1996-12-02-Conference With Michael


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Topic: Conference With Michael

Group: Woods Cross TeaM


Teacher: Abraham

TR: Nina



I am ABRAHAM. I am honored to be a part of this team effort. It is wonderful to see you each dedicate yourselves to the will of our Father. Through stepping aside and allowing Father to speak you have made your decisions based on what is best for all. Think not that I stood idly by and did nothing, no. I participated in your discussion just as did several Father Fragments. It is surely wonderful to see our lesson be put forth into action.


Worship, Circuits

Last week we discussed your living understanding of worship and how worship is not ceremonial , but reconnection of our Parent Father to His spirit child. This week you have learned that Father works through and with avenues and He is surely unpredictable and quite awesome in power.

We also discussed your welcomed status back into the universe and the benefits from that. This planet is fully capable of receiving universal broadcasts and information. Our ability to understand worship enables us to more easily receive universal broadcast messages. It is these messages that assist us in our evolution, mentally and spiritually. It is this method of understanding that allows all residents within a universe to know and understand the God in time, the Supreme Being. We find that this most recent progress most uplifting and we are made to give thanks and express our joy to Father.

It is most interesting to be included in this particular planetary awakening. After surviving much spiritual upheaval, this world has run the race of time, and although it has stumbled, it has always returned to continue the race. Michael has said He has not cried tears of pity for this world, and I am understanding that by that He meant, Urantia's continuing endurance to run the race of time and never give up because of a few brief moments of stumbling. Michael is in great understanding of this world and its citizens. It is exceptionally wonderful that you have taken Him in as your personal confidant, brother and friend. I say that Michael has gone before you and is fully understanding of your mortal defeats and triumphs. With such a friend it is at times tempting to give Michael our thanks and praise. This is not wrong because I say that all thanks and praise reaches the source of all there is to be thankful for. Michael is in understanding of this. He is accepting of your love and personal friendship, but as for worship, He passes it along to His Father. Yes, this is understood.

We have discussed our Father being matchless in wisdom, love, mercy and we are in understanding of His personality aspects more everyday. You are each beginning to know Father and strive to be like Him. You are learning of the worship connection and how this enables you to understand your universal citizenship. I would add but one more perspective to this area and I would encourage you to speak frequently with our Creator/Brother/Father/Michael. He and His Spirit of Truth are ever prepared to answer your spiritual questions, perhaps cleanse your erroneous thoughts, bring new light to old mortal problems. It is most wonderful to also in learning of your Father's personality aspects and knowing His presence that we may be assisted by the understanding of His Son, Michael. Please be at ease to confer with Him at any time. Are there questions that pertain to either last weeks lessons or tonight's?


RACHEL: I'd like to make a comment Father Abraham. I think it is just wonderful after all these years and years and years that finally Urantia is now included with all the rest of the planets and that the isolation has been lifted. I think that is marvelous. I am thankful.

ABRAHAM: Completely understood. I also having my origin in Urantia find this all very uplifting, exciting. It sets me to be in wonder of Father's awesome power and knowledge. It is quite beautiful to have had my mortal experience and be able to serve the planet of my birth. I am also grateful, yes. Good comment. Another question?

CALVIN: Abraham, on this reconnection with the universal broadcast circuits, do we now come to more of a reality of other existence's in our universe and connection with them or are you talking more so a better connection to our spiritual minds and thoughts of perhaps like you're connected with us now? I am a little foggy as to what that reconnection really is.

ABRAHAM: Yes, understood. Your world's new found reconnection is bringing a greater amount of light. This light is creating a environment of love and peace. Upon entering the stages of Light and Life your understanding of your citizenship within the universe is paramount because it adds to the growth of the Supreme. Yes, it is mostly spiritual. The advanced spiritual understanding inevitably brings about a greater understanding universally. This understanding spiritually brings about a great deal of knowledge about the universe, materially, physically. As Urantia becomes used to its new universal status it will regain that spiritual momentum which was forfeited long ago and return to a more God-conscious state. This God consciousness connects you to these universe broadcast messages. Your understanding of worship enables you to be prepared to receive these messages. Your understanding that worship is moving, is living, assists you in understanding messages that may hail forth from the corners of the universe. Does this help?

CALVIN: It is then quite an influence. As well as by responding to that influence we would be enabled to pick up increased understanding of who we are and our place in this universe. (Yes.) Would that only come from those who are spiritually minded. Its not a way that the scientific world would pick up on this that was not spiritually minded?

Healing, Health

ABRAHAM: Those that listen with the ears of the Spirit will no doubt receive more information than others, but it is highly possible that the scientific world will awake with their new understanding that Father and His vast universes hold the cures to all ailments, mentally, physically, socially and spiritually. Yes, good question. Another question?

RACHEL: Father Abraham, on Sunday I read an article in the newspaper that goes right along with what you are saying. It says, "Physicians believe in the power of prayer. In a recent survey of 269 doctors 99% said they were convinced that prayer can heal." They said they feel this way because they have seen it work. This Dr. Herbert Benson, on Dec. 15, is heading a Harvard Med. School conference on spirituality and healing. It is to be held in Boston. Then another one is scheduled to be held in Los Angeles in March. Now I would assume that all of this is coming about because of everything that you have been saying the last two or three lessons on our planet.

ABRAHAM: Yes. (Are you going to attend the one on the 15th?) It is unknown, but I am aware that the medical profession is receiving what would appear to be greater understanding of the relationship between mind and body. In their efforts to study and document their findings they are stumbling across the ideals that there exist a spiritual power. It is now becoming apparent, as you yourself have seen, a change appears to be taking place, a feeling of knowing that was perhaps not present before. Mortals, spiritual or not, will pick up these new awareness feelings, insights. Those spiritual will understand and be educated on how to define them. Those towards the non-spiritual may perhaps become confused and misinterpret these new feelings of awareness and knowing. Yes, these conferences in which you speak, I am informed they have been a long time in the making. Does this help?

RACHEL: Yes, because they said, just like you're saying, "we see it all the time and we can't deny it. We've seen that it is powerful in conditions including, angina pectoris, asthma, ulcers, congestive heart failure, diabetes, on all forms of pain." I think that is wonderful that they are recognizing all of it now and the spirituality part of it.

ABRAHAM: Yes. I am in agreement. I also believe this is wonderful progress. These circuits are enabling mortals to know and perhaps spot things which are untrue. Father Fragments assist, yes, certainly, but to incorporate with the cosmic mind allows you to know if things are true or false. Yes. Another question?


MIRIAM: Abraham I have a question, but first I spoke with Rebecca yesterday and she asked me to tell you that she loves you and that she appreciates you so much in everything that you have done for her. I wanted to share that with you. My question is regarding the end of the isolation, this time of--I don't know you guys words, but stepped up circuitry. My question is the things that have been going on in the past years, the light workers, the other channels, the other minds and hearts that are opening up that have been...There is a lot going on right now and I am wondering, me being new to you all, do you look at these things as separate or a part of the whole. I particularly, if you don't mind, if I could ask about two channels called Orin and Daben. They have been doing wonderful broadcasts. I just wanted to ask you about that?

ABRAHAM: Certainly. First may I also send my love and gratitude to Rebecca and say she is most certainly welcome and I would also thank her for her dedication to this Mission. If I am understanding your question I would respond, reincircuiting this planet was a time consuming process. It was not built in a day. With the slow process of reincircuitment many individuals received small amounts of light at a time. Those individual that have been reborn of the Spirit have received small clues that this reincircuitment was occurring and has been completed. Individuals who appear to be reborn of the Spirit at this time is somewhat slammed by this spiritual light, perhaps overwhelmed, where individuals who have remained in this understanding have taken in bits of light at one time. The individuals at present who are fairly new will indeed receive a great amount of light which can appear to be overwhelming. I say it is with a balanced understanding of worship, humility, and faith, that rebirth of the Spirit will be able to be gradually tamed and directed towards a cooperative area of growth. As for the teachers, I am aware of them. We are not working closely with one another, but I would confirm they are highly skilled in spiritual education. Is there more you would understand about this?

MIRIAM: You help a lot in confirming that. In being new to the reading of the Urantia Book I am feeling a little self conscious. In a way I feel like I need to negate, I mean this is me doing this. There is no one else. I am feeling like everything that I have learned and the awareness that I have achieved...I am questioning validity to that, so that helps in confirming about those beings. The negative part of me was thinking that you were going to say, no, they don't exist. You're up in the night. So that helps me very much.

ABRAHAM: Understood. I am under instructions to be careful in what I can say. I am limited due to upsetting free will choice. I am not at liberty to provide proof that our Mission exist. I am restricted in what I can answer, but I would confirm that your Indwelling Father is at liberty to release such information to you without restriction. Your inner Father is most qualified to shed light on those areas which may be dark or confusing. You are learning to trust in Him and understand in His trust in you. Your next step may be to trust in yourself the way Father trusts in you and know that this life is not so serious, so heavy. One more question.


CALVIN: On this Melchizedek schools and Melchizedek appearances, I can see how easy it would be for us to expect that Machiventa could incarnate because he did do it once during your day. I have still not ruled out whether your comments are saying that he won't. I don't know if that is part of something that you want to clear up or not. To me it wouldn't matter whether he did or didn't. I can see the importance of us learning to live with spiritual enlightenment, not physical proof, like wow, he is visibly here. But yes, he did come one time and did incarnate. I can see how so many did get excited about him coming. Melchizedek clarified a lot about the schools last week, but not so much on our record about himself and his incarnation. Is there more that you would like to say on that subject?

ABRAHAM: Again my information is limited. I am aware that Melchizedek's material presence is not necessary here at this time. His physical presence is not necessary. His spiritual presence however is in great demand and we are grateful to have it. This is my understanding. I cannot say that Machiventa's material presence will not ever be made manifest here on Urantia. I can only confirm that it is not necessary at this time. It was once viewed that this world perhaps needed a physical presence to shake them from their slumber. We have found it wise to follow Michael's plan and it has been unnecessary for Melchizedeks to materialize. Michael's plan has been successful without material proof that our Mission exist. Yes, we also find cause to rejoice in that.


This week as you understand your Father's personality aspects and attributes look to the Creator Son on how and where to look. I would leave you with my love. Until next week, shalom.