different ways but whatever it is for you that you register in passing, that is your spirit component communicating with you.

It may be seen as light, it may be felt as light, it may be observed as light, all the while you as observers are creating this means and this method of identification of the flow of spirit energy. So make whatever construct of mind that best suits you to enable you to visualize in your minds eye this force at play, this transfer of energy, this flow of energy, this movement of energy and direction of energy which you are engaged in, that you do even now.

I invite you all to ponder and consider how you would describe the sensation of spirit contact: What does it feel like to you? How do you sense it? How do you detect spirit presence ? How do you know it? These may be serviceable questions as you move through the process of identifying, feeling it and not feeling it, being aware of it and feeling a lack of it. This may help you develop a keener sense of spiritual connection and so I invite you to consider the questions.

It is always my pleasure to join you at times like this and offer encouragement to those who would seek a direction towards the answers. Thank you all for joining tonight, it has been a pleasure. I now take my leave, farewell.


Discernment, Guidance

Question: We hear from people talking about information of the Melchizedek Son and Magisterial Son that in less than five years from now there is talk about another Urantia Book, maybe part II about to be released. I would appreciate if the teachers would talk about these things, thank you.

Charles: Hello, Charles here, I would like to take this opportunity to corral all these inquisitive minds about things to come, about things that are, about things that might be, to simply go back to the basics of the Teaching Mission from the start. This notion that an individual will develop a relationship with spirit based upon a routine and practice of entering the stillness, creating an internal environment whereby spirit communion may be facilitated. In this process and returning to this process repeatedly, one creates the arena whereby you may in spirit commune with not only celestial beings such as myself, but you may also commune with that internal Fragment of the Father within you bestowed there as a divine gift on your behalf, there to be communed with, referenced, asked and embraced as your partner.

This is of course, your ultimate destiny and you are granted all the latitude and time required for you to make this association, to embrace this relationship, to commune freely with your Indwelling Spirit Guide and this process unerringly provides you with the truth as it is relevant to you, your truth. It has just been discussed earlier here that every single one of you will have a completely different perspective on even the same event, therefore, your truth will be different, will be unique, will be individualized to your experience. The constant that you all may have, which is your compass heading in the process, is this connection to your Indwelling Spirit. This Thought Adjuster within is there to guide you throughout every facet of your experience if you would but partner with them.

This process may be employed for any situation, every situation and every circumstance that you can imagine. So the question to ask is: How can each and everyone of you determine for yourself, the validity, the truth, the accuracy, the appropriateness of anything that you encounter, of everything that you encounter? I tell you that you may employ the very same method in this process. This conditioning of yourself to create the space whereby you may be granted the answers, where your awareness may be expanded, is an effort you must make, is a step you must take individually.

Once you have this connection, once you have this in place, you need not ask others what they think, what their opinion is, what direction they think things are going. Trust your Inner Guide. Does it contain truth? Is it beautiful? Does it contain goodness? These are your measures and yardsticks that you must use each time and every time. The same standards will apply. How much truth, how much goodness, how much beauty are contained is the same question to ask about every facet of your life. And for this answer, no one else may tell you. For this personal assessment to you, you must make it. This interpretation of yours must be made by you. This speaks to the whole idea of authorship: What do you believe? What do you know? What do you understand? What are you aware of and how do you come by these truths? What criteria do you use to assess them? What combination have you assembled and arrived at after your process has been undergone? This is what is still important about some of the very first teachings ever issued in this whole process. Create a link between you and spirit. Build a method whereby you will access this link. Repeat this process until you are fluent and use this process to seek your personal guidance, the same process still holds.


It is my pleasure to offer this in return for your question. I now will take my leave, thank you.