2000-05-19-Energy Channeling

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Topic: Energy Channeling

Group: Pocatello TeaM


Teacher: Daniel, Klarixiska, Andronason

TR: Bill K.



Daniel(Bill): Greetings friends, this is Daniel. Yes, it was I who led you in prayer, briefly. We are here in our usual array of enthusiastic observers and participants in this process of communication. Our presence among you, you can sometimes sense and feel, but for the most part it still remains for you an exercise of faith. This process of interaction, this transmitting/receiving will continue to be an effective medium of exchange.


Afterlife, Communication

I with to briefly interact with Kenneth regarding his questions about energy and channeling. I am not going to tell you all that I know, but I will confirm that it is a circuitry experience in terms of the energy pattern location and that the Urantia Book's statements regarding the inviolate status of the discontinuation of communication with a deceased person has to be taken seriously. (112:3.7)

The most important thing for those who feel that they have not completed their rap up of a relationship with a departed loved one is to either sit down and write a letter to that individual as though they were present in life or to sit down with a tape recorder and speak to that other person as though they were physically present in the room. The authenticity of this communication can be greater and more effective that which may allegedly be coming through some mediumship channeler individual. After all, it is for the benefit of the mortal who remains that this process is needed. You all know the reality of the morontia existence in which all failed communications can be repaired, given the survival of both parties.

You do well, Kenneth, to express to your friend your confidence and faith. Remember, you have no idea what is being done internally in terms of her soul's progress. Take your own advice and proceed with a heart open to guidance and your words will be effective. Has this helped you, my friend?


Ken: Yes, it has, and I thank you very much, Daniel, for those sweet words.

Daniel: My friends, this evening there is no lecture. The time has been shortened somewhat by your need to interrelate and we have not felt cheated. I would at this time, rather, field questions or concerns that you have because the agenda of your discussion has been adequate, in our opinion, to make this time more effective if we open the floor to you at this juncture. Are there questions that others of you have or concerns that you wish to discuss?

Virginia: Daniel, I don't know that I have a question but I also just would like to say "thank you" to the Teaching Mission, the teachers, and specifically Klarixiska for the support that we receive from listening to each of you, and to the transcripts that come our way, the daily reminder that the eternal is so much more important than the temporary time we have to attempt to express the fruits of the Spirit. I just appreciate very much all the energy that is given to me to help me make right choices. Even though I fail at times, I really appreciate it.

Teaching Mission

Daniel: Indeed, my dear, do we cherish and relish the times that we spend with you individually. Your personal teachers consider their assignments to you all as their highest privilege as well as sublime responsibility.

Don't forget that we also are learners in this process as we are seeing events occur and decisions being made in circumstances which we have never beheld either in our mortal lives or in our subsequent morontial lives. There is much that amazes us from day to day in the harsh yet clear cut choices that your environments require of you. We, of course, knew the treatment that our Master Son received here was unprecedented in its cruelty; and yet as we watch you all struggle with the legacy of the Lucifer Rebellion without the full support of the Material Son and Daughter, we marvel at how well you do. Thank you for your gratitude to us for our involvement, but please understand that we are also grateful to all of you for the lessons we are being allowed to share, albeit as an observer rather than as the decision maker.

We are all of the opinion that whole Teaching Mission project has been enormously successful, despite the fact that you are not filling the [v Hollywood Bowl] with eager seekers to hear speakers from celestial origins. Part of the problem may be the fact that this is a "freely you have received and freely you give" type of operation and there are those convinced materialists who "know" that nothing has value that doesn't cost money. They are, of course, grossly mistaken, but this is a part of the way it is. I am finished with this commentary.

Virginia: Thank you, Daniel.

Klarixiska(Bill): I am Klarixiska. I desire to respond to Letah's sistership affirmation.

As Daniel has so eloquently said, I want you to know, my dear, that it is the high point of my day when we converse, when you can hear my words. Your writing is accurate and I am happy to be able to minister not only to you, but to others, including your spouse and those who now read my words in another format. All of us are absolutely unique individuals. There are no duplicates. We all have so much to give to each other. We are all precious in our Father's sight and our experiences are also as unique as our personalities, for despite similar circumstances everyone's experiences are only their own as they are filtered through the personality that chooses their responses.

When your planet achieves a greater degree of maturity people will move past the fear barriers that separate you from one another which keep you in apprehension and worry. You will begin to see that differences of opinion are not attacks, are not things to make judgments about but, in fact, represent another side of the gem of truth, perhaps not flawlessly cut, but still of some merit. Therefor, as you can learn to embrace diversity and differences, so will you gain richness of experience. You will incorporate in your own soul the gems of truth from other free will creatures, your brothers and sisters.

It is this kind of nurturing that we teachers are experiencing from you as we observe your unique reactions to environments that very few of us have ever encountered before. We do our best to share our wisdom which is gleaned from very different histories and at times our applications may seem somewhat idealistic. This is partly because they come from environments that are far more advanced than planet Urantia is at this time.

Our perspective on our success with you is probably more optimistic than yours. We do see further and a larger picture is in front of our faces so that what are to you confusing pieces in an enormous 10,000 piece puzzle looks to us much more like pieces in a 100 piece puzzle.

Motive, Judgment

Our best words to you entail our encouragement for you to increase your desire and to purify your sincerity. These are things you can do, because if those two areas strive toward perfection, perfection of desire and perfection of sincerity, you will not make serious errors or stray afar in the choices you make in your lives. Well, I see that I have taken rather long in my comments to Virginia/Letah and then extended them to the rest of you. I will, at this time, surrender the platform to Daniel.

Ken: Thank you.

Virginia: Thank you, Klarixiska. Could I just ask one question....could those two words be summed by saying...you know the other morning when you were talking to me about cleaning up motives, that was my prayer, that motives might be in the will of God...would those two things cover that?

Klarixiska: Yes, my dear, both words, desire and sincerity, apply to cleaning up your motives. There is one more important aspect to cleaning up one's motives, since you have brought this up, and that is an understanding of reality that sees that it is not our job to be judges of ourselves nor of others, for that kind of competence can only be available to the perfect mind of the highest of the Supreme Creators and only in group modality.

It seems to me that one of the lessons that is beginning to emerge in this planet's history is the absolute futility of "self" and "other" judgment. Many writings including the Course in Miracles are beginning to grasp this wisdom. When one can relinquish judgment of oneself, one relinquishes judgment of another. The two are inseparable and are two sides of one coin. Therefor, the antidote to self judgment of others is sincere desire for service to another brother and sister. This is, along with worship and prayer, the effective cleanser of all motivation. Has this helped you?

Virginia: Absolutely. You certainly were able to extend the lesson through Bill that you started this week. Thank you very much.

Klarixiska: I appreciate Isaac's familiarity with my words. It makes it easy for me to converse with you through him. Thank you for our relationship, my dear.

Virginia: (choking) Thank you!

Andronason: Greetings, I am Andronason here with Minearisa today. Once again, oh small band of faithful friends, have no fears of the efficacy of Michael's mission. Even though your days are busy and your times together are not as frequent as you might wish, you have a means of staying united while you are physically separated. I refer to very specific procedures such as prayerful thought given frequently for one another which will continue to unite your hearts and souls. Make it a practice at least once a week to offer prayers and kind thoughts for everyone in this conclave, for in your praying and in your thinking are there real connections occurring and not merely the phantoms of mind parading across the stage of consciousness. Rather are you increasing the web of interaction between yourselves and the one for whom you pray.

Well, my dear ones, we are going to conclude our meeting now unless (as you are wont to say) someone has a burning desire. (Pause) Very well, hearing none I would ask you to take each other's hand and let us worship God."Oh infinite, eternal Majesty, holiest of all eternal Realities, God in three persons, blessed Trinity, we worship You. We lift up our hearts, our minds, our souls, our very being to You Whose glory fills heaven and earth, Whose love manifests the universes, Whose unselfishness creates the Supreme adventure of sharing and personality existence.


Help us to cherish each individual will creature in the universe of universes including the smallest and humblest of mortals: the children that surround us; the needy elderly who cry out for love; the spiritually starving who are like withering branches on the vine. Help us to transmit, through our willingness, life to all these so that we may all rejoice together as we come home to Paradise. So be it. Amen."